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Name Bartholomew
Actor Adam J. Harrington
Dates Before humanity - 2013 (killed by Castiel)
Occupation Angel
Episode(s) 9.03 I'm No Angel
9.14 Captives

You never did understand, Castiel. There can be no peace without bloodshed.

– Bartholomew, 9.14 Captives


Bartholomew was an angel who had been consolidating power on Earth by finding proper vessels to contain angels, through the televangelist Reverend Buddy Boyle. In Heaven, he was in the same garrison as Castiel and was a friend and subordinate to him during the first angelic civil war against Raphael in Season 6. Bartholomew was in awe of Castiel as with a small army of 20 angels, he won an apparently unwinnable battle against Raphael and his loyalists, but Bartholomew later tortured and killed their captives afterwards, something he claimed he was ordered to do. Sometime afterwards, he worked under Naomi as her protégé.


9.03 I'm No Angel

Bartholomew congratulates Reverend Buddy Boyle on his latest televised sermon, telling him he's doing God's work helping him bring Heaven to Earth. At that point a young woman enters the office, and proclaims to be ready to become a "vessel for the divine." As the angel takes possession of the young woman, her body explodes, shocking Buddy Boyle and leaving Bartholomew to reply that not all that are willing are meant to serve as vessels.

Some time later Bartholomew is given an update on the whereabouts of Castiel by his subordinates, wherein he learns Castiel has killed an operative tracking him and found a way to ward himself from angels. This leads to Bartholomew hiring the services of the rogue reaper Maurice as a means of finding the location of Castiel, through tracking the Winchesters.

9.09 Holy Terror

Bartholomew was to meet with Malachi, during a summit to discuss taking back Heaven together. However according to one of Bartholomew's lieutenants he is too busy having amassed a large following, which requires enormous responsibility on his part. The angel also remarks that Bartholomew will not lower himself by dealing with "street thugs." Bartholomew's refusal to deal with Malachi leads to a civil war between the two factions.

Castiel drives an angel blade into Bartholomew.

9.14 Captives

While hunting the followers of a faction led by an angel named Rebecca that are peaceful, Bartholomew's followers capture Castiel. Despite taking away Castiel's angel blade, Bartholomew greets him warmly, having put aside his previous anger towards him. Bartholomew explains that he wants to unite all of the angels under his leadership and take down Metatron, believing that having Castiel on his side will help him in doing that. Bartholomew is excited about the idea of Castiel, someone he admires on his side and explains that he has done away with his human followers, turning Reverend Buddy Boyle and his people that survived into vessels instead. Bartholomew offers Castiel his aid in tracking and taking down Metatron so they can reclaim Heaven. Bartholomew's followers capture the last of Rebecca's faction and he tortures him for information, explaining that even a neutral faction could become a problem. When he's sure that the angel doesn't know anything, Bartholomew demands Castiel kill the angel as a demonstration of his loyalty to him. Castiel, realizing that he's Bartholomew's prisoner, decides he'd rather die than kill another angel as he wants an end to the fighting. Bartholomew kills the other angel and then goes to kill Castiel, telling his followers to leave it between them. Castiel overpowers Bartholomew, but refuses to kill him even when he has him at his mercy. Bartholomew draws a second angel blade when Castiel's back is turned and attacks him from behind, forcing Castiel to kill him in self-defense. As a result, many of Bartholomew's followers decide to follow Castiel instead.