9.13 The Purge

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Title The Purge
Episode # Season 9, Episode 13
First aired February 4, 2014
Directed by Phil Sgriccia
Written by Eric Charmelo
Nicole Snyder
On IMDB The Purge
Outline Sam and Dean go undercover at a spa to investigate the recent rash of deaths where people have had all the fat sucked from their bodies.
Monster Pishtaco
Timeline A few days after 9.12 Sharp Teeth
Location(s) Stillwater, Minnesota
Lebanon, Kansas
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At a hot dog eating contest in Stillwater, Minnesota, as the winner is announced, a heated argument breaks out between the winner and the runner-up who accuses the winner of cheating. The winner leaves and gets into his car, where he is attacked by an unseen monster, who sucks all the fat out him and kills him.

Dean is sitting in the kitchen of the bunker doing research when Sam comes in. Dean mentions that he was doing research all night and that he found a new case. After a few snarky comments by both boys about “not being brothers,” Sam and Dean decide to investigate.

At the police station in Stillwater, Sam and Dean pose as FBI agents to get the details about the victim, Wayne McNut, from Sheriff Donna Hanscum who shares her powdered sugar donuts with Dean. The boys then visit "Slim" Jim Morgan, the runner-up, and question him about the victim and their rivalry in the competitive eating circle. While there, Sam snoops around the bedroom and finds a Putsi bag that belongs to "Slim" Jim's wife.

Back at the motel, the boys examine the bag and do some research in which they determine that the bag can be used to curse someone. "Slim" Jim's wife, Mala arrives and explains that she was having an affair with Wayne and that the bag can also be used for blessings. This lead is a dead end.

Meanwhile, at the local health club, a woman finishes up her workout when she is attacked by unseen monster, and all the fat is sucked out of her which kills her.

Sam and Dean investigate at the health club where the discover that the second victim has a suction mark. Dean questions the health club employee while Sam leaves to examine the body of the first victim. The boys rendezvous back at the motel, where they compare notes. The first victim also had a suction mark, and Dean noticed that the health club employee did as well. Upon further questioning, Dean found out that the health club employee recently lost weight at Canyon Valley Spa. After watching a commercial for the spa which is a few hours away, the boys decide to investigate.

At Canyon Valley, Sam and (an overly-enthusiastic) Dean pose as personal trainers who are looking for jobs. Larry and Maritza, the owners of Canyon Valley, explain their background, and then they hire Sam as a trainer and Dean as a kitchen staffer.

Sheriff Hanscum is at Canyon Valley and she has a session with Maritza who tells her that she will be using a procedure called “cupping” that helps with weight loss. As the Sheriff falls asleep, Maritza sticks out her monster proboscis and begins to suck the fat out of the sheriff.

Meanwhile, Dean who is starving decides to sample the pudding, while Sam teaches a yoga class where he discovers that everyone has suction marks. After the class, Sam runs into Sheriff Hanscum and Larry. The sheriff blows Sam's cover with Larry when Dean calls Sam for help. A frantic Sam finds a drugged Dean next to the sweet potatoes, and then an angry Sam interrogates the chef where he learns that the “supplements” were added to the pudding per Larry and Maritza's direction.

Sam and Dean then question Sheriff Hanscum, who is happy because she lost 10 pounds on the first day at the spa. They discuss the case, particularly the suction marks, when she shows them her suction mark and told them that Maritza did the cupping procedure.

Maritza and Larry figure out that Sam and Dean are not personal trainers but hunters. They panic and decide to get rid of the evidence. Dean catches Maritza dumping tubs of fat into the garbage. The boys question her, and she explains that she is a pishtaco, a Peruvian fat-sucker. She doesn't want to kill people — she wants to help people and be able to feed. The one killing people is Alonso, Maritza's brother.

Larry confronts Alonso about the murders, and Alonso kills him. After Sam finds Larry's body, Maritza tells them that Alonso was having a hard time controlling his hunger and didn't know when to stop. She also tells Sam and Dean where to find Alonso and how to kill him.

