3.12 Jus in Bello (transcript)

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3x12 JUS IN BELLO Written by: Sera Gamble Directed by: Philip Sgriccia



SUBTITLE Monument, Colorado

DEAN and SAM come into the hotel room with their guns drawn and spread out to search the room. SAM checks the bathroom and then goes to check the wardrobe. DEAN puts his gun on the dresser and then starts to look through the drawers. SAM opens the safe that is in the wardrobe, finding it empty. DEAN opens the next drawer and looks through the clothes there.

DEAN Any sign of it?

SAM Nothing.

DEAN opens the next drawer and finds a variety of wigs in it.

SAM Sure this is Bela's room?

DEAN holds up two different colored wigs and turns to SAM.

DEAN I'd say so.

SAM nods his head in agreement, just then the phone in the room starts to ring. DEAN walks over and raises his arms in a questioning gesture to SAM to see if he should answer it. SAM shrugs and DEAN picks up the phone with the very tips of his fingers, barely touching it, holding it out from his face so he can hear but so he doesn't leave any evidence on it.

BELA Dean? Sweetie, are you there?

DEAN Where are you?

The shot goes to BELA driving in her car on her cell phone.

BELA Two states away by now.

DEAN Where?

BELA Where's our usually quippy banter? I miss it.

The camera closes back in on DEAN's face and he looks mildly irritated.

DEAN I want it back, Bela, now.

The shot goes back to BELA.

BELA The little pistol you mean?

The shot pans over to the passenger seat of her car, and the colt is resting on a towel that has "M R" monogrammed on it.

BELA Sorry, I can't at the moment.

The camera goes back to DEAN in the hotel room.

DEAN You understand how many people are gonna die if you do this?

The shot returns to looking in on BELA through the windshield of her car.

BELA What exactly is it that you think I plan to do with it?

Back on DEAN's face.

DEAN Take the only weapon we have against an army of demons and sell it to the highest bidder.

Back to BELA.

BELA You know nothing about me.

The camera goes back to DEAN, who actually looks a little smug now.

DEAN I know I'm gonna stop you.

Back to BELA in the car who has her own reason to be smug.

BELA Tough words for a guy who can't even find me.

Back to DEAN, who smirks into the phone.

DEAN Oh, I'll find you sweetheart. You know why? Because I have absolutely nothing better to do than to track you down.

Back to BELA, who looks even more smug.

BELA That's where you're wrong.

BELA looks at a passing light in her rear view mirror, and the shot goes back to DEAN who has lost his smirk, and switches to SAM who hasn't heard her veiled threat.

BELA You're about to be quite occupied.

Back to BELA as she settles down in her seat a bit.

BELA Did you really think I wouldn't take precautions?

The shot goes back to DEAN who looks confused. Just then, the door busts in and officers come in with their guns drawn.

1st OFFICER Hands in the air!

DEAN drops the phone and SAM turns toward the officers and raises his hands.

1st OFFICER Down on your knees!

DEAN lifts his hands, the gun still in his right hand and he shakes his head, realizing what BELA has done.

The camera switches to BELA in her car. She clicks her phone shut and takes a deep breath staring straight ahead.


DEAN is raising his hands still, the gun still clutched in his right hand.

DEAN Bitch!

1st OFFICER Down on the ground, now!

DEAN kneels down and the 2nd OFFICER pushes him face down so he is lying on the carpet.

2nd OFFICER Do it.

A 3rd OFFICER pushes SAM down to the ground facing down, another officer comes in the room, a rifle trained on SAM.


The 1st OFFICER takes a knee next to DEAN and handcuffs him while he is reading his rights.

1st OFFICER Sam and Dean Winchester, you have the right to remain silent.

The 3rd OFFICER handcuffs SAM now as the 1st OFFICER continues to tell them their rights.

1st OFFICER Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

The camera angles up from the floor a bit and we see a shiny black pair of shoes enter the room, DEAN looks up at them trying to see who has come in.

1st OFFICER You have the right to speak to an attorney and have an attorney present during any questioning.

SAM is looking at the mysterious feet now, as they come closer and settle in between where the brothers are lying on the ground. They both roll a bit to try to look up as the camera pans up on the person who is standing there.

1st OFFICER If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you at government expense.

The camera finally gets up to the face of the person who has walked into the room, revealing it to be AGENT HENRICKSEN dressed in a bulletproof vest with an FBI field jacket on.

AGENT HENRICKSEN Hi, guys. It's been a while.

DEAN looks over at SAM who looks back at DEAN with wide eyes, seemingly telling him that he knows they are in trouble now. DEAN drops his head down onto the carpet closing his eyes, agreeing with SAM, knowing they are screwed and exasperated that BELA has screwed them over once again.



HENRICKSEN walks into the police station where the secretary NANCY and DEPUTY AMICI and crosses to SHERIFF DODD who is standing there reading a paper he is holding, and looks up as HENRICKSEN walks in.

SHERIFF DODD So, did you get them?

HENRICKSEN Where is everyone? I asked for all your men.

DODD And you got 'em, they went with you on the raid.

HENRICKSEN Four men? That's all?

DODD Everyone I could drum up with an hour's notice. We're a small town Agent Henricksen.

HENRICKSEN looks irritated and heads back over to where the holding cells are, SHERIFF DODD and DEPUTY AMICI follow him. He looks around and sees a scraggly looking guy asleep in one of the cells, and points to him.

HENRICKSEN What's he in for?

AMICI Drunk and disorderly.


DEPUTY AMICI looks at SHERIFF DODD for approval.


AMICI takes the keys out of his pocket and hands them to HENRICKSEN. HENRICKSEN opens the cell door and approaches the drunk.

DODD What are you doing?

HENRICKSEN goes to the drunk and lifts him up, waking him.

HENRICKSEN It is your lucky night sir. You are free to go.

DODD What the hell are you doing?

HENRICKSEN turns the prisoner around and heads him out the cell doors.


DODD Agent Henricksen, you can't just release my prisoners.

HENRICKSEN walks out of the holding area and ignores the Sheriff's protestations, so SHERIFF DODD follows him out.

DODD Agent Henricksen?

HENRICKSEN turns around to face DODD.

HENRICKSEN Look, I get it, you're Mayberry P.D.

DODD Excuse me?

HENRICKSEN And this isn't how I'd do it, if I had my choice. But a tip's a tip, and we had to move fast.

HENRICKSEN turns back around and starts to walk away again, DODD following him.

DODD Look, Agent. This ain't my first rodeo.

HENRICKSEN turns around when he reaches the counter.

HENRICKSEN You've never been to a rodeo like this before. You have any idea who we're about to bring in here?

DODD Yeah, a couple of fugitives.

HENRICKSEN The most dangerous criminals you've ever laid your eyeballs on.

