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Avenging Angels

An angel is an ethereal creature who assists and serves God or the gods of many religious traditions. In the Christian bible, angels are portrayed as powerful and dreadful, endowed with wisdom, correct in their judgment, holy, but not infallible. When their duties are not punitive, angels are beneficent to man. When their duties are punitive, they are known as avenging angels and are mentioned inverses such as II Sam. Xxiv. 15, in which an angel annihilates thousands on God's command. These avenging angels are used by God to punish men for their sins.

Pad of Definitions (1.07 Hookman), Official Website


A supernatural being found in Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrianism and Islam. Angel comes from the Latin word angelus, which came from the Greek word, angelos, meaning "messenger". According to these religions Angels typically act as messengers from God.

Though superhuman, angels can assume human form and according to the Hebrew Bible, often appeared to people in the shape of humans of extraordinary beauty. They are also described as pure and bright and are said to be formed of fire, and encompassed by light. Angels are thought to posess wings, and are depicted that way in Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian art where they are also commonly depicted with halos.

In the Bible, angels are a medium of God's power; they exist to execute God's will. Angels reveal themselves to individuals as well as to the whole nation, to announce events, either good or bad, affecting humans.

Pad of Definitions (2.13 Houses of the Holy), Official Website

Never say never, (...) but in my mind, angels as supernatural beings do not exist. In my opinion there are forces of evil, but the forces of good are human. There might very well be a God, but if there is, he's working in mysterious ways through a band of very imperfect humans.

Eric Kripke, The Official Companion Season 2, page. 75

300px Lucifermark.jpg 300px
Name Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel, Castiel, Uriel, Anna, Zachariah and Cupid
Actor Various
Dates  ?
Location Originally - Heaven, Various locations.
Occupation Angel, Archangel, and Cherub
Episode(s) Many

Angels in the Supernatural Verse

In Season 2, episode 2.13 Houses of the Holy Sam thinks they might actually encounter an avenging angel, who goes after the wicked, although Sam and Dean later find out, that the supernatural being Sam thought for an angel was in fact the ghost of a priest. Dean makes it known in the same episode that he doesn't believe in angels. This was the second time Supernatural takes on the question of faith and belief (see also 1.12 Faith).

It was not until 4.01 Lazarus Rising that angels actually appear in Supernatural when Castiel appears proclaiming himself an "Angel of the Lord" and revealed that he saved Dean from Hell.

When Heaven learned Dean was being primed to break the first of The 66 Seals, they laid siege to Hell, but couldn't rescue Dean in time. Castiel eventually saved him, because he is needed to stop the rise of Lucifer and the apocalypse.

Angels became active on Earth to stop the breaking of The 66 Seals, although the angel hierarchy had a plan to let them be broken so as to bring on the apocalypse. Apparently Angels are known to smite before they ask questions, this was revealed by Ruby in 4.02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester.

Sam: Whoa,whoa,whoa,whoa. Wait. What's going on?

Sam, 4.02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

Ruby: Sam, they're angels. I'm a demon. They're not gonna care If I'm being helpful. They smite first,and then they ask questions later.

Ruby, 4.02 Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

Misha Collin plays Castiel the angel in Season 4


  • Are divine beings imbued with a heavenly grace.
  • They are described as being God's soldiers and messengers.
  • God prefers Humans over Angels.
  • Take on mortal form by possessing voluntary human bodies, and like demons they keep their host's body alive should they gain a fatal wound.
  • Angels can sense other angelic presences when in their in the same vicinity of one another.
  • They can only speak to humans in their dreams or from within the body of a mortal human. Their true voice and form can be discerned by some "special" people, but to others it is "overwhelming" and painful to behold.
  • Their form can burn out the eyes of one who spies upon it and their voice shatters glass, causing the earth to quake and the ears of man to bleed.
  • They have super strength and can move and materialize at will
  • By placing two fingers on a person's forehead they can render someone unconscious or change their memories
  • Have the ability to bend time, allowing them to send someone or go themselves to the past.
  • They operate in hierarchical units called garrisons
  • Carry a disdain for all things demon related.
  • Disobedience is a crime punishable by death
  • Lack of faith in God is punishable by death
  • They can become human by removing their grace
  • By regaining their grace humanized angels can be restored to full angelic power
  • Have the power to exorcise demons from humans by touching them
  • Can be sent away using the Angel Banishing Sigil
  • Can kill each other using their angel blade
  • Specialists like Uriel can burn whole towns and turn humans to dust, as he threatened Sam with.
  • Have the ability to transport things/people to different places with a touch.
  • Can percieve dead people, reapers and other things otherwise invisible to mortals
  • Can read minds and memories.
  • Can move objects telekinetically.
  • Able to implant Prophetic visions into a prophet’s mind.
  • After Lucifer was released from his convent-like prison his presence brought the H1N1 Flu and it caused a lot of other natural disasters. This proves that Lucifer’s presence is extremely powerful, even without a Vessel Lucifer is extremely dangerous.

