2.10 Hunted

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Title Hunted
Episode # Season 2, Episode 10
First aired January 11, 2007
Directed by Rachel Talalay
Written by Raelle Tucker
On IMDB Hunted
Outline After Dean tells Sam what their father told him before he died, a distraught Sam sneaks off to Indiana without Dean.
Monster Hunters
Location(s) Lafayette, Indiana
Peoria, Illinois
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Dean reveals to Sam the 'big secret' John told him in 2.01 In My Time of Dying - that Dean must kill Sam if Sam becomes evil.

Sam is enraged, and tries to convince Dean that they have to track down the rest of the Special Children to find out more about what's going on. Dean is reluctant, however, and is more inclined to go to ground instead. He begs Sam to lay low with him for a while, but later on Sam sneaks out of their motel room, steals a car and leaves alone.

At the Roadhouse, Sam gets Ash to track down a list of children whose mothers died in nursery fires in 1983. Ash comes up with a short list - Sam, Max Miller, Andy Gallagher and Scott Carey. Scott's murder by an unknown assailant formed the opening sequence of the episode. Sam decides to investigate. While talking with Ellen, Sam also finds out that Jo has run away and is hunting on her own, now.

While staying at the town of Scott's murder, Sam meets Ava Wilson, who has tracked him down after having a vision of Sam's own death (which we have seen her experience earlier in the episode). Ava reveals she also had a premonition of Scott's death. While they are talking in the motel room, Gordon fires upon them from a rooftop opposite.

Dean, who has tracked Sam down with Ellen's help, attacks Gordon in order to stop him, but Gordon wins the fight, knocking Dean unconscious and abducting him.

Holding Dean hostage, Gordon then uses him as bait to lure Sam into an abandoned house he has booby-trapped with grenades. This is the setting and situation of Ava's vision. Gordon reveals to Dean that a demon during an exorcism spoke of a coming war, and named Sam as a soldier in the demon army, and that this is his motivation - he believes Sam is evil (or will undoubtedly become so), and thus needs to be killed. He also cites an 'inside source' at the Roadhouse leading him to Sam's location.

Ava tries to convince Sam to take her with him to the abandoned house, but Sam convinces her to go home instead. Sam manages to avoid the traps, and fights with Gordon, knocking him unconscious and escaping with Dean. As they are leaving the house, Gordon chases them, but is stopped when several police cars pull up (a situation of Sam's engineering), the police arresting him and discovering his weapons stash.

Unable to reach Ava on the phone, Sam and Dean then proceed to Ava's house where they discover her fiance with his throat cut, Ava's engagement ring in a pool of blood on the floor, and traces of sulfur on the window sill. Ava is nowhere to be found.




  • "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane
(plays while Scott talks to his psychologist about the Yellow-Eyed Man through him walking home)
  • "Lonesome Stranger" by Carey Bell
(plays when Sam talks to Ellen at the Roadhouse)
  • "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse
(plays when Ash gives Sam his search results at the Roadhouse)
  • "Swamp Thing" by Tim P. & Stephen R. Phillips
(plays in the Roadhouse as other hunters are gearing up)


Dean: Before Dad died he, he told me something — something about you.

Sam: What? Dean, what did he tell you?
Dean: He said that he wanted me to watch out for you, to take care of you.
Sam: He told you that a million times.
Dean: No, this time was different. He said that I had to save you.
Sam: Save me from what?
Dean: He just said that I had to save you, that nothing else mattered; and that if I couldn't, I'd . . .
Sam: You'd what, Dean?

Dean: That I'd have to kill you. He said that I might have to kill you, Sammy.
Ava: Okay. you know what? Screw you, buddy. Okay? Because I'm a secretary from Peoria and I'm not part of anything! Okay?
Sam: Are you okay?

Ava: Am I okay?
Sam: Yeah.

Ava: I just helped you steal some dead guy's confidential psych files. I'm awesome!
(from tape recorder of therapy session)

Waxler: What else does the yellow-eyed man say?

Scott: He has plans for me. He says there's a war coming. That people like me, we're going to be the soldiers. Everything's about to change.
Gordon: But that's not what this is. This isn't personal. I'm not a killer, Dean. I'm a hunter. And your brother's fair game.
Sam: Look, Dean, I'm gonna keep hunting. I mean, whatever is coming, I'm taking it head-on; so if you really want to watch my back, then I guess you're gonna have to stick around.
Dean: Bitch.
Sam: Jerk.
Gordon: You think this is revenge?
Dean: Well, we did leave you tied up in your own mess for three days [laughs]... Which was awesome. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh.
Dean: I let him live once, I'm not making the same mistake twice.
Sam: Trust me, Gordon's taken care of.
Sam: [after Gordon is captured by police] Anonymous tip.
Dean: You're a fine upstanding citizen, Sam

Trivia & References

Sam: Am I supposed to go Dark side or something?
To go Dark side is a Star Wars reference that means to become evil.
Sam: These are .223 Caliber, subsonic rounds, the guy must've put a suppressor on the rifle.

Ava: Dude, who are you?
Sam: I ah...I just I...I just watch a lot of TJ Hooker.

'TJ Hooker was a 1980s cop show starring William Shatner.
Funky Town is code word Dean uses to indicate he is in trouble. "Funkytown" was a 1980 song by the disco band Lipps Inc. and was one of the last big disco hits.
Gordon: Besides Mr. Tinkles the cat, no.
Mr. Tinkles is a cat from the movie Cats and Dogs.
Katherine Isabelle who plays Ava is another X-Files alumni. She also played a werewolf in the Ginger Snaps movies.
Dean: [to Gordon as he's held captive] Bite me.
Possibly foreshadowing Gordon turning into a vampire in 3.07 Fresh Blood.


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