14.07 Unhuman Nature (transcript)

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14.07 Unhuman Nature

Written by: Meredith Glynn

Directed by: Darren Grant

Air Date: November 8, 2018

INT: The Bunker

Dean: What's taking so long?
Sam: I don't know.Whatever's going on with Jack
is probably complicated.
Dean: Yeah, but, I mean, weird stuff happens to kids all the time. They get coughs, bloody noses. Is he okay?
Castiel: I -- I did what I could, but I don't, I -- I don't know what's wrong with him.
Dean: But you can figure it out, right?
(Jack starts having a seizure) Sam: Jack? Jack? Hey. Jack!

INT: Emergency room of a hospital Dean: I need a doctor! Hey.Look, could you just get him inside?
Hospital worker: Sir, I just need some basic information. That's the procedure. I do the work-up, then I take him back.
Dean: Okay, the basic information is he's sick.
Hospital Worker: Do you see anyone here who isn't? His full name, please.
You do know his name, right?
Dean: Jack.
Sam: Uh, uh, Kline. Jack Kline.
Castiel: K-l-i-n-e.
Hospital Worker: Date of birth?
Dean: Come on. Is that important?
Hospital Worker: What did you say your relationship is to the patient?
Sam: May 18th. May 18th. Date of birth --May 18th.
Dean: 2000 -- '99. 2000.
Hospital Worker: Uh-huh. Family medical history? Let's start with the father.
Dean: He's dead.
Hospital Worker: Cause of death?
Castiel: He was stabbed through the heart, and he exploded.
Dean: Okay, you know what? We don't have time for this. All right, he's sick. His name is Jack Kline. His father exploded.There, you've got all the basics.Now what does he need to do to see a doctor?
(Jack collapses)
Castiel: Jack!

(Jack is rushed through the hospital on a gurney)
Sam and Dean Together: Jack?!
Sam and Dean Together: It's all right, Jack. Hang in there, buddy.Jack, hey, we're right here, buddy.
Doctor: He's in good hands. Don't worry.
Sam: So, there's -- there's been… Uh, he's been coughing. There's been blood.
Nurse: Okay, gentlemen, can you at least wait outside, please?
Sam: It's been going on for a while.
Dean: What's happened? Is he gonna be okay?
Nurse: The doctor will handle it.
Dean: Jack, we're right here!

INT: Bar Diane: Nick? Hello. Diane Fargo.
Nick: Hey, yeah.Yeah, you weren't easy to track down.
Diane: I left Pike Creek six years ago. I'm working at the here in Wilmington.
Nick: Oh. What can I get you?
Diane: Coffee, please.
Nick: Well, thanks for seeing me. I didn't think you were
gonna remember who I am.
Diane: Of course I do.I spoke to you the morning after your family was...
Nick: Slaughtered.
Diane: And then you left town.
Nick: Yeah, just...I couldn't stay, you know? Too much baggage.I had to rebuild.
Diane: Thank you.
Waitress: You're welcome.
Nick: My ex-neighbour, Arty Nielsen, was killed a few weeks ago.
Diane: Really?
Nick: Yeah, so...just brought back all kinds of bad memories, you know, and, uh, I was just looking for some answers.
Diane: To...?
Nick: My family.
Diane: The case was never solved.
Nick: The one witness was Arty, and he said that he saw someone leaving my house the night of the murders, and then he changed his story.
Diane: It happens.People say things in the heat of the moment, and then realize they're not so sure. Nick: Even you gave up on the story.
Diane: There was almost no evidence at the crime scene.
Nick: Mm-hmm.
Diane: The cops had zero to say to me. I even played with the idea you did it, but you...
Nick: Well, I was getting hammered at the Elks Lodge that night.
Diane: So...I moved on.
Nick: Yeah, well, I can't.
Diane: Nick?
Nick: No, I'm good.
Diane: Seriously.
Nick: As -- As soon as I figure out what happened that night, these demons will disappear.
Look, you were a crime reporter, right? So you've got to know all the beat cops in Pike Creek.
Diane: Sure.
Nick: Okay, do you happen to remember who was assigned, to my neighborhood that night?
Diane: I think so.
Nick: All right.
Diane: I'm...pretty sure, it was Frank --Frank Kellogg.
Nick: Frank Kellogg.
Diane: Last I heard, he was doing private security up in Montauk.
Nick: Frank Kellogg, Montauk.
Dean: This is crazy. When Jack became human,I was worried, you know, given what we do, that -- that something would happen to him, but I thought it'd be a vampire or a ghoul, not a friggin' cough. He's just a kid.

