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Powers and Abilities
Vulnerabilities Decapitation
Appearance When occupying a human host they have green eyes, pointed teeth, and no genitals.
Episode(s) 11.19 The Chitters


A cicada spirit that originated in the forests of Malaysia. They emerge from underground around the time of the spring equinox and enter humans through the mouth, so they can mate and breed. The hosts die and the next generation is born and remains underground for 27 years until the cycle starts again.


Powers and Abilities

  • Green Eyes
  • Communicate through a buzzing/clicking sound, especially to find a mate
  • Pointed, thorn-like teeth
  • Strong


  • Killed by decapitation.


11.19 The Chitters

Bisaan in Lore

The bisan is a cicada spirit from the mythology of the Jakun people, who are an ethnic group of the Orang Asli, the indigenous people of Malaysia. They are said to protect the sacred camphor trees.