Carl Granville

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Carl Granville.png
Name Carl Granville
Actor John Stewart
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by Crowley's hellhound)
Location Hell
Episode(s) 8.14 Trial and Error


Carl is the husband of Alice Cassity. Having a crush on Alice and realizing that she wasn't interested in him, he made a deal with a crossroads demon in exchange for his soul for Alice to be his wife. Before marrying Alice, he was caught having sexual intercourse with Alice's little sister, Margot by her father, Noah Cassity.


8.14 Trial and Error

Carl introduces himself to Sam and Dean when they arrive at the farm looking for "work." He leaves to let Ellie sort them out. Later on in the evening Carl and his wife Alice are having a romantic dinner outside in the yard. During their conversation they are distracted by the noise of a wolf howling and Alice, concerned about the horses, leaves to check on them.

When Alice leaves, Carl is attacked by a hellhound which kills him, and takes his soul to Hell.