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Name Unknown
Actor Chelah Horsdal
Location Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Occupation Housewife
Episode(s) 7.10 Death's Door


Bobby Singer's mother was married to Ed Singer, an abusive alcoholic towards her and their son, until his death in 1957.


6.04 Weekend at Bobby's

When Bobby tells Dean one of the ways to kill a lamia, he gets a visit by Sheriff Jody Mills and FBI Agent Adams, who is looking for Rufus Turner. He lies and tells them that he's talking to his mom as he tells Dean to spray salt and rosemary on the lamia before incinerating it in code. When he hears the lamia dying, Bobby says "Enjoy the roast, mom." before hanging up.

7.10 Death's Door

As he lies in a coma, Bobby briefly revisits a memory where his mother scolded him for being filthy and saying it's like he 'wants' him to get mad. Bobby's subconscious manifestation of Rufus Turner reveals that to wake up from his coma, Bobby has to access his darkest memories until he reaches the worst one, like Rufus did after almost dying on a ghost hunt. He visits a memory of a family dinner, where his father Ed Singer is seen to be a harsh and abusive man to Bobby and his mom. Initially, Bobby denies that this is his darkest memory, but he keeps glimpsing his younger self in other memories.

Eventually, he returns to the memory of the family dinner, where a teenaged Bobby accidentally spills a glass of milk when passing Ed some biscuits. His father reacts violently, hitting Bobby's mom as she cleans up the mess. As he yells at her, young Bobby grabs a rifle, and confronts his father, fatally shooting him in the head and saving his mother. Bobby's mom responds with "Bobby, what did you do? God is gonna punish you." Bobby's subconscious comments: "You did what you had to do. This is where you learn that... they pretty much never say thanks when you save 'em." It's unknown what happened to her afterwards.