15.13 Destiny's Child

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Title Destiny's Child
Episode # Season 15, Episode 13
First aired March 23, 2020
Directed by Amyn Kaderali
Written by Brad Buckner
Eugenie Ross-Leming
On IMDB Destiny's Child
Outline Death tasks the Winchesters with finding the Occultum for the next phase of Jack's ritual.
Monster Sister Jo
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas
The Empty
Garden of Eden
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Sam and Dean are in the library when they hear a strange noise from elsewhere in the Bunker. On investigation they find that a mini mint green Fiat has materialized in a room, and out of it step rather fancier versions of themselves. Before they can process what they are seeing, the rift behind their doubles closes and the car and their doppelgangers disappear.

Billie appears and explains that the other Winchesters were probably fleeing their universe as Chuck is destroying all the other worlds he has created. She explains that having strengthened Jack's body through the consumption of the Grigori hearts, the next step for Jack to ready himself to kill God is more spiritual in nature. She says he must find something called the Occultum. As Sam and Dean research the Occultum, they speculate that if they kill God, they will also need to kill Amara to keep the universe in balance. Castiel reports that the shaman Sergei has informed him that a faith healer had acquired the Occultum some years ago, and by the description Sergei gave him, the three realize it was Sister Jo.

Sam and Dean go and pay a visit to Jo, who informs them that she used to occasionally work with Ruby. She tells them that years ago, Ruby came to her with a buyer for the Occultum and Sister Jo gave it to her, but Ruby was killed by Sam before the deal went through. She then tells Sam and Dean that Ruby hid the object in Hell.

At the Bunker, Jack tells Castiel that without his soul, he is still unable to feel things. He knows Sam and Dean are still angry and hurt because he killed Mary, and wonders if they, especially Dean, will ever forgive him. Castiel tells him it's possible, and that Dean feels things deeply, and while he may one day forgive Jack, he doesn’t know when.

Castiel alerts Sam and Dean to the fact that their doubles appear stuck between worlds, and are still faintly visible in the Bunker. As they seem to not be suffering, the boys leave them and move on with their plan to find the Occultum.

Using Rowena’s spell, Sam does the magic necessary to get them to Hell. Meanwhile, Castiel speculates to Jack that Sister Jo's story has many holes in it. He proposes to speak to Ruby who is, as all dead demons are, trapped in the Empty. He gets Jack to "almost" kill him by removing his life force. In the Empty, the Cosmic Entity appears in the guise of Meg. It makes it clear that while it is working with Death, it doesn't have to help Castiel. However, it grudgingly obliges and awakens Ruby. Ruby goes on to tell Castiel that Jo came to her with the Occultum, and it was going to be their safe place to ride out the Apocalypse before she was killed. Ruby tells Castiel where to find the Occultum on the condition that he at least try to get her out of the Empty which Castiel promises to try to do.

In Hell, Sam and Dean are met by a demon named Gregor who promises to lead them to Rowena, who is having a reception for the newly damned souls. Sam and Dean soon realize they are being lead into a trap and they are attacked by demons who were promised an escape from Hell by Jo if they got rid of the brothers. After killing the demons, the boys escape and return to the Bunker to find Castiel dead. In the Empty, Castiel is being denied return by the Entity, who tells him he was never mentioned in any of Death's plans and begins to torture him. Back at the Bunker Jack brings Castiel back from near death in the Empty.

As they prepare to retrieve the Occultum they realize that if Chuck checks the Bunker and they are not there, he may track them down. They come up with the idea of leaving the doppelgangers in their place. They use the rift-opening spell, substituting archangel grace with Castiel's, to pull their doubles into their world. The "fancy" Winchesters tell them they are hunters and a part of a literal family business called HunterCorp, headed by John Winchester, much to Sam and Dean's shock. After being told what is going on, the HunterCorp Winchesters agree to play their part while the Winchesters, Cas, and Jack search for the Occultum.

