13.21 Beat the Devil (transcript)

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13.21 Beat the Devil

Written by: Robert Berens

Directed by: Phil Sgriccia

Air Date: May 3, 2018



[Dean, Sam, Cas, Jack and Mary are all sitting around the map table. The table top is covered in the remains of dinner - beer bottles, plates and pizza boxes. We look over Dean’s shoulder as he reaches into one of the pizza boxes and gets a slice. Cas and Jack look on in disbelief. Dean takes a bite.]

Dean, you can’t possibly eat another. That’s your seventh piece.

DEAN (with his mouth full)
No, it’s not.

Castiel’s right. I counted.

DEAN (to Jack)
Okay, first, don’t be narc. And secondly, seven pieces is perfectly normal.

[Mary is watching Dean with a warm smile on her face, obviously amused by her son.]

SAM (amused but a bit judgy)
Uh, it’s really not.

It’s not even a whole pie.

Was he always like this?

MARY (giggles, gets up and begins to clear the table)
Even as a baby. John and me, we used to call him our little piglet. (She leans over and rubs his shoulder affectionately.)

DEAN (with his mouth full, drops the remainder of the slice.)
All right, I’m done.

MARY (leans over his other shoulder to take his plate)
With love.


[Sam hands Mary his plate.]

Thanks Mom. You know what, let me help you.

[Sam stands and collects some pizza boxes then follows Mary into the hallway. At the table, Dean motions to Cas to slide one of the remaining pizza boxes down to him. Cas does and Dean begins to dig out another piece. Sam and Mary walk down the steps into the hallway.]

Hey, Mom, um, how you holding up? You haven’t really said much since you got back, you know -- how you’re doing. How it was over there and...

It was hard. But somehow, I always knew that you... you and Dean would come and save us. And you did.


Yes, Sam? Sam? (her voice has become robotic)

SAM (puzzled)

Sam? Sam? Sam? (beeping of an alarm begins to accompany each word)


[The previous scene was a dream. Sam is actually lying in his bed. He gasps and jolts awake, the beeping noise is his alarm. He reaches over and turns off the alarm. Rubbing his hands down his face, he folds back the covers to sit up on the side of the bed. He drags his hands down his face again and blinks, trying to wake up.]


[Rowena is standing at a table. We see her hands as the organizes the ingredients for the spell to open the rift. Sam and Dean are packing their gear.]

ROWENA (pulling out the fruit)
Fruit from the tree of life.

[Sam is kneeling in the background testing flashlights]

ROWENA (pulling out the bottle of blood)
Blood of a most holy man.

[Dean’s hands are seen at the end of the table as he checks and locks the barrel of a shotgun.]

SAM (to get his brother’s attention)

[Dean looks up. Sam walks over and tosses Dean a package of glow sticks. Dean tucks them into his backpack.]

ROWENA (reaching up to pull some of Dean’s hair out)
And ah…


ROWENA (she puts it into the bowl)
Something from the other side.

[Cas enters the room]

Hey. How’s Gabriel.

[Dean reaches into a storage unit and pulls down a box of ammo.]

He said he needed a minute alone. He wanted to extract his grace by himself. (using air quote) In private.

[Sam looks up with a slightly disturbed expression.]

So I left him alone in Dean’s room.

DEAN (looking up alarmed)
You what? No.

[Sam smirks a little at Dean’s reaction. Cas tilts his head, looking puzzled.]

I hate to interrupt, but I can’t be the only one to noticed the rather glaring hole in this plan.

[While Rowena speaks we see Sam pack some glow sticks into his backpack. We see Dean check his hand gun before putting into his pack.]

ROWENA (continuing)
We open up the rift, it gives us a day to find and save your Mom and the boy. And it’s a very big world over there, and you’re not even sure where they are, so...

[While Rowena talks, we see Sam load his hand gun. The three men have been listening to Rowena while they work.]

She’s right. The clock may run out on us.

Yeah. It might.

