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Castiel using a cell phone in 5.04 The End.

I don't understand... w-why do you want me to say my name?

Castiel's voicemail, 5.17 99 Problems

Castiel's cell phone is a Nokia 8800.

Castiel first uses a phone in 4.15 Death Takes a Holiday when he masquerades as Bobby Singer. In season 5, he uses a phone consistently, beginning in 5.02 Good God, Y'All. After engraving the Enochian sigils into Sam and Dean's ribs at the end of 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil, he is unable to sense their location, and needs to contact them by phone to find them. He is the first angel, and the only one aside from Anna Milton, to resort to using human technology for this end.

The quote below indicates that it is a pre-paid phone.

Castiel: What? What? Dean--I didn't--I didn't get that.

Dean: You know it's kinda funny talking to a Messenger of God on a cell phone. It's like watching a Hell's Angel ride a moped.

Castiel: This isn't funny Dean. The voice says I'm almost out of minutes!

– Castiel and Dean, 5.04 The End

Castiel's Cell Phone in use

Season Five

5.02 Good God, Y'All

  • Since Castiel carved Enochian sigils into Sam and Dean's ribs, he starts using a cell phone. We don't hear him on the call, but while at the hospital with Bobby and Dean, Sam's phone rings and he tells Castiel where they are. Shortly after he appears at their location, and we find out he wants to borrow Dean's amulet.

5.04 The End

Castiel on his cell phone in 5.04 The End.
  • We don't see the call being made, but it appears that Castiel called Dean to talk about finding the Colt. He suggests that if Dean wants to kill Lucifer, the gun may be the way. Dean agrees that they should search for it. Eager to begin looking, Castiel asks Dean's location and announces that he will be there immediately. Dean begs him to wait until morning so that he can have a few hours of sleep, then hangs up. Castiel agrees to wait and continues standing, rather forlornly, on the side of a highway.

5.06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future

  • Sam and Dean call in Castiel to help with a powerful child. We don't see the phone call, but when the boys return to their motel room, Castiel is standing there. Sam says, "I take it you got our message?"

5.10 Abandon All Hope...

  • Castiel spies on a crossroads demon named Crowley who is in possession of the Colt. Castiel -- on the phone with Dean -- relays the whereabouts of Crowley.
  • After Castiel follows Crowley, he phones Dean again. He tells Dean he can't get into the building because it's covered in Enochian warding. Dean tells him that him and Sam will take it from here. Castiel must tell them where he is before they hang up, as the next scene the boys head out.

5.14 My Bloody Valentine

Castiel and Dean on the phone in 5.14 My Bloody Valentine.
  • After Sam discovers the Enochian on the deceased couples hearts, Dean calls Castiel. He immediately tells Castiel they are and Castiel subsequently teleports to Dean's location without hanging up. Awkwardly, he tells Dean he's going to hang up now, and they do.

5.17 99 Problems

  • Sam calls Castiel about the pastor's daughter who claims to be a prophet. Castiel's phone goes to voicemail, which he obviously didn't know how to set up. Sam leaves a message telling him where they are and asking for help. After finally getting Sam's message, which he describes as long and grating, Castiel comes to Blue Earth, Minnesota, drunk, to help.

5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight

  • Castiel calls Dean to let him know that he is in a hospital after being found on a shrimping boat unconscious. When Dean tells him the plan and asks him to "pop" over, Castiel explains he's lost his angelic powers. He says that without money for an airplane ride he can't meet them. He also requests food and more pain medication. Dean tells him Bobby will wire him money, to Bobby's disapproval. Before letting Dean hang up, Castiel apologizes for losing faith in hIm and awkwardly compliments him for saying no to Michael. (This call is made from a hospital phone rather than Castiel's cell phone, suggesting that Castiel may have lost the phone when he was forced to banish himself in 5.18 Point of No Return.)

Season Nine

9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Castiel calls Dean to tell him that the "trials" Metatron had him perform to seal angels into Heaven were actually part of a spell to seal them all out of Heaven. He explains that Metatron has stolen his grace for the spell. Although Castiel wants to come help Sam (who is dying), Dean tells him to go to the Bunker instead to avoid vengeful angels. Castiel does validate Ezekiel over the phone as a trustworthy angel to help Sam, unaware that Ezekiel is dead and the angel in question is actually Gadreel posing as Ezekiel. At this point, Castiel apparently no longer has a cell phone as Dean does not try to simply call him when looking for him. Castiel needs to ask a trucker for his phone and later use a pay phone to call Dean.

9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

After learning of four mysterious disappearances in Rexford, Idaho, Castiel calls Dean to let him know. After learning that Nora's daughter is sick, Castiel calls her to let her know, but ends up having to leave a voicemail, which he seems to have mastered finally.

9.18 Meta Fiction

After finding the Horn of Gabriel, Castiel calls Sam and Dean and uses his phone to take a picture of the symbol and send it to them, once again showing a greater mastery of a cell phone than he had previously.

Season Ten

10.20 Angel Heart

While waiting for Sam and Dean to arrive at the hospital where Claire Novak is, Castiel nervously checks his cell phone. Its revealed that the hospital called Castiel when Claire was found unconscious because his number was in her contacts.

10.23 Brother's Keeper

When Castiel summons him, Crowley, asks why he summoned instead of calling. Castiel explains that Crowley is not in his contacts on his cell phone and he didn't know his number.

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