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SAM:  Him.
SAM:  Him.
== ACT FOUR ==  
; SCENE - kitchen
; SCENE - kitchen

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9.07 Bad Boys

Written by: Adam Glass

Directed by: Kevin Parks

Air Date: November 19, 2013


SCENE from 1.01 Pilot

JOHN: Take your brother outside as fast as you can! Now, Dean! Go!

SCENE from 1.18 Something Wicked

SAM: What else do you remember?

DEAN: Nothing. I was a kid, all right?

SCENE from 1.18 Something Wicked

JOHN: And most important --

DEAN: Watch out for Sammy.

SCENE from 5.22 Swan Song

Watching out for you -- it's kinda who I am.

SCENE from 2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One

I got this brother, right? And he's always telling me how he's gonna watch out for me.

SCENE from 1.18 Something Wicked

Now eat your dinner.

SCENE from 3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

Don't forget your vegetables.

SCENE from 8.23 Sacrifice

DEAN: Don't you dare think that there is anything that I would put in front of you!

SCENE from 9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

DEAN: Sammy's hurt. He's hurt real bad.

SCENE from 9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

EZEKIEL: I heal Sam while healing myself.

SCENE from ……….

EZEKIEL: Every time I use my power, it weakens me.

SCENE from ……….

DEAN: You went through the trials. I just think it's better if you took it easy, you know, and didn't act like you were --

EZEKIEL (in SAM): Possessed by an angel.


Two kids running, twilight or night; foggy; outside.


PLAID SHIRT KID: Hurry! He's right behind us.


PLAID SHIRT KID: Come on, come on! Hurry!

RED SWEATSHIRT KID: Go, go, go -- it's open!

They run into a barn.

KID WITH GLASSES: Come on, guys. The barn is a no-fly zone during hide-and-go-seek.

VOICE OVERHEARD: Boys? Come on, you delinquents. Time for bed!

He comes in to barn: All right! Game is over, boys! Let's bring it in! Lights out was 10 minutes ago!

Shines his flashlight around looking for the kids. (muttering under his breath) You little bastards. (Yelling loudly again:) Okay, I'm gonna... (He gets spooked a little by a breeze and an eerie supernatural sound.) You got till the count of 10, and you'd better come out or the belt's coming off!


Come on! (hitting his flashlight that went out) … forklift starts on its own … lights flip on Boys? Come on! This isn't funny.

The tractor/forklift starts moving … it has a fork lift … he backs up, falls on his back … he scrambles backward on his hands and legs … forklift heads for him, he gets up to try to get away … backed up against concrete wall … lifts to impale him .. screams … forks go through him and out the other side of the wall …


SUPERNATURAL [wings logo]

♪ Supernatural 9x07 ♪


TITLE CARD : BAD BOYS (Supernatural 9x07 … Original Air Date Nov. 19, 2013)

SCENE - Bunker, Research Table.

Sam wanders into the research / library -- nobody's there but he looks around.


SAM: Dean?



Guest Starring

Seeing that nobody is in the room, SAM reaches for a book off the library bookshelves -- The Marvelous Land of Oz by L. Frank Baum. [rejects CONRAD / LORD JIM] Picks it up, looks speculatively, sits down to read it.


SAM looks annoyed by the buzzing of a cell phone.


SAM sets the book aside and reluctantly gets up to get the phone.


He looks but doesn't recognize the number.


SAM: Hello?

DEAN enters the room from behind.

SAM: I'm sorry, there's no, uh -- there's no Dee-dawg, uh...

DEAN grabs the phone.

DEAN: I got it. I got it. (takes the phone) Sonny, hey. (pause) So what's up? (pause) Okay. (pause) All right. Yeah, just sit tight. I'll be there as soon as I can. (pause) Yeah. (He hangs up.)

SAM: So, what was that all about, 'Dee-dawg'?

Consulting Producers

DEAN: You remember when we were kids that spring in upstate New York? Dad was on a rugaru hunt.

Co-Executive Producers

DEAN (continuing): We, uh -- we crashed at the, uh... the bungalow colony with the ping-pong table?

Co-Executive Producer

SAM: Yeah. Uh, y-you disappeared. Dad came back. You were gone. He shipped me off to Bobby's for a couple months and went and … found you. You were lost on a hunt or something.

DEAN: *THAT'S* what we told you. (As if his memory is refreshed.) Right.

Executive Producer

SAM: I'm sorry. That's what you told me?

Executive Producer

DEAN: Truth is, uh…

Co-Executive Producer

DEAN (continues): I lost the food money that Dad left for us in a card game.

Created by

DEAN (continues): I knew you'd get hungry, so ... I tried taking the five-finger discount at the local market and got busted. I wasn't on a hunt. They sent me to a boys' home.

SAM: A boys' home, like a … reform school?

Written by

DEAN: Yeah, more or less. It was a farm, and the guy who ran it -- Sonny -- he, uh -- you know, he looked after me.