INT: Hospital. Sam: Hey, hey, hey. Cass.Doctor. So, um...What do we know?
Doctor: Well, I can tell you what we don't know.
Dean: I don't like the sound of that.
Doctor: Jack's test results all came back negative.
Sam: That's great, right?
Doctor: Well, Jack --he's very ill. We're just not sure what we're up against.
Dean: You just said his tests came back negative.
Doctor: Well, those tests,but we have to run more tests.
Sam: More tests?
Doctor: Yes, until we can figure out what's happening to him.
Dean: What is happening to him right now?
Doctor: Jack… Jack's in total systemic failure.His body's in the process of shutting down.
Dean: Lemme ask you a question.How much longerare we gonna give this? How many more tests are there gonna be?
Sam: My opinion? I think we're done here.
Dean: Yeah, that was kinda my opinion, too.
Sam: I mean, this place, we tried, but they've never seen anything like Jack, and we can't exactly tell them what he is.
Dean: Then let's get him out of here. Let's bring him home. Let's do what we do. Let's find a way. Hell, I was even thinkin' maybe Rowena...
Sam: Already called her.
Doctor: Uh, what -- What's going on?
Dean: What's it look like? You can't expect him to hit the street with nothing on but a hospital gown, his ass hanging out.
Doctor: He's not going anywhere.
Sam: We're just getting a second opinion.
Doctor: Jack? Jack: We're getting a second opinion.
Doctor: If he leaves the hospital, we are no longer responsible for him. You and he have to acknowledge that you're leaving against medical advice.
Jack: Fine. We're leaving.
Dean: Yeah, there's just no talkin' to him when he gets like this.

INT: The Bunker Sam: Thanks for coming.
Rowena: I got here quick as I could. How is he?
Sam: Well, uh...
Rowena: I brought the Book of the Damned.
Sam: Which, uh, you stole.
Rowena: Which I borrowed amidst the ruckus of all those folks arriving from the other world, but we can talk about that later.Just how sick is Dean?
Sam:Yeah, about that, um...
Rowena What? Is this a trick? Samuel, I thought we were beyond this.
Sam: Somebody is sick, all right, but… Listen, I-I don't know how well you got to know our -- our -- our friend Jack with everything that was going on when you were here, but we've sort of been taking care of him, and, uh, he's, um… Lucifer's son.
Rowena: Goodbye.
Sam: No, no, no. Stop, stop. He's a great kid. His mother was a fantastic human being, a-a-and he wanted nothing to do with Lucifer, w-who is dead, as you know.
Rowena: I hope he's rotting.
Sam: Yes, but Lucifer stole Jack's grace, so he's powerless now, and -- and something's going on with him, and he might die.
Rowena: Oh, splendid! The sooner the better! From what I know of the father, the world will be better off without the son.
Jack: You might be right. We're all still figuring that out. I'm Jack. And I know people have a lot of strong feelings about my father, but I'm --I'm trying hard not to be like him. Sam and Dean, they -- they say such nice things about you.
Rowena: They do?
Jack: You saved all of us -- from Apocalypse World.
Rowena: Well, that's true.
Jack: So, before you go, I -- I just wanted to say...thank you.
Sam: Jack. Hey, buddy. Hey. You're all right.

INT: Jack's bedroom Rowena: Bollocks. Possim rei huius cognoscere causas...Possim rei huius cognoscere causas...
Jack: How am I?

INT: Hallway in the Bunker Dean: And?
Rowena: It's as I suspected. A Nephilim, for all its power, is an unnatural presence. Part human, part angel… It -- It doesn't quite fit. It's delicate. Its grace is what holds it in balance, and when Jack's grace was taken from him, his being fell into chaos. The -- The cells are gobbling each other up.
Castiel: Well, if it's grace he needs, he can have mine.
Rowena: No, dear, it won't do. Jack is part archangel.He needs a much stronger force and probably some kind of magic,and he needs it quick.
Dean: How quick?
Rowena: I don't...I don't exactly know, but he's enterin' a critical phase.
Sometimes he'll look just fine,but then his body will give way and...it'll be the end of him.

