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It's all you.
It's all you.
(Michael continues to ‘tantrum’ in the refrigerated room, banging beer kegs against the door; it’s thundering outside.)
(Michael continues to 'tantrum' in the refrigerated room, banging beer kegs against the door; it's thundering outside.)
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Sam said that one of your reapers really came through with the assist. I'm thinking that was probably you.
Sam said that one of your reapers really came through with the assist. I'm thinking that was probably you.
Don't tell anyone.
Don't tell anyone.

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14.10 Nihilism

Written by: Steve Yockey

Directed by: Amanda Tapping

Air Date: January 19, 2019

(NOTE: ♪♪ Indicates music playing in the background)


(Rocky’s Bar, music is playing, there is a large moose head on the wall and a man passed out at the bar. Pamela Barnes comes through the door with a bag in her hand)

♪ I rode into town today ♪

♪ In my mind, I said, "Lord, I'd love to stay" ♪

♪ Something in me said, "Boy, move on" ♪

PAMELA That weather.

♪ Don't know what it is ♪

♪ The good Lord bred it in my bones ♪

Not even playing around.

♪ And I'm searchin' for a rainbow ♪

Everybody's shopping at the store like it's the End Days. The milk and bread aisles were a war zone. But I battled through it all for your stupid bag of limes.

(Pamela drops the limes on the bar. Dean, who is behind the bar, picks them up)

♪ You'll be waiting at the end, and I know ♪

DEAN Hey, I'm not makin' the house special without the limes. What are we -- savages?

PAMELA (laughing) Well...

♪ I'd see the hill with that pot of gold ♪

DEAN (cutting limes and handing a shot to Pamela) Tequila shot and a beer. Best damn house special ever.

♪ This old mount I'm ridin', she's gettin' kinda tired ♪

PAMELA No complaints here.

♪ But in my heart, she knows there's this one desire ♪

Whoo! Mmm.

♪ She's gonna take me to the end of our road ♪

Is there any word from Sam?

DEAN Still working that ghoul thing in Wichita with Cass. They should be back tonight.

♪ Then she'll lay down and die ♪

♪ And I'll say, "God rest her soul" ♪

♪ And I'm searchin' for a rainbow ♪

(The door opens, and a woman walks in, holding a briefcase over her head to block the rain. Pamela turns from her spot at the bar and walks towards her)

PAMELA Wet one out there, eh?

WOMAN Yes. And you are...?

PAMELA Pamela Barnes.

Waitress, hostess, Ouija board enthusiast.

(Simultaneoulsy) PAMELA: We met the last time you stopped by -- WOMAN: Oh! Mr. Winchester.

PAMELA And the time before that.

WOMAN (opening her briefcase on the bar) I brought the papers I mentioned. I know you said you weren't interested, but it's just a few signatures and you could --

DEAN Can I get you a drink?

WOMAS I'm in a bit of a rush.

DEAN Well, sorry you wasted your trip out here, but, um...Rocky's still isn't for sale.

WOMAN (looking around the bar) Rocky's looks pretty dead. It's a very generous offer.

DEAN Well, all the same, this bar? I've never had anything this nice. So that sale that you want so bad, well, it's just not gonna happen.

(The woman packs up her papers and briefcase and heads toward the door)

PAMELA Need to borrow an umbrella?

♪ And I'm searchin' for a rainbow ♪

(Dean is at a desk in the back of the bar doing paperwork. Pamela walks over with two shots and gives one to Dean)

PAMELA Mm-hmm.

DEAN You just gonna leave the drunk guy out there with all the booze?

PAMELA What, you mean that unconscious drunk guy? Yeah, I am.

Do a shot with me. I'm heading out for a hot date.

DEAN How come you always have a boyfriend?

PAMELA How come you only want what you can't have?

DEAN Whoa.

PAMELA Besides, you don't want me. You just like to flirt. I'm a psychic, so I kinda know.

DEAN All right.

PAMELA So, still not ready to sell the bar, huh? It's a lot of money.

DEAN Sell? This bar? This is my dream.


(Dean walks into a refrigerated room and grabs a case of beer)

PAMELA Dean? You wanna come out here?

♪ I rode into town today ♪

DEAN (walking back out to the bar) What's up?

♪ In my mind, I said, "Lord, I'd love to stay" ♪

PAMELA Trouble.

DEAN What kind of trouble?