SAM: Wait. Does Sonny know what we do?

DEAN: Yeah. He's good people. I gave him the number to the Bat Phone, and sounds like he's got something in our wheelhouse.

Directed by

So... Hey -- you gonna be cool to do this, or are you too tired?

SAM: Uh, no. Yeah, I'm just, uh... I'll be fine.

DEAN: And everybody's okay with … heading out to the Catskills? (DEAN emphasizes "everybody" like he's trying to reach through SAM's skull to talk to EZEKIEL.)

SAM (looking bemused): I am everybody.

DEAN: Yeah. Right. All right. Grab your stuff, and we'll head out.

SAM: Hey, Dean... I mean, why didn't you just tell me you went to a boys' home?

DEAN: I don't know. Uh, it was Dad's idea. And then it just -- you know, the story became the story. I was 16.

SCENE -- Impala driving to SONNY'S HOME FOR BOYS

Sign for SONNY'S HOME FOR BOYS. DEAN pulls up by fields and stops in front of house.

SAM: You were here for two months and Dad couldn't find you?

DEAN: Oh, no. He found me. He found me quick. But he left me here 'cause I lost our money.

Somebody is watching from an upstairs window.

SAM: You were 16. You made a mistake.

DEAN: Yeah. I made the mistake. Look, I know how you think. None of this was Dad's fault.

The person watching from an upstairs window is a small boy with glasses, clutching a doll / action figure.

DEAN and SAM go to the front door and knock. A middle-aged woman, with a sweater and a large cross on a necklace, answers the door. She folds her arms and looks at them.


RUTH: What can I do for you boys?

DEAN: I'm Dean. This is my brother, Sam. We're old buddies of Sonny's.

RUTH: Prison buddies?

DEAN swallows, taken aback; SAM coughs.

DEAN: No. Uh ... you mind telling him that we're here?

RUTH, after a pause: I'll go get him. (She turns around, then as they are about to follow her in, turns back to them to say: ) I just mopped this floor, so you take off those roach stompers.

SAM and DEAN look down at their boots and kick them off.

SAM (quietly, to DEAN): Sonny's an ex-con, huh?

DEAN: What, and we're such angels? Trust me, he's more than made up for it.

They enter the house. DEAN looks at a couch.


A deputy sheriff, DEPUTY BILLY, wearing sunglasses, is talking to SONNY, a guy with large sideburns and a plaid shirt. They are in a living room with 16yo YOUNG DEAN sitting cuffed on a couch.

DEPUTY BILLY: Steven Hewlett caught him red-handed stealing up at his store.

SONNY: So what'd he take?

DEPUTY BILLY: Get this -- peanut butter and bread.

SONNY looks at YOUNG DEAN assentingly, sitting cuffed on the couch.

SONNY: Okay. And how about family?

DEPUTY BILLY: Well, his old man called. Once he found out what happened, he said let him rot in jail. (YOUNG DEAN looks down at his knees.) Judge is off on a fishing trip. Boy's too young to leave in County. So we thought it best he stay here till arraignment.

SONNY: I don't see why not, man.

DEPUTY BILLY (taking off his sunglasses): Appreciate it, Sonny.

SONNY (noting a black eye on DEPUTY BILLY): Where'd you get the shiner?

YOUNG DEAN laughs.

DEPUTY BILLY to DEAN: You think that's funny?

YOUNG DEAN: I think you're slow.

DEPUTY BILLY (angry, advancing towards YOUNG DEAN): You sucker punched me!

YOUNG DEAN: You wish!

SONNY: Come on, now (yelling)! more calmly: Billy, I got this, buddy. It's all right.

BILLY leaves. YOUNG DEAN waves goodbye sarcastically.

SONNY: You shouldn't do that, kid.

DEAN: Yeah? Why? Because he's a cop?

SONNY: Because when you make him mad, he leaves with the key.

YOUNG DEAN's face falls, he holds up his cuffs, and shakes his head disgustedly. SONNY watches, with a tiny small on his face. Then he leans forward to pick up a paperclip from an ashtray on the coffee table.

SONNY: Eh, don't sweat it.

Sitting in front of YOUNG DEAN, he takes his cuffed hands to open up the cuffs. YOUNG DEAN's forearms are bruised and red, as if he was bound or injured.

SONNY (with concern): Deputy do that? (YOUNG DEAN scoffs and shakes his head.) What, your old man? (YOUNG DEAN shakes his head no.) Well, then, how'd you get it?

YOUNG DEAN (turning back to SONNY, somewhat defiantly): Werewolf.

SONNY looks at YOUNG DEAN for a long moment, realizing he's not going to get a different answer from the kid.

SONNY: Okay. (and turns back toward opening up the cuffs with the paperclip. Freeing him. SONNY stands up and starts walking out of the room. DEAN shakes his hands and stands up too.

DEAN: So, how do you know I won't just run away?

SONNY: Because you're hungry.