The camera shows NANCY at her desk, listening and getting tense as HENRICKSEN describes SAM and DEAN, and then goes back to HENRICKSEN's face.

HENRICKSEN Think Hannibal Lector and his half-wit little brother. Do you know what these guys do for kicks? Dig up graves and mutilate corpses. They're not just killers Sheriff, they're Satan-worshiping nutbag killers.

The shot changes back to NANCY, and shows a close up of her eyes, looking worried. The camera pans down to her necklace, a silver cross, as she raises her hand and holds the cross.

HENRICKSEN So, work with me here.

Shot goes back to HENRICKSEN talking to DODD.

HENRICKSEN I'll get them out of your hair and on their way to Supermax, and you'll be home in enough time to watch the Farm Report.

DODD looks at HENRICKSEN and puts on a bit of a sarcastic voice, obviously not liking the tone that HENRICKSEN is taking with him.

DODD However we can help.

HENRICKSEN Those men of yours, post them at the exits.

DODD Yes, sir.

DODD backs up and walks in the other direction, HENRICKSEN talks into his walkie.


REIDY (over walkie) Yeah Vic?

HENRICKSEN Bring 'em in. Guess we're as ready as we're gonna be.

NANCY looks up nervously.

REIDY You got it, on our way in.

The camera focuses on the bottom of the police station doors, as they open, revealing SAM and DEAN's legs chained together walking in, flanked by officer's. They come to a stop when they reach DODD, NANCY, HENRICKSEN and AMICI, and we see that their hands are also cuffed.

DEAN Why all the sourpusses?

SAM looks at NANCY's desk and sees her name plate that reads:

Nancy Fitzgerald Secretary

NANCY moves her hand and grabs the rosary that is on her desk, while SAM watches.

REIDY I'll show you to the cells.

REIDY grabs DEAN's arm and starts to pull him, and DEAN rears back.

DEAN Hey, hey, hey! Watch the merchandise.

SAM and DEAN start to walk back to the holding area, as DEAN turns to NANCY who is watching them.

DEAN We're not the ones you should be scared of, Nancy.

NANCY looks down at her rosary.


SAM and DEAN shuffle into the cell as DODD closes it behind them. SAM heads over to the door, and DEAN goes in the direction of the bed forgetting they are cuffed together at the ankles and the chain loses the slack, and pulls them back toward each other, DEAN nearly falling on the cot, and SAM falling forward gripping the cell bars for support.


SAM Dean, come on!

DEAN All right, allright. Sit?

SAM Yeah.

They move around each other, getting a bit tangled in the process and finally plop down on the cot. DEAN is sitting closest to the cell door, and SAM is on DEAN's right.

DEAN How are we gonna Houdini out of this one?

SAM Good question.


HENRICKSEN picks up the phone and dials, he starts to take of his bullet proof vest as he talks into the phone.

HENRICKSEN It's me, is Steven in? Well, get him out of the meeting.

DODD looks at HENRICKSEN and rolls his eyes.


We see AGENT STEVEN GROVES' office, with the wanted poster for SAM and DEAN up on a corkboard. The phone is ringing and STEVEN goes to pick it up.

GROVES Groves.

HENRICKSEN I got them.

GROVES Well, I'll be damned.

GROVES flips open a book that has a photo of SAM and DEAN when they were caught intentionally so they could exorcise the Folsom Prison ghost, along with their side angle mugshots.

GROVES I was betting on your headstone reading: "Couldn't catch the Winchester Boys".

GROVES flips the picture of them being caught before, and there is a picture of DEAN alone from a security camera. The shot goes back to HENRICKSEN talking from the phone in the Sheriff's office.

HENRICKSEN Well, they'll be at Supermax by morning.

The shot goes back to GROVES' office, close focus on his face.


HENRICKSEN Armored bus loaded with men.

GROVES A bus? What are you trying to give me another ulcer?

The camera shows HENRICKSEN again, looking desperate, and continues to switch between the two FBI agents locations.

HENRICKSEN Look, we're taking every precaution.

GROVES Like the last time? And the time before that? Screw that, I'm sending a chopper.

HENRICKSEN Whatever you think is best.

GROVES Damn right, and I'll be on it, can't take you losing those boys again. They have been a primary thorn in my ass for months.

GROVES picks up the file he opened on them, and looks at the picture again.

GROVES So, Victor?


GROVES Glue your eyeballs to 'em till I get there.

The camera shows HENRICKSEN hanging up the phone and DODD coming out of his office. HENRICKSEN turns to DODD.

HENRICKSEN There's a chopper on its way.

DODD But we don't have a helicopter pad.

HENRICKSEN Then clear the damn parking lot.

HENRICKSEN makes his way back to the holding cell, where SAM and DEAN are sitting in the same places as before, only SAM is leaned back laying sideways, his back against the wall, and DEAN is leaning forward resting his arms on his knees. DEAN looks up as he comes in, and SAM does too, but puts his head back down, looking away. DEAN shakes his head slightly and looks down as well. HENRICKSEN holds onto a bar of the cell door, and smiles.

HENRICKSEN You know what I'm trying to decide?

DEAN I don't know, what? Whether Cialis will help you with your little condition?

HENRICKSEN What to have for dinner tonight. Steak or Lobster, what the hell? Surf and turf. I got a lot to celebrate. I mean, after all, seeing you two in chains.

DEAN You kinky son of a bitch, we don't swing that way.

HENRICKSEN Now, that's funny.

DEAN You know, I wouldn't bust out the melted butter just yet. You couldn't catch us at the bank, couldn't keep us in that jail.

HENRICKSEN You're right, I screwed up. I underestimated you. I didn't count on you being that smart. But now, I'm ready.

DEAN Ready to lose us again?

HENRICKSEN Ready like a court order to keep you in a super-maximum prison in Nevada till trial. Ready like isolation in a soundproof windowless cell so small, that between you and me, probably unconstitutional. How's that for ready?

DEAN rubs his face and SAM looks a little worried.

HENRICKSEN Take a good look at Sam, you two will never see each other again.

SAM reels a bit from the threat, and DEAN glares up at HENRICKSEN.

HENRICKSEN Aw, where's that smug smile Dean? I wanna see it.

DEAN looks away and shakes his head, huffing.

DEAN You got the wrong guys.

HENRICKSEN Oh, yeah, I forgot. You fight monsters. Sorry, Dean, truth is your Daddy brainwashed you with all that Devil talk and no doubt touched you in a bad place.

SAM clenches his jaw, and sits up at the mention of HENRICKSEN bad mouthing their father.

HENRICKSEN That's all, that's reality.

DEAN and SAM both lean over looking at HENRICKSEN who has obviously pissed them off.

DEAN Why don't you shut your mouth?

HENRICKSEN But guess what? Life sucks, get a helmet. Because everybody's got a sob story, but not everybody becomes a killer.

