Arty Nielson

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Name Arty Nielson
Actor Michael Bean
Dates  ???? - October 2018 (killed by Nick)
Location Pike Creek, Delaware
Episode(s) 14.02 Gods and Monsters


Arty Nielson was Nick's neighbor in Pike Creek, Delaware. Arty initially came forward after the death of Nick's family, telling the police he saw a man exit their home, but would later recant his statement.


14.02 Gods and Monsters

When Nick becomes obsessed with finding out who killed his wife and son, he returns to Pike Creek where he pays a visit to Arty, questioning him about what he saw that night. Arty, however, tells Nick that there was no man that night and he only said he saw someone because he wanted to help Nick. When Nick becomes increasingly more agitated, continues pressing a nervous Arty. Nick soon snaps and grabs Arty by the throat, claiming that someone got to him, while Arty continues proclaiming he remember that night wrong and doesn't know anything. But, Nick does not believe him and proceeds to torture and kill Arty with a hammer.