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|location= Austin, Texas
|location= Austin, Texas
|occupation= Student
|occupation= Student
|episodes= [[1.1 Pilot]] [[.02 Back in the Saddle]] [[1.03 Bobble Head]] [[1.04 Don't Fence me in]] [[1.05 Duke]]
|episodes= [[1.1 Pilot]] [[.02 Back in the Saddle]] [[1.03 Bobble Head]] [[1.04 Don't Fence me in]] [[1.05 Duke]] [[1.06 Bar None]]

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Name August Walker
Actor Kale Culley
Location Austin, Texas
Occupation Student
Episode(s) 1.1 Pilot .02 Back in the Saddle 1.03 Bobble Head 1.04 Don't Fence me in 1.05 Duke 1.06 Bar None


August Walker, known as Augie is the youngest child of Cordell Walker and Emily Walker. August has an older sister, Stella Walker. They both go to Sacred Heart School where their grandparents, Bonham and Abeline Walker placed them while Cordell was away on an undercover assignment. August is also close with his uncle, Liam, who took most care of him when Cordell was away. Like the rest of his family, August is struggling with the loss of his mother. August has different emotions that he trying to filter through. August wants to make his family proud and make sure that no one needs to worry about him. August is very smart and when something mysterious or secretive comes along the way, he wants to figure out all the answers so he can try to understand what is going on. His love for photography is something that connects him with the memory of his mother and he has taken over the role of the "family photographer".