The helicopter motor is heard and gets closer, as SAM turns and watches light flood the window.

HENRICKSEN And now I have two less to worry about.

HENRICKSEN looks at his watch and taps it.

HENRICKSEN Mmm, it's surf-and-turf time.

HENRICKSEN laughs as he walks back out of the room and DEAN smiles sarcastically after him, and then pus his palm up to his face.


GROVES walks into the police station as HENRICKSEN is coming out of the holding area; HENRICKSEN walks over to meet GROVES and holds out his hand to shake GROVES'.


GROVES Gentlemen.

Instead of shaking HENRICKSENs' hand, GROVES hands him a file folder and walks past HENRICKSEN eying the sign that pointing the way to the holding cell area.

HENRICKSEN What's all this?

GROVES What can I say? The FBI didn't invent bureaucracy, we perfected it.

HENRICKSEN You want me to do all this now?

GROVES Sorry, now Victor.

NANCY looks up and smiles a bit at the way that GROVES is talking to HENRICKSEN, given the way that HENRICKSEN has been talking to the staff of the police station all night.

GROVES I'm gonna take a good long gander at our fugitives.

As GROVES walks away, headed toward SAM and DEAN, HENRICKSEN drops the file folder on the ledge and REIDY hands him a pen as HENRICKSEN takes a moment and then starts to write.


GROVES walks in and looks back to make sure no one followed, and slides the door to the holding area shut. SAM watches him, eyes narrowing in concentration, and DEAN, who is standing now, moves toward GROVES as he approaches.

GROVES Sam and Dean Winchester, I'm Deputy Director Steven Groves. This is a pleasure.

DEAN Well, I'm glad one of us feels that way.

GROVES I've been waiting a long time for you two to come out of the woodwork.

GROVES raises a gun with a silencer on it, and shoots DEAN in the shoulder, blood splatters on the wall behind him, as DEAN ducks and rolls onto the cot, GROVES continues to shoot two more times. SAM gets up and grabs GROVES' hand and points the gun up, but GROVES powers it down a little and continues to shoot at DEAN, bullets hitting the wall behind him and next to him, narrowly missing him and he covers his head with his hands and curls to get away from the gunfire. SAM fights to get the gun aimed away again, and looks at GROVES as GROVES' eyes go black, revealing him to be a demon. SAM automatically starts to speak the exorcism.

SAM Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica

GROVES shakes his head as SAM speaks, but then turns his head and looks at SAM.

GROVES Sorry I've gotta cut this short. It's gonna be a long night fellas.

GROVES yells and throws his head back as smoke pours out of his mouth and exits through the vent in the ceiling.


HENRICKSEN hears the yelling and looks up at REIDY.

REIDY What the hell was that?

HENRICKSEN and REIDY put down the papers and turn and run toward the holding cells, drawing their guns at the same time. AMICI and DODD follow them.


As the demon expels fully from GROVES, his body slumps to the floor. Just then, DODD opens the door, and runs in followed closely by AMICI. DODD takes in the scene, and raises his gun at SAM and DEAN.

DODD Alright, put the gun down!

SAM Wait, okay, wait!

SAM starts to kneel down putting his hands up.

DODD He shot him.

SAM I didn't shoot him, okay, I didn't shoot anyone.

DEAN makes his way off the cot and kneels next to SAM.

DEAN He shot me!

HENRICKSEN Get on your knees now!

SAM Okay, okay, okay, don't shoot, please. Look, here.

SAM takes the gun and slips it through the bars, laying it on the outside of the cell.

SAM Here, okay, okay.

HENRICKSEN has his gun trained on SAM, not moving and REIDY trains his gun between both brothers, moving it back and forth.

SAM We didn't shoot him, check the body. There's no blood, we did not kill him.

HENRICKSEN Go ahead, check him.

REIDY kneels next to the body to check for a pulse and sees that there is no blood or sign of any bullet entering or exiting the body.

REIDY Vic, there's no bullet wound.

DEAN He's probably been dead for months.

HENRICKSEN What did you do to him?

DEAN We didn't do anything!

HENRICKSEN Talk or I shoot!

DEAN You won't believe us.

SAM looks over and decides to give it a try.

SAM He was possessed.

DODD looks horrified, but HENRICKSEN looks skeptical.

HENRICKSEN Possessed, right. Fire up the chopper, we're taking them out of here now.

DEAN Yeah, do that.

REIDY talks into his walkie.


There is only static over the radio, but REIDY tries again.

REIDY Bill, you there?

The static continues, and REIDY looks at HENRICKSEN who motions with his head to go and check it out. As REIDY leaves, DODD moves forward and kicks the gun that SAM put down away from the cell.


REIDY walks out the door of the police station and sees the two officers that were watching that door with their throats slit and dead on the ground. REIDY draws his gun and makes his way toward the chopper that is sitting in the parking lot. He gets closer to the chopper and sees that the other officers are dead as well, and the pilot of the chopper is too. REIDY raises his walkie to talk to HENRICKSEN.

REIDY They're dead, I think they're all dead.

The chopper blows up throwing REIDY back as he yells.


HENRICKSEN still has his gun pointed at SAM and DEAN, and hears the explosion.

HENRICKSEN What the hell was that? Reidy?

He talks into his walkie again, calling for his partner.



REIDY is lying on the ground on his back still, but begins to cough. We hear HENRICKSEN's voice over the walkie.

HENRICKSEN Reidy, what the hell is going on out there? Reidy, what the hell was that?! Come in.

REIDY gets up slowly, and we see a cut across his cheek.

HENRICKSEN Talk to me.

REIDY looks at the chopper that has been blown up and is on fire.

HENRICKSEN Come in, talk to me Reidy.

REIDY turns around as the officer that was dead is now standing behind him, eyes black showing he is possessed. REIDY's eyes widen in surprise and the officer that is now a body possessed by a demon reaches out to REIDY and kills him as REIDY screams and falls out of frame.


DODD is loading a shotgun with shells, and they are all frantically moving around, except HENRICKSEN who is staring at the doors, staying still. NANCY has the phone, and is trying to call out.

NANCY Hello?

DODD My men, Agent Henricksen?

AMICI What the hell is going on out there?

NANCY I can't get a line, all the phones are out.

DODD Henricksen! Four of my men!

NANCY The Internet, I... my cell, it's all dead, how can it all be dead?

DODD throws the shotgun he just loaded to AMICI and starts to load another as the lights go out. HENRICKSEN looks around as the rest of them freeze in fear.

The camera goes to the holding cell, where SAM and DEAN stand up from the cot and look out. HENRICKSEN cocks his head to the side as the emergency backup generator flips on and the backup lights come on. The shot comes back to SAM and DEAN in the cell as the backup lights come up in the holding area, and DEAN looks at SAM.

DEAN Oh, that can't be good.

We go back out to the main part of the station and see NANCY looking scared.