♪ Something in me said, "Boy, move on" ♪

PAMELA (motioning towards the door) That kind.

(A man with a hooded rain coat comes into the bar)

MAN Dean Winchester?

DEAN Yeah?

MAN I got a score to settle with you.

(The man removes his hood and shows his fangs as he speaks)

You and your brother killed my entire nest back in Sudler.

DEAN Is that right?

(The ‘unconscious’ guy on the bar leaps up and attacks Dean. Dean throws him over the bar and stomps on him. He grabs a sawed off shot gun from behind the bar and tosses it to Pamela and grabs a machete for himself. The guy behind the bar gets up and Pamela shoots him while Dean decapitates the other vampire. Then he turns and decapitates the one behind the bar.)


DEAN Whoo.

(Dean is wiping down the bar and Pamela motions for him to hand her the towel)

DEAN What you got?

PAMELA (wiping Deans face) Worst part of working here is having to clean up the blood after some pissed-off monster busts in to kill you.

♪ And I'm searchin' for a rainbow ♪

DEAN (smirking) Well, what can I say? I'm famous.


(Michael, Sam, Castiel and Jack are in the high rise apartment. Michael waves his hand and the other three fall to their knees in pain.)

MICHAEL Now, this...just feels right. Hope is an amazing thing, isn't it?

You had no chance of winning this. None.

But you had hope -- hope that I wouldn't see you coming, but I saw everything.

(Flashback to Sam, Castiel, Jack and Rowena in the bunker)

It'll be the end of him.

Ketch says he'll set up a meeting.

Jack! - Jack!

MICHAEL And now I have my perfect vessel.

I've just destroyed the one weapon that could really hurt me.

Thanks for bringing that, by the way.

(Castiel gets up and approaches Michael. Michael grabs him by the collar)

MICHAEL (menacingly) Don't interrupt me.

(While he’s distracted, Sam throws lighted holy oil on Michael. It only burns for a second but in the time Castiel places angel cuffs on Michael’s wrists)

MICHAEL You think these can hold me?

CASTIEL Yes, we do.

(Michael’s eyes glow blue for a few seconds but nothing happens)

SAM Dean. Come on, Dean. Are you in there?

MICHAEL Dean's not home right now. Please leave a message.

(Multiple sirens are heard in the background)

Oh, right. That. Did you forget?

My monsters are out there, building an army.

(Jack picks up an Angel Blade and a machete off the floor as Sam’s phone rings)

SAM Maggie? Hey. What's happening out there?

MAGGIE (driving) I brought every hunter I could find, like you said, and we're trying to track down the monsters, but, uh, there's so many of them.

We're getting reports of attacks all over the city. No kills, just bites or scratches.

It's like they're trying to infect --

SAM Yeah, I know.

MAGGIE Sam, where are you?

SAM Top of Hitomi Plaza, 10th and Main. We've got Michael.


MAGGIE Okay, we'll get there as soon as we can.

SAM No, no, no, just save as many people as you can. Don't worry about us. We'll figure it out.

(Jack hands Sam the machete)

SAM Thanks.

JACK Okay, what's the plan?

SAM With the angel cuffs on, Michael's under control.

MICHAEL Keep telling yourself that.

SAM Get him downstairs, dump him in the trunk of the Impala, and take him back to the bunker.

JACK But Garth is in the trunk.

SAM (shrugging) It's a big trunk.

(Michael shrugs and smirks. There is a commotion outside the apartment doors)

JACK Monsters!

MICHAEL More like the Calvary. I called them.

It's a party!

CASTIEL (using his powers to keep the monsters at bay) Sam, I don't know how long I can hold them.

SAM Yeah, well, we have to get Dean out of here.

CASTIEL Yeah, well, we can't go this way.

JACK It's not like any of us can fly.

MICHAEL Well, one of us can.

SAM Shut up!

JACK Sam, are we gonna die here?

(Sam is looking unsure of what to do as the monsters continue to bang on the other side of the door. Then he looks around the room)

SAM (yelling) Jessica? You said you're always here, right?

CASTIEL Sam, what are you doing?

SAM Billie -- uh, uh, Death assigned a reaper to keep an eye on Dean and me. Her name is Jessica, and she is always --

(A woman appears in the room)

WOMAN Hello.

SAM (looking surprised) Where's Jessica?

WOMAN Well, my name's Violet. It's my shift. We have shifts now, because you mess up so, so many things.