YOUNG DEAN: No, I'm not.

SONNY: Well, then, why'd you steal bread and peanut butter?

YOUNG DEAN shrugs.

YOUNG DEAN: So, what is this place, anyway?

SONNY: It's for boys like you. You work the land. Teaches you some discipline and responsibility. Keep you out of trouble.

YOUNG DEAN: (laughs) That's lame.

SONNY: Beats jail. Come on. I'll fix you something to eat.


Back to present day. DEAN is smiling slightly. SONNY walks in. He's wearing glasses, has his hair pulled back in ponytail.

SONNY: Dee-dawg!

DEAN: Sonny! Good to see you.

SONNY: Hey, you, too, brother. (They hug. SAM stands by watching.) Oh, and this must be Sam.

SAM: Good to meet you.

SONNY: Back at you, brother.

DEAN: So, farm looks, uh, nice.

SONNY: Oh, please, man. It's barely standing. Only got a handful of kids working around here now.

DEAN: Why's that?

SONNY: Because these days, the system would rather incarcerate a boy than redeem him.

RUTH is wiping down a table nearby.

SAM: Hey, Sonny, uh, you–you mind if we talk alone?

SONNY turns to RUTH: Hey, Ruth, would you, uh, please go check on the boys, make sure their morning chores are getting done?

DEAN: All right. So, what's happening?

SONNY: Well, you remember Jack, don't you?

DEAN: Yeah. The, uh, tough, old leatherneck.

SONNY: Mm-hmm. Well, somehow, that ancient, rusty, broken-down tractor just roared to life and ran him over the other night.

SAM: Maybe -- maybe it just, uh, slipped out of park or something.

SONNY: Couldn't have. (Shakes his head.) You know, I never -- I never believed any of this mumbo-jumbo stuff you boys are into, but... something ain't right.

SAM: What do you mean?

SONNY: Well, just … things started happening -- you know, lights flickering on and off, strange scratching sounds coming from inside the walls, windows and doors slamming.

DEAN: All right. You think you can round up the boys while we take a look around?

SONNY: Well, that shouldn't be a problem. Most are home on break -- well, except those with no home worth going to.


SONNY walks out of the room.

DEAN (to SAM): All right. Why don't you take the house? I'll check out the barn.

SAM: Yeah.

SCENE - upstairs

SAM walks into a bedroom. It's completely quiet. He notices a bed with some occult symbols notched on the bedpost. Pulls off several layers of taped name labels (KEVIN P. ... DARRYL ... another ... another ...) to reveal one that says DEAN W. He looks at it and marvels at seeing a piece of DEAN's past that he never knew about.

He hears a sound, draws a knife, and starts walking toward the open door of the adjoining room …

to reveal RUTH, on her knees, praying. She rises suddenly, alarmed.


SAM: Hey. I am so sorry. I-I-I thought I... saw something in, uh --

RUTH (sounding more human and pleasant for the first time, and looking at the window): Like a ghost?

SAM looks at her, as if to say why would you think that? or how do you know that? RUTH looks down for a moment.

RUTH: Sonny told me you were old friends, but … I know why you're really here. That's why I was praying for us.

SAM: Praying for what?

RUTH (smils slightly): For the ghost that haunts this farm to leave.

SCENE - barn

DEAN opens and shuts the barn door. Pigeon sounds. He walks through the shadowy light and whips out his old EMF detector which makes a "wheee--oooo" chattering sound.

DEAN: All right, Casper... Where're you at? (puts the EMF back in his pocket) (hears a noise … a kid's voice … walks and opens another door … it's dim in here.)

DEAN calls out: Hello? (stills a swinging lightbulb) Anybody here? (whirls around)

DEAN: Hey, kid, what are you doing in here by yourself?

TIMMY: Fighting monsters.

DEAN: What kind of monsters?

TIMMY: All sorts with Bruce the monster smasher. (holds up doll/action figure)

DEAN: Hm. Is that a cape? Little impractical for smashing monsters, huh? You know, you could choke --

TIMMY activates DOLL which says: I clobber evil!

DEAN: (chuckles slightly) I bet you do.

DEAN: I'm Dean. (holds out his hand)

KID (TIMMY): Timmy. (shakes hand)

DEAN: Let's try that again. If you're gonna be a man, you got to learn how to shake like one, okay? So give me your best Kung Fu grip. Good. (They shake again.) Now look me straight in the eye. Let me know that you mean business. Shake as hard as you can. (Shake again.) That's it. You shake like that, you'll be all right. (TIMMY smiles.) Hey, Timmy, did you know Jack who worked here?

TIMMY nods: MM-hmmm (he says, very quietly)

DEAN: What can you tell me about him?

TIMMY: He yelled a lot. He was yelling when he had his accident.

DEAN: How do you know that?

TIMMY: 'Cause me and the other boys were playing here when it happened.