NANCY Oh, my God.

DODD No, no, no. It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. We're gonna go. We're gonna go right now, let's go.

HENRICKSEN finally turns around.

HENRICKSEN Nobody's going anywhere, everybody calm down!

DODD Your partner is out there, my men are out th-

HENRICKSEN I know! We go out there, we're asking to die too, don't you get it?

DODD What?

HENRICKSEN They're out there and they're coming in here. This is a siege. So this might be a good time for you to lock the doors and the windows, take a breath and maybe deal with this like trained professionals with some sense in their heads.

DODD takes a breath and nods his head; walks off to go and lock up everything. HENRICKSEN walks over to NANCY.


NANCY nods her head and then shakes it to tell him that she is not okay.

HENRICKSEN I wouldn't think so. Nancy, right?

NANCY nods again, seemingly unable to speak.

HENRICKSEN I'm gonna get you through this, you got my word. You got that?

NANCY nods again and smiles at him weakly.


SAM is trying to stop DEAN's wound from bleeding and DEAN groans in pain.

SAM Alright, don't be such a wuss.

SAM continues to put pressure on the wound, and they don't hear HENRICKSEN enter, and he isn't seen on screen, we only hear his first line to indicate he has come.

HENRICKSEN What's the plan?

The camera swings around to show HENRICKSEN at their cell looking in.

HENRICKSEN Kill everyone in the station and bust you two out?

DEAN What the hell are you talking about?

HENRICKSEN I'm talking about your psycho friends, I'm talking about a bloodbath.

DEAN Okay, I promise you, whoever's out there is not here to help us.

SAM Look, you gotta believe us. Everyone here is in terrible danger.


DEAN Why don't you let us out of here so we can save your asses.


SAM and DEAN look at each other and both start to fidget knowing that HENRICKSEN won't believe them.

HENRICKSEN You gonna say 'demons'? Don't you dare say 'demons'. Let me tell you something, you should be a lot more scared of me.

HENRICKSEN walks out, and SAM looks at DEAN.

DEAN How's the shoulder.

DEAN takes the wadded up toilet paper they have been using to stop the bleeding away from his wound, and looks up at SAM, saying sarcastically.

DEAN It's awesome.

DEAN throws the toilet paper down on the floor, and turns back to SAM

DEAN I'll live, you know, if we get out of here alive. So you got a plan?

SAM checks the back of DEAN's shoulder as DEAN pushes on the front wincing in pain. He looks up and spots NANCY watching them. DEAN whispers to SAM.


SAM Hey, hey uh...

SAM moves forward to NANCY as she hides behind a corner barely peeking out.

SAM Please. Please, we need your help. It's Nancy, Nancy right?

NANCY starts to come out from behind the wall.

SAM Nancy, my- my brother's been shot. He's- he's bleeding really bad, you think maybe you could get us a towel. Please just one clean towel? Look- look at us, we're not the bad guys, I swear.

DEAN tries to smile reassuringly at her, but it looks creepy and forced. NANCY shakes her head and turns around to leave. SAM and DEAN sigh.

DEAN Nice try.

DEAN moves back toward the cot, and SAM turns around to follow him, but then turns back around and sees NANCY standing there with a towel in her hands. SAM puts on his best 'grateful' face and nods at her.

SAM Thank you.

NANCY makes her way slowly toward the cell, and SAM puts his hands up in surrender.

SAM It's okay.

NANCY continues toward the cell, eying him wearily, but SAM looks out at her and smiles warmly.

SAM Thank you.

NANCY smiles back at him, and puts the towel through the cell bars, reaching out to hand it to SAM.

SAM Thanks.

SAM puts his hands down to take the towel, but grabs her arm and pulls her up against the cell bars as she screams. SAM has a hold of her arm, and DEAN looks at him stunned, AMICI runs in.

AMICI Let her go! Let her go!

AMICI cocks his gun and points it at them.

DEAN Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

SAM holds the towel up and AMICI keeps the gun pointed at them but turns towards NANCY.

AMICI You okay Nance?

NANCY backs up away from them ,clearly shaken, as AMICI turns back to SAM and DEAN. DEAN has his left hand raised, his right hand still putting pressure on his shoulder wound, and SAM raises the towel more, both hands up.

AMICI Try something again, get shot, and not in the arm.

SAM Okay.

AMICI backs out of the holding cell area after NANCY, keeping his gun trained on them the entire way. When they are out of sight, DEAN smacks SAM with the arm that he is not holding his wound with.

DEAN What the hell was that?!

SAM reaches into the towel and pulls out the rosary that we saw NANCY grab earlier off her desk. DEAN, realizing what SAM did, nods and looks impressed as SAM hold the rosary up in front of his face.


DEAN is sitting on the cot holding the towel on his wound now and groans in pain. SAM is sitting next to him.

SAM We're like sitting ducks in here.

DEAN Yeah, I know. Would it kill these cops to bring us a snack?!

SAM How many you figure are out there?

DEAN I don't know.

SAM However many there are, they could be possessing anyone. Anyone could just walk right in.

DEAN It's kind of wild right? I mean, it's like they're coming right for us. Never done that before.

SAM creases his brow in thought at that, but DEAN begins to smile with the idea of being a threat to the demon world appealing to him.

DEAN It's like we got a contract on us. You think it's because we're so awesome? I think it's because we're so awesome.

SAM looks at DEAN disapprovingly, and the smile fades from DEAN's face as he turns his head away from looking at SAM. SHERIFF DODD walks up and begins to unlock the cell, DEAN puts on a thick country accent.

DEAN Well, howdy there Sheriff.

DEAN and SAM both get up from the cot and face DODD who is looking down at the floor as he opens the cell door.

SAM Uh, Sheriff?

DODD It's time to go, boys.

DODD moves into the cell approaching SAM and DEAN who are now edging back, suspicious of the SHERIFF's sudden turn of behavior.

DEAN Uh...you know what? We're- we're just comfy right here, but thank you.

HENRICKSEN walks up and comes into the cell too.

HENRICKSEN What do you think you're doing?

DODD I'm not just gonna sit around here and wait to die. We're gonna make a run for it.

HENRICKSEN It's safer here.

DODD There's a SWAT facility in Boulder.

HENRICKSEN comes into the cell so he is right next to DODD now.

HENRICKSEN We're not going anywhere.

DODD The hell we're not.

DODD turns to HENRICKSEN and HENRICKSEN raises his gun and shoots DODD in the head. DEAN moves forward and grabs HENRICKSEN's gun arm, and SAM grabs his other arm. SAM and DEAN move together to muscle HENRICKSEN down and push his face into the toilet of their cell. The camera looks up through the bottom of the toilet bowl, and we see the rosary that SAM snatched from NANCY at the bottom of the water, making it holy water, we also see HENRICKSEN's eyes are black. SAM begins an exorcism on the demon inside HENRICKSEN.