EXT. Night. Alley behind a bar. Girl Talking On the Phone: Hey. Yeah, no.Wasn't sure which one you thought would be the best one.
Nick: Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it.
Girl: Evening yourself.
Nick: You're out here alone? That's sort of dangerous, isn't it? Weird! That sounded weird.
Nick:I just meant be safe.
Girl: Just hadda use my phone. I'm headed back in.
Nick: Copy that. Have fun.
Girl: Did you wanna come in? Meet my friends...? Nick: That sounds awesome, but it's a nice night,and it's so loud in there. Girl: I know. That's the best part. Come on It'll be fun.
Nick: Get away from me.
Girl: ...what?
Nick: Get away from me! Now! Go!

INT: Bunker. Jack is packing a duffle.
Dean: Hey, pal. I brought you some carbs. You, uh...You goin' somewhere?
Jack: Thought I'd go to Vegas. Maybe Tahiti.
Dean: Okay. Nice. You think this is the best time?
Jack: Pretty sure it is.
Dean: Listen, Jack -- Jack: Since I've been alive, everyone assumed. I would be this special "person" who goes on forever. Only now it looks like Forever might be a couple of weeks, so -- We don't know that.What I do know is I'm done being special. Before my life is over, I want to live it. I-I just want a chance to… get a tan...to see a hockey game...get a parking ticket......get bored... and when it's all over...die.
Dean: So that's your plan, huh?
Jack: I don't want to waste time arguing.I know you disagree.
Dean: Did I say I disagree?

INT: Bunker library
Sam: ...and how likely do you think that is? Because no Hunter I've spoken to has heard of anything.
Rowena: I know you're not speakin' to me, Magda, basically no one is speakin' to me, but I have a situation.There's a wee nephilim. I know who's ailing...
Castiel: Dean -- the bunker's vault has a number of Enochian texts on archangels, but nothing on their half-human offspring.
Rowena: And I've spoken to some of the greatest minds in witchcraft, and they all say there's nothing that'll help Jack.
Dean: Well, then, they're not the greatest minds, are they?
Sam: Well, I just got off the phone with Ketch. Um, he's got a line on a shaman.
Dean: A shaman?
Sam:Yeah, the British Men of Letters used to use him --as a consultant. Whenever they needed to "solve the unsolvable" -- he was their guy. He's an expert in mysticism --esoteric divinity. I mean, Ketch says the Brits swore by him. Castiel: Ketch "says."
Sam: Yeah.His name is "Sergei," I-I got a location,and Ketch says he'll set up a meeting.
Castiel: Okay, I'll go. You and Dean need to stay here with, uh...
Sam: Jack, hey. W-What are you, uh --
Jack: We're -- We're headed out.
Castiel: You're, uh...Where?
Dean: We're takin' Baby for some exercise.
Sam: You think that's a good idea? Dean: Yeah. (to jack) Come on.

EXT: Fast Food Place. The Impala.
Dean: Hey. Why don't you drive? (tosses keys to Jack)
Jack: ...what? Dean, I-I don't drive.
Dean: Now you do.
Jack: Okay, um...
Dean: Ah, ah, ah. That "R" is not for "Race." Put it in park.
Jack- Okay.
Dean: Start it.
Jack: Um...
Dean: Oh, boy. There we go. Jack: Okay. Dean: D for "Drive." Okay. All right.
Jack: Okay, uh...
Dean: Keep going.
Jack: That...
Dean: Okay, look. You know what?
Jack: I'm not very good at this. Dean: No, you're doing just fine. Okay, try using one foot, not two, and, uh, just relax. Take it smooth.Don't overthink it.
Dean: Here we go.
Jack: Okay.
Dean: See? Huh?
Jack: Yeah.
Dean: Perfect. Whoa, whoa. Let's keep it in between the lines. There we go. That's...
Jack: Okay, okay.
Jack : All right.
Jack: It's like I'm you.
Dean: No, it's not.
Jack- Okay.
Dean: Eyes on the road. Feels good, doesn't it?
Jack: Yeah.
Dean: Oh, ho, ho. All right.
Jack: This is the best day ever!
Dean: You know what? There's nobody around. Why don't you open it up a little bit?
Jack: Yeah. Yeah! Huh?!

