Batman: The Long Halloween

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Batman: The Long Halloween is based on the comics story of the same name, and produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment. Part one was released on June 22, 2021 on digital download, DVD, and Blu-ray, with Part Two due to be released on July 27, 2021.

On 4th January 2019, website Revenge of the Fans revealed that Jensen is in the voice cast for an animated film based on the Batman: The Long Halloween comic. Jensen had previously mentioned the role to fans during a Meet and Greet at Salute to Supernatural Pittsburgh 2018.

The cast for the movie was finally released on 31 March 2021. Jensen's role as Batman/Bruce Wayne was confirmed along with Naya Rivera as Catwoman/Selina Kyle and Josh Duhamel as Harvey Dent. Naya Riveria had tragically died in July 2020.

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