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Okay, WWBD. What would Buffy do? Huh?

Ed Zeddmore, 1.17 Hell House

When Supernatural started, comparison to the successful Joss Whedon shows Buffy and Angel were inevitable. Like them, Supernatural featured ordinary people fighting the Supernatural, and it also aired on The WB where Buffy had started and Angel had aired until it finished in 2003. An early review of the Pilot described Supernatural as "new X-Files meets the OC, meets Buffy type show from the WB" Source (yeah we have no idea where The O.C fits in either !)

Supernatural is set in in a world where Buffy exists - as a TV show - as we find out when Ghostfacer Ed Zeddmore references it in 1.17 Hell House.

Supernatural certainly attracted many viewers who had also been fans of the Whedon show. This can particularly be seen in Supernatural/Buffy Crossover crossover fanworks. The pairing of Dean with the rogue slayer Faith.

Buffy fandom invented the term Jossed - to be jossed is to have fan theories or events in Fanfic be invalidated by new canon in the Show. By contrast Kripked was a term coined in Supernatural fandom to refer to having fan theories supported by canon. See also Fan Fic Cliches

The most significant crossover between the series is Ben Edlund. Ben started working with Joss on Firefly before moving to Angel for the last couple of seasons. He wrote and directed the Hugo nominated episode Smile Time aka the one where Angel gets turned into a puppet.

Keith R.A. DeCandido has written tie-in novels fro both Supernatural and Buffy.

Many actors from Buffy and Angel have appeared on Supernatural - the first were Amy Acker who appeared in 1.03 Dead in the Water and Julie Benz was in 1.12 Faith. Following Amber Benson's appearance as Lenore in 2007, EP Bob Singer said "I thought Buffy had a great cast, and we used Amber Benson. I’d like to get Spike [James Marsters] on our show. I never thought I would particularly like Buffy, but my wife got me hooked on it, and I was hooked on him. Plus, that series was so well written. It was so smart." Source

Other Whedon alumni who have appeared on Supernatural are:

Actor/Actress Role on Supernatural Role in Whedonverse Whedonverse Show
Jeffrey Dean Morgan John Winchester Sam Ryan Angel
Amy Acker Andrea Barr Winifred Burkle/Illyria Angel
Kristin Richardson Jenny Tracy Bellows Angel
Julie Benz Layla Rourke Darla Buffy and Angel
Megalyn Echikunwoke Cassie Robinson Vaughne Buffy
Ridge Canipe young Dean Winchester Tommy Angel
Chad Lindberg Ash David Kirby Buffy
Amber Benson Lenore Tara Buffy
Annie Wersching Susan Thompson Margaret Angel
David Monahan Thomas Gregory Garrett Angel
Jeff Kober Randall Zachary Kralik and Rack Buffy
Aldis Hodge Jake Talley Masked Teen Buffy
Mercedes McNab Lucy Harmony Kendall Buffy and Angel
Aimee Garcia Nancy Fitzgerald Cynthia York Angel
Brittany Ishibashi Maggie Zeddmore Vivian Angel
Todd Stashwick Dracula Vocah (Angel) and M'Fashnik Demon (Buffy) Angel and Buffy
Jack Conley Sheriff Al Britton Sahjhan (Angel) and Gib Cain (Buffy) Angel and Buffy
David Mattey Luther Garland Behemoth Lorne Angel
Mark Rolston Alastair Boone Angel
John Rubenstein Charlie The Magician Linwood Murrow Angel
Rob Benedict Chuck Shurley Jape Buffy
Jack Plotnick Ian Deputy Mayor Allan Finch Buffy
Charisma Carpenter Maggie Stark Cordelia Chase Buffy and Angel
James Marsters Don Stark Spike Buffy and Angel
Henri Lubatti Bobby's Reaper Dealer vampire Angel
Harry Groener Professor Morrison Richard Wilkins Buffy
Bryan Cuprill George Roy Buffy
Felicia Day Charlene Bradbury Vi Buffy
Tamara Braun Cindy Cassity Tara (vampire) Buffy
Treva Etienne Tamiel Emil Angel

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