According to Castiel in 4.18 The Monster At The End Of This Book: ""Archangels are fierce. They're absolute. They're Heaven's most terrifying weapon."

  • An angel is capable of snatching a human soul from The Pit. (According to a Lore book that Bobby read to both Dean & Sam)
  • Like Demon's Angels have proven to be quite capable of possessing a dead body (Castiel is currently possessing a dead body)
  • The True Voice of an Angel can cause the human ear to bleed; unless the person who receives the true voice of an angel is special in some way. It currently remains unclear as to what the actually standards are that must be met for someone to be considered "special".
  • According to a statement made by Castiel, Angels are not Omniscient.
  • If an angel shows any angelic empathy towards humans that could result or lead to their rebellion, they then would become demoted as an angelic form of punishment. If an angel rebels, then their angelic superiors will be forced to demote them from their original angelic rank, as it happened to an Angel named, Castiel, the reason for his demotion is because; he showed much empathy towards Dean.
  • Certain types of angels (Cherubs) can bring couples together, this task is only possible by means of Cherubs using some type of supernatural methods; angels in Supernatural Canon are described as being agents of fate, this means that angels are able to mess with and toy with peoples fates.
  • As of now, the only known way to kill an angel is to use a weapon called Angel Killing Sword.
  • Archangels can incinerate lesser angels just by touching them.
  • Angels draw most of their power from Heaven. When an angel rebels or when their kicked out of Heaven they lose most of their angelic abilities. Castiel and Anna a great examples of this; Castiel is a rebellious angel and Anna was a fallen angel.
  • The Army of Heaven is not unlimited, as Castiel stressed this fact to Dean.


Powers and abilities:

  • Michael is the strongest angel, on par with Lucifer.
  • The snapping of his fingers can send an angel back to heaven.
  • Michael turned Anna into dust, and all he did was touch her.
  • Michael can resurrect the deceased.
  • Michael promised Dean that after he's done using him; he won't leave him in a drooling mess. This is ironic because at first Castiel said that Michael is far more powerful than Raphael, which would leave Dean in worse condition than Donnie Finnerman. However, apparently Michael can choose this for his Vessel; for his power levels greatly surpass those of ANY angel in Heaven.


The Anti-Christ is capable of destroying Michael and Heaven with a single word; this statement was made by Castiel. Not known whether to be taken literally.

BIO Section:

Michael first appeared in 5.13 The Song Remains The Same. Michael is extremely powerful, while Bobby was possessed by a Demon, he described Michael as being the toughest angel in heaven. The true extent of Michael's power is currently unclear in Canon. However, he did prove to be capable of sending Uriel of 1978 back to Heaven, Michael did this with no visible effort, all Michael did was snap his fingers, and Uriel disappeared. He is quite capable of resurrecting the deceased, as he did so for Sam, this was after Michael's long discussion between him and his True vessel, in other words Dean. It is now clear that Michael can use a temporary Vessel, just like Lucifer, Michael said it runs with in the blood-line of the Winchesters. Michael also wiped the hunter memories from John and Mary Winchester.

  • Michael commands the Host of Heaven.
  • Michael is very loyal and very obedient towards his Father. Michael tells Dean that God knew from the beginning how everything was going to turn out. Michael loved his younger Brother very much, he explained this in 5.13 The Song Remains The Same, even now he says that he still loves Lucifer; However, when God commanded Michael to cast Lucifer into hell Michael obeyed this order without question, for he trusts his father for Michael says that his father knows what’s best.


