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I don't understand all the hostility. You... need... me. I am a walking weapon. I know this Michael. Heck, I beat him. So how 'bout a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T?
I don't understand all the hostility. You... need... me. I am a walking weapon. I know this Michael. Heck, I beat him. So how 'bout a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T?
[CAs looks angry.  He goes to the bag that Dean has over his shoulder and roughly unzips it.  He pulls out warded handcuffs and goes back to Lucifer]
[Cas looks angry.  He goes to the bag that Dean has over his shoulder and roughly unzips it.  He pulls out warded handcuffs and goes back to Lucifer]

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13.22 Exodus

Written by: Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner

Directed by: Thomas J. Wright

Air Date: May 3, 2018



[Sam and Lucifer have just entered the Survivor Colony. We have a view from above as Sam makes his way to Mary. They hug tenderly. Dean walks towards Sam, who he thought was dead.]

DEAN (tentatively) Sam? What happened?

[Mary pulls away, but continues to pat at Sam as if to confirm for herself that he is really there. His clothes are drenched in blood. Sam seems ashamed, unable to meet his brother’s eyes as he addresses Dean.]

SAM He, uh, he brought me back.

[Sam looks over his shoulder at Lucifer. The archangel looks smug and shrugs with false modesty at Jack, Cas and Gabriel who are standing nearby.]

LUCIFER It’s what I do.

CAS (in anger) It is not what you… How did you get in here?

LUCIFER VIP Pass. I’m with the band.

[Everyone looks at Lucifer with distrust and displeasure.]

LUCIFER Come on. Shouldn’t you be thanking me? I-I gave Sammy and extra life. Besides, what with my…little bro here (pointing at Gabriel) being a hot mess, I figured you need me. So, I’m here to join the team.

[Lucifer sidles over to where Jack is standing.]

LUCIFER Your name is Jack.

JACK And yours is Lucifer.

DEAN (stalking over in anger) No. No, no. No. You don’t talk to him. (pointing at Lucifer) And you, don’t listen to him. (pointing at Jack)

LUCIFER (sounding reasonable) Um, don’t you think that’s his choice?


LUCIFER (scoffing) Are you trying to keep me from my son?

CAS Well, this is Kelly Kline’s son. He’s nothing like you.

LUCIFER Don’t say he’s nothing like me. I’m the only one who understands him. This power he has? I’m powerful, dangerous, ruthless. In the...best sense, though.

[Jack has been silent, assessing Lucifer. Jack seems curious but wary.]

DEAN No. Kill him.

[Dean gestures at Gabriel who looks uncomfortable and doesn’t act. Jack seems a bit shocked at Dean’s words.]

LUCIFER (chuckles) He can’t. He’s not strong enough.


DEAN (turns on Gabriel) You’ve got the blade.

JACK (quietly) Stop it.

DEAN He’s the devil. Kill him.

JACK (shouting) Stop it!

[With the sound of wings, Jack disappears.]



[We rejoin the group immediately.]

DEAN (sarcastically at Lucifer) Well, great. Does that when he’s scared. Way to go, Dad!

GABRIEL I’ll go look for him.

[Gabriel leaves to go look for Jack.]

LUCIFER I don't understand all the hostility. You... need... me. I am a walking weapon. I know this Michael. Heck, I beat him. So how 'bout a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

[Cas looks angry. He goes to the bag that Dean has over his shoulder and roughly unzips it. He pulls out warded handcuffs and goes back to Lucifer]

CAS In case your innate evil overwhelms this new found team spirit, you won’t mind wearing these then, will you. You’re not at full power. They should hold you.

[Dean stares at Lucifer coldly. Mary and Sam are watching. Mary seems curious, but Sam seems nervous. Lucifer snaps out his arms smugly.]

LUCIFER Slap ‘em on.

[Cas puts the cuffs on Lucifer.]

SAM So if you’re here, is the rift closed?

LUCIFER No, it’s open. I left Rowena some grace. So you have...I’m thinkin’...31 hours, give or take?

[Mary and Sam look concerned. Dean checks the time on his watch.] [LIBRARY, MEN OF LETTERS BUNKER]

[The rift is sparking, still open, but not strong and consistent. Rowena is hunched over a large spell book. She rubs her fingertip over her forehead and temple as if fighting a headache. We see a shot of the magic bowl, the spell beginning to spark in time with the failing rift.]


[We see Sam’s hands as he sets a countdown timer on his phone for 31 hours. He is standing, still bloody on a small covered porch. He sees Dean come out of the building and turns to face his brother.

SAM Hey. Listen, I’m sorry about all this.

DEAN Are you good?

SAM I’m alive. Yeah.

DEAN Well, then you got nothing to apologize for.

[Dean pulls Sam into a hug, grateful to have Sam back. Sam closes his eyes and gains a moment of comfort from Dean.]

DEAN (a bit brokenly) I thought I’d lost you, man.

[They hug for a moment longer, then Dean releases Sam, and they slide back into the problems at hand. Sam still seems hesitant to meet Dean’s eyes.]

DEAN What are we gonna do about Lucifer?

SAM I’ll handle him.

[Dean looks unsure.]

SAM I will, Dean. Let me handle him.

DEAN Okay.

[Sam still looks frightened and Dean looks worried for Sam.]


[Jack is leaning against a large tree. He seems distressed and is remembering his mother’s video - seeing her speak to him.]

KELLY KLINE (in Jack’s memory) Hi, Jack. I’m your mom. I daydream about...my baby, you. I wish I could see you grow up. No one would blame you if one day, you went looking for your dad.

[Jack has flashes of Lucifer - with red glowing eyes in the cage and smiling with his eyes closed in Crowley’s captivity. These are images that Lucifer would have sent to Jack before he was born. Jack sways on his feet and drops to sit among the giant tree roots, his back to the trunk.]

KELLY KLINE (in Jack’s memory) Jack, don’t let anyone tell you who you’re supposed to be. You are who you choose to be.

[Jack remembers a talk he had with Sam at the bunker (in Episode 13.02.)]

JACK (in his memory) Maybe I’m not worth all this.

SAM (in Jack’s memory) Your mom thought you were. So did Cas. So do I.

[Jack remembers when he inadvertently tossed the tattoo artist across the room (also in 13.02.) He looks distraught as he remembers these events and conversations. Jack then remembers another time in the bunker when he and Sam were talking. (see Episode 13.03.)]

