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Title Slumber Party
Episode # Season 9, Episode 4
First aired October 29, 2013
Directed by Robert Singer
Written by Robbie Thompson
On IMDB Slumber Party
Outline A newly-freed Dorothy seeks the help of the Winchesters and Charlie Bradbury in finally defeating the Wicked Witch of the West.
Monster The Wicked Witch of the West
Timeline May – November 1935 (flashback)
June 4th – June 5th, 2013
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas
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In 1935, two men named James Haggerty and Peter Jenkins enter the Men of Letters' newly-built bunker, quickly finding themselves bored with the uneventful lifestyle over the next few months. At long last, a famed girl named Dorothy arrives looking for help to kill a witch, while back in the present, Sam presses Crowley to deliver the names of more demons. Dean brings back a Game of Thrones DVD for him and Sam to watch together, while Sam busies himself with rigging the ancient Men of Letters computer to help track angels.

After knocking over a mysterious bottle in the process of trying to fix the computer, Dean calls on Charlie for her expertise in decoding the ancient machine. Charlie reveals that she has experimented with hunting on her own, but finds the experience less magical and filled with the fantasy she’d prefer. While the group watches Game of Thrones and awaits the files to transfer to Charlie’s Microsoft Surface Pro, Dean notes how Sam has yet to come to consider the base a home, and the mysterious bottle downstairs uncorks itself and begins forming a webbing on the wall behind it.

Back in the past, Dorothy presents a captive Wicked Witch of the West that she’s been unable to kill, though the witch soon breaks free and possesses Jenkins, forcing Haggerty to kill him, while Dorothy flees to create a spell against the witch. Meanwhile in the present, the trio returns downstairs to find the bottle created a hole in the wall, out from which tumbles Dorothy. Once Dorothy acclimates to her present situation, revealing herself to indeed be the Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz books, the time-traveler explains how she trapped the witch in the bottle with her for years, though both have now clearly escaped.

Dorothy explains that the witch has been seeking something within the Men of Letters base, for which Sam and Dean leave to find the wicked witch. While Charlie fan-girls, Dorothy admits her father, L. Frank Baum, got the mythology all wrong in writing his books, though Charlie reasons she could at least rig up some poppy field bullets that would stun the witch. Upstairs, Sam and Dean find that the witch visited with Crowley, revealing that she intends to find a key hidden somewhere within the base.

Sam and Dean find Charlie and Dorothy in the kitchen, while Dorothy explains that the key would open the portal to Oz (here part of the fairy realm), returning the witch to her armies. Dean remembers that he found the key during an earlier inventory of the base, and kept it in his room. Sam and Dorothy explore the base looking for the witch, while Charlie and Dean search his bedroom. Dean finds the key, though the witch appears and lobs a blast at Dean that Charlie jumps in front of.

Dean finds the blast to have killed Charlie, though when Sam enters the room, Dean quickly urges Ezekiel to take over and return Charlie to life. Ezekiel warns that fighting the witch would prove a better use of his power than reviving the girl, though he ultimately acquiesces and brings Charlie back to life. Sam regains consciousness, swearing he heard Dean call him “Zeke,” while Dorothy reveals to Charlie that she actually died, rather than lose consciousness as Dean had told her. Sam and Dean continue to search the base, Dean taking the opportunity to remind Sam he should consider the base a home.

Dorothy explains to Charlie how her father created the stories as a revisionist history of sorts, though Charlie quickly points out that they seem to provide clues for Dorothy, giving the latter an idea. Meanwhile, the witch gets the drop on Sam and Dean, possessing them both as she sets about opening a portal to Oz. Charlie and Dorothy arrive to the Men of Letters garage, retrieving the two ruby slippers from Dorothy’s old motorcycle with intent to use the heels to kill the witch, before the possessed Sam and Dean appear. Both boys manage to overpower the girls, but Charlie manages to incapacitate Dean by kicking his groin. Dorothy tries to take on both the guys, but fails.

Charlie finds the witch in the midst of her spell, stabbing with the shoes to finally kill the wicked woman and seal the portal before any flying monkeys get through. With the threat abated and the key in possession, Dorothy opts to return to Oz, inviting Charlie along with her for the adventure. Charlie accepts and says her goodbyes, promising to keep Dean’s secret about resurrecting her, and the boys watch the two head off down the yellow brick road.




  • "Over the Rainbow" by Mark Sheppard
(whistled by Crowley)
  • "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)" by AC/DC
(plays as Charlie and Dorothy enter Oz)


Peter Jenkins: This -- this dump is the last true beacon of light in a world gone topsy-turvy. This dump is the epicenter of -- of the ultimate chess match between good and evil.
Dorothy: That's right, rookie. It's really me -- Dorothy. Now, which one of you geniuses is gonna help me kill the Wicked Witch?
Haggerty: Wait. You captured her all by yourself?