(More banging on the door)

VIOLET Sturdy door.

SAM Okay, all right. Well, Violet, we have to get out of here.

VIOLET And I want you to know that you have my full emotional support.

SAM W-We don't want your emotional support. We -- We want your actual, physical help.

JACK Sam, who are you talking to?

SAM You can't see her?


You know, in my world, we locked Death away and enslave the reapers.

VIOLET Lovely. Well, just look at you now.

SAM Okay, look, sorry, but we're stuck, okay? And Death owes us one after we fixed that whole Rowena thing.

You know about that, right?

VIOLET Oh, yes, the Rowena thing you started.

SAM We're gonna die here.

And my brother --

VIOLET Reapers can't intervene -- and rules.

SAM Don't give me that whole clean hands --

VIOLET Even if I did feel inclined, uh, we don't have access to that kind of --

SAM Yeah, well, uh --

VIOLET (holding a finger up) Shh, shh.

CASTIEL Sam, what is she saying?

SAM She's not saying anything.


SAM What?

(Everyone is to the bunker map room. In the apartment, the monsters break through the door and look around, confused)

SAM How did you do that?

VIOLET I, uh, didn't. Have fun.

(Violet disappears)

JACK Now what?

(MICHAEL is chained to a column in the map room)

JACK Shouldn't we put him in the dungeon or something?

SAM Jack's right -- we don't know how long those cuffs are gonna hold.

I mean, Bobby improved them, but -- If those cuffs won't hold him, neither will the dungeon.

MICHAEL I can hear you.

(They all walk away to the other side of the room)


JACK Okay, so, what?

SAM Okay, listen. Back when Gadreel possessed me, he -- he created, uh, I don't know, like a -- like a fake world inside my head.

But Crowley was able to force his way in, he showed me how to take control, and I drove the angel out.

The problem is...

CASTIEL Crowley's dead.

SAM Yeah.

Okay, so... (Sam's phone rings)

MAGGIE Sorry. It's Maggie.

SAM Hey.

MAGGIE Sam, we're almost at Hitomi Plaza.

SAM A-All right, uh, yeah, we're, uh -- we're actually back at the bunker.


SAM Yeah, long story. I'll explain later.

Uh, Maggie, we, uh -- we left Garth in the trunk of the Impala back at Hitomi Plaza.

Can you make sure he's okay?

MAGGIE Okay, but, Sam, the monsters -- they've stopped attacking people.

SAM What?

MAGGIE Looks like they're leaving the city. They're heading west.

MICHAEL Remind me, Castiel -- we're west of Kansas City now?

CASTIEL You're bringing them here?

MICHAEL You think?

CASTIEL Jack, let's lock it down.

(Castiel and Jack leave the room)

MICHAEL Yes, uh, put a chair against the door. That'll help.

(Michael looks at Sam)

Nothing's changed. Either my monsters get here, or I break these chains.

But tonight...everybody dies.

And, Sam? The last thing you'll see is this pretty smile...as I rip you apart.


(Castiel and Sam are in the library in the bunker. Sam is pushing a cart with some sort of machine on it)

CASS What is that?

SAM It's the, uh, messed up British Men of Letters thing they used to get inside people's heads.

I figure if I can get in, maybe I can wake Dean up, get him to fight, you know, to force Michael out.

CASTIEL If he can.

SAM Yeah. Cass, this is all we got.

(Rocky's Bar. Dean and Pamela are behind the bar.)

PAMELA Any word from Sam?

DEAN Still working that ghoul thing in Wichita with Cass. They should be back tonight.

(Dean and Pamela are at the desk in the back of the bar, they toast and drink a shot)



(together) Whoo! Whoo!

Ha! Oh!

(Dean picks up the phone)

More shots!

(The door opens, and a woman walks in, holding a briefcase over her head to block the rain. She walks over to the bar)

WOMAN Oh! Mr. Winchester.

♪ I rode into town today ♪

WOMAN I brought those papers I mentioned.

I know you said you weren't interested, but it's just a few signatures and you could --

DEAN Can I get you a drink?

WOMAN I'm in a bit of a rush, so if you could...?

(The woman is gone)

PAMELA Any word from Sam?

DEAN Still working that ghoul thing in Wichita with Cass. They should be back tonight.

(Dean walks into the refrigerated room. The scene switches to him decapitating the vampires in the front of the bar)


(Scene switches to Dean and Pamela behind the bar)

PAMELA Any word from Sam?