[Sam releases the slide on his gun and tucks it into the back of his waistband.]

Yeah, well we don’t have any better ideas.

Mm, that’s inspirational.

[Gabriel walks into the room.]

Here it is! The final ingredient -- a fresh serving of archangel grace.

[He put the vial on the table with a flourish. We see that there is only a very small amount of grace in the vial. Rowena picks it and both Dean and Sam squint to see the small amount. Rowena has a sour look on her face.]

This is what you call a serving?

That is the jet fuel of divine emissions.

[Dean makes an ugh face at the word emissions.]

GABRIEL (continues)
It’ll be more than enough to get the job done.

[Rowena and Cas exchange skeptical glances. Music with a dramatic drumroll begins as we get a montage of the group in final preparations. Cas twirls his angel blade. Rowena pours the blood of a most holy man into the bowl. Gabriel runs his fingers down his angel blade, as if testing the sharpness. Rowena crushes the blood-covered fruit with the pestle. Dean tightens the straps on his backpack, face grimly focused. Rowena pours in the tiny amount of grace from the vial. Sam straightens his jacket, also serious and focused. The contents of the bowl begin to glow.

ROWENA (casting the spell)
Koth Munto Nuntox.

[Rowena directs the spell with her hands and a glowing rift forms in the air at the end of the table. The rifts gently wavers in the air as the men stare at it. Triumphant music swells.]

Okay, everyone ready?

Yeah, all right.

Let’s do this.

[They go to step through the rift when it begins fritzing. Slowly the rift goes flacid, the top drooping over before it crackles and snaps out of existence. The music peters out. The two angels and the Winchesters watch, puzzled.]


Well, that was...fast.

Very, very fast.

Rowena (with a sour look at Gabriel)
One could even say premature.

GABRIEL (looking flustered)
Um...I thought it would be enough.

All right, great. What do we do now?

Hell if I know.

You do know. We all do. [Rowena shoots a frightened glance at Sam.]

We need archangel grace. Gabriel’s obviously running a little low, and we don’t know how long it’ll take him to recover. So that leaves exactly one source on Earth.

[A look of horror begins to creep over Sam’s face as Cas speaks.]


I don’t like it either, but there is no other way.

[Rowena bites her lip and hangs her head. Sam seems shaken.]

We need Lucifer.




[As the camera pans into the room, we see Dean leaning up against the counter, Cas is leaning against the table, and Sam, with his back to us is sitting by the doorway.]

Obviously, I want to get Mom and Jack back. It’s all I want. It’s all I can think about. But we’ve been down this road before. Teaming up with Lucifer --

We’re not teaming up with him.

We just need his grace.

SAM (sarcastically)
Oh, ‘just’.

We’ve trapped his ass before.

SAM (passionate and angry)
Yes, and every time, it ends up the same way, with the Devil being on the loose again.

CAS (turning to face Sam)
Look, Sam, I was used by Lucifer, too. It was the worst possible violation. So I-I’m not taking your reluctance lightly, but he is already out there, and we’ve been ignoring it and avoiding dealing with him because we’re afraid.

[Sam looks up at Cas, then looks down again. He still looks angry, but also seems frightened and ashamed.]

CAS (continues)
We let Lucifer out of the Cage, and he has never stopped being our responsibility.

[Sam raises his eyebrows and shakes his head minutely, unconvinced but reluctantly listening.]


[While Cas and the Winchester are in the kitchen Gabriel and Rowena wait impatiently in the Library. Gabriel pulls a book off a shelf and flips it open. We see the title “Laying Pipe.” He seems uncomfortable. Rowena is sitting at the table, visible over his shoulder.]

It’s not always like that.

ROWENA (cutting him off patronizingly)
Gabriel, please.

[Gabriel turns a page in the book aggressively, behaving defensively.]

Just ’cause I take a little extra time to recover --

ROWENA (cutting him off again)
I don’t need to hear your excuses.

It doesn’t make me any less of an archangel.