Dorothy: Yes. Despite all my lady parts, I managed to capture the Wicked Witch.
Jenkins: Your father would be very proud. I mean, did you know that he --

Dorothy: Wasted my time with his words. And I'd appreciate it if you didn't do the same. Now, I have tried cutting off her head, burning her, dousing her with holy water. All she did was laugh. Nothing I know of can kill her. So I'm here as a last resort. I was hoping you stiffs have a way to kill someone from Oz.
Sam: So, you've been hunting.

Dean: Alone.
Charlie: I know. Not a good idea, according to the "Supernatural" books.
Dean: You really can't delete those from the Internet?
Charlie: Not even I can do that. Come on.
Dean: Where do you even find them?
Charlie: A top-secret place I call Amazon. And someone uploaded all the unpublished works. I thought it was fanfic at first, but it was clearly Edlund's work.
Sam: Who uploaded it?

Charlie: I don't know. Their screen name was beckywinchester176.
Dorothy: Talk? Typical Men of Letters, standing around, having a nice, little chat with your noses buried in your books while your little secretary takes notes.

Dean: We're hunters.
Charlie: And who are you calling a secretary?

Dorothy: You're not a secretary? You're a Woman of Letters? W-- how long have I been out?
Sam: I don't have any memories of home. And whenever I've tried to make a home of my own it really hasn't ended well.
Dean: Yeah, but a lifetime of abandoned buildings and crappy motel rooms? I mean, this is about as close to home as we're gonna get, and it's ours.
Charlie: Sorry about the nards Dean.
[kicks Dean in the crotch]
Charlie: (to the Wicked Witch) Now heel!
[stabs her in the face with the heel of the ruby slippers]
Sam: Dorothy, I, uh -- I found something in the archives. Pretty sure it belongs to you.

[Sam gives Dorothy a copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz]
Dorothy: You have no idea how odd it is having a series of books written about you.

Sam: Actually, I-I do know, uh, and it is definitely weird. But you know what? End of the day, it's our story, so we get to write it.
Dorothy: Not bad for a bunch of librarians. You mind keeping an eye on my bike for me?

Dean: Yeah, yeah, as long as you don't mind me taking it for a spin once in a while.
Dorothy: Deal. Thank you for everything. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a rebellion to finish... So, you coming or what?
Charlie: What? With you? To Oz?
Dorothy: Yeah. You said you were looking for adventure. Well, here it is, Red. Come help me find my damn dog.
Dean: You have no idea what's in Oz. I mean, t-there's flying monkeys, armies of witches. There's all kinds of danger.

Charlie: Promise?

Trivia & References

James: Extension 756.
In the 1974 Francis Ford Coppola movie The Conversation, Harrison Ford plays Martin Stett, assistant to the man who hires Harry Gaul (Gene Hackman), who is a surveillance expert. Ford always answers the phone saying "Extension 756." The movie is a favorite of writer Robbie Thompson.
While in "Slumber Party" the character of Dorothy was written as his daughter, in real life L. Frank Baum only had four sons and no daughters.
Crowley: You want more demon names. I want a room with a view.
The is a reference to a line from Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs when he says "I've been in this room for eight years now, Clarice. I know they will never ever let me out while I'm alive. What I want is a view. I want a window where I can see a tree, or even water."
Sam: Hey. How'd it go with Kevin?

Dean: Oh, that little nerd is in a lovely warded hotel room in Branson. He's got about 48 hours of pay-per-porn and Kenny Rogers ahead of him.

Kenny Rogers is a country singer-songwriter. Branson, Missouri is famous for its many entertainment theaters, that typically exclusively deal with country.
Dean: You know, after everything that happened, I figured we could use a little break ourselves, so I picked you up season one of Game of Thrones.
Game of Thrones is a popular HBO series based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.
Charlie wears a t-shirt with "Sonmi-451." Sonmi-451 is the name of a artificially-created clone or fabricant in the book (and movie) Cloud Atlas.
Charlie: Turns out the company I work for was outsourcing to child labor, so I took a big Wikileak all over that. And, yeah. It's cool, though. It's given me more time to focus on my hobbies... like LARPing, macrame and hunting.
Wikileaks is an online organization known for leaking classified/secret information and news leaks.
Charlie: I took down a teenage vampire and a ghost, which sounds like a YA novel if you say it out loud.
YA refers to young adult novels specifically targeted towards adolescents.
Charlie: So, where is this Commodore 64 of yours?
The Commodore 64 was an 8-bit home computer that was released in August 1982. It remains one of the biggest selling computers of all time. It had 64kb of RAM.
Charlie: Sweet Ada Lovelace. This thing belongs in a museum.
Ada Lovelace was a mathematician and writer who lived from 1815 to 1852. She was best known for her work on the Analytical Engine, and is often described as the world's first computer programmer.
Sam: Well, I'm sorry I haven't hung up the, uh, 'Hang in there, kitty' poster yet, Dean. Feel free to redecorate.