DEAN Still working that ghoul thing in Wichita with Cass. They should be back tonight.

(Dean hesitates)


♪ I rode into town today ♪

PAMELA What's up?

DEAN Just had some serious déjà vu.

♪ In my mind, I said, "Lord, I'd --" ♪

(Michael and Jack are in the map room)

MICHAEL So, they left you to keep an eye on me?

Gotta say, little insulting.

I mean, what are you? You're nothing.

JACK That's not what you said before.

MICHAEL Ah. Yes. A moment of familial weakness. It won't happen again.

JACK It doesn't matter.

Sam and Dean -- they're gonna beat you.

MICHAEL Oh, please.

Sam's in so far over his head, he's drowning.

And Dean? Well, I've got Dean under control.

JACK No. Dean -- he's strong.

MICHAEL He's a gnat.

I'm a god.

Who would you bet on?

JACK You don't know anything about Dean.

MICHAEL I'm in his head...literally. I know everything.

Like, I know how sad he was when you died...on the outside.

On the inside, well, it's not that he was happy -- he just didn't care.

'Cause you're not Sam. You're not Cass.

You're a new burden that he was handed. You're a weak, helpless thing.

You think that they care about you, love you?

You're a job, a job none of them wanted.

And you --

(Castiel enters the room)

CASTIEL Jack? Go help Sam.

Wait. Don't believe anything he says. He's lying.

MICHAEL And I can still hear you.

(Maggie and the group of hunters are standing outside their cars at night in Lebanon, Kansas.) VOICE ON PHONE Maggie? Maggie? You there?


A group of them got out in front of us, headed your way in a black van.

MAGGIE Right. We'll be ready.

Okay. We've, uh, got some heavy hitters coming through soon.


And Sam needs our help.

You all know what the Winchesters have done for us.

They gave us all a second chance.

HUNTER (looking behind the group) Maggie?

(The hunters turn toward the road and aim their guns at car coming towards them)

MAGGIE Whatever happens, we can't let the monsters get back to the bunker.

(Castiel and Dean are in the map room)

MICHAEL Look at you.

Playing nursemaid to a nephilim. Nothing like the Castiel I knew. He would've never been so...anemic.

CASTIEL You're confusing loyalty and compassion with weakness.

MICHAEL Tell me.

Why do you love this world enough to risk your own life?

CASTIEL Tell me.

Why do you hate this world enough to burn it to the ground?

MICHAEL Because I can.


Me and my brother -- my Lucifer -- when we fought in my world, we thought that God would come back, give us answers -- why He'd gone, what we'd done -- but, instead, do you know what happened?


No God.


And now...now that I'm in here -- now I know why.

God -- Chuck -- is a writer, and like all writers, He churns out draft after draft.

My world? This world?

Nothing but failed drafts. And when He realizes that they're flawed, He moves on and tries again.

CASTIEL No, that's not how...Why would He do that?

MICHAEL (yelling) Because He doesn't care!

About you, me -- anything.

Now, at first, I thought I'd do it better.

Show Him. Be more God than God.

But now... I just want to burn every one of His little worlds until I catch up to the old man.

CASTIEL And then what?

MICHAEL Even God can die.

(The hunters are approaching the car, guns drawn)

HUNTER ONE Hey, you in there!

We've got you surrounded!

HUNTER TWO "We have you surrounded"?


MAGGIE Smithy, what do you see?

SMITHY No movement.

MAGGIE Tiger, how about you?

TIGER (Opening the rear van door) They're gone.

(Tiger looks down at the ground outside the van)

TIGER There's some tracks here.

(Tiger goes into the woods)

MAGGIE (yelling) Don't go in there alone!

TIGER (coming back out) They're on foot. They went around us.

MAGGIE They're probably heading for the bunker.

(Sam and Jack are in the map room. Sam is working with the Men of Letters machine while Michael is still cuffed and chained)

JACK This...is it going to work?

SAM I don't know.

JACK Well, if it doesn't, maybe there's something I can do. The magic that's keeping me alive, what if I can do more?

SAM And burn off your soul?

JACK Not all of it.

SAM Jack.

Dean wouldn't want to be saved, not that way.

JACK You don't know what you're walking into.

SAM Last time Dean was possessed, he said it felt like he was drowning.

This time...

JACK What?