ROWENA (rolling her eyes)
Mm, right.

[Gabriel snaps the book shut and turns to walk around the table, standing opposite Rowena.]

You know, it could have been you…


…who screwed up that spell.

Just sayin’. I heard your, uh, magical unbinding didn’t take, that you got knocked back down a peg. Maybe it’s you who are off your game.

ROWENA (scathingly)
A drunk 6-year-old could execute that magic. It wasn’t the spellcaster or the spell. It was the ingredient.

[Disgruntled at what he knows is the truth, Gabriel half turns away, his profile towards Rowena.]

Think they’ll be much longer?

The Three Amigos? With their bro hugs, pep talks, and melodrama? Count on it.

[Rowena begins checking out Gabriel’s jean-clad butt.]

ROWENA (thinking silently as she ogles the archangel)
Quite a tidy, wee tush he’s got going on there. Sort of…cute.

[Gabriel turns towards her and Rowena looks away quickly.]


GABRIEL (thinking silently as he checks her out)
Oh, she’s so tiny…so angry. That milky white skin, dancer’s body. God, I bet she’s flexib--

[Rowena turns back as if aware that he was looking at her, and Gabriel cuts himself off and quickly turns away again.]

ROWENA (beginning to languidly play with the pestle that’s sitting on the table)
So...we’ve a little time.

[Gabriel looks back at her and Rowena stares at him with bedroom eyes.]

How would you like to fill it?

[The camera moves from her eyes to his. Rowena is batting her eyes, giving him a come-hither look, but Gabriel seems a little confused.]

To fill what?

I know a thing or two about wounded masculine pride.

[She trails her fingertip over the top of the pestle. They continue eye contact, then Gabriel’s eyes widen as he catches on to her innuendo. Then the scene cuts back to the Winchesters and Cas in the kitchen.]


[The three are in the same positions.]


[Sam is sitting with his fist against his mouth. He has obviously been thinking. He shakes his head and leans his cheek on his fist, looking dejected.]

No, you’re right. You’re right. I don’t like it, but it’s our only choice. Another fun, great choice. (said sarcastically, but he seems anxious)

Well, hey, bright side is, even if we do pull it off, we still only get 24 hours in the Apocalypse world. And Rowena’s right. We’ll be lucky to even hear a word of Mom and Jack, much less save ’em, so…

[Dean clicks his tongue with a sarcastic two thumbs up gesture. Sam smiles briefly then his brow furrows as he has an idea.]

Wait a second.

CAS (curious)


[Dean, Sam and Cas walk through the map room into the Library. They look around, but don’t see Gabriel or Rowena.]


[We hear Rowena but don’t yet see her.]

ROWENA (gasping)
Whoo, oh, ah.

[Rowena stumbles out from behind a bookshelf. She only has one shoe on, her hair is disheveled and her clothes are askew. Gabriel pops his head above the same shelf, his hair is messy and he is only in his shirt and jeans. He moves to lean on the pillar, a book in his hand is covering his groin. Dean, Sam and Cas look confused.]

Uh…we were just…

Reading. Books. Here in the, uh, library.

[Dean has a “you’ve got to be kidding me look” on his face, while Sam’s jaw has dropped in shock.]

Which is the room we’re in right now.

ROWENA (changing the subject)
Did you boys arrive at a…(she shifts weight uncomfortably) decision.

[Cas is staring at his feet resignedly. Dean and Sam are still stunned.]

DEAN (tossing a thumb over his shoulder at his brother)
Sam has a plan.



[Lucifer is sitting at the bar drinking the last of a bottle of liquor as Harry Chapin “Cat’s in the Cradle” plays softly in the background. He drains the bottle then slides the empty down the bar to the bartender.]

Keep em comin’, pal, keep em comin’.

BARTENDER (as he gets another bottle and places in front of Lucifer)
That’s some tolerance you got there.

Yeah, it’s more like a curse. Believe it or not, I’m barely even buzzed.

Still, that can’t be good for you.

