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* [[14.12 Prophet and Loss (transcript)]]
* [[14.12 Prophet and Loss (transcript)]]
* [https://www.slideshare.net/JulesWilkinson/14x12-prophet-and-loss-yellow-pages Prophet and Loss Script] (Yellow Revision Pages only)
* [https://www.slideshare.net/JulesWilkinson/14x12-prophet-and-loss-yellow-pages Prophet and Loss Script] (Yellow Revision Pages only)
* [https://www.slideshare.net/JulesWilkinson/1410-to-1413-second-unit-call-sheet Second Unit call sheet for episodes 14.10-14.13]

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Title Prophet and Loss
Episode # Season 14, Episode 12
First aired January 31, 2019
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
Written by Brad Buckner
Eugenie Ross-Leming
On IMDB Prophet and Loss
Outline While Sam and Castiel try and talk Dean out of his plan to thwart Michael, Donatello's condition is having a terrible effect on other potential prophets.
Monster Tony Alvarez
Timeline January 2019
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas
Hibbing, Minnesota
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Pike Creek, Delaware
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The Ma'lak Box is sitting at the bottom of the ocean as Dean is inside and banging on the box. He is holding his phone as a flashlight. Dean is very distressed and calls out for "Sammy" many times until his phone dies, leaving him in pitch black. Suddenly, Dean wakes up from the dream -- his fingers are bloody from clawing the wall, as he clawed the inside of the box in his dream. Sam enters the room from the bathroom and asks about the dream, but Dean pretends to be okay. Sam continues to believe there is another way to get rid of Michael, but Dean is steadfast in his belief that Billie’s book reveals the only way to secure Michael.

A woman is bound and gagged as a man pours salt into a tank of water. A man, Tony Alvarez, puts her into the water, bringing her up to carve Enochian script into her arm before holding her underwater once again until her struggling stops as she dies. The man raises his arms to the ceiling as he hears Enochian chants.

In a hospital, a police officer brings a handcuffed Nick some dinner, who asks when he will be released. The officer says that at least four jurisdictions want to prosecute. Nick maintains his innocence because he was possessed by Satan. As Nick cries, the police officer tells Nick he will be locked up for the rest of his life.

At a rest area, Dean and Sam pull up in Baby with the Ma’lak Box on a trailer. Dean wants Sam’s assurance that Sam will be with Dean to the end, Sam says that he will even though he hates the idea, as does Mary and points out that Dean hasn’t even told Castiel and Jack. As Dean goes to the restroom, Sam calls Cas at the Bunker. Unable to talk Dean out of this plan, Sam has Cas doing research, but has been unsuccessful in finding any way to forcibly extract Michael. In addition, Rowena has been through the entire Book of the Damned and found nothing. Cas offers to talk to Dean but Sam thinks it won’t matter and that Dean is gone unless they can find another way.

Tony Alvarez sits in a car watching another man, Alan, lock up a business at night. Tony gets out of the car and follows Alan and then drags him, bound and gagged, to a sheet of plastic. Tony says he will strike down the first born in the land of Egypt and cuts into Alan's throat. After Alan dies, Tony takes the knife and begins cutting into the chest. As he does so, he begins to hear more Enochian and says “I am the Word.”

As Dean is driving, he struggles with a vision of Michael trying to break out of the door in Dean’s mind. Regaining composure, Dean talks to Sam about their childhood and apologizes for not being a better brother. Dean wants to make sure that Sam knows that sometimes when John got mad at Dean, John sent him away and that Dean would never abandon Sam. Sam says Dean was the only one there for him; Dean raised him. Sam asks that they not have “deathbed apologies” kinds of conversations. Sam has found a case in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Dean starts to object but then warms to the idea of one last case for the “Winchester boys.” Sam tells Dean about the two murders: the woman in bloody, red saltwater and the man with his throat slit. Both victims had Enochian carved into their bodies.

At the hospital, Nick is praying (to Lucifer, not God), when the police officer walks into the hospital room. Upon unlocking Nick’s handcuffs so that Nick can use the restroom, Nick swings a bedpan at the police officer and knocks him over. After repeatedly kicking the officer in the head, Nick finds his street clothes and escapes.

