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Ben at Paleyfest in 2011.

Ben Edlund was a writer and executive producer/co-executive producer/consulting producer on Supernatural from season two to season eight. At the end of season eight, Ben would go on to write for Revolution alongside Eric Kripke for its second season. After the cancellation of Revolution, Edlund would take brief stints writing for Gotham and Powers. He is currently developing a new series based off his comic The Tick for Amazon.

Ben found success at age 17 with the creation of the comic book The Tick, which was later made into an animated series and two live action series'.

Prior to joining Supernatural in season two, Ben worked for Joss Whedon on Firefly and also Angel. Having written the Hugo Award nominated episode of Angel called "Smile Time," where the main character, Angel, is transformed into a puppet. Ridge Canipe who played young Dean Winchester also appeared in "Smile Time." Ben was also a co-executive producer on the short lived Point Pleasant.

Ben Edlund reflected on the show at Comic Con 2009

"This is a thing that started with a deceptively simple premise of a muscle car and two beautiful men... who shoot ghosts, where the fuck did that come from? [Laughs.] They drive around and shoot ghosts, oooh classic rock! And I like this show, I like it, I love it."

In an interview done at the 100th episode party Ben sums up how Michael and Dean's personalities are key to how the Apocalypse plays out "Everything hinges on these two beautiful men and the caprices of their decision-making process".

At Comic Con 2010

"I maintain that the entire season is an RV built entirely out of meta stuff, which we live in comfortably. Because these creatures, these poor men, cannot die. The cruel universe that will not let them die. The gods of that universe are Kripke. I’m a lesser – I’m like Hanuman. Then there’s the Cthulu of Warner Bros. ‘More money! Go!’ And then there’s these two fictional guys going, ‘Please let us die! Stop it!’ That’s TV. TV will not let people die."

Ben on the Writers Guild of America Strike:

"We’re at a point now where the paradigm for media is shifting. We’re going to a new media template – downloads, streaming – I don’t really understand the technology, but what I understand is this, that broadcast television isn’t going to be the medium of the future, it’s just not the way it’s going to work. People will still go to movies, but it won’t be necessary in the way that it was." (Source)

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Ben with Tara Larsen when he was in Vancouver to direct 7.21 Reading Is Fundamental.

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Ben on the Supernatural panel at Comic-Con 2007.

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