LUCIFER (laughs)
Who cares? You know, I had Heaven and Hell in the palm of my hand. And you know what I learned?. They don’t matter. Nothing matters.


Lucifer (opens the bottle)
You know what? All this time, there was one thing that mattered. I had a son. (getting weepy) You know, I used to be able to sense him. You know, feel him in the world. Ever since I’ve been down here I can’t-- I can’t feel him. It’s like he dropped off the face of the Earth. Not that finding him would change anything. His bitch of a mother poisoned him against me, probably forever.

Sorry to hear that. But I’m sure things will work out in the end. Jack will come around.

[Lucifer senses something is off as he takes a swig of the liquor. He puts his bottle down and stares at the bartender suspiciously.]

Jack? I never told you his name.

You didn’t?

Nah. Didn’t.

Ah, I swear that you did.

LUCIFER (in a sing-song voice)
Ah, I swear that I didn’t. (dropping the humour) Who are you, pal?

[Lucifer goes to get up, but falls off the bar stool and collapses against the bar, unsteady on his feet. The bartender is drying glasses at the other end of the bar and just smiles as he watches Lucifer stuggle. Lucifer shakes his head and we see through his eyes. He looks at the bartender and his vision is blurry.]

BARTENDER (mockingly)
What’s the matter, buddy?

LUCIFER (his words slurred)
You did something to me.

Yeah. Kinda spiked your drink. Think of it as a magical roofie -- powerful enough to bring down any archangel, even me.

[As we continue to see through Lucifer’s eyes, the bartender becomes Gabriel. A look of disbelief crosses Lucifer’s face. Suddenly Gabriel appears beside Lucifer on this side of the bar.]

Hey, brother.

[Lucifer startles and scuttles around Gabriel, pointing a finger at Gabriel.]

I killed you.

GABRIEL (makes jazz hands)

[Lucifer makes a yuck sound, turns and runs out the door. He closes it, but when he turns around he finds himself back in the bar. Gabriel is back behind the bar, drying glasses again.]

Welcome back.

LUCIFER (obviously groggy)

[Lucifer moves gingerly back to the bar stool to sit down.]

Okay. What in the hell did you put in that drink, man?

ROWENA (just her voice, we haven’t seen her yet)
White sage, a little burdock, a pinch of salt.

[We see through Lucifer’s blurry eyes as he turns to see Rowena in the bar.]

ROWENA (continuing)
Very simple ingredients for a very potent spell.

LUCIFER (laughing in disbelief)
I...I killed you, too. Bye.

[Lucifer gets up to try and escape. Rowena begins casting another spell.]

ROWENA (hands clasped in power)
Adligetur fera!

[Magical purple cords wrap around Lucifer’s wrists, essentially handcuffing him. Gabriel appears behind him and slaps a hand on his shoulder, shoving Lucifer back down on the stool. He pulls out the archangel blade and waves it in Lucifer’s face.]

LUCIFER (looking at the blade)

[Lucifer begins laughing, which turns to sobbing. Gabriel and Rowena seem confused at this out-of-character submissiveness.

LUCIFER (while crying)
Well, okay, do it. Put me out of my misery. Go ahead.

[Rowena and Gabriel exchange disgruntled looks. Gabriel raises the archangel blade and then slams the hilt into Lucifer’s head, knocking him out.]


[Rowena’s hands are seen mashing some Fruit of Life in a bowl with a pestle. Lucifer wakes up on his knees. His hands are still tied with the magical cords. Rowena is standing behind Lucifer at one of the library tables. Dean is sitting on the table top with his back to her.]

ROWENA (noticing Lucifer)
He’s awake.

[Dean looks up. Lucifer raises his head. Sam is leaning against a pillar in front of Lucifer.]

Oh, hey, Sam.

[Sam has his arms crossed in front of him with an angry expression on his face. Cas is standing across from Dean and Gabriel is standing by the pillar that Sam is leaning on. Lucifer looks around toward the table.]