SAM Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas

AMICI runs in with his gun, but DEAN has grabbed HENRICKSEN's and has it raised pointing at AMICI.

DEAN Stay back!

AMICI stops his arms lifting apart as SAM continues the exorcism.

SAM Omnis incursio infernalis adversarii,

SAM lifts HENRICKSEN out of the toilet and steam rises off his head as he groans. SAM pushes his head back down into the holy water. NANCY joins AMICI and DEAN is getting nervous training his gun on them.

SAM Omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica. Ergo draco maledicte et sectio Ergo draco maledicte et legio secta diabolica

DEAN Sam, hurry up!

HENRICKSEN forces his head up, and out of the water.

HENRICKSEN It's too late, I already called them, they're already coming.

SAM pushes his head back down into the holy water and continues the exorcism.

SAM Ut Ecclésiam tuam secúra tibi fácias servire libertáte servire, te rogámus, audi nos.

HENRICKSEN's head comes up, and he yells, the demon smoke pouring out of his throat and crossing the room. DEAN ducks out of the way, as do NANCY and AMICI, looking stunned. HENRICKSEN falls to the floor as SAM pants and leans against the cell bars. NANCY walks up closer behind AMICI looking scared and worried.

NANCY Is he- is he dead?

As if to answer her, HENRICKSEN coughs and turns on his side.

SAM Henricksen, hey. Is that you in there?

HENRICKSEN moves up to the cot, and DEAN still is looking at him not sure if it worked.

HENRICKSEN I, uh...I shot the Sheriff.

DEAN But you didn't shoot the Deputy.

SAM glares up at DEAN, who immediately squirms and offers a weak smile to HENRICKSEN.

HENRICKSEN Five minutes ago I was fine, and then...

DEAN Let me guess, some nasty black smoke jammed itself down your throat?

HENRICKSEN looks up at DEAN his eyes wide, still not really believing.

SAM You were possessed.

HENRICKSEN Possessed, like...possessed?

SAM That's what it feels like, now you know.

DEAN I owe you the biggest I-told-you-so ever.

DEAN looks at him, and hands HENRICKSEN his gun back. HENRICKSEN gets off the bed and stands up.

HENRICKSEN Officer Amici, keys.

AMICI hands HENRICKSEN the keys from his pocket looking down at the body of the Sheriff. The chains and cuffs drop to the feet of Sam and DEAN as HENRICKSEN frees them.

HENRICKSEN All right, so, how do we survive?


SAM is bending over a Devil's Trap he is spray painting on the floor in red paint. DEAN is looking over floor plans making sure that they are covering every possible entrance to the station with a Devils' Trap while NANCY bandages his gun shot wound. HENRICKSEN and AMICI walk in with ammo and shotguns, putting them on the desk. DEAN looks over to them.

DEAN That's nice, it's not gonna do much good.

AMICI We got an arsenal here.

DEAN You don't poke a bear with a BB gun, it's just gonna make him mad.

HENRICKSEN What do you need?

DEAN Salt. Lots and lots of salt.


DEAN Is there an echo in here?

NANCY There's road salt in the store room.

DEAN Perfect. Perfect! We need salt at every window and every door.

HENRICKSEN and AMICI go off to salt the doors and windows, and DEAN looks up at NANCY as she continues to bandage his wound.

DEAN How you holding up, Nancy?

NANCY Okay...when I was little I would come home from church and talk about the devil. My parents would tell me to stop being so literal. I guess I showed them huh?

Nancy puts a last piece of tape on the gauze bandage over DEAN's wound.

NANCY That should hold.

DEAN Thank you.


DEAN gives her a charming smile, as only DEAN can after the whole 'truth is out there' information is given to a person, and NANCY smiles back at him, and moves away to clean up. AMICI comes in with the road salt, and DEAN gets up off his stool.

DEAN Hey, where's my car?

AMICI Impound lot out back.

DEAN Okay.

AMICI Wait, you're not going out there?

DEAN Yeah, I gotta get something out of my trunk.


DEAN comes up to the gate and gets into the lot, going over to the Impala and opening the trunk. DEAN looks around and then gathers weapons and supplies into his duffel bag. The camera focuses in on a gas station reading "GIBSON'S CORNER GAS" as the lights start to flicker, and cloud after cloud of black demon smoke come though, shattering a light. The camera goes back to DEAN, who is looking around again, and then goes back to shoving things in his duffel bag. The street lamp starts to buzz and flicker and DEAN slowly puts the lid of the trunk down, looking over it as wind picks up. He lifts the lid again, and frantically finishes shoving supplies into his duffel, grabbing a small draw-string bag that is hanging. As the flickering and buzzing intensifies, he turns around, and watches as the demon clouds come through the trees and head straight for him and the Police Station. He slams the trunk closed and runs for the Police Station as the clouds cover the sky over the Impound Yard.


SAM is painting another Devil's Trap on the floor, and AMICI, HENRICKSEN and NANCY are putting salt across window ledges, as DEAN comes back into the station closing the door and latching it behind him.

DEAN They're coming!

SAM looks up ad hears the rumble of the demon cloud closing in. Lights start to flicker and NANCY looks out the window she is pouring salt at and a demon cloud slams into the window causing her to scream and jump back away from it. DEAN runs toward the middle of the station.

DEAN Hurry!

SAM finishes the Devil's Trap he is working on and they all gather in the main part of the station, as DEAN throws SAM a gun.


The cloud of demon smoke circles the police station, trying to find a way in slamming into doors and windows. Everyone inside is looking nervous and NANCY keeps clutching at her cross necklace. The demon smoke forges inward, shaking the entire building and blacking out the light from outsides street lamps, and then when it can't get in, it disappears.


They are all still gathered around, when everything goes quiet.

SAM Everybody okay?

HENRICKSEN Define 'okay'.

DEAN reaches for his duffel bag and pulls out the drawstring bag he grabbed from the Impala last.

DEAN Right, everybody needs to put these on. It'll keep you from being possessed.

DEAN hands them out to NANCY and the others, not taking one for himself or giving one to SAM.

DEAN Here you go.

NANCY notices that they don't have one of the protective necklaces and asks DEAN.

NANCY What about you and Sam?

DEAN and SAM pull down the collars to their shirts simultaneously revealing matching protective tattoo's on their chests.

HENRICKSEN Smart, how long have you had those?

SAM Not long enough.


HENRICKSEN is holding the nameplate of the Sheriff that says:

Melvin Dodd Sheriff

DEAN, while getting a shotgun ready, looks at him, and HENRICKSEN shakes his head and tosses it down. NANCY is gathering stuff close to a window, and looks out to see a bunch of people standing outside.

NANCY Hey, that's Jenna Rubner.

SAM walks up behind her and looks at who NANCY is talking about, and sees her eyes are black.

