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[[Image:The pilot.jpg|right|thumb|299px]]
[[Image:The pilot.jpg|right|thumb|299px]]
[[File:the winchesters.jpg|250px|right|thumb|[[Sam]] and [[Dean]]]]
[[File:the winchesters.jpg|250px|right|thumb|[[Sam]] and [[Dean]]]]
''Supernatural'' follows the path of two brothers, [[Sam]] ([[Jared Padalecki]]) and [[Dean Winchester]] ([[Jensen Ackles]]). The Winchesters were an ordinary young family from [[Lawrence, Kansas|Kansas]] before [[Mary Winchester|their mother]] was killed horrifically - burning up, pinned to the ceiling of Sam’s nursery by a supernatural force - when Sam was [[Pre-series|just a baby]]. From then, their lives changed.
[[John Winchester|Their father]] ([[Jeffrey Dean Morgan]]), driven by vengeance, made it [[The Journal (diary entries)|his mission]] to hunt down the [[Yellow-Eyed Demon|demon]] that killed his wife, in the process raising his sons “like warriors”, to hunt down and destroy supernatural evil.
[[Timeline|2005]] is where the story picks up again, with the quest of the past 20 years coming to a head when Sam starts manifesting [[:Category:Psychic Phenomena|psychic abilities]].
[[:Category:Episodes|Episode by episode]], we witness Sam and Dean traveling the backroads of the USA in their [[Metallicar|1967 black Chevy Impala]], each week investigating and hunting down every [[:Category:Demons|demon]], [[:Category:Creatures & Spirits|monster]], [[:Category:Ghosts|ghost]], and [[:Category:Urban Legends & Folklore|urban legend]] they can find, to a [[Music in Supernatural|soundtrack of classic rock]].
The [[:Category:Cast & Crew|creators]] of ''Supernatural'' take their [[:Category:Bibliography|inspiration]] from the horror film genre, and each episode harks back to horror favorites with tangible delight on the creators’ (and horror fan’s) part, as well as creating an atmosphere of genuine horror.
''Supernatural''’s wry quirkiness, true horror, dynamic buddy duo (with the added bonus of family drama) and riveting mytharc gained it an [[:Category:Fandom|instant cult following]] within months of its [[1.01 Pilot|pilot episode]]. It takes the supernatural TV genre popularized by ''Buffy'' to the next level, and leaves shows like ''Ghost Whisperer'' and ''Medium'' in its dust.
Its quality is no surprise with the production team behind it including people from TV, film and comics; the team includes [[Kim Manners]], [[David Nutter]] & [[John Shiban]] (''The X-Files''); [[Ben Edlund]] (''Angel'', ''Firefly''); [[McG]] (''Charlie’s Angels''); [[Peter Johnson]] (Marvel comics) and [[Daniel Knauf]] (''Carnivale'') to name only a few.
An [[:Category:Origins|official comic book]] has been released; Supernatural fan [[:Category:Conventions|conventions]] are being held; and the fandom is thriving with [[:Category:Fan Projects|its own wiki, podcasts, and much more]].

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This category is for Supernatural-related pages that do not necessarily concern the canon of the show. For example, production details, network details, spin-off material that isn't part of canon (such as behind-the-scenes documentaries), marketing campaigns, et cetera.

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