JACK (in his memory) Why are you being so nice to me?

SAM (in Jack’s memory) Because I know what it feels like, to feel like you don’t belong.

[Jack remembers when he accidentally killed the security guard. (See Episode 13.06.) Then he remembers when the Apocalypse World version of Kevin Tran killed himself. (Episode 13.20)] KEVIN TRAN alt version (in Jack’s memory) I’m sorry.

MARY (in Jack’s memory) Don’t!

[Jack leans back against the tree, eyes closed as he tries to deal with his memories.]


[Mary is loading a gun in a building when Cas escorts Lucifer, still in handcuffs past the door. Lucifer looks at Mary with a smile as he walks by. Then Lucifer pops his head back into the door frame.]

LUCIFER (with sass) Hey, mama. Miss me?

[Mary says nothing but delivers a powerful jab punch to Lucifer’s face, knocking him back on his heels.]

LUCIFER That’s a yes?

CAS Let’s go!

[Cas drags Lucifer away. Sam and Dean entered from the other side of the building in time to see Mary punch Lucifer.]

DEAN Nice shot.

SAM Yeah. No kidding. Hey, um, we really should go look for Jack and get back home before it’s too late.

MARY (looking uncomfortable) I, uh...Boys, um...About that.

[Dean and Sam look at their mother, confused. Mary sighs.]

MARY I’m not going back.

DEAN I’m sorry. What?

MARY I fought beside these people. I respect them. I respect their cause. You can’t expect me to just abandon them.

SAM No, Mom, that’s not -- You heard what Lucifer said. We have 31 hours --

MARY I -- Sam...Dean...I know what you went through to come find me.

[Dean scoffs at that. He is obviously upset.]

MARY But these people are being slaughtered. They need me here.

DEAN (getting angry) No, we need you, Mom. We do.


[Lucifer and Cas are standing talking in the doorway of one of the buildings.]

LUCIFER Come on, Cas, old sport.

CAS I’m not your sport, and I will not broker a relationship between you and your --

[With the sound of wings, Jack appears in the building behind Cas and Lucifer. Cas looks over.]

LUCIFER (out of the side of his mouth) Speak of the Not Devil.

[Jack walks towards the two angels.]

LUCIFER (with fake piety) Son.

JACK It’s Jack.

CAS Jack, talking with Lucifer, it’s -- it’s not a good idea.

JACK I’m not going to talk. I’m going to listen.

[Cas sighs in frustration while Lucifer looks smug.]

LUCIFER (in a stage whisper to Cas) He’s gonna listen.

[Lucifer winks at Cas who just shakes his head.]


[We rejoin Dean, Sam and Mary mid conversation.]

DEAN We have been mopping up the world for years. Years. We have been knocked down. We have been possessed. We’ve lost friends. We’ve lost family. We’ve lost each other. And we never walk away, ever. And sometimes, we should’ve, because not every fight everywhere can be won. It just can’t. Right? (turning to Sam) Tell her.

SAM I think Mom made up her mind.

DEAN (caught off guard) See? Wait. What?

SAM (to Dean) Mom doesn’t want to leave these people. So let’s take ‘em with us.

MARY They’ll never leave their home. They’ll never leave their cause.

SAM I’m not saying abandon the fight. I’m saying we get them somewhere safe, then we all figure out a way to take down Michael. Then once we do, they can come back and save their world.

[Dean looks slightly skeptical but is considering what Sam is saying. Sam looks for a reaction from Mary who smiles at him, obviously impressed with her youngest son.]

MARY You’d do that for them?

DEAN Well, we got...what, nine busting out? What’s a few more. How many are we talking?

[Mary does some quick math in her heard.]

MARY Twenty-five.

[Sam clears his throat, a bit surprised by the number, but Dean just closes his eyes and seems resigned.]


[We rejoin Jack, Cas and Lucifer.]

CAS (pleading) Jack…

[Jack somes to stand facing Lucifer. Cas is hovering over Jack’s right shoulder protectively.]

LUCIFER Wow. I have been waiting for this moment for so long, I almost don’t know what to say. This...this dad thing is sort of new to me. So, um...Do -- do you have any questions that you wanna ask? Don’t let my status as a legend hold you back. Now just...fire away.

JACK Why does everyone hate you?

LUCIFER (talking to Cas at first) Huh. Wow, he just got right to the -- right to the point. That’s good. That’s good Good question. Um...So you’ve, uh, probably heard the stories. Right? Anything ugly happens, any evil befalls the world, it’s my fault. Fake news.

CAS (unable to remain silent) And that’s not entirely tr--

[Lucifer interrupts Cas. Jack looks between his two Dads with a contemplative expression.]

LUCIFER (in a cajoling tone) Well, I mean, yes, I have done things that I am not entirely proud of. I have led the occasional soul to ruin. This is true. But, Jack, it’s because humans are so messed up. They’re -- they’re so willing to be led.

JACK (glaring at Lucifer) My mother was human.

LUCIFER (quickly backpedalling) Awesome lady. Incorruptible. Not like that. You know, great kisser. And, uh, lost my virginity to her.

[Cas gives Lucifer an incredulous look and shakes his head at him. He obviously doesn’t want Jack to hear that sort of thing about his mom. Lucifer sees Cas’s signal to stop.]

LUCIFER (to CAS) No? Too soon?

[Lucifer turns back to Jack and continues.]

LUCIFER I mean, the point is...humans are not perfect. They’re hardwired to fall. And when they do, they need a fall guy.

[Lucifer points his fingers at his own chest.]

CAS (to Jack) That’s a vast oversimplification.

LUCIFER (annoyed) Okay, so true or false, Cas -- um, for almost, like, ever, I’ve been locked away in a Cage?

[Lucifer leans forward smugly, trying to prove a point. Cas flaps his arms, reluctant to technically agree and give Lucifer leverage.]

CAS Yes.

LUCIFER True! It’s true. So how did I do all this evil for all these centuries, I wonder?

[Cas is exasperated by the semantics.]

JACK Who locked you up?

LUCIFER My dad, cause I told the truth. See, he loved humans so much, He couldn’t see their flaws. And I told Him about it, and He got mad. He got -- He felt like I was...personally dumping on His masterpiece, and so He kicked me out. No time-out, no ‘go in the corner,’ you know, anything like that. Just ...gone, banished. And yes, as Cas says, I have done some bad things. I had my reasons, and I just want the opportunity to get better. Doesn’t everybody? Don’t you?

