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Azazel demon.jpg
Name Azazel
Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (1.22)

Frederic Lehne (2.01, 2.21, 2.22 and 6.01)
Christopher B. MacCabe (4.03)
Mitch Pileggi (4.03)
Rob LaBelle (4.22)

Dates In Maryland in 1972. Azazel enters Sam's nursery in 1983.
Killed in 2006 by Dean.
Location Deceased; Azazel was killed by Dean
Occupation Upper level Demon
Episode(s) 1.01 Pilot

1.21 Salvation
1.22 Devil's Trap
2.01 In My Time Of Dying
2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One
2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two
4.03 In The Beginning
4.22 Lucifer Rising
6.01 Exile On Main St.

Azazel is a Yellow-Eyed Demon, and is the only one seen to date.


Azazel is a servant of Lucifer. On at least one occasion, Azazel has called Lucifer as his "daddy", a reference to Lucifer's role in creating demons. Azazel was King of Hell during Lucifer's imprisonment, although the term was never used to describe him. However, the demon Casey did describe him as a tyrant who held the demons all together.[1]

The only weapon described as having the power to kill Azazel is The Colt.

Azazel was integral in Lucifer's plans to escape from his his prison. On Lucifer's instructions, he created the Special Children. It is during this mission that he encounter's Mary Campbell. After killing her parents and her fiance John Winchester, he makes a deal with her that if she'll allow him entry to her home in ten years time, he'll bring John back to life. On the night Azazel visited Sam's nursery, he killed Mary Winchester when she discovered him, and set fire to the Winchester home. These actions caused John Winchester to pursue Azazel for the rest of his life, and Sam and Dean's lives were forever altered.


Powers and Abilities

A week prior to an attack by Azazel, the geographical area has cattle deaths, electrical storms and temperature fluctuations. His presence makes clocks stop, and electrical devices go haywire. Azazel:

  • Is impervious to Holy Water
  • Has yellow eyes (iris and pupil).
  • Possesses human hosts, but can exist in a disembodied form also, and has the ability to possess a reaper.
  • Can create and manipulate fire.
  • Is telekinetic, and has pinned humans to the walls and the ground using this power.
  • He has the power to cause internal bleeding and grievous wounds with his mind.
  • Can enter a human's subconscious; he is able to enter Sam's mind and he shows Sam what really happened to his mother.[2]
  • Displays superhuman-strength.
  • Has the authority to make deals.
  • Impervious to the salt barrier.



Azazel's eyes.

Names this character is known by both in fandom and canon:

  • The Demon (all Winchesters refer to it thus in Season 1)
  • The Yellow-Eyed Demon (Dean refers to it thus in Season 2)
  • Azazel - Casey revealed the true name of the "Yellow-Eyed Demon" in Season 3[1]
  • Celine Demon (a nickname used by some fans)
  • In a draft script for 2.02, Dean refers to it as the Big Bad.


File:John possessed.jpg
Azazel possessing John Winchester.
Azazel beside a crib.
  • Appears as a figure next to Sam's crib.[3]
  • Meg Masters communicates with him through the goblet of blood on multiple occasions.[4][5]
  • Appears as a figure next to Rosie's crib.[6]
  • Possesses John Winchester.[7]
  • Summoned by John Winchester, appears to him as a janitor in the hospital basement. They make a deal, and Azazel possesses Tessa in order to heal Dean.[8]
  • Sam and Dean have Ash make a tracking device which monitors Azazel.[9]
  • Ansem reveals a man "with yellow eyes" visited him and his brother in their dreams.[10]
  • Duane Tanner communicates with him through the goblet of blood.[11]
  • Appears in a dream to Sam after transporting him to Cold Oak.[2]
  • Uses Jake Talley to enter the devil's trap built by Samuel Colt that surrounds the Devil's Gate. He is killed by Dean with the Colt, with some help from John Winchester's spirit.[12]
  • Dean is sent back to 1973 and witnesses the first encounter of Azazel and his parents. Azazel possess Samuel Campbell, then kills him, Deanna Campbell, and John Winchester. He agrees to revive John when Mary makes a deal.[13]
  • In 1972, Azazel possesses a priest at St. Mary's Convent in Ilchester, Maryland. In the chapel he kills eight nuns. This enables him to speak to Lucifer, who tells him he needs Lilith to break The 66 Seals that hold Lucifer captive. Lucifer tells Azazel he also needs to find a "very special child".[14]
  • Under the influence of Djinn poison, Dean hallucinates that he is being attacked by Azazel. When he is attacked for a second time he imagines he see Azazel killing Lisa the same way his mother was killed, and also making Ben drink his blood.[15]

Physical Form

Azazel possessing a doctor.
File:Samuel possessed.jpg
Azazel possessing Samuel Campbell.

Special Children

On the instructions of Lucifer, Azazel chose a group of Special Children to take part in war against humanity and release Lucifer from his bonds:[7]

Azazel: I have plans Sammy, plans for you and all the children like you...