INT: Bunker Castiel: If this "Sergei" has anything even remotely useful to offer, I'll call.
Sam: Yo, Cass, wait. Are you sure you wanna handle this alone?
Cass: I, uh… I feel the need to do something. And I think Dean's right. We can't afford to overlook any possibility. He seems to be taking this particularly hard.
Sam: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, he -- he, uh, was pretty rough on Jack at the beginning, and...I don't think he's forgotten. And I know he hasn't forgiven himself. You know, he's lost people,
we've all lost people, but, um… Cass: This feels different. Losing, um...a son...feels different.

EXT. Jack: I can drive!
Dean: Yeah, you can.
Jack: No, for real. I'm a driver.
Dean: Yeah, born with the wheel in your hand, right? All right, so what do you want to do next?
I know of a bar near here, little low on class, but high on hook-up potential.Personally, I've never missed at this place. Hm?
Jack: Actually, I've kind of got an idea.

INT. House Nick: Hey.
Frank: Yeah?
Nick: Frank Kellogg?
Frank: Do I know you?
Nick: Um, I just wanted to talk to you for a couple of minutes about the night you came over to my house.
Frank: Pal, I been to a lot of houses. Yeah, but this was in Pike Creek.
Nick: When you were a cop. Nine years ago.
Frank: I don't remember you. Nick: No, I wasn't there. Um...My wife and my son were there. Alone. Until you showed up.So let's talk.

EXT: Creek. Dean and Jack are fishing. Dean: Well, bait and beer. You are a cheap date. This certainly isn't Tahiti.
Jack: You once told me you and your father did the exact same thing. It was your happiest memory of him.
Dean: I didn't say that.
Jack: It was how you said it. I could tell. I guess my point is that… if I don't make it...
The stuff I'd miss -- it wouldn't be things like Tahiti. Or the Taj Mahal. I'd miss more time with you. I'm getting that life isn't all these big, amazing moments. It's time together that matters. Like this.
Dean: Well, who'd have thought hanging out with me would make you sentimental?
Jack: I've had a good life, Dean.

INT. Sergei's motorhome. Cas: Sergei? Sergei?!
Sergei: The angel Castiel? And who else?
Cas: Do you see anyone else? Is the Holy Fire really necessary?
Sergei: Self-preservation makes many things necessary. Please, sit. As for my curriculum vitae,
I'm passionately peripatetic. No roots. I've re-crossed the globe many, many times over. Studying and observing the skills of myriad witches, and seers, holy men, et cetera.
Cas: And what is it exactly you do? Answer the unanswerable
Sergei: No.Know the unknowable. And I am first and foremost a healer.
Cas: And you know Ketch?
Sergei: We've never met face-to-face, but -- our reputations are mutually stellar.
Cas: I wouldn't call Ketch "stellar."
Sergei: Then you have met him. But -- back to this nephilim you've been fostering...
Cas: Jack. His name is Jack.
Sergei: Well, "Jack" is in a pretty pickle. If what you're telling me is right, his condition is dire.
Cas: Do you think it's reversible?
Sergei: Not as such, but… it can be shocked out of its progression by a recharging agent. Think of it like you're, uh, rebooting a computer. And where would one find such a thing? First and foremost, a healer. And… Archangel grace? Vintage. From Gabriel.In trade for my home-brewed cloaking spell. He used it to hide away in Monte Carlo.
Cas: With porn stars, yes, I know the story. Sergei: But this alone won't do the trick. It must be administered along with the precise recitation of a spell.
Cas: And what is all this going to cost?
Sergei: Don't insult me.I never take money. My skills are exclusively for barter.
Cas: Then what is it that you want?
Sergei: I don't know. But… tell the Winchesters they owe me.