Oh, look at this. All the people I love to torture in the same room.

[Rowena cautiously walks closer carrying the bowl.]

What’s the occasion, guys?

[Rowena puts the bowl down on the floor in front of where Lucifer is kneeling.]

Ah. Okay, I think I see what’s going on. You’re planning a trip to save mother Mary, and you need my grace. Is that about it?

[Cas walks over and grabs Lucifer’s hair, pulling his head back.]

Good guess.

[Cas brings up his angel blade and makes a small incision in Lucifer’s throat. His archangel grace flows out of his throat into the bowl with the spell ingredients. Once Cas releases his head, the wound closes a bit and the grace only drips out in small spurts. Lucifer looks up at Rowena, Dean and Gabriel who were watching.]

LUCIFER (at Gabriel)
Okay, you could’ve done this back at the bar. Could’ve drained me, killed me. What’s this really about? Humiliation? Revenge?

Nah, those are just bonuses. See, we got a lot of work to do back in Apocalypse world, but not a whole lot of time to do it. So I realized something. I realized we could use you.

[Sam nods to Rowena who crouches down next to LUCIFER. Rowena gathers power into her fists and then casts her arms forward to open the rift.]

Koth Munto Nuntox!

[The rift opens.]

SAM (as he talks Sam puts on his back pack.)
Use you not to just crack the door open, but to keep it open. So we’re gonna drain you. We’re gonna keep on draining you.

DEAN (as he talks he swings his bag onto his shoulder.)
Like a stuck pig.

GABRIEL (not sorry)
Grace on tap. Sorry, bro.

And then, when we get back, then we’ll kill you.

LUCIFER (looking submissive)

SAM (speaking to Rowena with concern)
You gonna be okay back here?

Aye. Someone needs to keep an eye on the Devil. Go. Save your mum.

GABRIEL (to Sam)
You ready?

[Dean watches intently, letting his brother call the shots. Sam turns towards the rift and seems to gather his determination.]


[Sam walks through the rift, followed by Cas, Gabriel and then Dean who gives Lucifer an evil look as he passed him. Rowena looks down at Lucifer with an expression of contempt.]



[The rift appears in a forest at the top of a small hill. Sam, Cas and Gabriel tumble out of the rift and roll down the hill.]


[Dean comes through the rift, but skids down the hill gracefully. Sam stands up. They both look askance at Gabriel and Cas who are on the ground. Gabriel’s face is planted firmly in Cas’ crotch. Gabriel looks up and realizes where his face is. He looks at Cas who gives him a disgruntled look. Dean raises his eyebrows at the two.]


[Gabriel scrambles to his feet.]

GABRIEL (annoyed and embarrassed)
Yeah. Well, that was...fun. I could’ve used a heads up about this landing site.

DEAN (snapping into business mode)
Yeah. Thought we’d get spit out in the same spot, but this isn’t it. All right, well Charlie -- the other Charlie -- said that Mary and Jack have an outpost in Dayton.

Okay. Let’s get our bearings and head that way. Cas, where are we?

CAS (closing his eyes and concentrating)
Uh, Kentucky. Northeast Kentucky. Or what used to be Kentucky.

DEAN (looking at the sky then pointing)
Which means that’s north. Okay, so Dayton’s that way. Roughly. Two days by foot but...that way.

All right.

[The group begins to move towards where Dean pointed.]


[We see Lucifer’s grace as it continues to drip into the spell. He is still on his knees magically bound and leaning over the bowl. He looks at the rift then over at Rowena.]

I don’t know, Red. I think I’d be a tad insulted if I were you. It’s not like you’ve got the posh job here of babysitting me.

[Rowena is sitting at the table reading a large book. She is pointedly ignoring him.]

LUCIFER (trying to make Rowena angry)
I mean, there is a sort of old-fashioned rightness to it, if you think about it. The men going off to face the trials and glories of war. Woman staying home in the kitchen, where she belongs.