Special Children:

Relationship with Sam Winchester

While the Winchesters pursue Azazel to avenge Mary and Jess, they discover how connected Sam, his powers, and the other children are to the demon and his plans.

  • A link between Sam’s powers and the YED is first suspected by the boys in Nightmare, when Sam discovers that Max Miller’s mother dies the same way Mary Winchester did.
Sam: I mean, either telekinesis or premonitions, we both had abilities, you know? Maybe it was after us for some reason.
  • In Devil’s Trap, the YED reveals that he killed Mary and Jess because they got in the way of his 'plans'…
Azazel: My plans for you, Sammy. You... and all the children like you.
  • John knows “the truth” about Sam and the other children like him.[8]
  • Sam meets two other people with powers, Andy and his evil twin Ansem. Ansem reveals that a man “with yellow eyes” has visited in his dreams and revealed he has big plans for the Special Children. In this episode, Sam and Dean also discover that not all Special Children had their mother die in a fire when they were six months old.[10]
  • In Croatoan, Sam is infected with a demon virus. This is revealed to have been an experiment engineered by the YED, when Duane Tanner contacts him on a blood goblet to report:
Duane: I don't think any more tests will be necessary... The Winchester boy, definitely immune as expected.
  • The Yellow-Eyed Demon appears to Sam in a dream, and states that his plan is for the children with special powers to fight amongst themselves until the strongest is left to lead the Demon’s army. He tells Sam that he, with his leadership qualities and hunter training, is his favorite. In the same dream, YED admits to killing Jessica so Sam would go back to hunting. He then shows Sam a vision of what happened the night Mary died. Sam sees that YED fed drops of his blood to baby Sam, and that Mary knew the Demon. Sam does not tell Dean about this.[2]
  • YED says to Dean "How certain are you that what you brought back, is 100% pure Sam?" implying that might have been something done to alter Sam during his resurrection. At the end of this episode, Azazel is killed by Dean.[12]

At this point, Sam's visions and other powers go dormant. During Season 3, they seem to have disappeared entirely; Sam states that he has had no other visions. However, in subsequent seasons, still more details about the powers and Sam's fate come to light.

  • In 4.01 Lazarus Rising, Sam is shown exorcising demons with his powers, and comments to Ruby that he no longer has headaches when using them.
  • In 4.03 In The Beginning, Castiel takes Dean back in time, where Dean encounters Azazel making deals with the future parents of special children. Azazel makes a deal with Mary for entry into her house in ten years time. He reveals to Dean that he will bleed into the mouths of the children, and that his plans are bigger than building a demon army.
  • a flashback shows Lucifer ordering Azazel to find a "very special child" after Azazel asks how to open the cage.[14]
  • Azazel ordered Jess's death, the order was carried out by a friend of Sam's who had been possessed, Brady. Brady had been sent to keep tabs on Sam at Stanford, and in fact introduced Sam to Jess with the goal of using her to force Sam back into hunting.[16]
  • Lucifer shows Sam that many of the people he encountered as he grew up were possessed, and had been sent to observe him, like Brady.[17]

The Demon's Children

Two black-eyed demons have been referred to as Azazel's children: Meg, who appears in Seasons One, Two, Five and Six, and Tom, who appears in Season One. They assist him in keeping track of Sam, and in trying to acquire the Colt from John Winchester.

  • Meg refers to Azazel as "Father" when communicating using the Goblet of blood.[4]
  • Azazel affirms the connection, calling Meg his daughter and Tom his "boy".[7]
  • They leave traces of Sulfur behind.
  • They are impervious to hallowed ground ("that may work in the minor league, but not with me" - Meg, Salvation), but not to Holy Water.
  • They can be exorcised; Meg is exorcised twice.
  • Both Meg and Tom are restricted by the salt barrier.

Azazel in Mythology

The name Azazel first appears in the Hebrew Bible (Leviticus 16:8) - its meaning can mean "God strengthens", but also "impudent to God".

In the Book of Enoch, Azazel was described as one of the leaders of the Grigori, fallen angels who married and had children with human women.

He is said to be the principal standard-bearer of the infernal armies, and ranks quite high in the ranks of Hell's Hierarchy. He is mentioned as a fallen angel in John Milton's Paradise Lost.

In Modern Hebrew, '"lekh l'Azazel" (לך לעזאזל) is the equivalent of the English curse "go to Hell".'[18]

In lore Azazel is known for creating acts of chaos and mischief. This information was retrieved from the Extended-Scenes on Season 4 DVD of Supernatural.

Azazel in Other Media

As a fallen angel, the entity Azazel is the villain of the 1998 thriller Fallen.

Azazel is a ruler of Hell in Neil Gaiman's Sandman series.

In 2003, Marvel Comics employed Azazel as a demonic mutant formerly imprisoned in another dimension in the distant past, intentionally impregnating powerful mutants in the world to open up a permanent portal and release his supporters. This is not unlike Supernatural's depiction, and predates the show by a year or so.[19]