Andrew Silver

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Name Andrew Silver
Actor Jeremy Thorsen
Dates 1985 – January 17, 2014
2014 – 2015 (spirit moves on)
Location Spencer, Iowa
Occupation Vengeful Spirit
Episode(s) 10.13 Halt & Catch Fire


Andrew Silver was a 29-year-old Spencer High School teacher who was killed in a fatal car accident involving students from Kasem College. Due to being electrocuted by power lines connected to a WiFi tower, Andrew was able to use the wireless signal to travel anywhere with a WiFi signal. At first, Andrew visited his wife, Corey Silver, having online chat sessions with her. Eventually, Andrew started to become consumed by revenge and began attacking and killing the students involved in his death.


10.13 Halt & Catch Fire

Andrew first begins his revenge by taking over the navigation app, Trini, that Billy Bass was using to take his girlfriend, Janet, to Taco Town. When Janet begins realizing they are going the wrong way, Billy tells her Trini doesn't make mistakes. When Billy tries to proceed with a new route after being taken to a roadblock, Andrew reveals himself through Trini and tells Janet to get out of the car. As Janet gets out, Billy tries to open the driver’s door, but is unable to unlock it. He tries to get out the passenger door, but it closes and locks. The truck begins to drive on its own. Billy begins slamming on the brakes and trying to stop the truck as it crashes through the barricade. The truck continues speeding ahead as Billy tries to steer and stop until Andrew crashes through another barricade and drives off the bridge.

As Julie Miller uploads a selfie, she gets a chat request on her laptop from PrincessElsa8. PrincessElsa8 says she's a friend, but then calls Julie a liar and says she knows about 810 and Julie is going to pay. Julie gasps and deletes the chat conversation. 810 comes back on her screen. Julie shuts off her computer but it turns back on with the chat again. She unplugs her computer and the power cord. As she breathes, the steam of her breath becomes visible. Her computer screen fills with 810. She closes the laptop and runs toward her door. The door slams shut as her laptop screen opens back up with 810. As she turns around and screams, Andrew uses the laptop cord like a snake, encircling her throat and strangling her.

Kyle receives a message from a QTPie asking if he wants to hook-up, which Kyle emphatically agrees to. Kyle hears a knock on his door. He gets up and opens it but no one is there, asking a passing by frat brother if he knocked on his door. As Kyle heads back in his room, his door slams shut and his cell phone begins to ring. Andrew's voice on the cell phone yells, "What time is it?" Kyle looks at his clock and the time is 8:10. His stereo starts to get extremely loud as the speaker knobs begin turning the volume up on their own. As the stereo is blasting, Kyle begins screaming as his eyes, ears, and nose start to bleed. The windows break and glass flies everywhere as Kyle falls backwards, dead.

After hearing about how Andrew died from Delilah, Sam decides to go talk to Corey while Dean keeps Delilah out of harm's way. However, Andrew starts targeting Delilah and Dean smashes everything in her room connected to WiFi. They seek refuge in the basement where the reception is weakest, but Andrew gets into the room via a phone left in the laundry room. After sending Sam an SOS, Dean tries to convince Andrew to stop killing, but he starts trying to suffocate Dean instead. Before he can kill Dean, Corey talks to Andrew and convinces him to stop killing, since it won't bring him back. They both agree to let go and Andrew disappears.