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The term fanfiction refers to fictional stories written by fans that make use of material provided by a media text.

Fan fiction in the Supernatural fandom falls into two broad categories – those stories largely about the characters in the show and Real Person Fiction wherein the stories focus on the actors.

The major repository for Supernatural fanfiction is on the AO3, Livejournal Communities, Wattpad and

There are a wide variety of fanfic communities on Livejournal, which range from the general to those that focus on specific interests, pairings or kinks.

The spnnewsletter on LJ links to fics across communities.

People wishing to find a particular story, or type of story can post a query at spn_storyfinders.

Rec communities provide recommendations for fan fic.

The most popular Slash pairings are Destiel, Wincest and J2

Fanfiction has frequently been referenced on Supernatural, particularly through the character of Becky Rosen

For an overview of Supernatural fanfic and its relationship to the show read The Epic love story of Supernatural and Fan Fic from the book FIC: Why Fanfic Is taking over the World edited by Anne Jamieson

  • Fic Genres a guide to the major types of stories in Supernatural and its associated Real Person Fiction Fandoms
  • Pairings – who's doing what with whom! Het and slash – it's all here. For fiction focusing on individual characters, check the individual characters pages


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