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Name Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer
Actor Jim Beaver
Dates August 12, 1950
Location Lebanon, Kansas
Occupation Hunter
Resistance fighter
Episode(s) 12.23 All Along the Watchtower
13.14 Good Intentions
13.22 Exodus
13.23 Let the Good Times Roll

Well, I don't know. Ain't so bad here, if you like killing angels.

– Bobby Singer, 12.23 All Along the Watchtower


Still a hunter in the post-Apocalyptic wasteland, and just surly as his deceased counterpart. This Bobby Singer has a self-described "passion" for hunting angels, for which he uses bullets forged from discarded angel blades, with his trusty machine gun, "Rufus." He ran with this world's version of Mary Campbell, who was killed by Azazel ten years prior. This Bobby also has a distinctive scar running down the left side of his face.


12.23 All Along the Watchtower

As Castiel steps through the tear in space and time and finds himself in the Apocalypse World, he is quickly beset by a tempter demon, who is about to kill him when he is saved that Earth's Bobby Singer, much to his shock.

Later when Sam and Dean set through the rift, to their amazement they are met by Bobby on the other side. However, this Bobby Singer does not recognize them, telling them the only Winchester he knew of was named John, who has been dead for forty years, and only knows of him through another hunter named Mary Campbell, who was killed by Azazel ten years prior. Bobby goes on to tell them that when the rift opened up, alarms at his place started going off, and when went to investigate he found Castiel being attacked by a tempter demon, but realizing something was different with Castiel compared to other angels in that universe, he didn't shoot him on sight, and learned that the rift was a gateway to another universe where the Apocalypse has not happened. But tells them that he doesn't mind this Earth, as it allows to live his hobby and passion of killing angels, telling them it will only be a matter of time before the angels get wind of the rift and come down to investigate, but that he will be ready with his trusty gun "Rufus" and a hundred rounds of angel-killing bullets.

13.14 Good Intentions

Out on patrol, Bobby is shocked to find Mary Winchester and Jack in the wastelands. Learning that she is Sam and Dean's mother from the alternate universe, he suggests they leave with him and his men.

Bobby leads Mary and Jack through his refugee camp. When Jack asks what happened to the injured people, Bobby tells him it was the angels, revealing a colony of 400 in San Antonio was wiped out when angels dive-bombed into it. Calling the war an extermination. Mary tells Bobby that Michael is looking for them, but Bobby assures they are protected by lookouts and warding. While Jack entertains the children in the camp with shadow puppets, Bobby shares a drink with Mary. He apologizes to her for staring, remarking that she looks just like the Mary Campbell he knew. He described his Mary as a complicated women and reveals that she did not make a demon deal, telling Mary she made the right choice in her world. They both look back at Jack, who is continuing to make shadow puppet animals for the children. However, he is now using his powers to make more complicated ones, like an elephant, an eagle, and a stag, prompting Bobby to ask if he is a witch or psychic. When Mary tells him Jack is a Nephilim, a betrayed Bobby tells Mary he wants Jack out of his camp by morning, with or without her.

The next morning when Zachariah dive-bombs into the camp with some angels, Bobby has Mary gather the children to escape the camp through tunnels while he deals with the angels. Bobby then witnesses Jack disintegrate Zachariah with his powers before turning his attention to three more angels making their descent into the camp. In the aftermath, Bobby thanks Jack for his help and questions his plans to stop the war. Jack replies that he plans to kill Michael.

13.22 Exodus

Bobby greets Sam and Dean at his salvage yard, telling them he is happy to see them again as he gives them cups of coffee. When Dean asks about the whereabouts of Charlie or Ketch, Bobby tells them they are on an operation to stop an angel kill squad from executing resistance fighters. When Sam tells Bobby they need to leave and are running out of time, Bobby tells them he is aware of their plan to take people through the rift, remarking that it is possibly the "dumbest frickin' idea in a landfill of ideas."

Later that night, Bobby comes to Sam, Dean, and Mary with news that Charlie and Ketch have gotten ambushed and captured. He sits in with the Winchesters and Castiel as they interrogate the man that betrayed Charlie and Ketch to the angels. Eventually they get the information needed, and upon the successful retrieval of Charlie and Ketch, Bobby tells the boys that they took a vote and everyone is willing to come with them through the rift, including himself.

When morning comes, Bobby and the rest of his people successfully pass through the rift and escape Michael. In the Bunker, Bobby gives a toast to all those who had fallen or were left behind and promises his people that they will go back to their world to save it and their people. He ends the speech thanking Sam and Dean and welcoming them to the "family."

13.23 Let the Good Times Roll

Bobby is sitting in the Bunker library with a small group of Apocalypse World refugees as Sam describes the state of the world they are now in. When Sam finishes, Bobby incredulously remarks how they call his world "Apocalypse World" given what is happening on Sam's world.

While out walking a wooded path together, Mary asks Bobby what he plans to do now. Bobby is unsure, telling her that everyone else seems to have settled down. He says he realizes that without an archangel, they are stuck in her universe, and he admits that he isn't sure that he wants to leave. They notice blood on the ground, and follow a trail to find the beaten and dead body of Maggie.

They call Sam and Dean, who arrive with Castiel and Jack, and wonder who or what could have killed her. Taking the body back to the Bunker, Bobby and Mary continue to investigate who could have killed Maggie. Bobby tells Mary he has questioned the other refugees, but doesn't believe any of them were to blame for the death. Jack soon makes a surprise visit to the Bunker with Lucifer in tow, much to Bobby and Mary's concern. While Lucifer resurrects Maggie under Jack's prodding, Bobby places a call to the boys.

By the time Sam and Dean get back to the Bunker, Lucifer and Jack have already left, leaving Sam to question Maggie what happened to her. The sudden arrival of Michael prompts Sam to have Bobby and Mary take Maggie out the Bunker through the garage. Bobby and Mary return a short time later after Dean has consented to being Michael's vessel, only to find Castiel sitting alone in the Bunker.

14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land

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