3.11 Mystery Spot

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Title Mystery Spot
Episode # Season 3, Episode 11
First aired February 14, 2008
Directed by Kim Manners
Written by Teleplay:
Jeremy Carver
Jeremy Carver
Emily McLaughlin
On IMDB Mystery Spot
Outline Sam keeps reliving the same day.
Monster Trickster
Location(s) Broward County, Florida
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Sam wakes up in a motel room to "Heat of the Moment" by Asia where he finds Dean already up and getting dressed. Dean goes through a long and irritating morning bathroom routine, and they go to the local diner for breakfast. Sam tells him about a man that disappeared at the Broward County Mystery Spot. Dean orders the Tuesday special, "Pig 'n a Poke with a side of bacon," and as the waitress delivers their coffee, she accidentally drops a bottle of hot sauce on the floor.

As Sam and Dean walk down the city block discussing the Mystery Spot, thy run across a barking golden retriever, a blonde woman who Dean bumps into, and movers struggling to get a desk inside a building. When night falls they break in to the tacky tourist trap after hours, but as they're wandering through the halls, the owner approaches them with a shotgun. The gun goes off by mistake, and the bullet hits Dean square in the chest. Sam frantically rushes over to Dean and tearfully holds him as he dies.

Sam wakes up to Asia again and sees Dean just like he did the day before -- teasing him by turning up the song, lip-synching, and bobbing his head to the beat. The same scene in the diner replays, befuddling Sam who catches the hot sauce from falling this time. They run across the dog, the woman, and the movers again while Sam convinces Dean to check out the Mystery Spot now instead of later. Dean agrees, steps out onto the street, and flies through the air in spectacular fashion when a speeding car hits him. Sam rushes to his side and is again traumatized by holding his dead brother in his arms.

Asia plays again. A rattled Sam watches Dean go through the same morning gargle. He tells Dean in the diner that he’s stuck in a time loop like Groundhog Day and that Dean’s going to die. Back on the sidewalk -- dog, woman, movers -- and just before Dean steps out in the street, Sam pulls him back, telling him the car hit him yesterday. They go to the Mystery Spot, posing as reporters, only to get an act from the owner while Sam gets very irritated. Dean concludes that as long as he doesn’t die, that will break the time loop. As Sam agrees, Dean steps forward, and the desk from earlier ends up falling on him, crushing him Wile E. Coyote style. Sam looks on in horror, and Asia plays again.

At the diner, Sam is very anxious, again telling Dean about his time loop problem. Dean promises he won’t die and tries to break the cycle by ordering sausage instead of bacon, but proceeds to choke. Asia. Dean takes a shower, and Sam hears Dean yell and a thud. Asia. They’re eating tacos, and Dean asks if they taste funny. Asia. Dean is electrocuted by plugging in his razor. Asia. Sam and Dean go back at the Mystery Spot; duct tape the owner to a chair, and Sam tears apart the place with an axe. Dean tries to get the axe away from Sam, they fight, blood spurts, and Sam cries for Dean. Asia.

By this time, Sam is extremely agitated. In the diner, Dean orders the Tuesday special again, and Sam tells Doris the waitress to clock some hours in at the archery range because she’s a terrible shot (thus implying Dean died this way). He tells Dean angrily this is the hundredth Tuesday. He proves his point by repeating what Dean says at the exact same time and talks about the other patrons in the diner, not to mention catching the hot sauce again. Again they see the dog, old man looking for his keys (which Sam took earlier), and a woman bumping into them. Dean chases after the woman and finds that she has flyers of the man they’re looking for. He asks Sam why in one hundred Tuesdays he didn’t find out that she’s the man’s daughter. Sam chases after her to ask questions, while Dean goes to pet the dog. Growling and mauling ensue.

Asia. At the diner, Sam, while on his computer, discovers that their missing man debunks tourist traps. He’s apparently a pompous ass, and Dean points out that it's "just desserts" that a man out to get Mystery Spots disappears in one. Sam notices the man who has been having pancakes everyday ordered a different kind of syrup, which is the first change to happen. Asia plays, and Sam wakes up with a look of both revelation and fury.

In the diner, the pancake man leaves, and Sam goes after him. He corners him in the alley and holds a wooden stake to his neck, telling him he finally figured out why he’s repeating Tuesdays and watching Dean die everyday. Dean stands off to the side confused by what is happening. Sam says that they’ve killed one of his kind before, and the man turns into the Trickster and tells Sam they didn’t. The Trickster admits it’s been fun killing Dean everyday, but that this time, the joke's on Sam, so he’ll finally get the point that he can’t save his brother. Sam threatens to kill him, but the Trickster says the joke is off and takes them to Wednesday with a snap of his fingers.

Sam wakes to a different song, "Back in Time", and is elated to see Dean alive and that it's Wednesday. They pack up to leave, and Dean goes out to the car first where he’s held up at gunpoint by one of the diner patrons. Sam hears the gunshot and rushes outside to see Dean on the ground, shot in the chest and dead. He holds Dean in his arms and closes his eyes, dismayed when nothing changes, before starting to sob.

A very dark montage starts with Sam driving the Impala, a distant look on his face. He’s shown hunting alone across the country, pulling off some big kills, while Bobby leaves him a set of messages asking him to call, mentioning that he hasn’t heard from Sam in three months and is worried. Sam arrives at a motel, and the weapons in the Impala are now all organized in foam casing (à la John Winchester). Without expression, Sam fixes his own gunshot wound inside the room, cutting off his shirt, picking out the bullet and stitching himself up. He eats alone, cleans a gun while examining with a cold stare the set of pictures on the wall tracking the Trickster, and makes the bed in meticulous fashion after waking. He brushes his teeth and stares in the mirror at a reflection that is defeated and emotionally dead inside. Finally, a message from Bobby plays in the background, claiming that he has found the Trickster.