[Jack is clearly considering Lucifer’s words. Cas looks both worried and disgusted and walks away.]


[We rejoin Dean, Sam and Mary.]

DEAN (being pragmatic) Okay, well, getting an extra 25 through that rift, that might not be possible.

[Cas walks up from behind Mary, joining the Winchesters.]

SAM Cas, hey. Any update on Jack?

CAS He’s back.

SAM Great. Where is he?

CAS He’s with Lucifer.

[Cas looks slightly desperate as he shares this news. Sam looks alarmed and Dean looks angry.]


[The camera pans over the lake in the middle of the camp as we heard Lucifer speaking. Jack and Lucifer are sitting shoulder to shoulder on the on the steps now]

LUCIFER So I want you to think about this. Your Grandfather is God. Think about that -- Of all the powerful families in history....Forget the Tudors, Trumps, Jackson Five. We’re numero uno.

JACK What’s he like? God?

DEAN (shouting as he, Sam and Cas arrive) Hey! Hey!

LUCIFER (cut off by Dean) Well --

DEAN (to Lucifer) I told you no talking! (to Jack) And I told you no listening.

[Jack stands up as the three newcomers join them. Lucifer stays casually sitting.]

JACK Dean, he’s in chains.

DEAN (angry at Lucifer) His mouth isn’t. Shoulda gagged him.

JACK No, I need to know about my powers, my family.

CAS Jack, we are your family. We’ve been protecting you. We’ve been honoring your mother’s wishes. We’re your family.

SAM Jack, you have no idea who Lucifer really is.

JACK (getting annoyed) And I never will unless I talk to him.

[Lucifer looks pleased at Jack’s words.]

DEAN (ready to put his foot down) Jack...

JACK (angry and defiant) Dean! He’s my father.

[Dean looks frustrated and unhappy at being snapped at. Lucifer looks up at Dean with a smug smile. Sam looks concerned as Jack continues to stare at him defiantly.]



[Mary, Dean and Sam are walking in front of the large group of survivors. Lucifer and Jack are slightly behind with the rest of the group following after. The group is armed, but fairly casual as they walk.]

MARY We should reach base camp in a couple of hours.

DEAN (in overprotective mode) Sam, go back there and check out what Helter Skelter’s sayin’ to the damn kid.

SAM Yep.

[Sam drops back to walk with Lucifer and Jack, leaving Mary and Dean together at the front. Dean is obviously annoyed.]

MARY (to Dean) Take it easy on Jack. He’s been fighting a war. He’s trying so hard to prove himself, but...he’s lost people, friends. He’ll take him a minute to get through it.

[Dean listens and considers what his mother has said. We join Lucifer, Jack and Sam a few feet behind Dean and Mary.]

JACK (to Sam) I was just telling my dad that, now that he’s here, we have enough power to kill Michael.

SAM Jack, that’s not really the plan..

JACK (pleading) But...this is our chance.

[Sam says nothing, just looks at the ground as he walks. We rejoin Mary and Dean. Mary is offering some motherly advice]

MARY Dean, like it or not, Lucifer is Jack’s father. He’s going to take an interest in him.

DEAN So what, we’re supposed to just let Lucifer drag him over to the dark side?

MARY (amused) Jack isn’t going to the dark side. He’ll see Lucifer’s true nature. And he’ll see through his own eyes and not yours.

[Cas comes around the corner of the road, walking quickly back towards Dean, Mary and the rest of the large group who come to a stop.]

DEAN Hey. Find him?

CAS No. Gabriel went ahead to scout, but he should be back by now.

[The camera shows us Gabriel, frantically running through the forest. He breaks out onto the road about 15 feet in front of the group. There are some of Michael’s angel warriors hot on his heels.]

GABRIEL (shouting the alarm) Angels!

ANGEL WARRIOR Hey, right there!

[Gabriel runs to join Mary, Cas and Dean. Dean, Mary and Sam who has moved up to the front again, instantly draw their guns. Gabriel and Cas have their angel blades and the whole group arms themselves. Lucifer just cranes his neck to see the action. The lead Angel warrior holds up a fist bringing his squad to a halt. The two groups face off and the camera shows the serious faces of our heroes -- Gabriel, Dean, Mary, Cas and Sam.]

LEAD ANGEL WARRIOR Kill them, on my command.

[We see Maggie gripping her baseball bat and Jack beginning to draw on his power. Then the Angel warriors’ eyes glow briefly and they suddenly all explode into clouds of grey dust. Cas, Gabriel and Sam turn to look and we see Lucifer. He is still in the warded cuffs, but he has his arm up -- post finger snap. He looks bored. Dean and Mary turn around and the cuffs glow red and melt off.]

LUCIFER Oh yeah, about the cuffs -- I knew they wouldn’t hold me in this world. Long story short, I didn’t want your impotence to get awkward, so I just went along.

[As Lucifer speaks, Dean stares angrily at the archangel and Sam looks worried. Dean and Sam exchange a significant glance.]

LUCIFER You’re welcome. Welcome. Right? Don’t...thank me at once.

[Lucifer nudges Jack with his elbow.]

LUCIFER (to Jack) See. Team player.


[The camera pans the camp showing piles of tires and other junk, a variety of vehicles including a rusty sedan and an old white school bus covered in vines. The camera shows us a sign for Singer Auto Salvage. We zoom in on Sam’s face as he stares at the sign.]

SAM (to Dean) Creeps me out. You know?

DEAN (also looking at the sign) Yeah, but it’s no Sioux Falls.

[This world’s Bobby Singer walks up behind the brothers bringing mugs with something to drink.]

BOBBY Why should it look like Sioux Falls?

SAM Uh, just our, uh, our Bobby back in our world, he, um...

BOBBY He liked to freeze his ass off every winter? Yeah, well, this Bobby’s gonna pass on that. Anyhow, it’s good to see you boys again. I knew you couldn’t stay away.

DEAN Yeah. You know where we can find Charlie? Or Ketch?

BOBBY Oh, they ain’t back yet. They got a tip on an angel kill squad lookin’ to execute some, uh, resistance. They went to head ‘em off at the pass.

DEAN You let Charlie go with Ketch?