Lucifer in his Plan B vessel, Nick

Powers and abilities:

  • As strong as Michael, though Michael defeated him, it is not known how.
  • When Lucifer enters the world from Hell he brings massive earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, diseases (including Swine Flu) and probably more. When Lucifer appears in 5.04 The End a storm erupts and when he teleports behind Dean there is the sound of thunder.
  • Lucifer can conduct rituals. He conducted a summoning ritual in 5.10 Abandon All Hope, he planed to release Death from his prison by conducting this ritual. He was successful in doing this; however Death's visage was kept hidden during his rising.
  • Lucifer can't be killed by The Colt; this is ironic because originally, the colt was said to be able to "kill anything", but it has been confirmed that in fact there are five things in all of creation that the Colt can't kill. Lucifer happens to be one of the five creatures that the colt can't kill. This suggests that Lucifer is extremely strong, even for an angel his powers are superior to his angel-brothers and sisters.


Both God and Michael are capable of stopping Lucifer. Cass stated that Enochian sigils can hide them from every angel in creation, including Lucifer.

It was assumed that the Colt could kill Lucifer, however this was proven to be false; Dean shot Lucifer with the Colt at point blank range, the force of the bullet sent Lucifer to the ground, within minutes Lucifer stood up and his bullet-wound was gone.

BIO Section:

Lucifer was an archangel who was expelled from Heaven by Michael, on God's orders, after he refused to bow before humans. After Lucifer created Lilith as the first demon in defiance of God, he was captured and bound by a series of seals. Lucifer was very beautiful; his beauty was well known in Heaven.

God created Lucifer after Michael. According to Gabriel, Michael is the older brother of the two, therefore Lucifer has to be younger.

  • Lucifer was raised and looked after by Michael in ways most people couldn’t understand, but Michael, even now says that he still loves Lucifer.
  • Lucifer is the strongest Angel of Heaven, equal to Michael.
  • Lucifer's True angelic form was freed from Hell in 4.22 Lucifer Rising. We the audience did not get to see his true form; it was kept hidden during the rising. However, we did see a burst of white light while Lucifer was rising; this white light eventually engulfed the entire chapel. This seemingly destroyed the chapel; Sam and Dean were mysteriously teleported to safety by some unknown force.

Some angels, like Uriel are part of a group of rebel angels are also working to help free Lucifer. The demon Azazel starts the plan in motion that, with the help of Ruby, ultimately frees Lucifer. The angel hierarchy know of the plan, but want Lucifer free, so that they can kill him.

Uriel is currently the only known angel who was a part of the group of rebel angels; at least in Canon, and is the only angel known to have attempted to free Lucifer.

Lucifer is freed when Sam kills Lilith - her death breaks the final seal.

Once on Earth, Lucifer possesses the body of a man called Nick, although his true Vessel is Sam


Uriel, a "specialist".

Uriel is introduced as a "specialist" who is part of Castiel's garrison. He exhibits disdain for humanity and demons. By 4.16 On The Head Of A Pin, he has been made Castiel's superior. He plots to release Alastair and have him kill Dean, as he is one contender of this rebellious group of angels who support the release of Lucifer. He has been trying to recruit angels to the cause and killing those who refuse. He eventually reveals his plans to Castiel, and they fight. When Uriel gets the upper hand over Castiel, getting ready to kill him, Anna kills him.

Uriel is also seen in 5.13 The Song Remains The Same when Anna travels to 1973 and recruits as younger Uriel to aid her in killing Mary and John Winchester and prevent Sams birth.


Castiel the Angel, the one who gripped Dean tight and raised him from perdition.
Future Castiel.

Powers and abilities:

  • Castiel can send people back in time.
  • His true angelic from can burn out the eyes of a human.
  • Castiel can read minds of both humans and other angels.
  • Castiel has the ability Teleportation. He can teleport himself as well as humans; constipation is one of the side-effects that humans face after being teleported.
  • While Castiel occupies Jimmy Novak's body, he seemingly enhances Jimmy's immune system; Castiel had 5 shots of Alcohol before he started to feel the effects. Humans normally have two or three shots of alcohol before they start feeling the side-effects.