Sam goes to Bobby at the Mystery Spot, and Bobby tells him that in order to pull off the summoning ritual they will need a gallon of fresh blood, meaning they will have to bleed someone dry. Sam coldly tells Bobby he’ll go find some, and Bobby is appalled that Sam is willing to kill an innocent person. Bobby gets out a knife and tells Sam to kill him instead. Sam agrees, but from behind Bobby pulls out a wooden stake and stabs him through the heart, saying he’s not Bobby. The Trickster emerges and tells Sam he is right. Sam tearfully begs the Trickster to bring back Dean, but the Trickster says that Sam should let him go because Dean will always be his weakness, his enemies know it, and nothing good will come of their sacrifices for each other -- only pain. Sam still begs, so the Trickster snaps his fingers.

Sam wakes up in the motel room with "Back in Time" playing on the radio. Dean is there, and a shaken Sam gets up and gives Dean a huge hug. They leave together, and Sam is somber, deeply affected by his experience. He sees the unmade bed and realizes that life without Dean will still happen.




  • "Heat of the Moment" by Asia
(the oft-recurring song that wakes Sam up each Tuesday)
  • "Back in Time" by Huey Lewis and the News
(Wednesday's song, AKA: the most beautiful song Sam's ever heard)


Dean: I get all tingly when you take control like that.
Sam and Dean: (In unison) Right, you're a mind reader. Cut it out, Sam... Sam! You think you're funny but you're being really, really childish! - Sam Winchester wears makeup. Sam Winchester cries his way through sex. Sam Winchester keeps a ruler by the bed and every morning when he wakes up..... Okay, enough!
Dean: (on getting hit by the car) Did it look cool, like in the movies?

Sam: You peed yourself.

Dean: Of course I peed myself. Man gets hit by a car, you think he has full control over his bladder? Come on!
Dean: Do these tacos taste funny to you?
Sam: (after the waitress asks what he wants): Hey, uh, Doris? What I'd like is for you to log in some more hours at the archery range ... you're a terrible shot.

Doris: How do you know tha-

Sam: Lucky guess.
Dean: Rise and shine, Sammy! (repeated line)

Trivia & References

Dean: Sounds pretty X-Files to me.
The X-Files was a 90s series about aliens and the paranormal. Kim Manners who directed this episode, was a director and producer on The X-Files. He also directed The X-Files's time loop episode "Monday".
Dean: Dingo ate my baby crazy.
In 1980 at Uluru (Ayers Rock), Lindy and Micahel Chamberlin claimed a dingo took their baby, Azaria, from her tent. The claim was widely ridiculed and Lindy was later convicted of murder, and Michael as an accessory. Although a body was never found, new evidence indicating a dingo was probably responsible, led to both sets of charges being overturned in 1988.
Dean: Hey, Tuesday. Pig in a poke.

Sam: Do you even know what that is?

Pig in a poke is a sausage dish usually served for breakfast. It also refers to an expression in which buying a pig in a poke is to buy something sight unseen. The expression refers to an old practice used by devious salesmen, who offered to sell a customer a pig, but instead gave them a cat in a box or bag.
Dean: Like Groundhog Day?
Groundhog Day was a 1993 movie starring Bill Murray, where his character relives the same day over and over.
The waitress has the same name as the waitress in Groundhog Day: Doris.
Another reference to Groundhog Day is that Sam wakes to a song every morning, though in Groundhog Day the song is "I Got You Babe" by Sonny and Cher.
Dean: Okay Kojak, let’s get you outside.
Kojak was a tough cop played by Telly Savalas in the eponymous 70s series.
Trickster: You’re like Travis Bickle in a skirt
Travis Bickle was the obsessed taxi driver played by Robert DeNiro in the Martin Scorsese movie Taxi Driver.
Trickster: Whoever said Dean was the dysfunctional had never seen you with a sharp object in your hands. Holy, Full Metal Jacket.
Full Metal Jacket was a 1987 Kubrick movie following the transformation into psychotic killers of the protagonist and his marine comrades through dehumanising training at bootcamp and the brutality of the Vietnam War. At the film’s climax the protagonist bayonets a sniper who is a young Vietnamese girl.
The song "Heat of the Moment" was sung by Eric Cartman in the South Park episode "Kenny Dies" (in which Kenny, who dies in each episode, but is back again in the next episode dies for "real") when Cartman testified before Congress.
The song "Back In Time" was featured prominently in the movie Back to the Future, which dealt with time travel.
Sam hacking away at the wall with the axe is somewhat similar to Jack Nicholson's famous scene in The Shining.
Jared Padalecki cited this episode as a possible series finale for the show because it was shot after 3.12 Jus in Bello and was the last to shoot before the writer's strike.


Sam wakes up at 7.30 am each Tuesday.
Ways we know Dean dies on Tuesday:
Shot at the Mystery Spot
Run over
Crushed by a falling piano or desk (object disputed)
Chokes on a sausage
Slips in the shower
Poisoned by a taco
Electrocuted by his razor
Accidentally killed with an axe by Sam
Shot with an arrow by Doris the waitress
Mauled by a golden retriever

And on Wednesday:

Shot in hotel parking lot by Cal the mugger
The Deer's Head appears in this episode - while Sam and Dean are in the Mystery Spot.
Sam and Dean's hotel room has flamingo wallpaper and a flamingo room divider.

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