15.03 The Rupture

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Title The Rupture
Episode # Season 15, Episode 3
First aired October 24, 2019
Directed by Charles Beeson
Written by Robert Berens
On IMDB The Rupture
Outline With Hell Ghosts about to break through the containment spell and invade the world, Rowena proposes a spell that will require a trip to Hell to execute.
Monster Hell Ghosts
Timeline Immediately after 15.02 Raising Hell
Location(s) Harlan, Kansas
Lebanon, Kansas
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Hunters watch as ghosts hit the magical barrier constructed by Belphegor, like fireworks in the sky. They note the hits are coming faster.

In the graveyard Rowena tells to the Winchesters, Castiel and Belphegor how her spell will strengthen the barrier. She needs a quiet, ghost free place near the epicenter. so they head to the Carver mausoleum where Sam, Dean, and Castiel first took refuge. On their way they pass by the massive hole Chuck created that leads to Hell.

Rowena tries to cast the spell, but she is overcome with the ghosts’ rage and falls down in anguish - exclaiming they’re all going to die. Rowena explains that there are too many ghosts and they are too strong.

Belphegor walks out, and Castiel follows. He goes to the rift and says he has an idea, but that Castiel won’t like it.

Inside, Dean preps for battle, telling Sam he isn’t giving up without a fight. Sam is overwhelmed, but Dean is angry.

Belphegor returns and explains his plan, which involves Lilith’s Crook (actually a horn) which is in Lilith chambers in Hell. It’s a horn that when blown will draw in all the escaped inhabitants of Hell. Rowena then says she can close the rift like healing a wound after the souls are inside. She needs Sam’s help, as he’s close to a seasoned witch. Someone will need to throw the “bomb” into the rift while she and Sam stay protected. Dean volunteers. Belphegor offers to get the crook, and claims he needs protection, looking to Castiel. Dean agrees leaving Castiel feeling like he must go.

Meanwhile, Ketch wakes up in the hospital. They have removed the bullets Dean shot him with when Ketch was ghost possessed. He is about to leave when he is attacked by the demon Ardat. She wants Belphegor, who Ketch was meant to kill for her. When Ketch won’t give him up at any price, in order to protect his friends, Ardat kills him by ripping out his heart. As the spell supplies Rowena needs are brought to the crypt by the hunter Stevie, Ardat texts Dean from Ketch's phone and Dean unwittingly reveals the details of their plan.

Castiel and Belphegor go to enter Hell through the rift, with Belphegor taunting Castiel that the Winchesters don;t care about him. Castiel pushes Belphegor into the hole and jumps in after. In Hell, they find Lilith’s chamber, which is being ransacked by a demon that Castiel dispatches. Belphegor explains that the horn is safe inside a box with Enochian warding. Castiel realises this is why Belphegor wanted him to come - to read the Enochian. Castiel recites the words, but nothing happens. Belphegor points out that maybe it need to be sung, so Castiel sings the Enochian and the box open.

Just as Castiel is handing over the horn, Ardat attacks. She reveals that Belphegor wants to rule Hell before Belphegor kills her. Turns out, Belphegor will use the horn to suck in the souls and demons giving him godlike power. He pushes Castiel away and sounds the horn. The souls start getting sucked in. Dean takes up position. Sam is worried. But Rowena gets him back to preparing. Noticing, Sam and Rowena say the spell. The bomb glows, and Dean throws it in. The rift starts to close.

In Hell, Castiel overcomes the horn’s wind to stop Belphegor, which also stops the souls returning. Belphegor pretends to be Jack to stop Castiel, but Castiel calls him a liar and smites him destroying the horn in the process.

Dean notices something is wrong. As do Sam and Rowena. But she is determined. She pulls out her last resurrection sachet. And tells Sam there is a spell that will work, holding all the souls. The problem is, she had to die, and he has to kill her.

He fights against her, but when she ask if he’ll let the world and his brother die for her, he knows the answer. No. He stabs her as he hugs her.

Castiel emerges from Hell. When Dean asks what went wrong, Castiel tells him that he killed Belphegor and the horn is destroyed. Dean is incredulous when, suddenly, they notice the ghosts being drawn into Rowena as she walks to the rift with a somber Sam behind her.

With a last farewell, she jumps into the rift. It closes behind her.

Later in the Bunker, Dean checks in on a crying Sam. And gives him updates on the town… and the death of Ketch. He reassures Sam that he had no choice about Rowena. Sam knows.

In the library, Dean is getting a drink when Castiel comes to ask about Sam. When he says he is sorry about Rowena, they fight over what happened. Castiel realizes that Dean still blames him for Dean’s mother’s death. Feeling unnecessary, Castiel leaves.






Belphegor: Okay, now that we're waiting for the witch's hooch to kick in, can we finally admit the obvious? Uh, she failed. So if we're keeping score, that's, uh, one for the demon, uh, zero for the witch.
Dean: I'm not gonna give up. That's what I'm doing. Not just gonna sit in this crypt and wait for the walls to come down.

