Ava Wilson

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Name Ava Wilson
Actor Katharine Isabelle
Dates 1983 - 2007 (killed by Jake Talley)
Power Visions
Control of Acheri demons
Nursery fire No
Episodes 2.10 Hunted
2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

If you'd just quit your hand-wringing and open yourself up, you have no idea what you can do. The learning curve is so fast, it’s crazy, the switches that just flip in your brain. I can’t believe I started out just having dreams. Do you know what I can do now?

– Ava Wilson, 2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One


Ava is one of the Special Children. She was a secretary from Peoria, and was engaged to Brady, at the time of 2.10 Hunted, they were due to be married in eight weeks. Like Sam, her visions are also "death visions" and relate to the other Special Children.


2.10 Hunted

Ava Wilson started having headaches and nightmares about a year ago, about the same time Sam did. About a month before 2.10 Hunted, she had visions of Scott Carey being killed which came true. She later has a vision of Sam dying, so she tracks him down, using clues from her vision.

Police poster for Ava in Sam and Dean's motel room.

Ava helps Sam obtain the tapes of Scott's therapy session. She is with him when they are fired on by Gordon. After Sam gets a call from Dean indicating he is in trouble, Sam encourages her to return home.

After Sam has rescued Dean from Gordon, he is unable to reach Ava on her phone, so the brothers travel to her home. There, they find her fiance Brady dead, Ava's engagement ring and signs of demonic activity - sulfur on the windowsill.

2.11 Playthings

Sam and Dean spend a month looking for Ava, to no avail.

2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

Sam finds Ava at Cold Oak, and she claims to have just woken up there with no memory of the five months that have passed since her disappearance. However, Ava has actually spent the time since her disappearance developing her powers. She has been in Cold Oak, battling and killing other Special Children. She can now control Acheri demons, and uses this power to kill Lily and Andy. She is about to kill Sam when she is killed by Jake Talley.


  • Katherine Isabelle played Ginger in the werewolf movie Ginger Snaps. The movie also starred Emily Perkins, who plays the Supernatural fangirl Becky Rosen. In Ginger Snaps, Emily played Ginger's sister, Brigitte.