SAM That's not Jenna anymore.

NANCY That's where all that black demon smoke went?

SAM Looks like.

AMICI is walking by a room and sees the Devil's Trap on the floor under a window and drags a chair up to the window, wiping the steam away to see out. He looks out and then steps off the chair and backs away from the window. The camera zooms in and we see that when he wiped the steam away from the window, he caught the salt line, and cause a break in it.


HENRICKSEN and DEAN are working together to get ready. HENRICKSEN lifts a shotgun shell and tosses it in the air, catching it.

HENRICKSEN Shotgun shells full of salt hey?

DEAN Whatever works.

HENRICKSEN Fighting off monsters with condiments.

HENRICKSEN takes off his tie and starts to get a gun ready.

HENRICKSEN So, turns out demons are real.

DEAN looks up at HENRICKSEN who is filling the shotgun with the salt rounds.

DEAN FYI, ghosts are real too. So are werewolves, vampires, changelings, evil clowns that eat people.

HENRICKSEN Okay, then.

DEAN If it makes you feel better, Big Foot's a hoax.

HENRICKSEN It doesn't.

They go back to getting ready for a few seconds.

HENRICKSEN How many demons?

DEAN Total? No clue, a lot.

HENRICKSEN You know what my job is?

DEAN cocks the gun he was prepping and gets up and moves over to the table HENRICKSEN is working at.

DEAN You mean besides locking up the good guys? No, I have no idea.

HENRICKSEN My job is boring. It's frustrating. You work three years for one break, and then maybe you can save a few people...maybe. That's the payoff. Been busting me ass for 15 years to nail a handful of guys, and all this while there was something off in the corner so big. So, yeah, sign me up for that big frosty mug of wasting my damn life.

DEAN You didn't know.

HENRICKSEN Well, now I do.

There is a beat where they both think, and DEAN realizes they may have gained an ally in their fight.

HENRICKSEN What's out there? Can you guys beat it? Can you win?

DEAN Honestly? I think the world's gonna end bloody. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight. We do have choices, I choose to go down swinging.

HENRICKSEN Plus you got nothing to go home to but your brother.

DEAN Yeah. What about you, you rocking the white picket fence?

HENRICKSEN Uh-uh, no, empty apartment, string of angry ex-wives. I'm right where you are.

HENRICKSEN looks at DEAN and chuckles.

DEAN Imagine that.

As they work, they hear glass breaking in another room, followed by a thud and they both look up.


The window that AMICI looked out of is shattered, jagged edges of glass protruding, as a head comes into view as whoever got in stands up. DEAN busts in gun drawn, and HENRICKSEN follows behind him.

HENRICKSEN How do we kill her?

SAM walks in.

SAM We don't.

HENRICKSEN She's a demon.

SAM puts his hand on the shot gun that HENRICKSEN is holding and lowers it.

SAM She's here to help us.

AMICI Are you kidding?

The camera pans around and we see that Ruby is the demon that got in, and SAM approaches her.

RUBY Are you gonna let me out?

SAM leans down and scrapes the Devil's Trap that RUBY is standing in and stands back up, setting her free.

RUBY And they say chivalry's dead.

RUBY scratches the back of her head and looks around at them.

RUBY Does anyone have a breath mint?

RUBY moves out of the room, past the shocked faces.

RUBY Some guts splattered in my mouth while I was killing my way in here.

DEAN and SAM exchange a look, and DEAN goes to follow RUBY. HENRICKSEN follows him, while AMICI and NANCY stand in the doorway and SAM moves to the window and fixes the salt line so that it is solid again.


RUBY walks into the main part of the station, and DEAN is close behind her.

DEAN How many are there?

RUBY Thirty at least, that's so far.

DEAN Oh, good.

NANCY and AMICI come in and SAM follows them.

DEAN Thirty. Thirty hit men, all gunning for us. Who sent them?

RUBY cocks her head sideways and looks at SAM who is still in the doorway.

RUBY You didn't tell Dean? Wow, I'm surprised.

DEAN Tell me what?

RUBY There's a big new up-and-comer. A real pied piper.

SAM is standing in the doorway and sighs leaning against the door, his hands in his pockets.

DEAN Who is he?

RUBY Not he, her. Her name is Lilith.

DEAN Lilith?

RUBY And she really, really wants Sam's intestines on a stick. Guess she sees him as competition.

DEAN looks over to SAM.

DEAN You knew about this?

SAM just looks back at DEAN, unwavering.

DEAN Well, jeez Sam. Is there anything else I should know?

SAM looks away and RUBY scoffs.

RUBY How about the two of you talk about this later? We'll need the colt.

SAM looks down when RUBY looks at him, and she turns her gaze to DEAN who sits back on the desk behind him, avoiding her stare.

RUBY Where's the colt?

SAM It got stolen.

RUBY I'm sorry, I must have blood in my ear. I thought I just heard you say that you were stupid enough to let the colt get grabbed out of your thick, clumsy, idiotic hands.

DEAN raises his eyebrows and looks over at SAM, obviously glad that he isn't the one being attacked, a small smirk on his face. RUBY pushes off the desk she is sitting on.

RUBY Fantastic!

RUBY walks toward the window away from them, her back facing them.

RUBY This is just peachy.

SAM Ruby-

RUBY puts up her hand to stop his excuse.

RUBY Shut up.

They wait in silence for a beat and RUBY sets her jaw.

RUBY Fine.

RUBY turns to face them with her hands on her hips.

RUBY Since I don't see that there's any other option, there's one other way I know how to get you out of here alive.

DEAN What's that?

RUBY I know a spell. It'll vaporize every demon in a one mile radius, myself included. So, you let the colt out of your sight, and now I have to die. So next time, be more careful. How's that for a dying wish?

DEAN gets up after a beat.

DEAN Okay, what do we need to do?

RUBY Aw, you can't do anything. The spell is very specific; it calls for a person of virtue.

DEAN I got virtue.

RUBY laughs at the thought.

RUBY Nice try, you're not a virgin.

DEAN laughs and scoffs at her.

DEAN Nobody's a virgin.

RUBY cocks her head a little and leads DEAN's eyeline with her own glance, over to NANCY who has become very fidgety. DEAN can't believe it.

DEAN No, no way. You're kidding me right? You're-

NANCY What? It's a choice okay?

DEAN What? So you-? You never...?

NANCY just looks at him, crossing her arms.

DEAN Not even once? I mean, not even...?

NANCY shakes her head a little, and DEAN thinks for a second and actually looks impressed.


NANCY unfolds her arms and looks at RUBY.

NANCY So, the spell. What can I do?

RUBY gets up and comes towards NANCY.

RUBY You can hold still, while I cut your heart out of your chest.


DEAN Whoa, what, are you crazy?

RUBY I'm offering a solution.

DEAN You're offering to kill somebody.

