Caroline Johnson

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Name Caroline Johnson
Actor Erica Carroll
Dates September 28, 1982 (born)
Location Montana
Occupation Vessel
Episode(s) 10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls


Caroline Johnson is a woman who became the vessel of the angel Hannah after the fall of the angels to Earth. Following the return of the angels to Heaven, Hannah began working with Castiel to track the rogue angels left on Earth and convince them to return to Heaven. After an encounter with her vessel's husband – Joe Johnson, Hannah chose to return to Heaven so that her vessel could return to her normal life.


Hannah voluntarily leaves her vessel Caroline Johnson.

10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls

As Castiel and Hannah prepare to leave their motel to track down another rogue angel, Hannah is confronted by Joe Johnson, the husband of her vessel Caroline Johnson who tracked her through Hannah's use of Caroline's credit cards. Hannah is stunned to see him and when Castiel comes in, tells Joe that she was having an affair with Castiel and left Joe for him. To prove this, Hannah kisses Castiel passionately and they leave.

At a gas station, Hannah is disturbed by her actions, pretending to have an affair with Castiel to get Joe to leave rather than erasing his memory. While she knows it was the right thing to do, Hannah is confused by why it feels so bad. Castiel tries to comfort Hannah by telling her about how he had to take his own vessel, Jimmy Novak away from his family twice and while its difficult, its necessary as the mission must come first. When Castiel turns around for a moment, Hannah leaves.

Castiel finds Hannah on a bridge in a park where she explains that she's done on Earth. Hannah decided to put the humans first again and to start by returning her vessel to her normal life. Hannah explains that in her time on Earth she's felt many human things but has realized that those feelings aren't for angels after feeling what her vessel felt upon seeing her husband. Hannah kisses Castiel on the cheek and then leaves Caroline and returns to Heaven.

Following Hannah's wishes, Castiel returns Caroline to her husband and what happened with Hannah and Caroline causes him to look up his own vessel Jimmy on the Internet.