BOBBY She let Ketch go with her. It’s her operation.

[Dean acknowledges his words with a nod, unhappy, but realizing that this world’s Charlie is not the same as the one they knew.]

SAM Bobby, we’re gonna have to hit the road soon. We’re running out of time.

BOBBY Now about that. Mary said you wanna take a bunch of our people back to this Other Earth?

DEAN Yeah. Yeah, that’s the idea.

BOBBY Well, no offense, but that may be the dumbest friggin’ idea in a landfill of dumb ideas.


[Lucifer and Jack are strolling among the junk cars somewhere else in the camp.]

LUCIFER (to Jack) So there’s Michael, your other uncle. Sort of a studly type. You know, warrior guy.

JACK I met Michael here. He tortured me.

LUCIFER (laying a hand on Jack’s shoulder) Same. We owe him one, right?

[Lucifer slaps Jack’s shoulder in solidarity.]

LUCIFER High five.

[Lucifer holds up his hand for a high five, but Jack just looks confused. Lucifer grabs Jack’s arm and shows him how to slap palms together.]

LUCIFER Right here. Yeah.

[Lucifer points over to where Gabriel is tossing stones into the junkers.]

LUCIFER That’s your Uncle Gabe.

JACK We sort of met.

LUCIFER Let’s go say hi.

[Lucifer had his hand on Jack’s back as they stroll over towards Gabriel.]

LUCIFER So...thing about Gabe -- class clown.

[Gabe hears Lucifer and turns around.]

GABRIEL (with snark) And you’re an assclown.

LUCIFER Ha. You hear that? He’s such a cut-up. I mean, I can’t...Yeah, uh, I guess your time with Asmodeus didn’t do you any favors, did it, bud?

[Gabriel looks irritated and uncomfortable. And Jack looks confused.]

GABRIEL Yeah, well my time with you was worse. You recall --

LUCIFER (cutting Gabriel off) I recall, uh, nothing. I don’t recall anything at all. Happy endings. All good, happy endings. (turning back to Jack) Uh, meet Gabriel, your uncle.

[Jack holds up a hand in greeting.]

JACK Hello.


[Gabriel turns away from the two, done with Lucifer’s act. Lucifer urges Jack to go with him as he follows Gabriel.]

LUCIFER So I was just shaking up the old family tree for, uh, young Jack here. You know, talking about the good old days. How tough Pop was. Righ, G? I mean, we -- we butted heads a lot you know. But, uh...you now, I think -- I think, in hindhight, I should’ve given Him some slack ‘cause, He’s uh. You know, being a dad is tough.

GABRIEL (incredulous at Lucifer’s gall) Okay, you think Dad was the ‘bad guy,’ and you were a victim? You were not a victim. That was just your excuse.

LUCIFER My excuse for what?

GABRIEL For it all, Lucifer. For it all.

[Gabriel says the last line over his shoulder as he walks away from Jack and Lucifer. Jack looks at Lucifer, puzzled by Gabriel’s words and actions.]


[It's daytime. A group of three armed angels are escorting a person who has a hood over their head. They are walking along a path in the forest beside a derelict speed boat, shoving the hooded figure along.]

LEAD ANGEL For high crimes against the realm and its exalted ruler Michael, the prisoner is condemned to death.

[Ketch and Charlie jump out from behind the boat, guns raised.]

KETCH That will do.

[The angels stop at gunpoint and Charlie steps forward to pull the hood off of the person.]


[She pulls off the hood while Ketch covers her.]

CHARLIE (to the prisoner) We’re gonna take you outta here.

[We see an angel blade drop out of the prisoner’s sleeve. He grabs Charlie and holds the angel blade to her throat. It was a set up.]

LEAD ANGEL No you aren’t.

[Ketch still points his gun at the four angels who have Charlie.]

LEAD ANGEL (easily to Ketch) Drop the gun. You’re coming with us.

[Ketch having no choice, removed his weapon and drops it, exchanging a significant look with Charlie.]


[It’s night, and we’re in a room. Three group leaders of the survivors are sitting in chairs across from Sam, Dean and Mary -- one black man named Andy, one bald man and one woman. Sam, Mary and Dean have obviously just outlined their plan to bring the survivors through the rift. Bobby is standing in the shadows behind the seated leaders. Across from the seated leaders Mary is standing, but Dean and Sam are sitting against the edge of a table.]

ANDY So, let me get this straight. You want us to follow you through a magic door that’s gonna blast us the hell outta here and into some kind of Fairy Tale World where everything’s pretty?

[The body language of the three group leaders is very skeptical.]

SAM (stuttering) Okay, that’s -- that’s not what I -- what I was t-t-trying to say, but...

[Mary puts a hand on Sam’s arm to stop him and interrupts.]

MARY Andy, look, I get that you don’t know my sons, but you do know me. That world does exist. Hear them out.

ANDY (looking at the other two) No one here is runnin’ out on their buddies, runnin’ out on the fight.

DEAN Nobody’s saying run out. Guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you’re losing. Okay? You’re outmanned, you’re outgunned.

SAM My brother and I...back home we’re sitting on the biggest collection of lore and--and weapons in our world.

[Andy looks more interested.]

SAM Now something in there, it -- it might be enough to even the odds.

DEAN So we find that, then you come back here with a plan, a plan to beat Michael and his armies. And then you win.

SAM Exactly.

[While Dean was talking a soldier came in and whispered something to Bobby. The three leaders exchange speculative looks.]

SAM (emphatically) You may think you don’t know us, but you do. We’ve been where you are. Hell, we are you.

[Mary and Andy share a glance.]

ANDY We’ll talk to our people, take a vote.

DEAN That’s all that we ask.

SAM Thank you.

[Mary smiles at her sons, but Dean tosses his hands, not certain how the vote will go. Bobby walks up.]

BOBBY Just got news about Charlie and Ketch. Goin’ after the execution squad went sideways.

[Sam, Dean and Mary are shocked and upset.]

BOBBY They’re the ones who got ambushed.

[The three Winchesters exchange glances.]

SAM Where did they hear about this execution.?


[We see someone chained to a chair, struggling to get free. Ketch is hanging from the ceiling by his wrists which are in chains. He is dangling on a track and the lead angel is torturing him. The angel drags him and slams him to a stop. Ketch is bloody and sweaty, his shirt has been ripped open and he has a number of cuts on his torso. Ketch is moaning and panting in pain as the angel tortures him. Charlie is chained to the chair. She is also sweaty and bleeding from a large head wound. She flinches as she watches Ketch get beaten.]

