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Powers and Abilities Superhuman strength
Vulnerabilities Mortality
Appearance Female humanoid
Episode(s) 7.13 The Slice Girls


After their ranks were devastated in a long war, the Amazon warrior tribe made a deal with the goddess Harmonia. She gave them supernatural strength and the ability to reproduce rapidly, allowing the Amazon women to give birth to a child 36 hours after conceiving it, with the children maturing rapidly, reaching adolescence within 3 days. Each child then has to ritually kill the man who fathered them, removing his hands and feet and carving an Amazonian symbol on his chest. Every two years, women of childbearing age repeat the cycle to increase the ranks.

Previous rounds of breeding have taken place in Chicago and Miami, with the most recently known one being in Seattle, Washington.


The Amazonian children are trained by their elders as fighters, allowing them to both endure and dispense pain. One of their rituals involve the consuming of the flesh of the respective fathers of newly-born Amazons, wherein they are also branded with the sign of the Amazons on the insides of their wrists.

Powers and abilities

  • Superhuman strength – Amazons possess superhuman strength, even as teenagers they are able to overpower a fully grown man.
  • Rapid aging – As a part of their deal with the goddess Harmonia, Amazonian children are conceived and born within days of conception, rapidly aging to maturity within days.


  • Mortality – For all their strength, Amazons are still mortal and thus can be killed with regular weaponry.


7.13 The Slice Girls

Mark of the Amazons.

In Seattle, the Amazons are breeding, in two weeks murdering four men, slicing off their hands and feet and carving the Amazonian sigil into their chests. Sam and Dean consult a local anthropologist, Professor Morrison, for help interpreting the signs. While investigating, Dean takes time out at the Cobalt Room, where he meets Lydia, who seduces him. When Dean returns the next day to retrieve his hip flask, he finds that Lydia has had a baby called Emma, who he thinks he hears speaking like an adult. Dean stakes out Lydia's place, and later sees her hand over a young girl, who she also calls Emma, to Madeline. Emma is taken to a building where the elders indoctrinate her and other young Amazonian girls.

Charlene Penn, the detective supposedly investigating the murders, who is also an Amazon, informs Madeline that the Winchesters are on their trail. Madeline orders both Sam and Dean's executions.

Based on Professor Morrison's information that the symbol is that of the Amazons, the Winchesters conclude that Dean may have fathered Emma. Finding a Greek text, Sam takes it to Professor Morrison, who interprets it to read that Amazonian daughters must kill their sires. As Sam leaves, Detective Penn confronts and attacks him, but he kills her in self-defense.

Emma finds Dean, telling him she is running away from the Amazons; in reality she has come to complete her indoctrination and kill him. When Dean hesitates, suggesting she could actually leave the Amazons, Sam arrives and shoots her dead.

By the time Sam and Dean return to the building where the Amazons were based, they have disappeared.

7.14 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

After speaking with Frank Devereaux regarding new leads on Dick Roman, Dean asks Sam if he's found any new information about the whereabouts of the Amazons.

Amazons in Lore

Amazons were tribe of female warriors in Greek myth who were thought to live in Central Asia or North Africa. Legends said that they mated with other tribes to preserve their race, but kept only female infants. They were said to amputate their right breasts so that they could shoot better with bow and arrows. Later historians claimed that the Amazons were a tribe of men and women in which both sexes fought in battles. Herodotus claimed that no Amazon woman could marry until she had killed a man.[1] One famous queen of the Amazons was Hippolyta; Hercules in his Twelve Labors was commanded to steal her girdle, though she decided to give it to him as a gift.[2] In DC Comics' Wonder Woman, Hippolyta is the mother of Diana, also known as the superhero Wonder Woman.