ROWENA (giving Lucifer a smug look from her place at the table)
I know you’re trying to bait me with your seeming Neanderthal misogyny. Anything to distract yourself from your profound, deeply emasculating humiliation.

[Lucifer is slightly annoyed by her smug tone and we see the magical bonds tying his hands flicker a bit.]

Mm. Sorry, Lucille, I’m not biting.

[Rowena turns back to her book.]


[He watches as his grace dripping into the spell causes the rift in front of him to flare. Lucifer thinks of another tactic.]

LUCIFER (singing loud and off key)
Oh...The Camptown Ladies sing this song, doo-dah, doo-dah. The Camptown racetrack’s five miles long, oh doo-dah day. Goin’ run all night, goin’ run all day.

[Rowena grimaces, but goes back to ignoring him.]

LUCIFER (still singing loudly)
I bet my money on the bob-tail nag. Somebody bet on the grey!


[It’s raining. Gabriel is walking with his angel blade out and ready. Cas begins to walk beside him. They talk as they walk.]

Have you, uh have you thought about what’s next, after we get back to earth?

Uh, yeah, not so much, seeing as we still gotta find Jack and Mary. Ah, not to mention survive Michael and his super angel army.


Although, I did tick off some, uh, bucket list items recently. Got some revenge. Had sex with a 300-year-old redhead. But what’s next for me? I don’t really know.

This world is, um, is obviously glutted with angels, but back home in our world you know it’s -- it’s just Naomi and a handful of others. They’re trying to keep the lights on, but Heaven’s dying, Gabriel.

[Gabriel seems shocked by this news.]

You serious?


And you think I could fix it? Yeesh. I skipped out on Heaven, Castiel. They wouldn’t want me back. As far as they’re concerned, I’m a screw-up. Hell, as far as I’m concerned, I’m a screw-up.

Well, Heaven’s been run into the ground by upstanding angels. Perhaps a screw-up is just the change we need.

[Gabriel appears thoughtful glances as he considers what Cas has said. Sam and Dean are walking about 20 feet behind the two angels.]

DEAN (to Sam as they walk)
You seem different since we got here.


Yeah, like you’re lighter, happier, more energetic.

SAM (acknowledging Dean’s comment)
I don’t know. Maybe it’s just, you know, Mom and Jack and...You know, I mean, we’ve been working at it so hard for this for so long, and now we’re finally here. We’re close. Can’t you feel it?

[Sam laughs a bit, definitely happier than he has been. Dean looks at him, seemingly pleased to see Sam smile. Suddenly a woman’s scream echoes through the forest. Sam and Dean stop to listen and then run towards the noise. They pass Gabriel and Cas.]

GABRIEL (warningly at the Winchesters as they pass)
Not our world. Not our problem. Right?

[Dean shoots a snarky glance at Gabriel.]


[We see a bearded man struggling to fight off a humanoid monster that is trying to bite him. He yells at the young woman with him.]

Maggie, run!

[With a scream, Maggie jumps on the back of the monster and pulls him off the man who falls to the ground. The monster flips Maggie off his back and to the ground. The monster screams at her, baring its many teeth. We see Dean point a shotgun at the monster, but then Sam comes into frame and beheads it with a machete. The monster drops to the ground as its head falls off. Dean extends a hand to Maggie to help her up off the ground.]

What the Hell was that thing?

What do you mean? A vampire.

It’s not like any vamp we’ve ever seen.

[The vampire looks more like a traditional movie vampire, bald, mouth full of protruding teeth, pointy ears and clawed hands.]

Who are you?

[Her bearded friend climbs to his feet.]

I’m Sam. Uh, Dean, Gabriel and Cas. (pointing to each man with the tip of his bloody machete) We uh…

DEAN (interrupting)
We’re not from around here. Tell me, what makes a bloodsucker look like that?

Starvation. When Michael’s armies started to wipe out the humans, they didn’t think about monsters or what happened to ‘em when their food source dried up. Turns out, not eating makes them wild. Nothing but pure, stupid appetite.