SAM It'll probably be worse.

(Castiel is attaching electrodes from the machine to Michael's head. Sam is sitting across from him with similar electrodes attached)

MICHAEL Cool science project. I give it a solid B minus.

SAM Okay, in theory, I should be connected to Dean's mind.

Cass, you should be able to hitch a ride with me.

MICHAEL Oh, Cass... I believe in you.

JACK What should I do?


SAM And make sure no one kills us.

MICHAEL (to Sam) Well, I like this plan.

See, out here, I'm all chained up. But in there... you're all mine.

So... what are we waiting for?

(Castiel holds on to Sam's arm and turns on the machine)


(Sam and Castiel are walking in a black, empty space)

SAM Cass...where are we?

CASTIEL In Dean's mind.

SAM Then where's he?

CASTIEL Excellent question.

(Castiel raises his hand and a light emanates from his palm. There is indistinct shouting. As Castiel looks around, we hear Dean's voice mixed with others.)

We had a deal!

Wait. Hold on, okay?

We're coming.

You can't escape me, Dean.

You're gonna die.

And this -- this is what you're gonna become!

Somebody help me!


CASTIEL There's so much.

Your own father didn't care whether you lived or died.

It's about who's the bigger badass.

CASTIEL So much trauma in Dean's mind.

So many scars.

SAM Well, yeah. Dean's been through a lot, but he's strong.

CASTIEL Sam...you've both been through a lot, and Dean is more than strong.

What I meant was, if I knew...if I knew what I was looking for, I could just -- I could simply go to it.

But because Michael has Dean trapped away, drowning, I have to wade through all of Dean's most terrible memories.

SAM Cass, wait a second.

Would Michael bury Dean in trauma?

CASTIEL (dropping his hand and turning towards Sam) What do you mean?

SAM I mean, Michael said it himself. The reason he left Dean in the first place was because Dean was fighting back so hard.

CASTIEL So, if Michael wanted to keep Dean placated...

SAM Dean thrives on trauma. I mean, he's had to his whole life, right?

It keeps him alert, keeps him ready, but if I wanted to distract Dean, I-I... I'd give him something he's never had before.

CASTIEL Contentment.

SAM Exactly.

So maybe, instead of looking through his bad memories, maybe let's, uh... maybe let's look through his good memories.

(Castiel raises his hand again, light glows from his palm and we hear Dean's voice around them)

I think I'm adorable.

You seem pretty cheery.

Strippers, Sammy, strippers. We're on an actual case involving strippers.

Finally. I'll stay here, hook up with the posse. 'Cause you know me -- I'm a posse magnet.

Hey, see if they got any pie.

This bar -- This bar -- This bar -- I've never had anything this nice.

Rocky's still isn't for sale.

Rocky's still isn't for sale.

SAM Wait a second.

Still working that ghoul thing in Wichita with Cass.

They should be back tonight.

So that sale that you want so bad, well, it's just not gonna happen.

SAM Yes. Definitely...

You just gonna leave the drunk guy out there with all the booze?

SAM Cass...This has never happened.

There. Let's go there.

(Castiel's eyes glow blue and he and Sam appear in Rocky's Bar. Dean turns from behind the bar and faces them)

DEAN (laughing) Hey! There they are.

♪ I rode into town today ♪

DEAN Kill a ghoul, get a beer.

♪ In my mind, I said -- ♪

SAM Dean?


DEAN Got this great IPA from Austin -- Cosmic Cowboy. You're gonna love it.

SAM Hey, Dean, what's going on here?

DEAN What are you talking about?

PAMELA (walking out from a room in the back of the bar) Cass? Sam?

I'm glad you're back safe. I was starting to worry. Don't tell Dean. He'll use it against me.

♪ You'd be waiting at the end, and I know ♪

CASTIEL Uh, Pamela Barnes was blinded when she saw my true form.

SAM Yeah. She was also killed by a demon, so...

DEAN (placing drinks on the bar) Hey, what are you guys waiting for?

Drink up.

SAM None of -- None of this is real, okay? T-This -- This bar, uh, uh, Pamela...

PAMELA Excuse me?

You've never met anyone more real than me, Sam Winchester.

CASTIEL You're just a complex manifestation of Dean's memories designed to distract him.

PAMELA You really know how to talk to a lady, don't ya?

SAM Okay, listen to me. You have to remember what's going on out – out in the real world.

