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Powers and Abilities
  • Infectious bite
  • Invulnerability
  • Decapitation
Appearance Humanoid with mottled skin and double irised-eyes
Episode(s) 6.13 Unforgiven

Samuel: Best guess -- it came from an arachne.

Sam: You ever seen one?
Samuel: No one has -- not outside of Crete, not for about 2,000 years.
Sam: Then what do we even know about them?

Samuel: Zip. Just a bunch of guesses and a blurry picture on the side of a Greek vase.

Samuel and Sam, 6.13 Unforgiven


Archanes are a rare monster that haven't been seen outside of Crete in 2,000 years, but a female arachne appeared in Bristol, Rhode Island in 2010/11. A consequence of the averted Apocalypse, sent to strengthen the arachne ranks for Eve by turning and mating with the local population.


Arachne are humanoid monsters with spider-like abilities and attributes, they appear with mottled flesh and double irised eyes, which help expand their field of vision. Their poisonous bite can turn humans into arachne. Once turned, arachne can mate and produce offspring. Because of their rarity, there is little lore on them or on how to kill them.[1]

Powers and abilities

  • Infectious bite – Arachne can infect others with a bite so that they turn into arachne themselves.[1]
  • Enhanced durability – Arachne are able to survive being shot and have a resistance to fire.
  • Super strength and speed – Arachne are strong, and are shown capable of throwing fully grown men clear across a room. In addition to their strength, archne are able to also move quickly when attacking, and are even capable of outrunning pursuers while carrying prey.[1]
  • Venom – Archne produce a venom that can kill, allowing them to feed off their prey.
  • Webbing – Like spiders, arachne are capable of spinning a strong web in which they hold their victims.[1]


  • Decapitation – Cutting off an arachne's head is the only guaranteed way to kill it.


A male victim cocooned in an arachne's webbing.

6.13 Unforgiven

During the year that Sam is without his soul, he and Samuel Campbell hunt an arachne in Bristol, Rhode Island, that takes men in their thirties and poisons them in order to turn them into arachne and mate with them. Because arachne haven't been seen for 2,000 years, they are unsure how to kill it. Samuel suggests they "just go at it until something sticks." They use the local Sheriff Roy Dobbs as bait and then follow the arachne to her lair. Sam kills her by decapitating her and, when they find her victims covered in her web and suffering from her poison, Sam declares the poisoned men beyond help and shoots them all before he and Samuel burn the building. Unknown to them, the arachne survive and escape.

A year later Sheriff Roy Dobbs, now an arachne, lures Sam back to Bristol by taking a woman that Sam slept with, in order to exact revenge. Sam initially remembers nothing of the original hunt, but it returns to him as flashes of memory fragments. Dobbs catches Sam and Dean, but with the help of the sheriff's wife Brenna Dobbs, they escape, and Sam decapitates him.

Arachne in Lore

Arachne, a goddess in Greek mythology, was originally a mortal who was an expert weaver taught by the goddess Athena. Arachne was proud of her work, and proclaimed herself better than Athena. After Athena challenges her to see her is the best weaver, Arachne weaves a tapestry showing the Gods in the worst light. Enraged Athena destroys the tapestry, and then Arachne kills herself. Athena is distressed and decides to make an Archne a goddess - but in the form of a spider. The first spider.[2]


  • Mittita Barber portrayed the female arachne.
  • In the official companion book for Season 6, writer Andrew Dabb talks about the origin of the arachne in Supernatural:
"There's a Greek mythological story about a woman who is an excellent weaver, but she weaves so well that the gods are jealous and as punishment for showing up the gods, the goddess Athena [a.k.a Minerva in Roman mythology] reaches down and turns the woman into a spider. That explains why the spider can weave webs so well. We used that story as our jumping off point for human spider monsters, and that's where we got the name."