15.09 The Trap

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Title The Trap
Episode # Season 15, Episode 9
First aired January 16, 2020
Directed by Robert Singer
Written by Robert Berens
On IMDB The Trap
Outline Chuck attempts to sever his connection to Sam. Meanwhile, Dean and Castiel journey to Purgatory to find the final ingredient needed to trap God.
Monster God
Location(s) Milford, Nebraska
Lebanon, Kansas
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  • "Hard Times in the Land of Plenty" by Omar & the Howlers
(plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events)


Chuck: Hi, Dean.

Dean: Chuck, you dick.

Chuck: Bye, Dean.
Castiel: Dean, will you stop? Just stop being so stupid.

Dean: What?

Castiel: If we attack Chuck now, we don't have anything that can hurt him. We get that Leviathan blossom, complete Michael's spell, build the Cage. That's our chance. That's the way we'll save Sam, and that's the way we'll save the world.
Leviathan: What do you want?

Dean: Well, it's a little embarrassing saying it loud, but we're looking for a flower.

Leviathan: A flower? What do I look like, a florist?
Castiel: Well, this place will bring that out in you. Guilt. It was my fault the Leviathan got out. It was my fault we were here the first time. I carry that guilt every day.

Dean: I know you're sorry, Cas. About Bel, about Mom.
Castiel: I was talking about Jack. I already apologized to you. You just refused to hear it.
Dean: Sorry I brought it up. Maybe if you didn't just up and leave us.

Castiel: You didn't give me a choice. You couldn't forgive me. And you couldn't move on. You were too angry. I left, but you didn't stop me.
Dean: Cas? Cas, I hope you can hear me that wherever you are, it's not too late. I should've stopped you. You're my best friend, but I just let you go. 'Cause it was easier than admitting I was wrong. I-I don't know why I get so angry. I just know I know that it's i-it's just always been there. And when things go bad, it just it comes out. And I can't I can't stop it. No matter how -- how bad I want to, I just can't stop it. And -- and I-I forgive you. Of course I forgive you. I'm sorry it took me so long. I'm sorry it took me till now to say it. Cas, I'm I'm so sorry. Man, I hope you can hear me. I hope you can hear me. Okay.
Sam: You want to quit? What's happened to you, Dean? Ever since...

Dean: Ever since what? We lost pretty much everyone we've ever cared about? Ever since the Mark made Cas go crazy? Ever since I had to bury him in a Ma'lak box? Ever since then? Yeah. You know why? 'Cause the monsters, they're everywhere. Everywhere! What we do... it's not even Hunting anymore. It's whack-a-mole. We don't even save people. Every friend we've ever had is either dead, or they got wise and they packed it in.
Sam: Jody's still fighting, and Bobby...

Dean: Bobby has a death wish, and you know it. And Jody... ever since what happened to Donna and the girls, she does, too. And after Eileen, so do you.
Chuck: Without me, it's a law of nature -- dark forces prevail, monsters rule, and you, your brother, and everyone you love will die. Can you really live with that?
Dean: What now? You're not going to dust us.

Chuck: Oh yeah? Why not?
Dean: Because you are holding out. For your big finish. Yeah we know about your galaxy-brained idea. How you think this story is going to go. Sam got a little look into your draft folder.
Chuck: Sam's visions? They weren't drafts - they were memories. My memories. Other Sams and other Deans, in other worlds. But guess what? Just like you they didn't think they'd do it either. But they did. And you will too.
Dean: No. Not this Sam. And not this Dean. So go back to Earth-2 and play with your other toys, because we will never give you the ending you want.

Chuck: We'll see.
Sam: Sorry. That was our, uh, chance to stop Chuck. But what Chuck showed me, what would happen if we trapped him I believed him. I still do.
Dean: Well, that's good enough for me.
Sam: Okay, so what now?

Castiel: Well, Chuck's gone, but...
Dean: He'll be back.
Sam: If we can't kill Him or trap Him...

Dean: Well, then we find another way.

Trivia & References

Chuck: I think we have an audience. Come on, Eileen.
"Come On Eileen" was a #1 single in 1983 by the English group Dexys Midnight Runners.
Chuck: Well, I wouldn't say "weak", exactly. I mean, I piñata'd Hell.
Chuck is referring to when he opened Hell at the end of 14.20 Moriah. A piñata is a decorated container filled with small gifts or candy that is smashed as part of celebrations in Mexico.
Dean: Well, if you can't help us, see this boomstick? It's loaded with Borax-filled shells. You know what Borax does to piranha-faced freaks like you? I'd be happy to show you.
"Boomstick" is the nickname of Ash William's shotgun in the Evil Dead horror franchise.
Sam: No. What happened to Butch and Sundance? Dean, what happened to going out swinging?

