14.10 Nihilism

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Title Nihilism
Episode # Season 14, Episode 10
First aired January 17, 2019
Directed by Amanda Tapping
Written by Steve Yockey
On IMDB Nihilism
Timeline December 24-25, 2019
Location(s) Rocky's Bar
Kansas City, Missouri
Lebanon, Kansas
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  • "Searchin' for a Rainbow" by The Marshall Tucker Band
(playing in Rocky's Bar as Dean prepares the "house special" for Pamela)


Trivia & References

"Nihilism" is the belief that nothing in life matters, and everything is meaningless.
Dean's dream bar in his subconscious, "Rocky's Bar", is a reference to Rocky of Rocky and Bullwinkle.
Dean: I got this great IPA from Austin -- Cosmic Cowboy. You're gonna love it.
Cosmic Cowboy is a beer from Jensen's Family Business Beer Co. located in Austin, Texas.
Billie revealing to Dean how his death's have all been rewritten as the same thing -- Michael escaping and destroying the world -- except for one, is a reference to Avengers: Infinity War, where Doctor Strange looks into fourteen million, six hundred and five possible outcomes against Thanos, all of which result in their defeat, except for one.


Sam: Okay listen: back when Gadreel possessed me, he... he created I don't know, like a fake world inside my head. But Crowley was able to force his way in, he showed me how to take control and I drove the angel out.
This refers to the events of 9.10 Road Trip.
Castiel: What is that?

Sam: Its the uh, messed up British Men of Letters thing they use to get inside people's heads.

The device Sam refers to is the same one Lady Toni Bevell used to brainwash Mary Winchester and then to get Dean into her head in 12.22 Who We Are to save Mary.
While revisiting Dean's traumas, Dean can be heard yelling at Michael that they had a deal from 13.23 Let the Good Times Roll, his nightmare demonic self warning him that he would die and become a demon from 3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me and Dean screaming for help in Hell from 3.16 No Rest for the Wicked.
Dean experiences flashbacks of Pamela Barnes' eyes being burned out by Castiel from 4.01 Lazarus Rising and Pamela being killed by a demon from 4.15 Death Takes a Holiday. He also has flashbacks of Michael's actions from 14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land and 14.02 Gods and Monsters.
Sam: Poughkeepsie!

Dean: What'd you say?
Sam: Poughkeepsie!

In 9.10 Road Trip, Dean told Crowley that Poughkeepsie is Sam and Dean's distress signal meaning to drop everything and run while Crowley was trying to help free Sam from Gadreel.
Billie reminds Dean of his visit to Death's Reading Room and their conversation in 13.05 Advanced Thanatology.

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