5.11 Sam, Interrupted

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Title Sam, Interrupted
Episode # Season 5, Episode 11
First aired January 21, 2010
Directed by James L. Conway
Written by Andrew Dabb
Daniel Loflin
On IMDB Sam, Interrupted
Outline When a former hunter asks for help, Sam and Dean admit themselves to a psychiatric hospital.
Monster Wraith
Timeline Uknown
Location(s) Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital (GSPH), Ketchum, Oklahoma
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The scene opens at Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital, Ketchum, Oklahoma. Dr. Fuller asks a patient why she's not taking her meds. She explains that the pills make her sleepy, and if she sleeps "it'll come." saying that a monster killed her roommate Annie.

Dr. Fuller contends that she must be having a hard time dealing with Annie's loss, but the woman, Susan, insists the monster is no vision. That night something breaks into her room, terrifying her. Susan pounds on the door, and the patient across the hall sees her and watches, helplessly, as she's dragged back into the darkness of her room, yelping. When the orderlies inspect her room the next day, they find her on the ground, dead in a pool of her own blood, her wrists slit.

Sam and Dean are soon sitting across the table from Dr. Fuller with Dean attempting to admit Sam using a fake reference from a Dr. Babar.

Dr. Fuller is suspicious,and asks Sam how he's been feeling. Sam tells their story straight, talking about Ruby, Lilith, hunting demons, and all about Castiel. Dean adds that he just wants his brother to get better so he can go back to hunting demons with him. Dr. Fuller smiles, gets the boys admitted.

A nurse, Karla, gives them both very thorough medical exams. Dean and Sam reconvene in the day room - There's a hunter there, Martin Creaser, who helped their dad out in the past.

Martin's very happy to see them, and sits them down and tells them about the monster. He adds that in the old days, he could take care of this thing easily but now.... He fills them in: five deaths, all deemed suicides by the hospital.

The doctor joins them and congratulates the boys, who he knows as Alex and Eddie, for making friends, and invites them to join everyone else for a group session. Sam and Dean get up to join Martin in the group, but the doctor tells Dean to hang back -- he'll be in an afternoon group.

In group therapy, a patient -- the man who was across the hall when Susan was killed -- wants to talk about "the monster hunting us." He insists it's real and gets the other patients riled up, but the doctor shuts him down, insisting that there is no monster and that he needs to behave. The man clams up nervously, and as Sam watches all of this with interest, Martin shoots him a knowing look.

Meanwhile, Dean is approached by Dr. Cartwright. She sits down to ask him some questions, and he starts things off with a Hannibal Lechter impersonation. Dr. Cartwright is not entertained. They agree to answer each other's questions, quid pro quo.

Later on, as Sam and Dean catch up in a hall, an attractive patient, Wendy, greets him with a deep kiss before walking away.

Night falls and the boys break out of their rooms to find the patient who allegedly saw the monster. By the time they get to the guy he appears to have hung himself.

The Winchesters sneak into the morgue to investigate the body. Sam palpates the neck and discovers a hole that goes all the way up to the man's brain. Sam removes the top of the skull and takes a look at the brain -- which is blackened and seems to have been sucked dry.

Dean fills Martin in on what they found and Martin suddenly realizes what they're up against: a wraith. It's an ugly beast that feeds on brains, which makes a locked-down mental hospital the perfect hunting ground -- who's going to believe any of the patients when they say they've seen a monster? The only thing that can kill it is silver. The bad news is that it can pose as a regular person, which means it could be anyone in the hospital. However, it does show its true reflection in a mirror.

Dean decides to hang out by one of the security mirrors and check out the reflections of everyone who walks by. Dr. Cartwright appears and asks Dean what he's doing and, of course, he tells her he's hunting a wraith. As Dr. Fuller walks by Dean glances at his reflection in the mirror -- he's the wraith!

Dean and Sam grab silver-plated letter openers give one to Martin, assuring him it should work. They lay out the plan, explaining that Dr. Wraith is on duty that night, and they'll have to slip past the orderlies and security to get to him. The same patient from before walks by and kisses Sam.

They find Dr. Fuller and Sam attacks him knocks off two orderlies. He almost makes the killing strike before Martin pulls him off, pointing out the silver hasn't reacted with his skin - it is not the wraith.

Dean finds Sam heavily sedated in his room. He grabs Dean and tells him that the doctor isn't a wraith and implies that Dean was seeing things. Maybe Dean has finally cracked and really is crazy. Dean assures him that he's going to find the thing. Sam tells him that it's OK, because he's still his brother and he loves him.

