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In Elizabethville, Ohio, Casey is a bartender at Trotter's Bar. She is possessed by one of the demons let loose when the Devil's Gate in Wyoming was opened.

She prompted Trotter to introduce gambling and prostitution to the town, thereby encouraging vice amongst the inhabitants. She seduces a hunter, Richie, and then kills him. When she tries the same plan with Dean, he traps her with a Devil's trap. She uses her power to thwart his exorcism, and then traps him in the basement with her by causing a cave-in at the entrance.

She tells Dean the true name of the Yellow-Eyed Demon is Azazel, and that demons believe in a higher power - Lucifer.

She is nearly rescued by Father Gil, who is possessed by the demon who has been her lover for centuries, and pleads with him not to kill Dean. She is killed by Sam using the Colt.