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Title card for season nine.

Angel wings are/were the primary mode of transport for angels, allowing them teleport anywhere on Earth, Heaven, or Hell. An angel's wings cannot be perceived by human eyes, however a silhouette of the wings can be seen if an angel chooses to reveal its power. When an angel is killed, their body and wings will leave scorch marks on their surroundings. After the angels were ejected from Heaven by Metatron, the wings on angels were either burned completely off in the fall or were left as mangled vestigial limbs, preventing the angels from teleporting. The only angels unaffected by Metatron's spell were Lucifer, who was locked away deep in Hell in his Cage, and Metatron.


4.01 Lazarus Rising

Castiel reveals himself as an angel of the Lord to Dean Winchester.

Castiel angel01.jpg

4.16 On the Head of a Pin

An unknown angel lies dead in the street with its wings scorched into the pavement and Uriel lies dead after being killed by Anna.


5.03 Free to Be You and Me

Raphael manifests after being called to Earth by Castiel.


5.18 Point of No Return

Zachariah lies dead in the Green Room after being stabbed in the head by Dean.


5.19 Hammer of the Gods

Gabriel's death at the hands of Lucifer.


6.18 Frontierland

Rachel is killed after confronting Castiel.

Rachel Dead.jpg

7.01 Meet the New Boss

Castiel slaughters Raphael's loyalists in Heaven after attaining the souls from Purgatory.


8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin

Castiel prepares to face Crowley for the demon tablet.

Cas vs. Crowley.jpg

8.23 Sacrifice

An angel's wings burn off as it is ejected from Heaven.


9.02 Devil May Care

Gadreel revealing his damaged wings to a group of demons.


9.09 Holy Terror

Scorch marks left by a dead biker angel.


9.18 Meta Fiction

Castiel walks into the aftermath of an angel slaughter at the hands of Gadreel.


10.18 Book of the Damned

Castiel regains his grace, however his wings remain broken like the other angels.


12.02 Mamma Mia

Lucifer bares his wings after being attacked by Crowley.


12.10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

Benjamin and Ishim's wings scorched into their surroundings after their deaths.


12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Castiel finds a newspaper article depicting the aftermath of an angel death. Lucifer shows off his power before attempting to kill Crowley.