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A wendigo at rest.

This category includes all manner of supernatural beings excluding demons, angels and deities.

All monsters such as vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, etc... are descended from an Alpha, who are the progenitors of their various species. The Alphas were born of Eve, the Mother of All Monsters, a primordial entity that first walked the Earth some 10,000 years ago.

Leviathans were the first beasts created by God, they were banished to Purgatory as means of protecting creation from their hunger. It is also implied that Eve and in turn her progeny, are in some fashion descended from the Leviathans. Purgatory also serves as the final resting place for the souls of monsters. However Purgatory is also home to creatures native to that plane -- such as gorilla-wolves, as well as the unknown species that Eve and Eleanor Visyak belonged to.

Ghosts are created when the spirit of a person who has died remains connected to the mortal realm, because it is attached to it through unfinished business or an unwillingness to move on. If a ghost is not put to rest or cannot move on of their own accord, they will eventually become vengeful spirits, poltergeists or a subclass of vengeful spirits known as spectres.

Zombies are the walking dead. They are corpses that have typically been reanimated through black magic, and in one case by Death himself. Other types of zombies are "Croats" -- humans infected with a demon virus, and "mottled wretches" -- humans who have had an adverse reaction to the Leviathan food additive, becoming cannibalistic creatures with mottled flesh.

Reapers are a type of divine supernatural beings that work for Death, though their physiology appears to be completely different to regular angels, as they do not require a vessel to manifest. Reapers assist spirits in moving on from the mortal realm when they die, maintaining the natural order of life and death. Reapers are typically neutral beings, however a certain segment of them have been known to go "rogue" and offer their various services for a price.

Fairies are incredibly powerful beings that come in various shapes and sizes, and originate from a realm separate to ours.

Other creatures include: the golem, a mystical creature made of clay; familiars, the shapeshifting companions of witches; amazons, a race of beings given strength and power from the goddess Harmonia; and daevas & hellhounds, creatures from Hell used by demons to do their dirty work.


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