DEAN: Did you see anything? (TIMMY shakes his head no.) Is there anything else about that night that you can remember, anything at all?

TIMMY: It suddenly … got really cold. (DEAN looks thoughtful.) Can I go? I have to finish my chores before Miss Ruth gets mad.

DEAN: That Ruth -- she runs a tight ship, huh? Yeah, you better roll.


RUTH (to SAM): I grew up in this town. I used to come up here as a little girl. The Wasserlaufs, Howard and Doreen -- they used to own this farm back then. (View from above, as if someone is watching them.) My co-worker, Jack, may he rest in peace, he worked here as a farmhand. Howard was a nice man, but... Well, he'd get into that corn liquor, and … one night he got it into his thick skull that Jack and his wife, Doreen, were rolling around in the hay. It wasn't true, but -- but Howard's paranoia got the better of him. He tried to kill them both. Jack got away, but Doreen...

SAM: He killed her?

RUTH: With a meat cleaver. Got life in jail. Which for Howard ended a year ago. He always swore he'd get his revenge on poor old Jack, and ... looks like he finally got it.

SAM: Is Howard buried here in town?

She looks at him.

SCENE - digging up a grave, nighttime of course!

SAM: So … Dad didn't want you to tell me. How come? Was this place really so bad?

DEAN: I don't really remember. I mean, look, nobody bad touched me. Nobody burned me with their smokes, or beat me with a metal hanger. I call that a win.

SAM laughs a little.

DEAN: (hitting the coffin) Hey. (they open up the coffin, pour salt)

DEAN (sighs): All right. Let's barbecue old MacDonald here, get the hell out of Dodge.

They toss a light, stand and watch.

SCENE - Impala, daytime

It's daytime, and the IMPALA is on the road -- driving, we presume, away from SONNY's.

SCENE - Sonny's

♪ Ave Maria ♪ ♪ Ave Maria ♪

"Ave Maria" is playing on an old-fashioned radio. We see the outside of SONNY's, then the inside -- a bathroom. RUTH's cross is draped on the sink. RUTH is relaxing in the bath listening to "Ave Maria". The lights start flickering but RUTH doesn't notice because she has a washcloth over her eyes. A frost forms on the mirror, and RUTH's breath suddenly is visible, indicating a sudden chill. The shower curtain slides on its rings, and then falls over RUTH's face.

RUTH is struggling and screaming, trying to peel the shower curtain off her face.

RUTH: Help! Help!

SONNY knocks on the bathroom door.

SONNY: Ruth, you okay? What's wrong?

Flashing between RUTH being murdered in the bath, and SONNY banging on the door to get in, and the volume on the radio going up. The close-up of RUTH's face through the shower curtain is really grotesque. Her hand rigidly grasps the side of the bathtub, then relaxes … with a splash into the bathtub.

SONNY: Open up!

SONNY: Ruth!

♪ Ave Maria ♪ ♪ Ave Maria ♪


SCENE - Cus's Place

Daytime, exterior of restaurant "CUS'S PLACE: HOME STYLE MEALS"

DEAN and SAM are sitting at a table. DEAN, with a sly smile on his face, is watching the waitress who is at the counter, laughing with some other customers.

WAITRESS: That's okay.

SAM: Dean, you know I'm fine just grabbing a burger-to-go somewhere, right?

DEAN: What, and miss out on the best banana pancakes you ever had? (He looks down at menu ….)


(DEAN is looking at the menu in a flashback, sitting with SONNY.)

DEAN: Thanks.

SONNY: No prob. I do this for all the boys after they've been here for a month.

DEAN: I meant for getting the charges against me dropped.

SONNY: Well, being hungry's not a crime. It's the stealing that is. But I feel if you only do that once, you don't deserve a record. And seeing as how we can't find your pops anywhere, you can stay here as long as you want, Dean. You're doing good in school. You're making friends. You made the wrestling team. I'm proud of you. (pause) Let me ask you something, and I want you to be straight with me. Are you into the whole heavy-metal, devil-worshiping stuff?

DEAN: What? No.

SONNY: Hey, I'm not -- I'm not judging. It's just I found a few occult-looking symbols carved into your bedpost.

DEAN: (sighs) It's a very long story.

SONNY: That story have anything to do with why you put the salt in front of your bunk door every night before bed?

DEAN: Well, it's a family thing, so I can't really talk about it.

SONNY: Same family that left you here? (Dean is speechless) (SONNY laughs) What are you -- what are you, in the mob or something?

DEAN: More like something. (looks back down at his menu)

SONNY: I was part of this gang, right? They were my family. I lived, breathed, I would have even died for them. You know where it got me? 15 years in a correctional facility. And for what? Being loyal? To who? I should have been loyal to myself. Because you get one shot at this game, Dean, and when you look in the mirror, you want the guy looking back at you to be his own man.

DEAN nods. Waitress with ROBIN name tag comes to their table.

ROBIN: Hey, guys.

SONNY: Hey, Robin. How are you?

