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Name Clea
Actor Barbara Eve Harris
Dates  ???? - 2016 (killed by Amara)
Location Grand Isle, Louisiana
Occupation Witch
Episode(s) 11.22 We Happy Few


Clea is a witch from Grand Isle, Louisiana, and was an acquaintance of Rowena.


11.22 We Happy Few

Believing the end is near, Rowena pays a visit to Clea. Not trusting Rowena, Clea instantly pulls a gun on her and asks what she wants. Learning that Rowena needs a second for a spell, she is not inclined to help her, knowing of her "impetuous little fits." When Rowena tells Clea that the world is ending, Clea shows Rowena her tarot cards, revealing she is aware that the end is near. Rowena entreats to Clea that the spell she is working on is from the Book of the Damned and can buy them centuries more of life by going back in time. Still sensing Clea isn't on board, Rowena tells her of her encounter with the Darkness, and that it will be the end of everything, including magic. Clea agrees to help, under the condition they go to the Greek antiquity time period.
The attack on Amara backfires, killing Clea and her sister witches.

As Rowena and Clea are preparing the spell, Sam appears out of nowhere telling Rowena they need to talk. When Rowena threatens Sam, Clea senses Sam's aura is under potent protection and she should hear him out. When Sam tells them God is back, and they want Rowena's help, Rowena refuses -- claiming to only serve magic, not God. However, Clea tells Sam she is interested. When Rowena shows surprise at Clea, Clea points out to the cross around her neck, telling her she serves both. As Rowena continues to refuse, Clea points out that they have a chance to fight and win, rather than escape, telling Rowena and Sam she can enlist other witches to help in the fight. Rowena continues to protest, prompting Clea to pick up her tarot deck, which shows the sun card, telling Rowena there is a chance.

As Rowena faces off against Amara in the first wave, Clea and her sister witches begin their ritual to aid Rowena's attack. While the attack temporarily hobbles Amara, she is a able to deflect the magic back at Rowena. That deflection causes a blow back to occur, killing Clea and the other witches.