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Name Barthamus
Actor David Cubitt
Dates  ???? – 2017 (killed by Alice)
Occupation King of the Crossroads
Episode(s) 13.08 The Scorpion and the Frog


Barthamus was a crossroads demon, who ascended to the King of the Crossroads upon Crowley's promotion to King of Hell.


13.08 The Scorpion and the Frog

In Cambridge, England, Barthamus meets with a demon minion who had been tasked with stealing a pair of documents from a museum. Upon handing them over, the minion asks how he thinks Asmodeus will reward them. Barthamus stabs him with an angel blade and places a call to Dean Winchester. He tells Dean he has something he might be interested in, revealing that he knows that Jack has gone rogue and that he has a method of finding him. He tells the Winchesters to meet him at the Smile Diner at 12:45 before hanging up.

Barthamus is sitting at a table when Sam and Dean arrive, having ordered a cherry pie for Dean. He tells the Winchester he has been following their careers for a while and admires their ability to be "natural disruptors" to Heaven and Hell, much like himself. He then reveals half of a genuine Nephilim tracking spell, and wishes to strike a deal wherein he will give them the other half in exchange for a favor. He tells Sam to look into the spell to verify its veracity and promises to be in touch before taking his leave.

Sam and Dean meet Barthamus at a factory, where he is waiting with his associates, "Smash" and "Grab." Barthamus explains to Sam and Dean he needs them to help steal an item from a man named Luther Shrike. Shrike's home is warded, and opening his safe requires the blood of someone who has been to Hell and back. Barthamus threatens to give the spell to Asmodeus if they don't help him. After conferring with each other, Sam and Dean agree to help Barthamus, and concoct a plan to distract Shrike.

When Shrike becomes aware that he is being robbed, Alice/Smash attempts to escape, but is stopped by Barthamus at the front gate. She tells Barthamus the job went sideways and offers to do another job instead. He replies that while he likes her, he isn't willing to renegotiate the terms of their deal.

After Shrike reveals to Sam, Dean, and Alice that they have stolen Barthamus' bones, Barthamus appears out of nowhere and decapitates him. With the rest of the spell in hand, he offers it to Sam and Dean, who refuse to give up the bones. Barthamus forces Sam and Dean to stand down by holding Alice hostage, telling them he will snap her neck if they try and burn the bones. Agreeing to his terms, Sam and Dean step back while Barthamus has Alice retrieve the trunk. Unbeknownst to Barthamus, a lighter was dropped into the trunk. Alice picks up the lighter and burns the bones, killing Barthamus and destroying the second part of the spell in the flames.