ROBIN: I'm good. How are you?

SONNY: Good. Meet my new ranch foreman here, Dean.

DEAN eyes her name tag, ROBIN.

SCENE - present day

DEAN is eyeing her name tag, ROBIN.

ROBIN: Hi. Welcome to Cus's. What can I get you two?

DEAN: Bet you never thought you'd see me here, huh? (He smiles insinuatingly.)

ROBIN: (She looks at him with a blankly friendly expression.) Uh, look, I'm a little bit slammed right now. Do you guys want to hear the specials?

DEAN (looking hopeful): Robin ... Dean Winchester.

ROBIN: Um ...

DEAN: I used to live up at Sonny's.

SAM is watching with interest.

ROBIN: Oh, oh. Uh, look, sorry. There's just -- there's so many boys that pass through there, it's -- it's hard to remember every -- every name and face.

DEAN: Yeah. Uh, no. Sorry, I just -- I remember you coming up there with your mom. She'd give guitar lessons. It's, uh -- it was a long time ago.

ROBIN: Yeah. Mom -- she loved helping out the boys. I guess that's why I kept giving lessons after she passed. (She clears her throat.)

Another woman: Hey, Robin?

ROBIN: Um, would you excuse me? I'll be right back.

SAM: Dude …?

DEAN (suddenly getting up): Let's go.

They're outside walking to the IMPALA.

SAM: W-- what was that?

DEAN: Nothing.

SAM: Nothing? Well, obviously it was something. Who was that waitress?

DEAN: I said it was nothing, all right? Drop it.

DEAN's phone is ringing; he picks it up.

DEAN: Sonny. (pause) What?!

SCENE - Sonny's

Outside. Door on the COUNTY CORONER's van slams shut. Police car is behind it. Police radio is chattering. Camera pans over to DEAN, SAM, and SONNY, watching.

SONNY: I tried to get in to save her, but the damn door wouldn't open.

SAM: Locked?

SONNY: There's no locks on the farm.

DEAN sighs.

DEAN (to SAM): That means our little field trip to the cemetery was a bust. Sonny, is there anything else weird you can remember?

SONNY: What, 'cause we're not chest-deep in weird already, boys?

DEAN: I know, I know. I mean anything -- really.

SONNY: There was one thing. Ruth always had her rosary beads with her, but now I can't find them anywhere.

SAM: All right. Um, let's start with the vics, okay? I mean, both lived in the house. They both, uh, worked closely with the boys.

DEAN: All right, why don't I go have a chat with the rug rats, see what's up? (Dean walks off)

SAM: Yeah. Sonny, you got any employee records on the victims?

SONNY: In my office. Let's do it.

SCENE - outside

DEAN walking around the house. He hears some kids talking.

KID 1: Come on, whatcha gonna do about it? You gonna cry?

KID 2: Timmy, you're such a little weirdo.

DEAN picks up his pace to intervene.

DEAN: (grabbing red sweatshirt kid, who's now in camo shirt; plaid flannel shirt is pushing up against TIMMY against the side of the house) Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! What are you doing? (DEAN grabs plaid flannel shirt kid, who's now in a dark tshirt) Come here. Huh?


DEAN: Timmy, what's going on? (TIMMY is silent.)

sweatshirt / camp kid huffs in annoyance.

DEAN turns around to face the other kids.

DEAN: All right, you two. Where were you this morning when Ruth had her accident?

sweatshirt / camp kid: Unless you're a cop, we don't need to tell you anything.

DEAN: Oh, okay. Well...how about that? (he shoves an FBI badge in each of their faces)

sweatshirt / camo kid: We weren't even here this morning. Sonny sent us into town to get some chicken feed -- we swear.

DEAN: What about Ruth? What can you tell me about her?

plaid / dark tshirt kid: Uh, we used to call her the warden. She was a real Bible-thumping hard-ass.

Other kid nods.

DEAN: Obviously. What else? Anything different or weird you can think of?

CAMO kid: You mean besides Timmy? (both kids laugh. TIMMY looks sad.)

DEAN: Hey! (lower voice:) Either of you touch him ever again, I'm gonna go all Guantánamo on you. (dark tshirt kid swallows) Understand me? You get the hell out of here. Go on! Get. (He gestures irritably and they scurry off.) DEAN turns back toward TIMMY who is watching the bigger kids go.

TIMMY steps forward to pick up his doll/action figure. DEAN gives him a hand up.

DEAN: Hey. You and Bruce okay?

TIMMY: Yeah.

DEAN: Listen to me. Guys like that -- they're cowards, okay? All you got to do is stand up to them one time and they'll stop, I promise.

TIMMY (looks down): Okay.

SCENE - inside

SAM and SONNY are walking briskly through the house. SAM stops, seeing something.

SAM: Hey Sonny, wait. Um ... W-what is all this?