LEAD ANGEL Let’s try this again, shall we?

[The angel powerfully punches Ketch in the ribs, driving pained grunts from him.]

LEAD ANGEL How many fighters do you have? Where’s your battalion based?

[Ketch is panting, trying to catch his breath and lift his head.]

KETCH Are you familiar with a place called Boardwalk?


KETCH Well, it’s very near Park Place. Go to Oriental Avenue and take the B&O Railroad straight to Hell.

[The angel realizes he’s being mocked and slices a large cut down Ketch’s torso in retaliation. Charlie watches, angry and hurting for Ketch. Ketch pants through the pain, laughing weakly at his tormentor.]

KETCH Mmm. Mmm. Is that all you’ve got to make me talk?

LEAD ANGEL I’ve sent for an expert in these matters.

[Charlie looks towards the door as we hear a vehicle arrive. Then, the camera is outside where the gas pumps are and we see a humvee pull up to the Gas-n-Sip. It is night time, and the lights are glowing above the pumps. Ketch and his torturer are illuminated by the headlights shining through the window. The angel leans in close to Ketch’s face.]

LEAD ANGEL No talking will be required.

[Another of the angels opens the door to admit the newcomer. Charlie glares at the arrival. The lead angel smiles broadly and with arms spread, bows to the new arrival.]

LEAD ANGEL Good evening Castiel! Welcome.

[We see a close up of AW-Castiel look around while in the background the lead angel punches Ketch again, forcing a cry and gag of pain out of Ketch. AW-Castiel’s lips are twitching and his left eye seems cloudy, but he is unconcerned about the violence happening behind him.]



[Sam shoves a young man into a chair. We are in the same room where the Winchesters made their case to the group leaders. The kid’s face is bloody. As he sits up in the chair Sam and Dean move to sit across from him beside Bobby is sitting there as well. Dean leans forward. The camera pans up and we see Cas standing slightly behind the young man.]

YOUNG MAN What do you want from me? I didn’t do nothin’.

DEAN (sounding calm and reasonable) We’re thinking you did.

SAM Did you tell Charlie and Ketch about the angel kill squad?

[Cas paces slowly behind the kid. Bobby is staring at the young man intently. The young man’s eyes dart to Bobby and then to the Winchesters.]


DEAN So you set ‘em up?

YOUNG MAN (defiantly) I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.

[Dean is motionless, coldly staring down their captive. The young man clenches his jaw, seemingly unphased by Dean’s steely stare. Dean flicks his eyes to Cas who is behind the kid and gives a barely perceptible nod before meeting the young man’s eyes again. Cas’ eyes glow blue and he puts his hands on both sides of the kid’s head, yanking it back. The young man screams in agony at the pain Cas is inflicting. Bobby flinches minutely at the sound. After a long moment, Dean flicks his eyes back up to Cas. Cas’s eyes stop glowing and he releases the kid. The captive’s head hangs forward as he pants and coughs. Sam watches the young man and seems slightly disturbed by the torture, but beyond moving his eyes, Dean hasn’t moved or reacted.]

DEAN (calmly) You wanna try that again?


[Lucifer is outside. It’s a bit later at night. He sighs and slams the door of a derelict truck he’s been leaning on, obviously bored and frustrated.]

LUCIFER This is so stupid.

[Gabriel is sitting on some tires nearby, watching the camp. He reacts calmly to Lucifer’s complaining.]

GABRIEL Dean said to stay behind. Any angels show up, we gotta defend this place.

[Lucifer sighs again and Gabriel turns towards his brother. Lucifer has his face in his hands.]

GABRIEL (amused at Lucifer’s frustration) It is really killing you, you’re not out there impressing your kid, huh? Lucifer, do you really see a version here where he sticks by you?

LUCIFER (shrugging) I think the kid is pretty blown away by his old man, so... Yeah. I do.

GABRIEL He’s a kid. He likes shiny objects and magic tricks. But he’s not like you. I can see it in his eyes. His mother’s bloodline, the Winchesters’ influence...

LUCIFER I can be an influence.

GABRIEL (turning back to watch the camp) Ugh. He’s not gonna want that. He’ll see who...what you are.

[Lucifer is tossing pebbles into the junk yard. He turns towards Gabriel.]

LUCIFER I’ve changed.

[Gabriel stands and walks over to Lucifer.]

GABRIEL Dude, it’s me. I’ve known you since the stars were made. You can’t change. You’re incapable of empathy or love. You live to be worshiped or feared. Or both.

LUCIFER Okay. I--I see that you’ve -- you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. Fine.

[Lucifer pouts, shooing Gabriel way as he turns back towards the truck.]

GABRIEL (sarcastically) Oh, is this the part where you tell me that, uh, Dad made up all those so-called lies about you? Got it.

LUCIFER (getting angry) Yeah! Yeah, Pop locked me up, okay?

GABRIEL (also getting angry) Don’t you get it? Humans were innocent and beautiful. But you...you couldn’t stand that the old man loved them more than He loved you. So you tempted them and corrupted them just to prove how flawed they were.

LUCIFER (threateningly) You better be careful, man.

GABRIEL Dad saw that your evil was like the first few cells of cancer...that it would spread like the disease unless He cut it out. That is why He locked you up, to stop the cancer. But it was too late then. And guess what? It’s too late for you now.

[Gabriel turns away, leaning on the truck bed and looking back at the camp. Lucifer stares at Gabriel, a lone tear falling from his eye, before he too turns the other way and stares off into the darkness.]


[AW-Castiel has a German accent and is dressed in a uniform and coat that is reminiscent of the Nazis. He walks towards Charlie who is still chained to the chair.]

AW-CASTIEL We’ve been studying you.

[Charlie glares up at him in hatred. AW-Castiel bends over to get face to face with Charlie. He grabs her arm and squeezes.]

AW-CASTIEL Pure steel.

[Charlie grunts a bit in pain.]

AW-CASTIEL I haven’t seen many like you. But...

[He walks around behind Charlie. Ketch and the angel who was beating him are watching from across the room. Ketch is still chained to the ceiling and the angel looks gleeful at what is about to happen. AW-Castiel leans over Charlie’s shoulder to whisper into her ear.]