DEAN I know it's raining. What else do I need to know?

SAM No, I'm not talking about the rain -- I'm talking about Michael!

(Dean and Pamela disappear)

SAM Where'd they go?

(Pamela and Dean are back at the desk, toasting and drinking a shot and laughing)

SAM Is that...?

I think I can hear them.

(Dean walks into the refrigerated room in the back of the bar. Switch to him and Pamela behind the bar. Castiel and Dean are facing them)

DEAN So, you guys gonna tell us about the hunt or what?

SAM Okay. W-What? You were just...What the hell is going on here?

DEAN Okay. All right.

Now you're starting to worry me. What is going on?

(Castiel and Sam watch as the scene replays of Pamela and Dean shooting and decapitating the vampires)

SAM (as he gets splattered with vampire blood) Ohhh.

♪ I rode into town today ♪

(Pamela and Dean are back behind the bar)

PAMELA You guys got real messy on that ghoul hunt, huh?

CASTIEL No, we didn't get messy on a hunt.

We got messy just now, in this bar, in a vampire fight.

♪ I rode into town today ♪

PAMELA (looking at Dean skeptically) Maybe we should rethink the beers.

DEAN Yeah.

SAM Okay, Dean, listen to me. I think you're -- you're stuck in a loop in -- in your mind.

Michael is possessing you. You -- You have to remember that.

DEAN Michael?

SAM Yes.

DEAM Michael's in the Cage.

Come on, guys. What is this -- some kind of a joke?

CASTIEL No, Dean, it's not a joke.

PAMELA Okay. Okay.

If we're all in Dean's head, then he should be able to control things, like a lucid dream?

♪ And if the wind ever shows me where to go ♪

SAM Yeah. I-I don't know. Maybe. I...

♪ You'd be waiting at the end, and I know ♪

PAMELA Get me a shot. With your brain.

(Pamela and Dean laugh)

SAM Okay. Dean, listen to me. This bar is not real. Pamela isn't real. Man, we were there together when she was blinded.

♪ This old mount I'm ridin, she's gettin' kinda tired ♪ ♪ She's gonna take me to the end of our road ♪

(Flashback to Pamela's eyes being burned out)

DEAN (looks at Pamela, whose eyes are now pure white) You're blind?

PAMELA Yeah, I've been blind for a while. Thank Feathers here for that one.

CASTIEL That was -- Dean, that was an accident.

♪ And I'm searchin' for a rainbow ♪

SAM Dean, she's not just blind. She's dead. Pamela died helping us.

(Flashback to Pamela dying after being stabbed)

DEAN What happened? Pamela?

DEAN (back in the bar, Dean looks around and Pamela is gone) No. No, no, no, no.

Guys, this is -- this is my life.

This -- This is the dream.

CASTIEL No, no, it's not. It's just a dream, Dean. That's all it is.

Please, you have to -- you have to try to remember, because the people in your life -- in your real life, out there -- we need you to come back.

SAM (whispering) Poughkeepsie.

DEAN (Hesitates and looks at Sam) What'd you say?

SAM Poughkeepsie.

(Flashback to various people that Micheal killed)

DEAN I remember. I remember everything.

MICHAEL (appearing in the bar, clapping his hands) Hey, fellas.


MICHAEL Well, this is fun.

DEAN Get out of my head.

MICHAEL You don't mean that, Dean, not really. You may lie to them, but, deep down, I know you. I am you.

You only tolerate the angel because you think you owe him, because he "gripped you tight and raised you from Perdition." Or whatever.

But since then, what has he done?

Only made mistakes, one after the other.

And, Sam -- oh, Sam... You know, Dean was his happiest when you quit hunting, leaving him with your dad, just the two of them.

See, deep down, he knows that you will always abandon him, again and again.

DEAN Shut up!

MICHAEL You don't need them. You don't even like them.

They're not your family -- they're your responsibilities. They're a weight around your neck.

And deep down, you wanted -- you were desperate to get away from them.

And that is why you said yes.

DEAN I said shut your damn mouth!

CASTIEL Wait. Something's wrong.

You're stalling.


(Back in the bunker, Jack is watching over Sam, Michael and Castiel. A door creeks open. Maggie and the hunters come down the stairs)

MAGGIE Monsters! We're barely ahead of them.

Where's Sam? We need --

WOMAN Never heard about them.

MAGGIE What's going on?