SONNY: It's our hall of fame. We had some pretty great athletes come through here, including your brother. (SAM exhales.) He was Sullivan county 135-pound wrestling champion. (SAM exhales again.)

SCENE - black t-shirt is mowing & camo is raking.

They're being watched from above, from a window.

Horn honks. Car drives up. Boys turn to see ROBIN getting out of car, with a guitar case.

ROBIN: Hey, guys!

T-SHIRT: She could give me a lesson anytime.

CAMO: Gross. She's like ancient.

T-SHIRT turns back to the lawnmower. It seems to pick up a rock, or something causing it to make a strange sound.

T-SHIRT: What the hell? (He grabs the lever to turn it off. Tilts it on its side. We see that the underside has RUTH's cross caught up in the mechanism. CAMO comes over to look.)

T-SHIRT: What's this doing in here? The other kid shrugs and shakes his head. T-SHIRT reaches his hand in cautiously and starts pulling out grass, and trying to pull off the cross necklace.

The view from the window above has ghostly noises. We see TIMMY standing in the window clutching his doll/action figure.

Below, T-SHIRT is still working with the lawnmower. The camera pauses on the red power lever for a moment. CAMO watches to see what happens. The camera pauses on the red power level -- which flips. The engine turns over. T-SHIRT screams; blood sprays out over CAMO, who tries to help his friend; T-SHIRT falls over; the lawnmower continues to run. The camera pans over to TIMMY in the house. A hand clasps him on the shoulder -- the hand has what appears to be strange markings, tattoos or scarring.



Open on someone reviewing a file about TIMMY. DEAN walks in.

DEAN: Kid's gonna need about 8,000 stitches, but he'll be fine.

SAM: That kid was bullying Timmy before the accident, right?

DEAN: Yeah. Why?

SAM: Check this out. (handing DEAN the file) Timmy was found in an abandoned building about a year ago all by himself. No one was sure how long he had been there.

DEAN: And what about his parents? (tosses file back to SAM)

SAM: Well, they posted a picture on the Internet, but no one ever showed up.

DEAN: Well, then, what's he doing here? Shouldn't he be in an orphanage?

SAM: He kept running away from Child Services. So about three months ago, Sonny offered to take him in.

DEAN: All right, so hard-ass counselors, bullies all bite the dust, but Timmy's still standing. So, what are we talking? We got ourselves a Damien on our hands?

SAM: No. EMF rules out a demon. SAM: So ... probably ghost possession.

DEAN: Meaning what, we find Timmy and shove a fistful of salt down his throat, forced ejection? (DEAN sighs, points at SAM) You're taking the barn this time. DEAN turns around and heads out. SAM sighs, taps the folder.

SCENE - barn

chains rattling. SAM walks into the barn. Cows low. SAM opens the same door where DEAN found TIMMY. Pigeons coo. SAM looks up, sees the rafters, a trapdoor; goes up a ladder. Upstairs, he looks around; pulls out a flashlight. Sees a child's drawing on a wall. The drawing shows a happy family. Then shows a car driving, with "YMMOM" (MOMMY spelled backwards); then shows a car crash; flames; mom putting TIMMY outside the car.

SCENE - inside

DEAN is walking around, hears guitar; walks to room and sees ROBIN on the couch, playing guitar.


YOUNG ROBIN is playing the guitar. YOUNG DEAN is sitting beside her. She plays a few chords and they laugh.

ROBIN: So, you've been a lot of places?

DEAN: Yeah. My, uh … My dad likes to move around a lot.

ROBIN: What's your dad do?

DEAN: (pauses) Boring stuff.

ROBIN: Do you like it?

DEAN: shakes his head NO. No, not really. But my dad expects me to follow in his footsteps. So I've kind of gotten used to it. (seems resigned)

ROBIN: Yeah. I-I get it. My pops wants me to take over the diner? But that's not happening. So, what do you really want to do? (DEAN hesitates) I want to be a photographer and see the world, go to strange lands, eat crazy food.

DEAN: (takes a breath) I want to be a rock star, but... I also really like cars.

ROBIN: Being a mechanic seems rough.

DEAN: What? No, no. Not at all. Cars are freaking cool as hell. Fixing them is like … a puzzle, and the best part is when you're done, they leave, and you're not responsible for them anymore.

ROBIN leans in to kiss him. He seems shocked.

ROBIN: Have you kissed many girls?

DEAN: What? (whew) Yeah. Of course. Lots.

ROBIN: Really? (grabs his collars) Well, I guess we'll just have to keep practicing. (pulls him in for another kiss)

camera pulls out to show DEAN standing in the doorway, staring at the couch, reliving that moment; then


ROBIN: (looks up, sees DEAN) Oh. Hey. Uh, what happened to you at the diner? I turned around to take your order, and you were just … gone.

DEAN: Long story. Um, have you seen Timmy?

ROBIN: No, not yet, but he should be here any minute for his guitar lesson.

DEAN: Yeah, we're gonna cancel that.

ROBIN: What?