RUBY And what do you think's gonna happen to this girl when the demons get in?

HENRICKSEN We're gonna protect her, that's what.

NANCY moves forward a little, trying to interrupt the verbal fight that has broken out.

RUBY Very noble.

NANCY Ex-excuse me.

RUBY You're all gonna die. Look, this is the only way, trust me.

DEAN Yeah, yeah, there's no way that you're gonna prove to me-

NANCY Will everybody please shut up!

They all look at NANCY, and even RUBY looks a little impressed that she took charge. NANCY looks directly at RUBY.

NANCY All the people out there, will it save them?

RUBY It'll blow the demons out of their bodies. So, if their bodies are okay, yeah.

NANCY hesitates and thinks it over, looking up and RUBY and taking a breath.

NANCY I'll do it.


DEAN No, no, you don't need to do this.

NANCY All my friends are out there.

HENRICKSEN We don't sacrifice people. We do that, we're no better than them.

RUBY We don't have a choice.

DEAN Yeah, well, you're choice is not a choice-

RUBY Sam, you know I'm right.

DEAN looks up at SAM waiting for him to respond, but SAM doesn't refute her. DEAN chuckles in disbelief.


SAM just looks at DEAN, not going against RUBY.

DEAN What the hell is going on? Sam, tell her!

SAM just raises his eyebrows and looks over at NANCY. NANCY nods her head and resigns herself.

NANCY It's my decision.

RUBY smiles and looks at her.

RUBY Damn straight, cherry pie.

DEAN Stop! Stop, nobody kill any virgins.

RUBY looks over at DEAN and purses her lips shut and twists her mouth, and SAM just stands there, still not saying anything.

DEAN Sam, I need to talk to you.

DEAN walks out into the hallway with SAM following him, when they are a good distance away from the room the others are still in, he turns on SAM.

DEAN Please tell me you're not actually considering this. We're talking about holding down a girl and cutting out her heart.

SAM And we're also talking about 30 people out there, Dean. Innocent people, who are all gonna die, along with everyone in here.

DEAN That doesn't mean that we throw away the rule book and stop acting like humans. I'm not gonna let that demon, kill some nice sweet innocent girl who hasn't even been laid. I mean, look, if that's how you win wars, then I don't wanna win.

SAM Then what? What do we do Dean?

DEAN I got a plan. I'm not saying it's a good one, I'm not even saying it'll work. But it sure as hell beats killing a virgin.

SAM Okay, so what's the plan?

DEAN Open the doors, let them all in, and we fight.


SAM is leaning over equipment in a room off the main part where the rest of them are waiting. SAM finishes what he is doing and walks out to join the others.

DEAN Did you get the equipment to work?

SAM Yeah.


SAM So this is insane.

RUBY You win understatement of the year.

DEAN Look, I get it. You think-

RUBY I don't think, I know. It's not gonna work.

RUBY gets up from the desk and starts to walk past the boys.

RUBY So long, boys.

SAM So you're just gonna leave?

RUBY whips around looking at SAM and DEAN.

RUBY Hey! I was gonna kill myself to help you win, I'm not gonna stand here and watch you lose. And I'm disappointed, because I tried, I really did, but clearly I bet on the wrong horse.

SAM stares at her, but he looks as though he isn't completely convinced the plan will work either, after a beat.

RUBY Do you mind letting me out?

SAM takes her to the front door, and scrapes the Devil's Trap with his knife, and makes a break in the salt line across the entrance so that she can walk out. The shot switches to an outside view of the police station. RUBY opens the door and pulls her knife out of the holster on her leg, holding it up defensively and takes a step forward, and we see that all of the demons have gathered in front of her and the opening of the station.

RUBY I'm leaving...who wants to stop me?

The demons part and let her through them, and RUBY glares at the demon that is in JENNA's body that NANCY identified before. That demon watches RUBY go and smirks after her.


DEAN throws open a set of double doors that are an entrance to the police station, SAM does the same with another set, and HENRICKSEN walks slowly up to a single door entrance.

DEAN All set?

SAM Yeah!


DEAN Let's do this.

DEAN kicks the line of salt in his entrance, as does SAM at his own entrance. HENRICKSEN kneels down at the entrance he is guarding and scrapes the Devil's Trap paint with a knife. DEAN scrapes the paint off his own Devil's Trap, and so does SAM. The shot goes back to HENRICKSEN, who kicks the door open at his entrance with a shotgun ready in his hands. He moves forward and kicks the salt line so it is broken. HENRICKSEN takes a step back and braces himself with the shotgun pointed out the door, standing in the middle of the Devil's Trap. SAM has moved back behind the counter at his own entrance and is ready with a shotgun. DEAN walks backward from the doors he is at with his shotgun up and moves behind a cabinet, with the shotgun pointed at the doorway. They all are waiting for a few beats, tense and poised. A demon swings from above the door where HENRICKSEN is standing and kicks him in the face; his shotgun goes off as he falls back. DEAN blasts the first demon that comes through his set of doors, and another follows, and he gets that one too. SAM blasts the first demon that comes through the door, but when he goes to cock to reload, another demon tackles him from the side. HENRICKSEN gets thrown up against a wall, while he is fighting with a demon, but manages to take out a flask. SAM fights off the ground and hits a demon with the butt of his gun, and hits another that rushes at him. HENRICKSEN is still being choked by the demon that has him pinned to the wall, but he screws the top off the flask.

HENRICKSEN I hope this works.

HENRICKSEN sprays the demon in the face, and it reels back when the holy water burns it. HENRICKSEN throws more at the demon, and it cowers away. HENRICKSEN picks up his gun, and starts to back up down the hallway. DEAN is coming down the adjoining hallway, and they run into each other, exchange a look as they continue to fight, and go in opposite directions.

DEAN Go, go, go!

Demons are now just running in all the entrances and HENRICKSEN goes to hit one with his gun, as SAM is struggling with a demon on his back. A demon runs at SAM from the front, and SAM swings his leg kicking it, and uses his gun to knock the one off his back, turning around to crack it in the face a couple times with his gun. The shot changes to the outside of the police station, where we see more demons rushing in the main entrance, but the camera pans up and reveals NANCY and AMICI on the roof of the building.

NANCY When this is over, I'm gonna have so much sex.

AMICI looks at her, and she looks back at him.

NANCY But not with you, we better move.

Back inside the police station, the battle goes on, we see DEAN fighting demons first then the camera goes back outside to show a bag of the road salt being dropped on the ground. NANCY lands next to it, and picks it up, running to the door, shutting it and pouring a line of salt across it to block the demons in. SAM is fighting multiple demons, and pulls out holy water, spraying it in a semi circle around him, causing the demons to back off. NANCY and AMICI are still working on the salt lines outside at the windows as they make their way around the building. DEAN does the same as SAM and sprays holy water in both directions of the hall he is standing in as he moves out to where SAM is. SAM stops spraying the holy water and the demons gather closer. NANCY and AMICI run around the building and the camera closes in on the line of salt they have just secured a door with.