INT. Frank's house, Nick: Well, Frank, how long you gonna hold out, man?
Frank: Nick… I don't even know what you're talking about.
Nick: Really? Okay, um, well, let me just lay the scenario out for you one more time. My ex-neighbor, Arty,said he saw someone coming out of my house the night of the murder, right? And then he changed his mind. I didn't --I didn't buy it......but, uh, he stuck to story number two. till I came along. Paid him a visit. I was very, very persuasive.
Nick: You saw somebody leave my house, didn't you? Didn't you?!
Arty: It was a cop.
Nick: So, Arty said when he told the cops what he saw, they threatened him. They said, "Keep your mouth shut or else." It was like those, uh -- what do you call it cover up… like they were protecting one of their own.
Frank: What does any of this have to do with me?
Nick: Glad you asked, buddy. I got in contact with the reporter, and she gave me the name of the beat cop in our neighbourhood,yeah, a guy she couldn't interview 'cause he left town after the murders.See where I'm going with this?
Frank: I -- Look, I don't know what happened that night, I -- I --Y-Your wife called the precinct. Thought she heard a prowler. And...? I'm walking up the front path, no back-up, and suddenly from outta nowhere, there's this guy. There's this "guy." He said his name was "Abraxas." Abraxas. The next thing I know, I'm back in the patrol car, and I'm -- I'm covered in blood.
Nick: My wife's blood. And my baby's blood. "Abraxas." I know that name. Lucifer knew that name. Now, this -- this is crazy.
Frank: I was outta my head that night! I -- I wouldn't kill anyone. Nick: I know. I know. You were possessed.
Frank: What?
Nick: You were possessed. Yeah, this -- this -- all this, it's not your fault.
But this was the hand that murdered my family.And even if it wasn't you, it was still you I can't let that slide.
Frank: No. No, please. Please. No. No.
Nick: Yeah.
Frank: Please. Nick: I'm sorry, Frank.
Frank: No. No!

INT: The bunker Dean: This Sergei was legit.
Cas: I mean, he was definitely odd, but he seemed honest.
Sam: So, we're still not certain this is gonna work?
Cas: No, we're not certain,but...
Rowena: Gentlemen? Are you ready, Jack?
Jack: Yes.
Rowena: All right. Here you go. Potione hac, restitutus Eris. Omnia erunt sicut erant!
Jack: Something.
Cass: Something good?
Jack: I think so. Definite improvement.
Sam: That's great. Mm.
Jack: Yeah.
(Jack collapses)
Dean: Jack? Did you say the words right?
Rowena: I did!
Dean: Jack.
Sam: Jack! Say them again!

Cas: (on the phone to Sergei): Of course we followed the instructions, and Rowena performed the spell exactly as written, but he is worse He's much worse. You need to come at once. Sergei: I am a shaman. I realign the harmonics of the universe. I don't make house calls.
Cas: Jack isn't just another sick kid. This is the son of an archangel of the Lord,
who is much more ill now because of your "harmonics."
Sergei: And? Science is sometimes trial and error.Victory through experimentation.
Cas: This was an experiment? You never said that. If Jack dies, I will find you.

Sergei: You can try.

INT: Frank's house. Nick: All right… I'm not very good at this, but the priest said it would help, so, um… I'm gonna try. I say that I do the terrible things I do because I couldn't find who killed Sarah and Teddy. And that once I did, I'd be free of this darkness and this rage… ...but I lied. Truth is......I like doing these things, and I don't want to stop. I'm bonded to you and what you are. I mean, it's -- it's -- It's how you first found me. I don't know who I am if I'm not you. No consequences. No pain. No sorrow. I want that back. I want it back. I don't want to feel now what I didn't feel then. Where are you? Where are you? Help me. Help me.

INT: Bunker. Dean: I shouldn't have done it. I shouldn't have taken him out.
Sam: It was what he wanted. I mean, we knew he was gonna get worse, regardless.
Dean: Yeah, but it was too risky.
Sam: Yeah, but, Dean, life, all of it, is a risk. Jack knew that.
Rowena: Possim rei huius cognoscere causas...
Cas: And you made him happy.
Dean: Mm. You did more for him than any of us.

(Rowena finishes her spellwork)

Dean: So, what can we do?
Rowena: Watch over him. Stay by his side...as he dies.