AW-CASTIEL But you have to understand that everyone has a breaking point.

[Charlie swallows nervously and Ketch looks on intently. AW-Castiel walks around in front of her again and begins to remove his gloves. He is calm.]

AW-CASTIEL (as if considering a theory) A...point of pain. Particular, primitive fear, maybe. But it’s a nerve so...raw that your will -- grit, they cease to be factors.

[AW-CASTIEL leans forward again as he talks, until he is right in Charlie’s face.]

AW-CASTIEL And then all your little secrets, they flow from your mind, to mine...until your mind no longer exists.

[His last words are hissed into Charlie’s ear. His eyes begin to glow blue and he grabs Charlies head in both hands. Charlie begins screaming in obvious agony. Ketch is watching, tears pouring down his face at the fate of his friend. Just then the lights go out. AW-Castiel stops his torture and he and the angel who had been torturing Ketch look around in confusion.]

LEAD ANGEL (shouting to the rest of his squad) Secure the area!

[One of the angels who had been standing by the door, draws his angel blade and steps outside cautiously. All the lights are off and he sees his fellow squad member, lying on the ground. The angel goes to check on his comrade. He glances up to see Jack. Jack has his palm extended and shoots the angel with one of his golden power waves. With a cry, the angel is thrown back.

Inside Charlie is whimpering and panting, but AW-CASTIEL ignores her and goes outside. Charlie hangs her head, trying to catch her breath when Mary rushes in from another door. The angel guard left inside rushes her, but she has an angel blade and slashes him. Sam and Dean crash through the front door as Mary kicks her attacker. The lead angel is still by Ketch, but Dean charges him and stabs him with an angel blade. The lead angel’s eyes and mouth glow bluish-white as he dies. Sam begins fighting with another angel. Mary gets the upper hand in her fight and stabs the angel with her angel blade. Sam does the same, finishing off the last of the angels inside the gas station.

Outside AW-Castiel goes to get into the humvee, but as he tries to climb into the cab, he is pulled out by Cas. Cas slams AW-Castiel into the side of the vehicle, punches him in the face and then holds his angel blade to AW-Castiel’s throat. AW-Castiel sees that Cas is his double.]

AW-CASTIEL More than one of us. Fascinating.

CAS (looking at his double) I’ve gotten used to it.

[Inside Dean begins to unchain Ketch, while Sam works to free Charlie. Ketch falls as he’s released, but Dean catches him with an arm around his waist.]

DEAN I’ve gotcha. Yeah.

[Ketch looks at Dean, panting and weak. Sam frees Charlie who stands up. He is so happy, that he forgets that this isn’t the Charlie he knows and Sam pulls her into a big hug. Charlie looks confused and doesn’t hug back. Realizing his error, Sam lets her go.]

SAM Sorry.

[Charlie slaps him on the arm and chuckles. Ketch seems to realize who is holding him up and he looks into Dean’s face.]

KETCH (to Dean) Well, hello. You actually saving me? It’s about bloody time.

[Dean just rolls his eyes and begins to haul Ketch out of there. Back outside we rejoin AW-Castiel and Cas.]

AW-CASTIEL You align yourself with the h-humans.

CAS I vastly prefer them to angels.

AW-CASTIEL Don’t think that you are better than me. Well, we are the same.

CAS Yes. We are.

[Cas stabs AW-Castiel with the angel blade. AW-Castiel screams and then dies with bluish-white light coming from his eyes and mouth. Cas lets the body of his doppelganger fall to the ground. Cas looks at him for a minute before leaving.]



[Sam, Dean, Mary, Jack, Cas, Ketch, Charlie have returned to the camp from the rescue mission. They are walking into the dark but busy camp. Bobby and one of the group leaders from earlier are walking from the other direction to meet them.]

SAM (in greeting) Bobby.

BOBBY Good work. Good work. Got a win. Don’t get many these days. Real proud of you boys. And got some news.

[Sam, Dean and Mary stop to talk with Bobby. Ketch and Charlie are ushered into a makeshift infirmary in the background, presumably to get care for their injuries.]

BOBBY We took a vote, see who was idjit enough to go off to this Other Earth with you.

SAM Yeah? Any takers?

BOBBY Everyone.

SAM I...

BOBBY Me included.

[Dean and Sam exchange a look.]

BOBBY Whatever reason, I got a good feeling about you two.

SAM Great. [Mary and Jack move past Dean, Sam and Cas to go greet and hug some of the other members of the camp. Bobby goes to check in with Ketch and Charlie in the infirmary. The Winchesters and Cas stay to talk.]

SAM (looking at both Dean and Cas) All right, Dean, that’s great. How in the hell we gonna do this? I mean, we’ve only got a few hours left, and --

[Cas and Dean both look concerned.]

DEAN Yeah. No, I know. I-I have no...

[Dean’s eyes widen as he sees something over Sam’s shoulder. Sam turns to look. We see the vine-covered white school bus.]

DEAN (calling over) Hey Bobby? Tell me about that bus.

[Bobby stops and looks over at the bus. The scene cuts away. The next thing we see is Lucifer’s hand turning the key in the ignition of the bus. It is morning now and Dean is outside of the windshield working on the engine. He twirls his finger to tell Lucifer to keep cranking the engine. After another attempt, the engine rumbles to life. Lucifer gives Dean a “finger gun” in acknowledgement of their success. Dean responds with a somber thumbs up and closes the engine cover. Lucifer turns the engine off. Gabriel comes over to Dean and sees Lucifer sitting in the driver’s seat.]

GABRIEL You’re gonna let Lucifer drive?

DEAN This way, we know what he’s doing, and Cas can keep an eye on him. (Dean checks his watch) We’re running out of time.

[Behind Dean and Gabriel, people are getting on the bus as Sam supervises.]

SAM (to Dean and Gabriel) Hey guys, we’re down to 1 hour, 57 minutes.

DEAN Yeah.

GABRIEL All right.

[Dean and Gabriel move to another vehicle. Sam continues to monitor the survivors boarding the bus. Maggie is standing next to Sam, looking up at him. Sam sees Jack walking away, leaving camp. Maggie gets on the bus as Sam jogs after Jack.]

SAM (calling after the nephilim as he catches up) Jack? Jack. Hey. Where you headed?