Sam and Dean go to interview the murdered man’s twin brother, Eddie. Eddie describes the pain of losing his brother, Alan, something Dean and Sam appear to commiserate with. Sam tells Eddie that the carvings on both murder victims are an ancient language and spell out the phrase “I am the Word.” Eddie realizes he has seen it before and show's a photograph of their friend, Tony Alvarez, who has an Enochian tattoo.

Dean calls Cas, who reveals that he knows about Dean’s plan and that it’s a terrible mistake. Refusing to discuss the matter, Dean asks if Cas knows Tony Alvarez. Cas says that Antonio Alvarez is next in line to be prophet after Donatello. Dean, pretending to be Donatello’s nephew, calls Donatello’s physician, Dr. Rashad, to confirm that Donatello is still alive. Sam and Dean break into Tony’s home and discover a room with Enochian and English phrases covering the walls and pictures of Tony’s previous victims and possibly future victims. The phrases correspond to the methods of the first two killings. The wall writings indicate the next killing will be fire. Dean realizes one of the pictures was taken at a machine shop.

At the machine shop, a man is hanging by his wrists from the ceiling. Tony pours gasoline on the man’s feet and trails the gasoline several yards away, all the while quoting the phrase about fire. Tony lights a match and drops it on the gasoline trail as Dean and Sam rush into the room. Sam tackles Tony as Dean puts out the fire and frees the captive. Tony claims to hear God’s voice in his head but Sam and Dean tell him it wasn’t God and the people Tony killed were innocent. As Sam and Dean discuss if Tony is picking up something from Donatello, Tony tackles Dean, knocking Dean’s gun away. Tony reaches for the gun and shoots himself in the head. Back at the Impala, Dean and Sam are on speakerphone with Cas. They theorize that Donatello’s comatose condition could be calling prophets too early and causing them to be malformed.

Nick breaks into his old house, where he is flooded with memories of the hallucinations of his baby’s toys moving on their own and the bloody crib. Nick’s breath then becomes visible and a mirror freezes over; cabinet doors bang open and closed and lights flicker on and off. A woman in a nightgown appears. Since Lucifer first visited Nick in his dead wife’s form, Nick asks if it’s Lucifer. But is surprised that it is the ghost of his wife, Sarah, who tells Nick that she has been held in the house by unfinished business concerning her and Teddy's unsolved murders. Nick explains about finding Sarah’s killer, the cop, Frank Kellogg, possessed by the demon Abraxas -- he got justice for her and she can leave. Sarah, however, reveals that her unfinished business also involves Nick’s choosing Lucifer. Telling Nick she was there the night he chose to be possessed, Sarah asks Nick to reject Lucifer and free her. But Nick can’t, Sarah tells him he has doomed her to be trapped forever, and doomed himself. As he walks away from her, Nick says he’s going to wherever is darkest because that’s where Lucifer is.

At the Happy Daze Nursing Home, Dean and Sam talk to Dr. Rashad about their decision to take Donatello off life support, and discover Cas posing as Dr. Novak. Dr. Rashad tells the three that Donatello has very little brain activity, but has babbled words in the past. While Sam goes with Dr. Rashad, Cas pressures Dean to let go of his suicidal plan, but Dean is steadfast in his resolve tells Cas if he was his friend he wouldn't try to stop him. Sam interrupts their heated discussion with a video of Donatello speaking Enochian even as he lays in a coma. Cas translates the words to be the same that Tony Alvarez was hearing and theorizes that Donatello’s mind must be fighting to rebuild itself. With this “spark,” Cas insists on trying to save Donatello. As Dean and Sam sit in the waiting room, Sam remarks how hard it is to think about someone being trapped in his own body between life and death. Knowing that Sam is referring to Dean’s situation with Michael, Dean tells Sam that nothing has changed.

As Sam and Dean enter Donatello's room, a blue light flares in Cas’ eyes as he finds a sliver of Donatello's consciousness. As Castiel heals him, Donatello opens his eyes. Dean turns off life support, Donatello is shocked back to consciousness, and recognizes Dean and Sam. With no memory of what happened to him, Castiel confirms Donatello has returned, still without his soul and is left by Dean to catch Donatello up on what he has missed.