Arriving at an isolated church, the team is quickly beset by hellhounds placed by Ruby to guard the Occultum. They break in, and as Sam holds the door, Dean, Jack, and Cas start searching for the object, while hellhounds bay at the door. They find it a blue velvet bag hidden underneath the floor. Inside the bag is a small, beautifully decorated, metal sphere inscribed in Enochian. On it are the words "In order to be in the Occultum, the Occultum must be in you." As Dean and Cas contemplate what it means and Sam struggles to keep the doors closed against the hellhounds, Jack takes this literally and swallows the orb. Meanwhile, the HunterCorp Winchesters discuss how Sam and Dean have it made with the Bunker, spending their time hunting, drinking beer, and watching porn.

At the church, Jack doubles over in pain and disappears in a flash of white light. He finds himself in beautiful, lush garden where he is approached by a young girl who tells him the place is the Garden of Eden. When he tells her he was told he would change somehow, she replies that if he was meant find it, he would know soon enough, then disappears. Jack is then approached by a snake who asks him "Who are you, really? Who are you meant to be?" as Jack suddenly begins remembering all that has happened, reliving all his memories.

In the Garden, Jack collapses with the pain and overwhelming weight of these flashbacks -- crying and sobbing at what he is being forced to relive. Inside the church, a ball of white light appears from the ceiling. When Dean and Cas turn around to look at it, the white light radiates out just as the hellhounds break through and are disintegrated as Jack regains consciousness.

Back in the Bunker, the fancy Winchesters depart for Brazil, despite asking Dean if they could stay with them. In the kitchen, Castiel tells Sam and Dean that Jack has been to the Garden, which is the crossroads of divinity and humanity and no one has been there since the exile. Jack is upset, crying, and he begs forgiveness for killing Mary. He feels it now — his soul is back.




  • "Automatic" (Instrumental) by The Biggest Band in the World
(plays over the recap of previous events)
  • "I Want You" by Savage Garden
(playing from the HunterCorp Winchester's Fiat)


Sam / Dean: What the hell?
AU Sam / AU Dean: What the heck?
Jo: So you want me to be on your side... against God?
Dean: I mean, we are better-looking.
Jack: I understand why Sam and Dean were angered by what happened to Mary...

Castiel: By what you did to Mary.
Jack: Yes. I see that I've caused them pain. And it's clear that things have changed. Especially with -- with Dean. Will he ever forgive me?

Castiel: You know, Dean, he -- he feels things more acutely than any human I've ever known. So it's possible he could work through this. One day, he may explode and let it all out and breathe deeply and move on.
Castiel: Ruby? The demon you were sexually intimate with?

Dean: "Sexually intimate"?

Sam: Yes.
Ruby: Why do they call this place the Empty? This place is full. It's full of sorrow and despair playing over and over again, of angels and demons dreaming about their regrets. Forever.
AU Dean: They said lose the man bun, Samuel.
AU Sam: Look, hillbilly clothes are bad enough. I have to draw the line somewhere, and my hair... is sacred.
AU Dean: I gotta tell you Sammy, this Sam and Dean, you know, sure they're simple, but they've got this place of their own. There's no quarterly reports, there's no investor calls, there's just -- there's nothing to do but hunt monsters, drink beer, and watch porn.

AU Sam: Yeah.

AU Dean: They've got it made.
Dean: Guys, I don't like it, alright? I mean, first Jo sets us up with the -- with killer demons, and now Ruby sends us to a place with hellhounds? These chicks want us dead. I don't trust any part of this.
Girl: God loved them so. His prize creations, until He banished them and all of mankind from the perfection of the Garden. And He hid it away.

Jack: I was told this place might change me somehow.

Girl: Perhaps. If you were the one meant to find it. You'll know soon enough.
Sam: Hey, Jack. How you doing?

Jack: I... I'm so sorry.
Dean: You what?
Jack: Why didn't I get it? I mean, my mother died, too. Why didn't I understand? It was my fault.
Dean: Jack...
Castiel: His soul is back.

Jack: Please. Just please forgive me.

Trivia & References

"Destiny's Child" is a reference to the American pop group of the same name.
Sam: Any sign of Him?

Dean: No, nothing yet. Chuck's probably trashing a few dozen universes outside of CNN's range.