JACK They're trying to help Dean.

MAGGIE Tiger lock down the front door. The rest of you guys get ready if they make it through.

MAGGIE (to Jack) You ready?

(Jack nods yes)


(Back in the bar) SAM He's buying time so his monsters can get to us and rescue him.

MICHAEL You think I need them to save me?


DEAN Fine. You're so tough, why don't you snap your fingers and nuke us all?

MICHAEL Is that what you want?

DEAN Yeah, I do.

CASTIEL He can't.

Because, in here, we're all just mental projections, so in here, we're all the same.

SAM So, in here, you're all talk.

MICHAEL You think I need my powers? I destroy worlds, and I'd crush you with my bare hands.

DEAN Prove it.

(Dean, Sam and Castiel all go after Michael. He beats them easily. In the bunker there is pounding on the door)

JACK Is that...?

MAGGIE It's them.

JACK Okay, they can't. They won't be able to get through the door.

TIGER They won't have to.


TIGER (eyes glowing blue) Tiger shouldn't have gone in the woods alone.

(Maggie pulls a gun on Tiger. He knocks it away and throws her to the ground)

TIGER You should've locked the door.

(The monsters enter the bunker and come after the hunters. They fight, the monsters over powering the hunters. Jack stand by, watching the hunters go down.)


(Jack thrusts his hand out in front of him, his eyes glow as he vaporizes the monsters.)

(Back in the bar, Michael, Dean, Sam and Castiel are still fighting)

MICHAEL You fellas didn't think this out, did you? Even if you could force me out, what do you think I'd leave behind, hm?

You'd be nothing but blood and bone.

DEAN Then we don't kick him out.

We keep him in.

(Dean grabs Michael and he and Sam toss Michael into the refrigerated room)

MICHAEL (screaming and banging on the door) Aah!

DEAN It'll hold. My mind, my rules.

I got him. I'm the Cage.

(Sam and Maggie are in the map room in the bunker)

MAGGIE We'll get the rest of this cleaned up.

SAM Yeah.

What about the rest of Michael's monsters?

MAGGIE We're getting in reports.

After you guys woke up, they all just went their separate ways.

I guess Michael can't control them now.

SAM Huh.

Maggie... Thank you. For everything.

MAGGIE It wasn't me. Jack, he...

I didn't know he could still do that angel stuff.

SAM Yeah. Yeah.

I didn't, either.

(Castiel and Jack are sitting at a table in the kitchen)

CASTIEL That magic burns off your soul.

JACK It was an accident.

CASTIEL (sternly) Yeah, but you can't afford that kind of accident.

You need your soul to stay alive, to --

JACK They would've killed you.


Look, I'm not mad at you.

I...I've just seen firsthand what the absence of a soul does.

And it's not just about you staying alive, Jack. It's about you staying you.

You understand?

JACK It won't happen again.


(Dean is standing in front of a mirror. Michael is screaming and banging on the door)

DEAN It's just you. It's just...you.

MICHAEL (yelling) Let me out! Come on!

DEAN It's all you.

(Michael continues to 'tantrum' in the refrigerated room, banging beer kegs against the door; it's thundering outside.)


So...not all good news.

I did say I'd see you again soon.

DEAN You could've knocked.

BILLIE Figured all that banging on the door in your head was enough.

DEAN Michael's all locked up.

BILLIE Seems that way.

DEAN Sam said that one of your reapers really came through with the assist. I'm thinking that was probably you.

BILLIE Don't tell anyone.

DEAN You broke the rules.

BILLIE I took a calculated risk. I warned you about the dangers of jumping from world to world.

But you ignored me, didn't you?

DEAN Rescuing Mom and Jack, helping out those other folks -- I'd say it was worth it.

BILLIE And just look at you now.

Do you remember visiting my reading room? The shelves and shelves of notebooks describing the ways you might die?

DEAN Yeah. Upbeat classics.

BILLIE Well, it's the funniest thing, but they've all been rewritten. They all end the same way now -- with the archangel Michael escaping your mind and using you as his vessel to burn down this world.

DEAN All of them?

BILLIE All of them. Except one.

(Billie hands Dean a book. He opens it and then looks at her, stunned)

DEAN What am I supposed to do with this?

BILLIE That's up to you.

(Dean looks at the book again and when he looks up, Billie is gone. He looks back at the book and then looks around, a mixture of fear and confusion on his face)