Sam and Dean go in search of Alonso in the basement. The boys split up, and Sam finds him. A fight ensues, and Alonso traps Sam and tries to feed. Dean rescues Sam by cutting off Alonso's tongue, which kills him

Sam tries to comfort Maritza who is distraught over losing her family. Dean wants to kill Maritza because she is a monster. Sam disagrees. The boys discuss “the business”, and Sam questions whether he would have deserved to die when he was possessed by Gadreel. They decide to send Maritza back to Peru.

Back at the bunker, the boys have a heart-breaking conversation about Gadreel's possession of Sam. Dean tells Sam that he would do it all the same, if it meant it would save Sam, but Sam calls him on this and wants to know what the up side is to him being alive. Sam wants Dean to be honest about why Dean chose to save Sam — because Dean didn't want to be alone. Sam also confesses that, under the same circumstances, he would not have made the same choice. Sam walks away and leaves Dean standing in the kitchen.




  • "Up Where We Belong" by Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes
(plays while the second victim is working out)


Sam: You sure you're okay, Dean?

Dean: Why wouldn't I be?
Sam: 'Cause – I don't know you... This isn't about what I said the other day, is it?
Dean: Oh, about how we're not supposed to be brothers? No, don't flatter yourself. I don't break that easy.
Sam: Good, 'cause I was just being honest.

Dean: Oh, yeah. No, I got that loud and clear.
"Slim" Jim Morgan: When I gear up for a competition I eat lettuce. It stretches the stomach.
Dean: Yet another reason to stay away from salads.
Dean: I don't mean to be rude, uh... But how is it that Wayne McNut is your type? I mean, you're married to a man who's barely a buck – wet.

Mala: What can I say? Sometimes it's nice to feel a little give...

Dean: Oh. Yeah, I get that – a little extra cushion for the, uh...
Dean: So... 180. Known fact – all women lie about their weight and age.
Sam: Wait, you told that waitress the other day you were 29.
Dean: Nice shorts.

Sam: Nice hairnet.

Dean: Yeah, why do I got to be the lunch lady?
Sheriff Donna: Well, to tell you the truth, Agent, I don't really give a flyin' fudge. My husband, Doug, left me last year 'cause he said I loved cookie-dough milkshakes more than him.

Sam: Sorry to hear that.

Dean: Yeah, Doug's a dick. You deserve better.
Maritza: This isn't what you think. I'm not a killer.

Dean: Well, then what are you?
Maritza: I'm a pishtaco.

Dean: A fish taco?
Alonso: You and stupido have no chance. The fat makes us stronger.

Sam: Your sister didn't mention that when she ratted you out.
Alonso: You're lying!

Sam: I guess after you killed her husband... you were too monstrous, even for her.
Dean: You said that you wanted to keep things strictly business. Well, last I checked, we were in the business of killing monsters.
Sam: I wanted to keep things strictly business between us. But I still have a heart. What if I had crossed paths with a hunter back when I was possessed by Gadreel? I could've ended up dead, too. Would I have deserved that? Would I have deserved to die?
Dean: About what you said the other day.

Sam: I thought it didn’t bother you.
Dean: You know Sam, I saved your hide back there. I saved your hide at that church — in the hospital. I may not think things all the way through but when I do, it’s because it’s the right thing. I’d do it again.
Sam: And that is the problem. You think you’re my savior, my brother, the hero. You swoop in and even when you mess up you think what you’re doing is worth it because you’ve convinced yourself you’re doing more good than bad... but you’re not. Kevin’s dead, Crowley’s in the wind, we’re no closer to beating this angel thing, please tell me, what is the upside to me being alive?
Dean: Are you kidding me? You and me, fighting the good fight together.
Sam: Just once be honest with me, you didn’t save me for me. You did it for you.
Dean: What are you talking about?
Sam: I was ready to die, I was ready. I should have died. But you, you didn’t want to be alone. That’s what this boils down to, you can’t stand the thought of being alone. I’ll give you this much, you are certainly willing to do the sacrifice, as long as you’re not the one being hurt.
Dean: Alright, you want to be honest, if the situation was reversed, and I was dying, you’d do the same thing.

