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Amy Pond.pngYoungAmy.jpg
Name Amy Pond
(Pond is an alias, real surname is unknown)
Actor Jewel Staite
Emma Grabinsky (Young Amy)
Dates  ???? - 2011 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Bozeman, Montana
Occupation Kitsune
Episode(s) 7.03 The Girl Next Door
7.06 Slash Fiction (mentioned)
7.07 The Mentalists (mentioned)


Amy is a kitsune who grew up traveling around with her mother. In 1998, they crossed paths with the Winchesters in Lincoln, Nebraska.


7.03 The Girl Next Door

In 1998, Sam sees Amy in a library where he is doing research for John and Dean who are on a hunt. He approaches Amy and tries to talk to her but she says she isn't allowed to talk to boys. When leaving the library, Sam intervenes when she is harassed by two boys.

At her home, Sam and Amy bond over their nomadic lifestyles, and feeling like an outsider. Amy reveals that her mother is very strict, and can be cruel, and wants Amy to be like her - which resonates with Sam's relationship with his dad. They share a kiss, but then Amy's mom returns home. Amy makes Sam hide, as her mom tells her they need to leave town, saying they are being pursued by "a couple of pros in a piece of crap Impala." While her mother is getting the car ready, Sam spots a human brain in a jar and confronts Amy - her mother is the monster that his father and brother are hunting.

Sam refuses to hurt her, and is leaving as Amy's mother returns and attacks him. Amy kills her mother, saving Sam's life. Sam lets her leave, although he turns down her invitation to go with her.

In the present day, Amy has a young son named Jacob. She is working as a mortician to obtain the pituitary glands that kitsunes feed on from dead human bodies. However, her son becomes sick, and only fresh brains will heal him. Amy kills three people and the fresh brains cure her son. Sam finds details of the killings in a local paper, and examines the body of the latest victim - who has had part of his brain removed. Sam recognizes the killing style and recalls his meeting with Amy in '98.

Sam tracks Amy down, and she pleads her case with him - this was an extraordinary situation, and she is trying to live a normal life. Remembering that she killed her mother to save him, Sam lets her live.

After Dean catches up with him, Sam reveals the whole story. Later, unbeknownst to Sam, Dean tracks Amy to her motel room and kills her. As she dies, her eyes appear like those of a fox - the kitsune. Jacob is standing in the doorway and has witnessed the murder of his mother. Dean tells him that if he ever kills anyone, Dean will come after him. Jacob replies, "The only person I'm going to kill - is you."

7.06 Slash Fiction

The Leviathan wearing Dean's shape has captured Sam, and attempts to torment him with Dean's thoughts. The Leviathan eventually reveals to Sam that Dean secretly killed Amy, which horrifies him.

7.07 The Mentalists

Sam tells Dean he understands why he killed Amy. He says he knows Dean hasn't been sleeping, and is drinking too much, and he thinks it's because Dean feels regret for lying to him.


  • The name "Amy Pond" is a reference to the character of the same name from the show Doctor Who.