DEAN and SAM look at the demons that have stopped advancing on them, when the demon in JENNA jumps up on a desk, and walks across it, coming down in front of it. She walks up to SAM, as DEAN watches from behind him, and JENNA puts up her hand, throwing SAM and DEAN back into the brick wall behind them. DEAN drops his gun, and the holy water is at his feet, as they are both pinned to the wall, an obvious pressure making them struggle and groan in pain.

DEAN Henricksen, now!

We see HENRICKSEN hit a demon with his gun, and make his way into the office that SAM was setting up in earlier. A demon jumps on his back, but he elbows it off and pushes the play button on a tape recorder. SAM's voice begins to speak an exorcism over the loud speakers in the station.

SAM (from recording) Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii,

JENNA reaches up to cover her ears. As the exorcism continues to air over the loudspeakers, outside, NANCY is leaning over to put another salt line across a doorway when it slams open. A demons runs out and turns on them, NANCY screams and the demon moves toward her. Then the demon pauses and runs away, AMICI comes up and finishes the line of salt across the door, and they move away. DEAN and SAM are still pinned to the wall, but the demons are screaming and begin to try to run out of the station, but the salt lines keep them in.

SAM (from recording) Omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica, ergo, draco maledicte et omnis legio diabolica, adjuramus te, cessa decipere humanas creaturas, eisque æternæ perditionìs venenum propinare vade, satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciæ, hostis humanæ salutis, humiliare sub potenti manu dei, contremisce et effuge, invocato a nobis sancto et terribili nomini quem inferi tremunt ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, domine. exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii,

At this point, the black demon smoke begins to pour out of the people's bodies, and gathers in a swirling cloud on the ceiling of the station. The people's bodies fall to the floor, as the cloud swirls around.

SAM (from recording) Omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica ergo, draco maledicte et omnis legio diabolica, adjuramus te cessa decipere humanas creaturas, eisque æternæ perditionìs venenum propinare ut ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire, te rogamus, audi nos.

The cloud explodes and dissolves, and SAM and DEAN fall to the floor. HENRICKSEN walks in as they get up off the floor and looks at them like he can't believe that just happened, or that it worked. HENRICKSEN chuckles and SAM and DEAN shrug at him as the lights come back on and the people begin to stir and get up from the floor.


SAM is attempting to help clean up the mess, and walks over to where DEAN is standing in front of HENRICKSEN. NANCY walks by helping people out of the station.

HENRICKSEN I better call in, hell of a story I won't be telling.

SAM So what are you going to tell them?

HENRICKSEN The least ridiculous lie I can come up with in the next five minutes.

DEAN Good luck with that. Not to pressure you or anything, but what are you planning to do about us?

HENRICKSEN I'm gonna kill you.

DEAN raises his eyebrows at HENRICKSEN.

HENRICKSEN Sam and Dean Winchester were in the chopper when it caught on fire. Nothing's left, can't even identify them with dental records.

SAM smiles at him and nods.

HENRICKSEN Rest in peace, guys.

SAM reaches out and shakes hands with HENRICKSEN and DEAN follows the action.

HENRICKSEN Now, get out of here.

SAM Yeah.

DEAN leads the way and SAM follows him with the duffel bag on his shoulder. HENRICKSEN picks up the phone and dials.


A little girl is holding a woman's hand, as they walk toward the main part of the police station. As they turn the corner, NANCY is seen sweeping up, she notices them enter and looks up.

NANCY Oh, hey there.

The LITTLE GIRL lets go of the woman's hand and walks forward toward NANCY.

LITTLE GIRL Excuse me, I'm looking for two boys, they're brothers.

HENRICKSEN turns around at the desk he is sitting on and looks over, his attention caught.

LITTLE GIRL One's really tall and one's really cute?

NANCY laughs.

NANCY What's your name sweetie?


LILITH's eyes go a cloudy white, and AMICI looks up at the mention of the name that RUBY warned them about earlier. NANCY backs up, shock in her eyes. HENRICKSEN gets off the desk and turns to run at her, but LILITH raises her hand and he reels back and AMICI gets knocked down sideways and NANCY stands there and as the screen goes stark white, we hear them all screaming.


SAM is lying on a bed and DEAN is sitting on his own bed when they hear a knock at the door. DEAN and SAM exchange a look as SAM gets into a sitting position, throwing his legs over the side of the bed. DEAN gets up opens the door, nods and opens it wider, letting in the guest, who we see is RUBY. She walks to the middle of the room with her arms folded over her chest.

RUBY Turn on the news.

SAM grabs the remote and points it at the TV, and it clicks on as DEAN goes back and sits on the bed.

NEWS REPORTER (on TV) The community is still reeling from the tragedy that happened just a few hours ago.

The camera focuses on the TV where the reporter is standing in front of the charred remains of a building. The caption says: 'BREAKING NEWS: Explosion at Monument County Sheriff's Office' and firefighters are walking around in the background.

NEWS REPORTER (on TV) Authorities believe a gas main ruptured, causing the massive explosion that ripped apart the police station and claimed the lives of everyone inside.

The camera changes to RUBY who is watching the boys react to the terrible news. SAM looks up at her, and then back down to the TV and DEAN is staring at the TV in disbelief.

NEWS REPORTER (on TV) Among the deceased, at least six police officers and staff including Sheriff Melvin Dodd, Deputy Phil Amici-

As the reporter continues to list the casualties, their photos are shown on the TV as SAM and DEAN continue to watch.

NEWS REPORTER (on TV) Secretary Nancy Fitzgerald, as well as three FBI agents identified as Steven Groves, Calvin Reidy and Victor Henricksen. Two fugitives in custody were also killed. We'll continue to follow the story here at the scene, but for now, back to you, Jim.

RUBY walks over and clicks the TV off, and looks at them, waiting.

SAM Must've happened right after we left.

RUBY Considering the size of the blast...

RUBY tosses a small bag she has been holding in her hand to DEAN and another one to SAM.

RUBY ...smart money's on Lilith.

DEAN holds up the bag that RUBY just tossed him.

DEAN What's in these?

RUBY Something that'll protect you...throw Lilith off your trail...for the time being at least.

SAM Thanks-

RUBY Don't thank me, Lilith killed everyone. She slaughtered your precious little virgin plus a half a dozen other people. So after your big speech about humanity and war, turns out your plan was the one with the body count. Do you know how to fight a battle? You strike fast and you don't leave any survivors, so no one can go running to tell the boss. So next time, we go with my plan.

RUBY walks out of the room and SAM and DEAN exchange grave looks, and DEAN looks up and sighs, visibly upset by the loss.