Dean finds Sam leaning against Baby, drinking alone. Taking a beer, Dean says that it’s nice to be going out with a win. Sam, however, gets emotional, roughly slapping Dean in the chest, accusing Dean of giving up too easily, throwing away everything they stand for, and not believing in faith and family. Dean protests that he’s tried everything. Sam says while they don’t have new ideas today, if Dean quits and goes through with his plan, there will be no opportunity of new ideas tomorrow. Telling Dean what he is doing is wrong and it’s quitting. Sam says he believes in them and then slugs Dean. Swinging to hit Dean again, Dean captures Sam in a hug. Giving in, Dean tells Sam they will go home, and that maybe Billie is wrong, and he does believe in them. As Cas walks up, Dean says he will keep believing until he can’t and extracts another promise from Sam that if the day comes, Sam will do then what he can’t do now: let Dean go and put Dean in the Ma’lak Box. Sam agrees, but Cas remains silent. They all get in Baby and drive off.




  • "Search and Destroy" (Instrumental) by All Good Things (Extreme Music)
(plays over the recap of previous events; also played in 13.21 Beat the Devil)


Sam: You know, Dean, you don't have to act like what you're planning to do is just business as usual. I know you're scared.

Dean: Never said I wasn't scared. But it doesn't matter.

Sam: Doesn't matter? Dean, we know we could die, uh, doing what we do. It's always a possibility. But what you're talking about is far worse than death. Michael's an archangel. He could literally keep you buried, in a coffin, alive forever.
Castiel: I-I did as you asked. I've looked for any possible way to forcibly extract Michael and destroy him. But so far, nothing.

Sam: And what about Rowena?

Castiel: She went through the entire Book of the Damned and found nothing. And I told her to do it again, see if she missed something, and well, the woman has a remarkable command of profanity.
Dean: I know I wasn't always the greatest brother to you.

Sam: Dean, you were the one who was always there for me. The only one. I mean, you practically raised me.
Dean: I know things got dicey... you know, with Dad... the way he was. And I just... I didn't always look out for you the way that I should've. I mean, I had my own stuff, you know. In order to keep the peace, probably looked like I took his side quite a bit. Sometimes, when I was... when I was away, you know it wasn't 'cause I just ran out, right? Dad would... He would send me away when I really pissed him off. I think you knew that.

Sam: Man, I left that behind a long time ago. I had to. And if we're gonna get through this, I-I have to do like you said and... try and keep my mind off where we're going. So if we could not have conversations that sound like... deathbed apologies, I would really appreciate it.
Castiel: The natural order's been upset. Perhaps Donatello's state has created a prophet who's not only premature... but malformed.

Sam: Okay. But if Tony was wired wrong because of Donatello, then the next prophet will be wired wrong, as well, and then the next, and the next and the -- the next and... How do we end this?

Dean: You know how.
Sarah: My unfinished business isn't just about how I died, Nick. It's you. I was here that night. I saw what he did to you. I... You chose Lucifer. You wanted him. You... You still do.

Nick: He chose me, okay?
Sarah: You didn't come here to find peace. You came here to find him in the place where you became one with him.
Nick: No.
Sarah: Then show me I'm wrong. Reject Lucifer right now. If you do, I can leave. I can find peace. Reject him, Nick. Please. Please!
Nick: I-I can't. I'm sorry.

Sarah: You can't. Because you are him. You doomed me to stay in this place forever. You've doomed yourself.
Dean: Cas... if you were a friend of mine, then you will understand that I have to do this and you won't try to stop me. You think this is easy on me? It has to be done.
Castiel: Donatello's mind is fighting to rebuild. It's like he's trying to organize his... his memories, the words of God.

Dean: So that's what Tony was picking up on.
Castiel: Well, then, I-I can fix him.
Dean: Wait. How? I thought he was too far gone.

Castiel: Dean, if there's a spark -- a hope -- then I have to try. You taught me that.
Dean: He is back, isn't he? I mean, this isn't some kind of evil, weird version?

Castiel: No. This is the -- the regular him. But he doesn't have a soul.

Dean: Hm. Well, nobody's perfect.
Dean: Well, I would call this a win. Kind of nice. We're going out on a high.