DEAN: We got to get out of here, okay? I don't have time to explain. You just got to trust me.

ROBIN: T-trust you? (scoffs) (sighs) And why would I do that again?

DEAN: You do remember me.

ROBIN: How could I forget?


DEAN and ROBIN kissing on the porch swing

♪ I do recall ♪ ♪ those were the best times, most of all ♪ ♪ In the heat with a blue-Jean girl ♪

she puts a hand to his chest

DEAN: What's wrong?

♪ Burnin' love comes once in a lifetime ♪

ROBIN: I just hope this lasts.

DEAN: I'm not going anywhere, Robin.

ROBIN: Yeah, says you.

DEAN: Well, I can't.

♪ Those summer nights are callin' ♪

DEAN: Who else would take you to the school dance?

♪ Stone in love ♪

ROBIN: Is this your way of asking me to be your date, Dean Winchester?

DEAN: Yeah. How am I doing so far?

(she laughs)

♪ Stone in love ♪


DEAN looks devastated …

DEAN: There were -- there were reasons why I had to leave. I don't have time to explain them to you right now. I got to get you out of here. (he comes over to the couch, grabs her by the hand, pulls her out)

ROBIN: Hey! What are you doing?!

TIMMY: I'm sorry.

DEAN whirls around, with ROBIN, to see TIMMY.

DEAN: Sorry about what, Timmy?

TIMMY: I can't stop it.

A vase shatters against the door. ROBIN and DEAN flinch; he yells "ahhh!" and she screams.

DEAN: Go, go, go! (he grabs her by the arm and pushes her to another room) vases are flying in the air crashing against walls. DEAN grabs a fireplace poker. A lamp picks up and flies over their heads; they duck.

SAM is coming in through an open door that they're heading toward. They duck another lamp, SAM enters,

DEAN: Sam, go!

SAM whirls around but the door slams shut before he can get to it.

DEAN: Locked. Damn it!

ROBIN gasps. DEAN runs to kitchen cabinet and grabs a box of salt, tosses it to SAM.

DEAN: Circle. (SAM catches the box.)

ROBIN: Dean, what -- what just happened in there?

DEAN: Okay, listen to me. Whatever happens, you stay inside this circle. Understood?

SAM: All right. Dean...

DEAN whirls around to see TIMMY standing in the doorway with his action figure doll.

TIMMY: I can't control her.

DEAN: Can't control who?

SAM: Your mom, right? SAM puts down the salt and comes over to TIMMY. Timmy, listen. We need you to tell us about the fire, okay?

Camera pans over Timmy's drawings, as he retells his story.

TIMMY: It was late, and we were driving home when we crashed in the woods. Everything was on fire. But she saved me, pushed me out... (in the memory we can hear her cries) Before the car blew up... With her in it.

SAM: But that's not all, was it?

TIMMY: I ran through the woods. I found an empty building, where I hid. I was scared. It was dark and cold. So I cried. I cried for my mom. And then she came.

SAM: But she'd changed, right?

(flashback to TIMMY's final drawing, showing a large phoenix-like shape labeled MOMMY hovering over stick figure TIMMY)

DEAN: I'll bet she gave you that cool action figure, huh?

TIMMY: Yeah. When I turned 9.

SAM: Timmy…(A figure flickers in the kitchen near the refrigerator … it's a woman with blonde hair, horribly burned.) ...I'm gonna need that action figure.

The spirit attacks SAM and throws him against the wall. DEAN swings the iron poker through the figure which dissipates. DEAN grabs the action figure doll from TIMMY, and puts it on the oven, turning the gas burner on.


TIMMY watches in despair. SAM grabs TIMMY and puts him in the circle of salt with ROBIN, who holds him protectively. DEAN stands by the stove, watching the doll burn.

ACTION FIGURE VOICE : I clobber evil! … I clobber evil! … I clobber evil! … I … clobber … evil!

A wind blows in through the window, disrupting the circle of salt.

SAM: It looks like it wasn't the action figure that was anchoring her here, Dean.

DEAN: Then what is?!

SAM: Him.


SCENE - kitchen

ACTION FIGURE DOLL BRUCE is still burning on the range.

SAM: (steps out of the broken circle to go talk to DEAN) You know what? I think maybe his mom can't let go and she's still protecting him from the grave.

DEAN: Protecting him from what? What, from us?

SAM: Maybe she doesn't know what threats are real and what's not, so she just attacks all of them.

DEAN: Great. So, what, unless we waste the kid, we're sitting ducks?

ROBIN: This is -- this is crazy.

DEAN: Robin. Robin! (She leaves the kitchen and goes running toward the front of the house) Damn it. (he chases her) Robin, wait! (catches her)

ROBIN: Who are you?

