Cesar Cuevas

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Name Cesar Cuevas
Actor Hugo Ateo
Location New Mexico
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 11.19 The Chitters


Cesar is a hunter, who along with his husband, Jesse, hunt predominantly in Mexico and Texas. Together with Jesse, Cesar has supported him in his hunt for the monster that took his brother, a bisaan. They return to Jesse's home town twenty-seven years later, in hopes of stopping the bisaan mating cycle. They have a pact that after Jesse gets his revenge, they will leave hunting and raise horses on a property they have been paying off in New Mexico.


11.19 The Chitters

When Dean finds a bisaan possessed Libby Strauss in the woods, he is soon attacked by a male bisaan. As the bisaan gains the upper hand, it is suddenly decapitated by Cesar, followed by Jesse repeatedly stabbing the prone body. Cesar, Jesse and Dean then head back to town and wait for Sam at a bar. Cesar and Jesse clue Sam and Dean in on that they are dealing with bisaans and catch Sam and Dean up on how far along the case they are. Cesar is frustrated that Jesse won't leave the woods, due to his hatred of the town. Sam suggests he and Jesse go and visit the former sheriff, Cochran, who had seemed like he was close to finding the missing people before the case went cold, while Dean and Cesar go back to the woods and search for the burrow.

On the road Cesar confides to Dean that Jesse losing his brother so young will probably never heal over, and is doubtful revenge will fix the void. Dean agrees, but tells him he needs to help Jesse get his revenge regardless. In the woods, Cesar and Dean begin searching for the bisaan burrow as they are separated, Cesar attacked by a male bisaan, that emerged from the ground. Cesar is able to hold his own against the bisaan, injuring his ankle in the process. As the bisaan makes its escape, Cesar tells Dean to go after it. When Dean returns, he tells Cesar that he didn't kill it, but followed and found the burrow. As Cesar and Dean enter the abandoned mine, the two separate and are attacked and kill two male bisaans. When Dean reunites with Cesar, he shows him the "maternity ward," and tells him he has 5 gallons of gasoline in the Impala.

As Dean pulls the Impala to the mine entrance, Sam and Jesse arrive, having learned of the burrows location from Cochran. Jesse enters the mine with Cesar, Sam and Dean in tow and finds the body of Matty. Cesar comforts an emotional Jesse and tells him they will give Matty a proper burial. Cesar and Jesse set up Matty's funeral pyre, as the flames begin to rise Cesar tells Jesse he "did it." Jesse corrects him and says "we did it" and thanks Cesar. With the case done, Cesar and Jesse tell Sam and Dean they are going to retire, and finally move to their home in New Mexico, where they plan to raise horses.