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Name Cecily
Actor Brenna O'Brien
Dates  ???? – 2013 (killed by Abaddon)
Occupation Demon
Episode(s) 9.10 Road Trip


Cecily was one of Crowley's best demons, she was planted inside an NSA listening post as a means of picking up new marks to make deals with.


9.10 Road Trip

Needing to find the angel Gadreel who is possessing Sam, Crowley approaches Cecily for help. Having hacked into "angel radio" through an NSA satellite, Cecily fills Crowley in on the state of things, including Castiel's former humanity and the fact that Abaddon does not actually rule Hell yet. She is also unable to remove the devil's trap handcuffs Crowley is wearing without a key. While she freely admits to playing both sides while waiting for a winner, Crowley still asks her for her help in locating Gadreel through the Impala. Cecily locates the Impala in Somerset, Pennsylvania.

True to her nature, Cecily contacts Abaddon after Crowley, Dean, and Castiel leave and informs her of where they went and of her lack of allegiance. Abaddon thanks her for the information then kills her with an angel blade for being disloyal to her.


  • Cecily is named after showrunner Jeremy Carver's assistant, Cecily Schaefer.