Sam: You heard Rowena.

Dean: Yeah, I heard her, okay. Ghosts are gonna bust out, and their gonna swallow this world. And you wanna what, just relax? Take a knee? No. No, we're gonna end this, Sam. Like you said. We're gonna be free.
Dean: I mean, this whole mess, you know? Th-this -- This sloppy-ass ghostpocalypse -- that's Chuck's ending? No. No, I don't think so. After everything he has put us through? I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some glorified fanboy get the last word.
Ardat: Such valor -- and for what? One profoundly irritating demon? No. I think you're protecting others. Humans. Your friends. And you won't give them up? Not for any price?
Ketch: Not at any price.
Belphegor: I don't care what the witch calls it. It's not a door, or a gate.

Castiel: What is it?
Belphegor: It's a tear. God stamped his foot...

Castiel: And Hell ripped open.
Castiel: You're wearing Jack, who was like a son to me, like a coat. Every second in your presence is intolerable. It's an abomination. You're an abomination.
Ardat: You know he wants to rule Hell. It's all he's ever wanted. I've been watching him for centuries, bowing and scraping to Lilith and Crowley, all of them. Just waiting for his chance at the throne. And now you're gonna give it to him? Do you have any idea what he is?
Rowena: I don't care about anything enough to take my own life. Not you, your brother -- not even the world. But I believe in prophecy. I believe in magic. And I'm here and you're here and everything we need to end this right is in our hands. I know this in my bones -- it has to be this way. Do it! Kill me, Samuel! I know we've gotten quite fond of each other, haven't we? But will you let the world die, let your brother die, just so I can live?
Rowena: Goodbye, boys.
Dean: We did it, though, man. It's over. God threw one last apocalypse at us, and we beat it. What you did... Rowena... You didn't have a choice.
Sam: I know.
Castiel: The plan changed, Dean. Something went wrong. You know this. Something always goes wrong.
Dean: Yeah, why does that something always seem to be you?
Castiel: You used to trust me, give me the benefit of the doubt. Now you can barely look at me. My powers are failing, and -- and I've tried to talk to you, over and over and you just don't want to hear it. You don't care. I'm... dead to you. You still blame me for Mary. Well, I don't think there's anything left to say.

Dean: Where you going?

Castiel: Jack's dead. Chuck's gone. You and Sam have each other. I think it's time for me to move on.

Trivia & References

Rowena: It wouldn't matter! Those things -- It would be like tossing mouse traps at the Great Plague. I'm telling you -- it's over!
The Great Plague of London was the last major epidemic of bubonic plague from 1665 to 1666. The plague was known to be spread by rat fleas.
Belphegor: Yeah, you know, one of those, uh, curvy-ended canes that shepherds use? Little Bo-Peep? It's just a nickname. Doesn't matter.
"Little Bo-Peep" references the nursery rhyme of the same name.
Ketch's alias Mr. Blackmore may be a reference to Elizabeth Blackmore, who portrayed Lady Toni Bevell, or to Ritchie Blackmore, the lead guitarist of the British hard rock band Deep Purple.
Stevie: Right. One owl skull.

Dean: R.I.P., Hedwig.

Hedwig is the name of Harry Potter's pet snowy owl.
Castiel: It's awfully quiet down here.

Belphegor: Yeah. Too quiet. Sorry, I thought we were doing a bit.

"It's quiet... too quiet" is a line of dialogue that has appeared through out various forms of entertainment as early as the 1934 Western The Lucky Texan.
Belphegor: Dude. Is that the Haxon Ring?
According to writer Robert Berens, this is a reference to the name of Bobby Krlic’s band The Haxon Cloak.


Sharon Taylor, who played Ardat, previously played Crossroads Demon in 6.04 Weekend At Bobby's.
Belphegor: She never needed to use it. When she ruled, it was enough for us that we knew she could. And then when Crowley took over, he had other forms of discipline endless lines, endless paperwork. Not that he liked to spend a lot of time down there, anyway, with us
A reference to Crowley's never-ending queue version of Hell from 6.20 The Man Who Would Be King. As well references to Crowley's more bureaucratic take on damnation and his dislike of being in Hell.
The statues of the cloaked skeletal figures in the corridor leading to Lilith's Chamber, all have their hands clasped in prayer, which are all pointing downward instead of the traditional upward.
Ardat using Ketch's cell phone to trick Dean is similar to what Ketch himself did in 12.18 The Memory Remains after killing Mick Davies.
Rowena's sacrifice is similar to both Sam's in 5.22 Swan Song and Crowley's in 12.23 All Along the Watchtower. Her last words, "Goodbye, boys," mirrors Crowley's own "Bye, boys."
Part of the music known as the "Winchester Family Theme" plays as Castiel tells Dean he is leaving.

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