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Promotional image for Hollwood Babylon.
Title Hollywood Babylon
Episode # Season 2, Episode 18
First aired April 19, 2007
Directed by Philip Sgriccia
Written by Ben Edlund
On IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0964436//
Outline Sam and Dean investigate the haunting of the set of a horror movie.
Timeline set immediately after Heart
Location(s) Los Angeles, California
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Timeline and Location

Episode occurs immediately following 2.17 Heart (episode)

See the Timeline page also.

Location is the Warner Bothers Studios in Burbank, Los Angeles. The cemetery is Hollywood Forever on Santa Monica Boulevard



See the Music page also.


The set of Hell Hazers II may look familiar. The water tower is from 2.08 Crossroad Blues (episode) and the cabin is from 2.16 Roadkill (episode). The deer's head on the wall has appeared in the boys' motel room in 1.14 Nightmare (episode), John's room in 1.21 Salvation, and Steve Wandell's home in 2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign (episode).


Sam: Does this feel like swimming weather to you? It's practically Canadian.

Brad: See, but if the ghosts are in hell, how do they hear the chanting?

Tara: Salt. Doesn't that sound silly? I mean why would a ghost be afraid of salt?

Dean: Hey, we gotta go check out Johnny Ramone's grave when we're done here.
Sam: You want to dig him up too?
Dean: Bite your tongue heathen!

Walter: You know, the history, the lore in my draft was completely accurate. We could've got it right for the first time in this whorehouse of a town. But you tore it to shreds. You replaced it with cleavage and fart jokes. It was real.

Sam: You find out there is an afterlife and this is what you do with it?
Martin: I needed a little jazz on the page.

Pad of Definitions

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McG is the producer of Supernatural, PussyCat Dolls: The search for the next doll, The OC and Charlies Angels and Charlies Angels: Full Throttle. The real McG can be seen standing behind Sam and Dean in the scene where the crew is listening to faux McG


In the faux trailer for HellHazer II, writer Martin Flagg is also credited as the writer of Cornfield Massacre and Monster Truck, which are illustrated with images from Supernatural episodes 1.11 Scarecrow (episode) and 1.13 Route 666 (episode). There's also a shot of the hook from 1.07 Hookman (episode), of Claire's desiccated hands from 2.07 The Usual Suspects (episode), Gordon and his bloody knife from 2.03 Bloodlust (episode) and the inside of Angela's coffin from 2.04 Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (episode). In Martin’s office there is also a poster for Carnivore Carnival which has an image from 2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown (episode).

swimming pools and movie stars is a line from the theme song of the TV show Beverely Hillbillies

Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs... a line by John McClane (Bruce Willis) in Die Hard

Movies referred to in this episode:
1. Ghost Rider: Sketches shown to Tara are from Ghost Rider.
2. Creepshow
3. Gilmore Girls: the movie tour passes through the Star Hollows set. Jared Padalecki starred as Dean Forester in 65 episodes.
4. Lois and Clark: forerunner to Smallville, Also a previous credit of SPN producer & director Robert Singer.
5. Poltergeist
6. Feardotcom
7. Ghost Ship
8. Boogeyman: written by a Eric Kripke
9. Metal Storm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn
10. Critters 3
11. Three Men and a baby
12. Lord of the Dead - a real movie! Its tag line: Who knew the Lord of the Dead had a son who wanted no part of the family business?

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