As of now, he can barely send people back and forth through time portals (However, with much concentration and determination he did managed to send Sam & Dean to back to 1978 for a while). Cass did say that bending time is very difficult, even when this ability was at his disposal.

It was also proved that Cass is currently not-able to heal simple injures, such as leg injures. Cass openly told Bobby that he couldn't heal him Castiel has proved to be capable of sending people back in time, as he did with Dean Winchester.

  • Castiel uses (EVP) to speak to "Special People", he tried this with Dean Winchester thinking that dean was one of his special people, it was later reveled that Cass was wrong. People who weren't one of Castiel's special people were hit with an hear-bleeding condition, which lasted until Castiel stopped talking using his True Voice. Castiel used his true voice to speak to his vessel, Jimmy Novak who could hear him.


Castiel can be sent away by an Angel Banishing Sigil. He can not enter an Enochian protected area. Raphael is able to overpower Castiel. When Cass fights with other angels his angelic invulnerability can be penetrated. If someone were to be stab Cass with the Angel Killing Sword he would undoubtedly be killed.

BIO Section:

Castiel's True angelic form was seen in 4.01 Lazarus Rising (Not Shown On Set): This was implied, when we see Pamela Barnes, whose eyes were burned out, due to her spying on Castiel's true form. Lucky for Pamela, she did live through this traumatizing experience, however she did lose her eyesight.

The Angel who saved Dean from Hell. Since that contact he has started to develop empathy for humans. He even doubts his orders for the first time, when Uriel tells him they must get Dean to torture Alastair. He refuses Uriel's attempt to recruit him to join the angels who support Lucifer. In 4.20 The Rapture, Castiel is removed from his vessel Jimmy Novak and sent back to Heaven where it is impressed on him that he must follow angelic orders. Ultimately, he does disobey and acts to help Dean escape Zachariah, in order that he can try and stop Sam. In doing so he is killed, but somehow is brought back to life. He then embarks on a mission to find God in order to stop Lucifer.

Anna Milton

File:Anna Milton.jpg
Anna, the fallen Angel.

Anna was originally Castiel and Uriel's superior, but she chose to remove her Grace to become human. When Dean is saved, she begins hearing the angels speaking. Alastair wants to capture her in order to find out what the angels are doing. Dean and Sam rescue her, and Pamela Barnes helps her regain her memory that she was once an angel. She is under a death sentence for disobedience, but she is able to regain her Grace from Uriel and becomes and angel again.

Anna tries to get Castiel to join her and stop following orders, but he refuses. She kills the traitor Uriel.

After the events of 4.21 When The Levee Breaks, Anna meets with Castiel in an undisclosed location, and a group of angels take her back to Heaven.

Anna's True angelic form was seen in 5.13 The Song Remains The Same (Not Shown On Set): This was implied, when we see a young man whose eyes were mysteriously burned out, apparently this human had spied on Anna’s true form, and was killed by the shock of this overwhelming angelic figure.


Powers and abilities:

  • Zachariah has the ability to create alternate realities
  • Zachariah is able to implant Prophetic visions into a prophet’s mind, he proved this when he did this to the prophet named, Chuck Shurley
  • Zachariah is able to bend time.
  • Compared to most of his angelic brothers and sisters, Zachariah is extremely powerful; he proved this when he tortured Dean for his lack of consent, he also tortured Sam to motivate Dean into saying "yes" 5.01 Sympathy For The Devil
  • Zachariah once told Dean, that hitting him over the head with a concrete statue would be an unwise move; this highly suggests that Zachariah would have been unharmed if Dean decided to hit Zachariah over the head with the statue 4.22 Lucifer Rising


Zachariah can be sent away by an Angel Banishing Sigil. Dean and Sam are currently hidden from angels, this includes Zachariah; Dean and Sam are hidden from every angel in Heaven, however, Michael seems to be exempt from this, for he somehow found Dean and Sam in 1978, at the exact moment when Sam died after being stabbed by Anna. If someone were to be stab Zachariah with the Angel Killing Sword he would undoubtedly be killed.

