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Let me paint you a picture. Of a world without monsters, or demons, or any of those little buggers that go bump in the night. Of a world where no one has to die because of the supernatural. Of a new world, a better world.

Mick Davies, 12.09 First Blood

The British Men of Letters are a branch of the Men of Letters organization, having been successful in eradicating monsters in Britain where there has not been a monster-related death since 1965. They achieved this through a coordinated and systematic approach to the extermination of monsters. They study lore extensively and have developed many weapons using spell work. They are trained at an institute called Kendricks Academy. They deploy hunters to undertake the work of killing monsters, while they provide the strategic planning. The hunters are viewed very much as simply a tool in the fight.

The British Men of Letters have been watching the Winchesters for years, ever since they "almost ended the world the first time" when they started the Apocalypse. Some of the British Men of Letters wanted to get involved before now, to help out, but those in power wouldn’t allow it. However, once the Winchesters released the the Darkness culminating in the Sun dying, it was decided that intervention was required.

Lady Antonia Bevell was sent to make contact with American hunters, but she was recalled after her kidnapping and torturing of Sam Winchester revealed her to be a zealot. Mick Davies took over operational leadership on the British Men of Letters U.S. expansion and started a systematic extermination of monsters in the U.S., starting with the eradication of vampires with "Project V," as well as the recruitment of American hunters.

The Code

"The Code" is a set of rules all members of the British Men of Letters are to live by, as a way to ensure all agents execute orders without question, for the the good of humankind.

BMOL Mobile Command

The British Men of Letters set up their American base in an abandoned factory. The base is made up of a series of modular containers and includes accommodation, a computer room, meeting room, and armory.

The strategy room inside the base.
The British Men of Letters base inside their compound.


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