Dean: So, what, our home's not good enough for the 'Hang in there, kitty' poster?

Reference to the popular Hang in there, Baby poster, which has a small kitten, hanging on to a tree branch.
Sam: What was all that about how hunting isn't magical?

Charlie: Saving people, hunting things, the family business? I am down. But... I was raised on Tolkien, man. I mean, where is all this? Where are my White Walkers and my volcano and magic ring to throw in the damn thing?

"Saving people, hunting things, the family business" was how Dean summed up the Winchester mission back in 1.02 Wendigo — and Charlie had obviously read this in the Supernatural books.
White Walkers are a mysterious race of beings featured in the series of books A Song of Ice and Fire and the TV show based on them, Game of Thrones.
The ring and the volcano Charlie refers to are the One Ring and Mount Doom from Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings series. In 8.20 Pac-Man Fever, Charlie revealed that her mother used to read Tolkien's The Hobbit to her.
Charlie: Holy crap! The first case investigated in this bunker involved Dorothy. She and the witch came into this room and they never came out. This will never stop blowing my mind!

Dean: Okay, pace yourself, Toto.

Toto is, of course, Dorothy's dog in the books and movie.
Crowley: Your new house guest, so misunderstood.

[Sam and Dean both have a blank look]
Crowley: Neither of you saw Wicked?
Crowley: Really, after all I did with Ms. Defying Gravity?

Wicked is a 2003 musical based on the novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. The Wicked Witch is portrayed as a much more sympathetic character in it. "Defying Gravity" is a song from the show.
Charlie's gun is a Chamelot-Delvigne model 1873. The use of this model firearm is likely an homage to the character Wyatt Cain in the Wizard of Oz-based miniseries Tin Man.
Charlie: Was that your Batman voice?

[Sam and Dean growl]
Charlie: That's definitely not your Batman voice.

Possibly a reference to Christian Bale's Batman voice in The Dark Knight trilogy, which is famous for being a low, almost growl-sounding voice.
Charlie uses the ruby slippers to kill the Wicked Witch. While they still served the same function, the ruby slippers were an invention of the film adaptation; in the book series they were known as the Silver Shoes.
Charlie: Ding dong, bitches!
A play on "Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead," which is a song that was sung in the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz.
Sam: If you need anything, just, uh, tap your heels together three times, okay?

Dean: Think she'll be back?
Sam: Of course. There's no place like home.

In the 1939 film, the ruby slippers can bring back Dorothy home to Kansas by simply clicking the heels three times and repeating, "There's no place like home."



The day before the episode aired, Jared tweeted an alternative title card for the episode. In the bottom left it features the message:

"This is for the SPNFamily whose dedication and love drive us to continue creating this wonderful world. Keeping up the Family Business."

Dorothy appears to be in her 20s in 1935, however The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was published May 17, 1900. According to writer Robbie Thompson, the reason for this discrepancy in age was to be explained with a line of dialogue detailing that time moves differently in Oz, however the line ended up getting cut from the episode.
Dean says that Kevin is having a break in Branson, Missouri which is about 7 hours from the bunker.
On Charlie's tablet desktop can be seen a picture of Lying Cat, a character from the comic series Saga, and an image from the cover of the Supernatural books. Charlie wore a Lying Cat t-shirt in 8.20 Pac-Man Fever. The opening screen of her tablet has a map of Moondoor.
Dorothy and the Wicked Witch disappeared and Peter Jenkins was killed in November of 1935. The document that Charlie reads states: 'Subject: Contains a firsthand account and detailed information in regards to the unsolved events which took place in room twenty-eight, November 1935.' This was CASE NO 0002.
Some of the vintage cars in the bunker's garage include:
  • A 1932 Ford Model B
  • A 1956 Ford Thunderbird
  • A 1957 MG A
Charlie and Dorothy's blossoming friendship is ironic given that the term "friend of Dorothy" was a popular euphemism for gay people.
Producer/writer Robbie Thompson, Jared, and Felicia Day live-tweeted the episode: Storified tweets here.

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