BIO Section:

  • Zachariah thinks that if Lucifer's rises, the Angels would get the chance to ultimately kill Lucifer by sending his older brother Michael to Earth, in order to kill him.
  • Zachariah just like his angelic Student is capable of bending time; he chose to send Dean to the future, in order to teach Dean a lesson, because of his lack of consent to the Archangel, named Michael. Many Angels have said that Michael is capable of Stopping Lucifer, and possibly even capable of killing him.
  • Zachariah is Castiel's superior. He puts Sam and Dean into jobs with Sandover Iron and Engineering, without their real memories, to show Dean that being a hunter is who he is.
  • Zachariah put together a group of angels, all participants of this group planned on allowing Lucifer to be freed. They believed that once Lucifer was freed, they then would send Michael down to Earth to eliminate Lucifer. In order for this plan to work, Dean would need to give his consent to Michael, as of now he has yet to consent to Michael. Even after talking to Michael face to face, Dean is still reluctant to say yes.

Zachariah also appears to Chuck and tells him to write, but not to tell Sam and Dean his latest visions. Zachariah also says that if Chuck commits suicide, the angels will simply bring him back to life. He also tells Dean that he has a role to play in stopping the Apocalypse, but later reveals that this is untrue. In reality, the angels want the Apocalypse to happen, and it is revealed that Dean is destined to kill Lucifer after the Apocalypse has started.


The Trickster aka Archangel Gabriel

Powers and abilities:

  • Gabriel has the ability to create false realities
  • While Gabriel was posing as a Demi-God he proved to be able to create virtually anything out of thin air. Bobby explained this fact to Sam and Dean.
  • Gabriel seems to have complete authority over his "false reality", this could be because he created it
  • According to Castiel, gabriel was described as being far more powerful than a trickster
  • Gabriel proved to be capable of taking Dean down without any effort, or very little


Gabriel can be trapped by Holy Fire. If Gabriel were to leave the holy fire circle, he would end up killing his Vessel; Cass made this point to Dean when they were planning on trapping Raphael in Holy Fire.

BIO Section:

Tired of the conflict between Angels and God - his family - Gabriel the Archangel has been on Earth disguised as a Trickster. In this role he goes about giving people their "just desserts" - punishing people in a way that ironically fits what he sees as their 'crime'. He likes the good life - wine, women and is known to have a sweet tooth.


Powers and abilities:

  • When Raphael arrives on Earth for the second time, his angelic energy causes the entire Eastern Sea Board to black out. Raphael can emit holy white energy from his body, and he can demolish buildings and other strong structures with this power. He seemingly proved this when he destroyed a Gas station in Maine.
Raphael is The Archangel who killed Castiel.


Raphael can be trapped by Holy Fire.

BIO Section:

Raphael was the Archangel who killed Castiel at the end of Season 4. It is uncertain as to whether Raphael was the Archangel who was also protecting the Prophet Chuck Shurley, but he found and destroyed Castiel while in Chuck's presence. Castiel and Dean trap him in a circle of Holy Oil, but he denies knowing the whereabouts of God. Raphael tells Dean that he is more powerful than Zachariah and that he is more than capable of doing things that Zachariah could never dream of doing, this suggests that Zachariah is not an Archangel.

Raphael first came to Earth to deal with a Demonic crisis that was going on at a Pump 'n Go gas-station, which was located somewhere in Maine.


Cherubs are one of the many different types of angels. The Cherub named Cupid made his first appearance in 5.14 My Bloody Valentine. This cherub in 5.14 My Bloody Valentine briefly described the story on how John and Mary were predestined to be together by orders from Heaven.

Cupid is a Cherub (Third class angel), Cupid made his first appearance in 5.14 My Bloody Valentine.
  • Cherubs can bring couples together, this task is only possible when they use some type of a supernatural method; angels in Supernatural Canon are described as being agents of fate, this means that angels are able to mess with and toy with peoples fates.
  • Cupid can be very emotional at times and may take things too much to heart. This was illustrated when Dean punched Cupid due to him mentioning the actual story behind John’s set-up marriage with Mary, apparently this made Cupid sad and scared, and so he left.