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The series finale was due to air on Monday 18 May 2020, although this will now change due to the shutdown of production on 13 March due to COVID-19. Showrunner Andrew Dabb said ahead of the broadcast of 15.13 Destiny's Child on 23 March, that the episode would be that last broadcast at present as the visual effects and audio weren't finished on episodes 14-18 before the shutdown. There were two episodes left to film. Dabb also said that

"We, the CW, and Warner Bros fully intend to return and finish the series. It's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when"."

On 14 May, 2020 CW President Mark Pedowitz announced that Supernatural would return to Thursday nights to air its final seven episodes in the fall. Pedowitz said:

"Jared and Jensen will go back to finish the last two and then Jared will go off to work on Walker. We hope they will start shooting [Supernatural] late summer early fall. If not, we’ll be flexible in our schedule. We all want to end the 15 years the right way. It's important that these two episodes will be done the way they hope to do them. If not, we'll wait it out."

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