Angela Mason

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Name Angela Mason
Actor Tamara Feldman
Dates  ???? - August 22, 2006 (died in a car crash / revived by Neil and killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Greenville, Illinois
Occupation Zombie
Episode(s) 2.04 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things


Angela Mason was the daughter of Dr. Mason, a professor of Ancient Greek at the college that she attended; she was close friends with her father's TA, Neil and unaware that he was in love with her, while she was dating a boy named Matt. However, when she found out that Matt was cheating on her with her roommate, Lindsey, she drove away while upset and was killed in a car crash.


Angela Mason is put back to rest by staking her inside her coffin.

2.04 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

Using Dr. Mason's books, Neil was able to raise Angela from the dead as a zombie. After she spent some time stalking her former boyfriend Matt Harrison after being resurrected, she killed him by slitting his throat. Fortunately, Sam and Dean Winchester were alerted to her presence when they witnessed her contaminated grave, which was located close to the grave of their mother, which they had been visiting to bury their father's dog tags. Tracking her to Neil's house based on the fact that her presence caused plants in her vicinity to die, although they failed to save Neil when Angela snapped, Sam and Dean were able to stop Angela from killing Lindsey, later ending her rampage by luring her back to the cemetery, where Dean stakes her heart with a silver baton inside her coffin.

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