Sam: No Dean, I wouldn’t. Same circumstances, I wouldn’t. I’m heading to bed.

Trivia & References

"The Purge" in the episode title refers here to both the physical process to rid the body of toxins or waste often undertaken as part of extreme dieting, and the emotional process Sam and Dean are undergoing in their relationship.
Wayne McNut: Hey, back off, Skeletor. I won fair and square.

"Slim" Jim Morgan: Like hell you did, Jabba! I saw you slip a hot dog in your pocket!

Skeltor is the main antagonist in the Masters of the Universe series who, like his namesake suggests, has the appearance of a skeleton.
Jabba the Hutt is the fat slug-like crime lord from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, who placed a bounty on Han Solo's head.
Sam: You go to bed last night?

Dean: What? Uh, no. No, "Rudy" was on, and then, uh… "Unforgiven," and then I was too jacked to sleep. So...research.

Rudy is an inspirational sports story about Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, and his dream to play football for the University of Notre Dame, despite his size disadvantage. Dean previously mentioned Rudy in 8.17 Goodbye Stranger.
Unforgiven is a 1992 Western film starring, produced and directed by Clint Eastwood. The film is a deconstruction of the Western genre, it also deals with the fine line between being a hero or a villain.
Dean: Good. Looks like it's a whore's bath for me. I'll be ready in five.
A whore's bath is when one quickly washes their underarms and privates with a damp wash cloth in a sink.
Dean: I mean, what do we got ourselves? A "Thinner" sitch here?
Thinner is a Stephen King novel, written under the pseudonym Richard Bachmann, and later made into a movie, about a man who is cursed by an elderly Romani man to lose weight until he dies.
Mala: Wayne used to call me his Princess Jasmine.
Jasmine is Aladdin's love interest in Disney's 1992 animated movie Aladdin.
Dean: Yes, personal training brothers. Kind of like Hans and Franz, but, uh, less German.
Hanz and Franz were two characters - Austrian fitness freaks - played by Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.
Sam uses the alias "Agent Frehley," a reference to Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley.
Cook: Relax, Jack Lalanne. It's low-cal. Nonfat milk, sea salt --
Jack Lalanne was a fitness and nutrition expert, who was known as "the godfather of fitness."
Sam: What? How do you know what roofies look like?

Dean: How do you not know? You think I want to end up in a hotel bathtub with my kidney carved out? In Chechnya?

'Roofies' refer to the drug Rohypnol, which is a powerful sedative. Dean references an urban legend where people are drugged and their kidneys stolen and sold on the black market for transplants. Immortalized in the brilliant Charlie the Unicorn animation.
Sam: Yeah. Yeah. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." Every single person in class had one of those freaky-ass suction marks.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a 1956 movie where the inhabitants of a town are taken over by aliens.
Maritza: Look, I would never hurt anybody! Okay, this – this is why Larry and I started Canyon Valley. We could help people lose weight, and I could feed. It was a win-win.

Dean: Yeah, except for the two you Dysoned to death.

Dyson is British company founded in 1993, and is best known for their brand of vacuum cleaners.


The original working title for the episode was "Let the Fat One In".
Wayne McNut has a bumper sticker which reads "Bacon makes everything better".
Brianna Buckmaster was 7 months pregnant when this episode was filmed.
Brendon Zub who played the cook in the episode, previously portrayed Johnny Campbell in 6.01 Exile on Main St.
Dean: How the hell do you know anything about yoga?

Sam: You’re not the only one who has dated someone bendy.

A reference to Lisa Braeden, whom Dean once had a "bendy" weekend with when he was younger.
Live tweets from the cast and crew during the airing of the episode.

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