DEAN: Right now I'm the only thing that's keeping you safe. (she turns to go away but MOM appears, throws DEAN backwards -- clenches his heart with her hand … he clutches his heart painfully. ROBIN watches in terror.

from the other room we hear SAM's voice:

SAM: Timmy, we're gonna need your help, okay? (MOM looks towards the kitchen … lets go of DEAN who gasps in relief … MOM shimmers out

SAM is kneeling toward TIMMY:

SAM: Listen to me. I need you to focus, okay? MOM reappears behind SAM. Look, we are not here to hurt you. MOM grabs SAM, pulls him backwards, throws him against the wall.

DEAN comes rushing in.

DEAN: Sammy!

MOM turns towards DEAN and throws him backwards too. She clenches her fist and DEAN groans. SAM looks at him.

TIMMY: I can't stop her.

DEAN: Timmy, you have to try! (MOM looks at DEAN balefully) DEAN, strained She came to you when you cried out for her. Now you have to tell her to stop and go away!

TIMMY: She's my mom.

DEAN: She's a ghost. Timmy, because she can't move on, she's going crazy. Okay? You got to let her go. You'll be okay. (SAM gasps in pain) Listen to me. Sometimes you got to do what's best for you, even if it's gonna hurt the ones you love.

TIMMY adjusts his glasses, stands up: Mommy... Stop it.

DEAN: Timmy, Kung Fu grip!

TIMMY: Mommy, stop it! Stop hurting people! (DEAN and SAM both gasp in relief as she lets them go. She turns to face TIMMY, and holds her arms out to him.) You have to go. Never come back. I'll be okay. I promise. (ghostly burned mama fades and leaves mama looking whole and human, smiling tearfully at her son as she holds her arms out to him) I love you, too.

TIMMY runs to DEAN. DEAN looks at SAM, who nods at him. ROBIN comes into the room. DEAN holds TIMMY and pats on the back.




TIMMY is watching from the porch. It's nighttime.

ROBIN: So, then, this is … the family business?

DEAN: Told you it was boring.

ROBIN: (laughs) Yeah, right.

DEAN: Well, as you can see, I did not run off to become a rock star.

ROBIN: Mm... I don't know about that. You look pretty rockin' to me, Dean Winchester.

DEAN chuckles.

DEAN: And what about you?

ROBIN: I mean, I always thought that I would hate being in the same little town my whole life, and, you know, taking over the diner like Dad always wanted, but ... I don't. I just -- I love it.

DEAN: I guess we didn't know everything we thought we did at 16, huh?

ROBIN: Not everything. Just some things. (She stands up to kiss him on the cheek. Walks to porch to be with TIMMY. DEAN waves to them both.

SONNY: Sounds like Timmy's gonna need some help adjusting.

DEAN: Yeah, but he's got you.

SONNY: I always hate to see you go, Dee-dawg. (They clasp hands.) Can't thank you enough for this one, man. (they hug.)

DEAN: Sonny, we'll see you around.

SONNY: You can bet on that, boys. Take it easy, man. (they pat on shoulders again) … SONNY walks off. DEAN and SAM are together at the IMPALA.

SAM: Hey, h-how did you know Timmy asking his mom to leave was gonna work?

DEAN: I didn't. Total hail Mary. Got lucky.

SAM: You just got lucky? (DEAN nods.) Kind of like you did with this place. I mean, here I was thinking this was the worst part of your life, and it turns out it was the best. Why'd you ever leave?

DEAN: Never felt right.

SAM: Really?

DEAN: It was two months, Sam, okay? And I couldn't wait to get out of here. I don't know what to tell you. It wasn't me.

SAM accepts this, sort of, and gets in the car. DEAN pauses to look back at the house.


DEAN is fastening a tie, wearing a short-sleeve button down shirt.

SONNY: Oh, look at you. You clean up good!

DEAN: Thank you. You know, uh ... I've never actually been to one of these school dances before.

SONNY: Yeah. Look, about that, Dean, your old man's outside …. and, man, he's really something. I tried to tell him what a big night it was for you, Dean, and ask him if he could come back later, but he just said to tell you he had a job, said you'd know what that means. (DEAN is nodding, looking emotional but trying to tough it out. He exhales, looks at picture of himself and ROBIN, holding back tears. SONNY watches him.) You know, after I got out of jail, this place gave me a second chance, and it's done the same for you, too. (DEAN nods.) So if you want, I'll stick my neck out for you, and I'll fight for you to stay. (DEAN choking back tears.) Car horn honks outside. DEAN goes to window to look. Sees a kid holding a plane or spaceship outside of car. Looks like a 10yo but it's SAMMY. DEAN laughs, turns back toward SONNY, shakes his hand. There's a tear trickling out his eye.

DEAN: Sonny... ...thank you -- for everything. But I have to go.

DEAN and SONNY embrace.


DEAN gets into car.

SAM: Dean... Thank you.

DEAN: For what?

SAM: For always being there, for -- having my back. Look, I know it always hasn't been easy ….

DEAN: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

DEAN starts the car. SAM shuts his car door. They drive off into the night.


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