Dean: We lost, brother. We lost. I'm done.

"Butch and Sundance" refers to the Old West outlaws Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, who were killed after being cornered by the Bolivian army. In the past, Jared and Jensen had referred to their preferred ending for Sam and Dean as going out like Butch and Sundance.
Chuck: You, Sam Winchester, have been playing fast and loose with the laws of nature and magic for a very long time you and your brother. Always breaking the rules. And that's what I love about you, Sam. It's so heroic. It's so Promethean. But there's still so much about the fabric of the universe that you don't know... that you can't know. 'Cause you're only humans. But I'm God. Think about what I showed you. Look beyond the Mark, beyond you and Dean fanging out... heartbreaking, but not the headline news.
Promethean refers to being rebellious and is a reference to Prometheus a trickster god of the ancient Greeks, who was known as a champion of humanity and who defied the other gods to give fire to mortals. Prometheus himself previously appeared in 8.16 Remember the Titans.
Dean: Because you're holding out. For your big finish. Yeah, we know about your galaxy-brained idea, how you think this story is gonna go. Sam got a little look into your draft folder.
"Galaxy Brain" is a term from a meme that originated in 2017. The term is generally used an an insult to someone who believes they have an intelligent opinion on something, which others think is ridiculous.
Dean: No. Not this Sam. And not this Dean. So you go back to Earth-2 and play with your other toys. Because we will never give you the ending that you want.
Earth-2 is an alternate version of Earth in the DC Universe. Sam also called Apocalypse World this in 13.13 Devil's Bargain while explaining the situation to Donatello Redfield. In this context, it's unclear if Dean was referring to Apocalypse World or just making a DC reference.


Dean tracks Sam's phone and finds out that the Lucky Elephant Casino is at 707 Darland Street, Milford, Nebraska.
The future times Chuck shows Sam are:
  • April 17, 2020 11:42:00 PM

Sam, Eileen, Dean, and Castiel are having a relaxed evening in the Bunker, when Jody rings to tell them Claire was killed when they were hunting vampires and there turned out to be more than expected.

  • January 6th, 2021 9:09:18 PM

Sam and Dean are in the Impala, having just fought a pack of werewolves and failing to save any of the victims. The mention that Cas is gone. The scenery that they drive by shows buildings on fire.

  • November 3, 2021 11:42:36 AM

Sam and Dean have returned from a vampire hunt, and Sam is keen to head out again. Dean is feeling hopeless -- there are just too many monsters and they aren't even saving people anymore. They mention that after Cas took on the Mark as part of the plot to cage Chuck he had to be locked in the Ma'lak Box. Eileen, Donna, and all their other friends are either dead or they've quit hunting, except for Jody and Bobby, due to what Dean suspects is their death wish, a wish he says Sam shares.

  • November 3, 2021 12:36:38 PM

Sam tells Dean he is heading out on the hunt and Dean resignedly follows him. When they return at an unknown point later, something has gone wrong and Chuck comments that Dean should've followed his gut.

  • December 9, 2022 3:11:38 AM
Sam and Dean prepare to take a last stand in a hotel room. Two hunters and Jody and Bobby approach. They storm the room -- to kill Sam and Dean who are vampires. They kill the hunters and Jody manages to shoot Sam with dead man's blood. Dean bites and kills Jody, and Bobby beheads Sam. The vision ends with Sam's death, leaving Dean and Bobby's ultimate fates unknown.
Dean learns that Benny was torn apart by vampires after Dean sent him back to Purgatory to rescue Sam in 8.19 Taxi Driver. He also learns that Benny has become infamous among the denizens of Purgatory, including Leviathan, for his escape and return to Purgatory.
Leviathan: Mother's got beef with you.

Cas: Eve.
Leviathan: Killing her alphas, swallowing her Leviathan. Bringing you to her should earn us a nice reward.

Eve was the mother of all monsters, who rose from Purgatory when Castiel and Crowley were hunting down Alphas to try and find a way to Purgatory in order to plunder it of souls. Dean killed her using phoenix ashes. Eve's connection to the Leviathan was only vaguely hinted at in 7.22 There Will Be Blood, when the Alpha Vampire referred to his kind coming from the Leviathan, which Edgar retorted with "barely" before referring to Eve as "a pathetic mutt. Hardly one of us" and calling her a "whore."

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