In the day room, Dr. Cartwright starts accusing Dean of not being able to save anyone. A horrified Dean begins to yell at Dr. Cartwright, demanding to know who she is, until the nearby orderly informs Dean that there's nobody there. The doctor taunts Dean, saying that nobody can see her because she's in Dean's head and he really is going crazy. Dean, reeling, stumbles down the hall and notices that everyone's reflection is monstrous. He cowers in a corner.

Dr. Fuller lets Sam off with a warning, but when he goes to the day room, Sam starts swinging as he thinks the other patients are attacking him and accusing him of being monstrous. The orderlies subdue Sam and take him to a padded room, where he is strapped to a bed.

Dean finds his way to Martin, telling him that he thinks the wraith poisoned him and Sam by venom, or saliva, and is sending them crazy. He deduces it must be the patient, Wendy, who kissed them, but when they get to her room they find Karla is the wraith and is sucking Wendy's brains.

Karla attacks them and escapes, telling the orderlies Dean and Martin have attacked Wendy. Martin holds off the orderlies while Dean goes after Karla, who leaps on Dean and throws Martin to the side, punching Dean relentlessly.

Karla heads to Sam's room next, where he's fully restrained. He sees her in a reflection and realizes that it's been her all along. She raves about how the hospital is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. With just a touch, she amplifies the patients mental illnesses so they get soaked in dopamine and adrenaline and "all sorts of chemicals that make them more delicious".

Dean breaks into the room and attacks her, killing her eventually as he plunges the letter opener into her chest. He releases Sam and they escape from the hospital as the alarm is raised.

Dean asks if he's OK, and Sam says no, that the wraith was right. That most of the time he can hide it, but he's angry at everything, all the time, and he doesn't know why. Dean tells him he needs to bury it, to forget about it, and move on, because that's how they keep going, that's how they don't end up like Martin.

"Are you with me? Come on, man... are you with me?" Dean asks. Sam says, "I'm with you." He gets into the car with Dean, and they drive off into the night.






Dr. Fuller: Oh, you mean like, uh, an angel on your shoulder?
Sam: No, no. His name's Castiel. He wears a trench coat.
Dr Fuller: To be frank, the relationship you have with your brother seems dangerously codependent. I think a little time apart will do you both good.
Dr Erica Cartwright: And you’re my paranoid schizophrenic with a narcissistic personality disorder and religious psychosis.
Dean: Crazy is the clue!
Dean: Pudding!

Trivia & References

The title is a reference to the book Girl, Interupted by Susanna Kaysen about her experiences in a psychiatric hospital. It was later made into a movie starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie. Misha Collins also appeared in the film.
Sam and Dean's aliases Alex and Eddie refer to the guitarist and drummer from the band Van Halen, who are brothers.
Dr. Fuller: You were referred to me by a Dr. Babar in Chicago.

Dean: That's right.
Dr. Fuller: Isn't there a children's book about an elephant named Babar?
Dean: I don't know. I don't have any elephant books.

This exchange is taken from the Chevy Chase movie Fletch. Watch here.
Babar is the main character in an eponymous series of books - about elephants.
Dean: Look here Nurse Ratched, I’ve seen "Cuckoo’s Nest", so don’t try any of that soul destroying authoritarian crap on me.

Karla: Okie Dokie.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a movie starring Jack Nicholson as a prisoner who gets himself transferred to a psych institute ruled over by the sadistic Nurse Ratched.
In 2.12 Nightshifter, Dean says he likes a security guard because he says “Okie Dokie.”
Dean: how was your “Silkwood” shower?
In the movie Silkwood, Karen Silkwood undergoes a radiation decontamination shower that involves high water pressure and harsh scrubbing.
Dean: Well then, quid pro quo Clarice.
This is a famous quote by serial killer Hannibal Lecter to FBI agent Clarice Starling in the movie Silence of the Lambs.
Dean (in reference to creepy clown paintings): Are those original Gacy’s?
Serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who occasionally performed as Pogo the Clown, took up oil painting in prison, with Clowns often the subject.
Martin: I’m useless. Why do you think I checked myself into the Hotel California?
A reference to the Eagles’ song Hotel California where you can “check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.”
Dean: Tom Cruise was right! Shrinks suck.
Tom Cruise has, in line with Scientology beliefs, publicly condemned psychiatry.
At Salute to Supernatural San Francisco 2011 Jensen explained that "Pudding" had become a catch phrase on set for whenever anything strange happened (Source).


This episode was filmed between 27 October and 5th November 2009.
Lara Gilchrist who played the wraith also appeared in 1.11 Scarecrow as Holly.
Dean says he sleeps 3-4 hours every couple of nights, and has “somewhere in the mid 50s” as how many drinks he has a week. He confirms he has never had a long-term romantic relationship.

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