Sam: 'Going out' being the operative phrase.
Dean: Sorry.
Sam: 'Sorry.' How sorry are you? Sorry that you fight to keep Donatello alive, but when it comes to you, you just throw in the towel? Or are you sorry that, after all these years, our entire lives, a-after I've looked up to you, after I've learned from you. I've copied you, I followed you to Hell and back, are you sorry that all of that it means nothing now?
Dean: Who's saying that?
Sam: You are, when you tell me I have to kill you. When you're telling me I have to just throw away everything we stand for, throw away faith, throw away family. We're the guys who save the world. We don't just check out of it!
Dean: Sam, I have tried everything. Everything! I got one card left to play, and I have to play it.
Sam: You have one card today! But we'll find another tomorrow. But if you quit on us today, there won't be no tomorrow! You tell me, uh, you don't know what else to do. I don't either, Dean. Not yet. But what you're doing now, it's wrong! It's quitting! I mean l-look what just happened. Donatello never quit fighting. So we could help him because he never gave up. I believe in us, Dean. I believe in us. Why don't you believe in us, too?

Dean: Okay, Sam. Let's go home.
Dean: Maybe Billie's wrong. Maybe. But I do believe in us. I believe in all of us. And I'll keep believing until I can't. Until there's absolutely no other way. But when that day comes - if that day comes... Sam, you have to take it for what it is - the end. And you have to promise me that you'll do then what you can't do now, and that's let me go. And put me in that box. You, too.

Trivia & References

Tony: For I will strike down the firstborn in the land of Egypt... And against all the Gods of Egypt I will execute judgement. I am the Lord.
This line comes from Exodus 12:12.
Sam: Hey, Dean. 'And there went out fire from the Lord and devoured them.'

Tony: 'And the son of Aaron offered strange fire to the Lord' [...] 'which he commanded them not.' [...] 'There went out fire from the Lord and devoured him and he died before the Lord.'

These lines come from "The Sin of Nadab and Abihu" referenced in both Leviticus 10:1-2 and Numbers 3:4.
Castiel: Yeah, there should, but Donatello is between life and death. I mean, you know, perhaps the next prophet was activated before his time?

Dean: And went all Hannibal?

Hannibal Lecter is the psychopathic serial killer from the novels of Thomas Harris. He became widely known after the 1991 Academy Award-winning movie Silence of the Lambs and later the 2013 TV series Hannibal.


Original score by Christopher Lennertz.
Nick Hunnings, who played Tony Alvarez, previously played Vampire in 7.22 There Will Be Blood.
Sean Campbell, who played the police officer guarding Nick, previously portrayed Steve Bose in 5.03 Free to Be You and Me and Sheriff Landes in 10.22 The Prisoner.
The Impala is seen towing a trailer for the first time in this episode. The trailer contains the Ma'lak Box. Jensen mentioned at Jus in Bello Italy 2019 that the trailer hitch was custom-made and added to the Impala solely for this episode.
Nick is revealed to have at least four jurisdictions that want to try him for his murder spree. The four are most likely: Pike Creek, Delaware; Montauk, New York; Hibbing, Minnesota; and Grand Rapids, Michigan. However, as Nick killed the demon that led him to Mary in another location, that may be the jurisdiction instead of Hibbing, where his crimes amounted to resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer which are relatively minor crimes compared to the other charges Nick would be facing.
Sam and Dean use their real names at Donatello Redfield's nursing home, though they claim to be Donatello's nephews. Castiel uses the alias of Dr. Novak. Jimmy Novak is Castiel's vessel and was previously used as an alias by him in 10.09 The Things We Left Behind and 12.23 All Along the Watchtower.
As part of his disguise as Dr. Novak, Castiel switches out his trench coat for a lab coat and stethoscope, though he keeps his usual suit on underneath. Castiel is wearing his trench coat again when he meets up with the Winchesters at the Impala.
Castiel: I know these gentleman -- Mr. Winchester and the other Mr. Winchester.

Dean: Doctor.
Sam: Doctor.

This exchange recalls a similar one between Sam, Dean, and Dr. Sexy in 5.08 Changing Channels. A similar bit was done in 9.09 Holy Terror where Sam and Castiel greet each other as "Agent."
Like Donatello Redfield before him, Tony Alvarez was not one of the future prophets named and kidnapped by Crowley in 8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin.
At the end of the episode, the Impala's headlights turns the screen white, a reverse of almost every other episode in the series which ends with a fade to black. This was previously used in 4.22 Lucifer Rising.

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