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Name Bernard
Actor Jason William Day
Location Portland, Oregon
Occupation Bodyguard
Episode(s) 13.19 Funeralia


Bernard was a highly-trained military operative who was under the employee of Rowena, willfully working for her because she is powerful, gorgeous, and paying him a small fortune.


13.19 Funeralia

Bernard accompanies Rowena to an art gallery party, dancing a tango with her as she incinerates a woman, Elizabeth Mahler, along with her reaper. Later, he attacks and stabs James Melford; Rowena then incinerates Melford and his reaper, Martin, after the reaper refuses to contact Billie to meet with her.

After Rowena finally agrees to meet with the Winchesters, she and Bernard set a meeting at a hotel lobby. When the Winchesters realizes they are speaking to an astral projection of Rowena, they give chase to her and Bernard as they flee. While Rowena heads out the exit, Bernard waits behind a corner, letting Sam pass by him, but stopping Dean with a clothesline. As a brutal fight ensues, Dean tries to appeal to Bernard telling him Rowena is controlling his brain, but Bernard reveals he is not being controlled, telling Dean that Rowena is "powerful, gorgeous, and paying him a small fortune" and continues to fight with Dean. Eventually Dean gains the upper hand and is able to choke Bernard, rendering him unconscious.