[Jack stops and turns to look at Sam. Lucifer sees Sam and Jack and stops the people boarding the bus so that he can get off.]

LUCIFER Hold up.

[Lucifer walks over to where Sam and Jack are talking.]

JACK (to Sam) Before I go, there’s something I have to do, something I promised myself I’d do. Kill Michael.

SAM Jack, you -- you can’t-- Look, we have to...

[Sam stops as Lucifer joins them. Sam tries to ignore the archangel.]

SAM We have to get these people to the rift. We’ll -- we’ll seal Michael up and leave him here.

JACK (angrily) No! Look, I’ve seen what he’s done, the people he’s killed. He deserves to be punished.

LUCIFER (to Sam) -Yeah, I got this.

[Sam shoots Lucifer a glance that is equal parts frustrated at his interrupting and creeped out by his presence. Lucifer puts a fatherly hand on Jack’s shoulder.]

LUCIFER See, I think what -- what Sam was trying to say in his own...super simplistic and silly way, is maybe you should give this a--a rethink.

[Sam looks annoyed, but also suspicious that Lucifer is apparently agreeing with him.]

LUCIFER I mean, I know I’ve been encouraging you to take Michael out, but it ain’t easy. I tried it. And if he catches you, then we’re all gonna have to waste a lot of time trying to rescue you, and...that puts pretty much everyone in danger.

[He motions with his hands towards the bus full of survivors. Sam still looks both suspicious and nervous at Lucifer’s reasonable words. Lucifer puts his hand back on Jack’s shoulder. Jack seems to be considering what Lucifer is saying.]

LUCIFER Look, I know I know you feel like you’re doing the right thing, but sometimes the right thing can go wrong.

[Jack looks up at Sam.]

JACK My father makes a valid point.

[Lucifer claps Jack on the back in approval. He gives Sam a smug look.]

LUCIFER (whispering at Sam) Father. (then to Jack) Good boy. Wanna come? Let’s do this. Come on.

[Lucifer put his arm around Jack and ushers his toward the bus, giving Sam a gleeful look at he passes. Sam just looks down, angry and uncomfortable. Lucifer shouts back over his shoulder at Sam.]

LUCIFER (smugly) Kids. I mean, you just gotta -- you gotta know how to talk to ‘em. You know what I mean.

[Sam keeps his distance, but watches them go to the bus. Bobby is waiting at the bus door. Everyone is already loaded and ready to go.

The camera cuts away and in the next scene we see the little convoy of survivors leave the camp. Dean is driving a jeep with Sam riding shotgun and Gabriel and Jack in the back seat. The passengers are armed. The bus follows. Lucifer is at the wheel, Bobby is standing in the open front door. Cas is seated behind Lucifer and Mary is perched looking out the open back door as an armed sentry covering the rear. Everyone is on high alert and Mary and Cas exchange glances periodically as the bus drives down the road.

We next see the convoy as it drives through the forest and arrives at the rift. The rift seems dim and flickers. Sam sees it and stands up in the seat of the jeep.]

SAM It’s closing.

[Sam turns to Bobby who has stepped off the stopped bus.]

SAM (shouting) We’re running out of time! Come on!


[We see the other side of the rift in the Men of Letters library. Rowena is slumped over the large book, exhausted. She lifts her head and sees the rift flickering.]


[She sighs, gathering her strength. She’s barely able to hold her head up, but she chants weakly to keep the rift open.]

ROWENA Koth Munto Nuntox. Koth Munto Nuntox. Koth Munto Nuntox.


[Sam and Dean watch as the rift that was fading, resurges and stabilizes.]

DEAN Oh, hell, yeah.

SAM (in disbelief) How’s that possible?

DEAN (bellowing) Lucifer! Let’s go!

[Everybody starts to climb out of the bus. Mary jumps down from the back.]

MARY Let’s go. Come on.

[Sam and Dean rush over the rift then turn to hurry and protect the rest of the group through the rift.]

DEAN Hey, come on! Cas, Ketch show ‘em how it’s done.

KETCH (waving at the group) Follow me!

SAM (encouraging speed) Mom, Bobby. Charlie, you’re with them.

[Charlie stops in front of Sam with a smile.]

CHARLIE See you on the other side, bitches.

[Ketch jumps through the rift first and lands on in a crouch in the Men of Letters Library. Rowena looks up and Ketch meets her eyes.]

ROWENA (surprised) Huh.

KETCH (in greeting) Hmm.

[Ketch moves out of the way and Jack walks through into the library. Rowena and Jack share confused glances as they have never met before. Rowena continues to hold her hand out, keeping the rift open.]


[People are streaming past Sam and Dean. Lucifer tries to go past but Sam puts his gun across Lucifer’s chest to stop him.]

SAM Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up.

LUCIFER What? I -- I want to be with my son.

SAM We need you and Gabriel here, in case something goes wrong. Wasn’t that the whole point of you being on the team?

[MEN OF LETTERS BUNKER, LIBRARY] [Mary steps through the rift, followed by Bobby, Charlie and Cas. Everyone but Cas passes by Rowena, but Cas stops, looking back at the rift.]

CAS Rowena.

ROWENA About bloody time!

[Survivors are coming through the rift, walking behind Cas towards the other end of the Library. Rowena is sweating and pushing her hand at the rift, struggling to keep it open.]

ROWENA Koth Munto Nuntox!


[Gabriel is standing guard over the stream of people going through the rift. We hear Sam and Dean’s voices encouraging people to move.]

SAM All right, let’s go!

DEAN Come on. Come on.

SAM Let’s go. Single file.

[Lucifer comes even with Gabriel and stops, hearing a loud boom. Sam and Dean join the two archangels and look skyward. A flaming ball is approaching from the sky. It hits the ground in a violent explosion, blasting three of the remaining survivors off their feet. More fireballs fall killing the last of the survivors. Gabriel puts his hands up to protect his head, but Lucifer just watches passively. Lucifer recognizes the fireballs as an angel attack. Sam and Dean raise their weapons trying to peer through the dust that has been kicked up by the explosions. There is a loud ringing noise and we see Michael. Michael’s wings are unfurled, showing as shadows against the dust. He walks towards Lucifer, Gabriel, Sam and Dean, curling his wings back up and making them invisible again as he walks.]

MICHAEL Gentlemen.

[Lucifer steps forward.] MICHAEL (arrogantly) Lu. You don’t really want to try this again, do ya?

