5.05 Fallen Idols

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Title Fallen Idols
Episode # Season 5, Episode 5
First aired October 8, 2009
Directed by James L. Conway
Written by Julie Siege
On IMDB Fallen Idols
Outline Sam and Dean investigate what appears to be the deaths of people at the hands of celebrities.
Monster Leshii
Timeline Saturday-Wednesday, mid-September or early July, 2009
Location(s) Canton, Ohio
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Sam and Dean are reunited and on the hunt again. They reach a small town and investigate a string of very strange murders. A man who has found James Dean's car "Little Bastard" is found dead as if he has been involved in a major car crash. Another man is murdered by someone who looks just like Abraham Lincoln. Suspecting that the murders are the work of famous ghosts, the boys do research at the local wax museum where Sam is attacked by what seems to be the ghost of Mahatma Gandhi. Shortly afterwards, two girls report to the police that their friend was kidnapped by Paris Hilton, which leaves the brothers speechless. After finding peculiar seeds in the victims' stomachs, they break into the museum's construction area where they do find Paris Hilton—who is in fact a pagan god in disguise, trying to settle down after its old home, a deep forest in Eastern Europe, has been cut down. By touching their possessions, the god can turn itself into famous people and kill their fans in order to feed on their blood. While fighting the Leshii, Dean references Padalecki's and Hilton's role in House of Wax, saying he has never seen it. In the end, Sam kills "Paris Hilton" with an iron axe. Before leaving town, Dean tells Sam that starting the Apocalypse isn't his fault alone as he himself has broken the first seal and that they shouldn't think about the whole vessel thing too much but instead fight together.




  • "Sixteen" by Lucero
(plays at the bar, when Dean calls Sam)
  • "Superstition" by Beck, Bogert & Appice
(plays over the "Soon" preview)


Dean: It's just... this is our first, real case back at it together. You know? I think we need to ease into it, put the training wheels back on.

Sam: So you think I need training wheels?

Dean: No, we. We need training wheels, you and me. As a team. Okay?
Dean: Li- Little Bastard? As in the Little Bastard?

Sam: Waitwaitwait, what's little bastard?

Dean: It's James Dean's car. The one he was killed in.
Sam: You want me to do it?
Dean: No. No, no. I-I've got it. Ok, baby. I'm not gonna hurt you, so... don't hurt me.
Dean: So you're saying two super famous, super pissed off ghosts, killing their... super fans?

Sam: That's what it looks like.
Dean: That is muchos loco.
Sam: Muy. Not muchos.

Dean: You know the big question is... what the hell are they doing here?
Dean: Check it out. Four score and seven years ago...I had a funny hat.

Sam: Dean.

Dean: I can't even have fun with this?
Dean: Let me get this straight. Your, uh, ultimate hero was not only a short man in diapers, but he was a fruitarian.

Sam: That's not the point.

Dean: That is good. Even for you, that is good.
Dean: Not a word.

Sam: Dude, you just got whaled on by Paris Hilton.

Dean: Shut up.

Trivia & References

In the movie Fight Club the narrator and Tyler Durden discuss which historical figures they would fight. They pick Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln respectively.
Sam: Is this like Christine?
Christine is a novel by Stephen King (made into a John Carpenter movie of the same name) about a possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury.
Sheriff Carnegie: Professional assassins. You know, like in Michael Clayton.
In Michael Clayton, lawyer Arthur Edens is killed by professional hit men.
Dean: I'll go grab East of Eden's keychain.
James Dean starred in the 1955 film East of Eden.
Dean: And how exactly did Jim slam Cal into a windshield with all the force of an eighty-mile-per-hour crash?
James Dean, whose cursed car "Little Bastard" is featured in this episode, played the character of Jim Stark in the film Rebel Without a Cause and the character of Cal Trask in the film East of Eden.
Dean: Hate to break it to you, lady, but I'm no Paris Hilton BFF.
Paris Hilton's My New BFF is a reality show where fans of the heiress compete to become her new friend.
Dean: I've never even seen House of Wax.
Jared and Paris co-starred in the 2005 horror flick House of Wax
Dean: I'm Agent Bonham, this is Agent Copeland.
Bonham is John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, an alias Dean has used before. Stewart Copeland was the drummer for The Police, as well as an influental film score composer.
Sam: How long am I going to be on double secret probation?
In the movie Animal House Dean Vernon Wormer is trying to remove the Delta fraternity from campus due to repeated conduct violations. Since they are already on probation, he puts the Deltas on "Double Secret Probation."
Consuela: No puedo vivir aquí. Necesito mi familia. Me voy ahora. Me voy a la casa. No—me voy a la casa en El Salvador ahora.
I cannot live here. I need my family. I want to go now. I want to go home. No—I want to go to home in El Salvador now.

Consuela: Estaba sacando la basura. Miré por la ventana y vi al hombre que mató al Señor Hill!
I was taking out the garbage. I looked through the window and I saw the man who killed Mr. Hill!

Sam: Uh, Señora Alvarez. Calmarse, por favor. Díga nos lo que vio?
Mrs. Alvarez. Calm yourself, please. Tell us what you saw?

Sam's translation of the rest is accurate, except that Consuela said 'mustache,' not 'beard.'
In 1.05 Bloody Mary, Dean looks into a night vision camera Sam is holding and asks, "Do I look like Paris Hilton?" This is a reference to her infamous sex tape which was shot using night vision.


This episode filmed from August 18th-27 2009

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