CNN is a 24-hour cable news channel.
AU Dean: Aw, nuts.
"Aw, nuts" is a popular variant of Donald Duck's catchphrase.
Dean: I'm just thinking. I mean, this whole thing is crazy, right? I mean, uh, Death is our Obi-Wan, and you and me we're the -- the "messengers of God's destruction" -- whatever the hell that means -- and Jack is supposed to kill God. But if he does... that still leaves you-know-who.
Obi-Wan Kenobi is a character from Star Wars who in the original trilogy mentors Luke Skywalker and guides him in the ways of the Jedi. In the Harry Potter films, Voldemort is often referred as "You-Know-Who" for witches and wizards who fear to speak his name.
Dean: Yeah, when you -- when you go up against Chuck, uh, you're gonna what, bob and weave? Or do you go straight in for the full smite?
Bob and weave is an evasive tactic used in boxing, "The term refers to when a boxer, or fighter, moves their head and body laterally, up, down and rapidly to avoid their opponent’s punch."
Dean: It was seized by the King of the Dead and his warlords. Am I close?
The King of the Dead may be a reference to the character of the same name from the Lord of the Rings.
Jo: Sam and Dean. You just keep turning up. My two bad pennies.
Bad Penny is an idiom, that when used to describe a person, means someone who is unwanted, but keeps reappearing at inopportune times.
Dean: Oh, maybe Hyram Jacobson recommended you to a few of his rich friends. I mean, one gazillionaire trumps a hundred sad sacks in a Kiwanis hall, am I right?
Kiwanis is an international service club. A Kiwanis hall is a building, usually owned by the club, that can be rented out to the general public.
Ruby: Money. Do you have any idea how much that thing's worth? Millions. Now, tell me that doesn't appeal to your label-whore heart.
A label whore is a person who only wears name-brand clothing, and flaunts it for all to see.
Sister Jo and Ruby giving wildly different versions of their meeting over the Occultum is a reference to the film Rashomon, which depicts the story of a rape and murder told repeatedly by various characters, each giving a different and contradictory version of the same incident. The character of Sister Jo herself could be considered an unreliable narrator throughout her appearances, regarding what she reveals of her past and motivations.


William Vaughn, who played Gregor, previously played Deputy Atkins in 6.13 Unforgiven.
Rachel Miner and Genevieve Padalecki's names appear in the end episode credits, rather than the beginning.
Sister Jo and Ruby are shown working together in the past. However, Sister Jo would've looked different at this time as in 13.13 Devil's Bargain she explained how she obtained her current vessel after the Fall, which took place four years after Ruby was killed. However, in 14.17 Game Night Jo mentions visiting Earth at an unspecified time in the past to Castiel and becoming disenchanted by Heaven.
The Meg Cosmic Entity refers to Castiel as "pizza man", a reference to 6.10 Caged Heat, where Castiel kissed Meg and told her he "learned it from the pizza man." As well as 8.17 Goodbye Stranger, where Castiel tells Meg he remembered the pizza man and that it was a good memory.
Alternate Sam and Dean are seen playing rock, paper, scissors, with AU Dean losing both times. However, it appears that the game has different rules on their world, as when Dean threw scissors and Sam threw rock, Dean reacted as if he won. And in the second match, when Dean threw paper, and Sam threw scissors Dean reacted as if Sam had won.
Dean: Turns out that Hail Mary that you and Cas tried, it worked. God's back, He's pissed, and He's gonna murder the world.
Dean is referencing Jo and Castiel using Joshua's Amulet to try and contact God in 14.17 Game Night.
Sam: You guys have your own plane?

AU Sam: You don't? Oh, dear. How do you manage?
Sam: How do you afford it?

This exchange was a reference to the fact that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles do in fact own a plane.
The snake in the Garden of Eden was a real snake and not CGI.
The memories Jack experiences as his soul is restored are:
The Guardian tells Jack that the Garden of Eden is the crossroads of humanity and divinity. Jack also exemplifies this being a Nephilim, a literal child of the human and the divine.

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