LUCIFER (confidently) Um...Yeah.

[They nod at each other, then Lucifer’s eyes glow red and he flings his hands out, blasting Michael with invisible power. Michael is knocked back a few steps, but stays on his feet. Dean, Sam and Gabriel look surprised at how little effect Lucifer’s attack had. Michael casts a bluish-white ball of power at Lucifer with one hand, then another. It knocks Lucifer to the ground where he moans in pain, a bit of blood coming out of his mouth. Michael smiles at Lucifer, but then looks up and notices Gabriel.]

MICHAEL Can it be? Gabriel?

[Gabriel looks at Sam and Dean and takes a step forward.]

GABRIEL (to the Winchesters) Go. I can buy some time.

SAM Gabriel, don’t.

GABRIEL (to Sam) All I did on Earth was run. I’m not running any more.

[Gabriel takes a few more steps forward and Michael smiles cruelly.]

GABRIEL (shouting at Sam and Dean) Go!

[Dean pulls Sam towards the rift, but they stop just before it, eyes turned back to watch Gabriel’s fight with Michael. We see an archangel blade slide out of Michael’s coat sleeve and into his hand. Gabriel raises his own archangel blade and moves into combat position. Gabriel lunges, Michael deflects, Gabriel tries a back swing, but Michael blocks then slams a fist into Gabriel’s face, knocking him back. Gabriel seems shaken, but Michael is grinning. Gabriel turns back to the battle and Dean and Sam watch anxiously, steps from the rift. This time Michael lunges at Gabriel who blocks the swing then powerfully punches Michael in the face. Michael staggers back, wiping blood from his lip, but he seems enthused not beaten. Gabriel throws some wild swings, but Michael just dodges. Gabriel tries again, but Michael catches his arm this time, twisting it and forcing Gabriel to drop his archangel blade. Michael stabs Gabriel through the torso. Gabriel screams, blue light streaming out of the wound and out of Gabriel’s eyes and mouth. Dean goes to charge forward but Sam holds him back.]

DEAN Gabe! No!


[Michael watches with glee as Gabriel’s light flows out of him. Then Gabriel’s body slumps forward against Michael. Seeing that Gabriel is dead, Sam urges Dean towards the rift.

SAM Go. Go!

[Sam steps up to jump through the rift, but stops just in front of it, a determined look on his face. He turns back to see Michael slide Gabriel off his blade and onto the ground. Gabriel’s eyes are open and unseeing. Michael stares down at his dead body. Lucifer staggers to his feet clutching his arm and makes for the rift, but Sam stops him grabs him by the throat.]

LUCIFER Sam, what are you doing, man? I’m hurt. Please.

SAM (coldly) How did you think this was gonna end?

[Sam shoves Lucifer until he falls to the ground. Sam takes a look at Michael who has noticed him, and then turns, quickly jumping through the rift. Michael sees the rift starting to close behind Sam.]


[The rift closes just as Michael gets there. He looks around, furious and frustrated and sees Lucifer on the ground in front of him. Lucifer seems resigned.]



[Mary is pulling beer bottle out of a box and hands them out. Bobby is beside her looking at the lit map table. The camera shows an aerial shot and the survivors are standing around drinking and talking. Cas and Dean are in the doorway to the Library with Charlie. Jack is hunched against the frame of the doorway near Dean. He is holding a bottle but looks upset, not happy like the rest of the room’s occupants. Ketch is sitting at the other side of the door. Sam is leaning against one of the old-fashioned computer consoles with a glass of whiskey in his hand, talking to Rowena who is sitting in an office chair. Rowena’s head is in her hand, still obviously very tired.]

ROWENA It kept closing. I couldn’t keep it open another five seconds.

SAM Well, you did it, Rowena. (He looks appreciatively around the room.) You got us all here.

[On the other side of doorway, Charlie and Ketch clink glasses as if in toast. Jack sits on his side of the doorway, looking despondent.]

SAM (smiling at Rowena) We owe you one.

[Rowena looks up at Sam with a fond smirk.]

ROWENA Don’t think I won’t collect.

[Sam just smiles at her and they raise their glasses in a toast. Dean and Cas are talking nearby.]

DEAN Gabe -- he’d been on the run for so long... He sacrificed himself. He’s the reason Sam and I got out.

[Sam steps up the few steps to join Cas and Dean.]

DEAN (passionately) We owe him everything.

CAS What about Lucifer?

[Dean shoots a look at Sam who keeps his eyes on his drink.]

DEAN Sam handled it.

[Sam looks up and meets Cas’ eyes for a second, nodding before looking back down. Dean looks over and sees Jack, sitting alone and looking sad.]

BOBBY All right, listen up.

[Bobby is standing across the room, part way up the metal staircase, glass in hand.]

BOBBY We made it. Don’t know much about this place, but it’s a place without Michael, so that’s a turn for the better. I don’t want none of you goin’ soft on me because we are going to get ourselves ready and go back home and set our people free.

[A chorus of cheers come from the crowd of survivors who raise their drinks.]


DEAN (to Sam and Cas) He’s been here for five minutes. Look who’s taken over the joint.

BOBBY While we’re celebrating, let’s not forget our brothers and sisters who didn’t make it. They will never be forgotten, and we will do right by them.

SURVIVORS (raising their glasses) Yeah. Hear, hear!

BOBBY And now a toast to our new brothers -- Sam and Dean Winchester. Thanks, boys. Welcome to the family.

SURVIVORS Sam and Dean! Welcome.

[Sam and Dean raise their glasses in salute to Bobby. Everyone seems happy and is drinking, except for Jack who is looking sad.]


[The camera gives us an aerial shot of Gabriel’s body, lying on the ground the stab wound evident on his body. The imprint of his burnt wings is on the ground beneath him and then we see a close up of his dead face, open eyes staring upwards. We hear Michael and Lucifer nearby.]

MICHAEL Why should I trust you?

LUCIFER I saw how they do the spell. I know what it takes. It’s some blood, some fruit, a glow-y rock, and then...Bam. We step through, both of us.

MICHAEL And then?

LUCIFER And then I get my son, and you get...

MICHAEL Everything else.

[Lucifer looks down, almost regretfully.]

MICHAEL Are we agreed?

[Lucifer doesn’t answer, just looks away, brow furrowed in sadness.]