Which way you headed?


To Dayton? We were going that way too. We heard the rebels, Jack and Mary, set up a satellite colony there, an outpost.

[Dean gives Sam a significant look.]

Wait. What do you mean you were?

Me, Floyd (the bearded man) the rest of our group, we were crossing north through the Morehead tunnel...stumbled into a whole nest of those things.

[Dean looks on with concern while Maggie talks.]

Nine of us went in. Only me and Maggie came out.

This tunnel, is it the only way north?

There’s a mountain pass, but it’s a long way around. Tunnel’s the quickest route.

If the long way is the safe way…

No. We’re already two days out from Dayton as it is. We don’t have time for a detour.

[Dean nods his agreement.]

SAM (determinedly)
Listen, we’ve faced worse than a nest of vamps before. Much worse. So if you still want to get to Dayton, we’ll keep you safe. As far as we’re concerned, we’re going through that tunnel.

[Our group of travellers look around at each other. Dean nods his agreement again to Sam’s statement.]


[Lucifer is still singing loudly and badly. Rowena is still sitting at the table. She has her fingertips to her temple. She is obviously frustrated as she assembles a hex bag.]

LUCIFER (still singing)
I bet my money on the bob-tail nag. Somebody bet on the gray! One more time! (laughing)

[Lucifer sees that Rowena is able to ignore him, so he changes tactics.]

Hey, come on, Red. I’m just trying to have a good time with you. Like last time. You remember that? When I surprised you at your hotel room? Oh. I mean, I even wanted you to put up a fight. I wanted a little bit of a tussle, but...you froze.

[Rowena is obviously distressed, forced to listen and relive those terrible memories.]

LUCIFER (seeing her distress)
You choked. So I choked ya. What was that like, burning to death? You know, I can’t get that smell out of my nose, that ashy reek of burnt up ginger ass! (laughing)

[Rowena finally loses her cool and runs over to him in anger. She yanks his head up by his hair.]

Shut your mouth! --Oh! You want to get inside my head, twist the knife? Two can play that game. Do you know what your grace is making possible right now? The heartfelt family reunion of Sam, Dean, Cas, Mary, and your very own son Jack. That's right. Your wee boy's over there, and he'll be so glad to see his three fathers. Of course, as far as he's concerned, they are his father. And you? You're nothing to him. Or me. Or anyone now. Nothing.

[Behind Lucifer’s back the magical cords binding him begin to falter. He stares at the rift in front of him. In a burst of anger, he breaks the bonds holding him, rises to his feet and grabs Rowena by the throat. Lucifer’s eyes are glowing red.]

Ah, Red. You shouldn’t have made me mad. Step into my office.

[Rowena is gasping and choking, her feet off the ground. With his powers he propels them across the room, slamming Rowena into a wall. He wipes a hand across the cut in his throat, healing it.]

You know...you and Gabe, you kicked me when I was down. I didn’t have any fight. I didn’t have anything to live for. But you, you, you gave me something to fight for again. My boy. So for that, I’m going to be quick.

ROWENA (barely gasping the word)

[Casting the spell, Rowena thrusts out her hands and sends Lucifer flying away from her, into the rift. She collapses to the floor in a heap, clutching her bruises throat. Looking up she sees that the room is empty and realizes that Lucifer must have gone into the rift. She looks horrified at what has happened.]

ROWENA (weakly)



[Rowena is talking to herself as she packs her bag, puts on her jacket and goes to leave.]

Fine. This isn’t how you wanted things to work out, but yes, Rowena, thanks to you, Sam and Dean’ll be trapped in some sort of nightmare universe with the Devil himself. And you’re the only person who might be able to devise a way to keep the door back home open for them. But...Sorry, boys. Au revoir, bon voyage, not my problem.

[She turns to leave, but her conscience gets the better of her and she turns back around.]

ROWENA (angrily)

[She opens the magic book again and begins searching for a solution.]

Bums bollocks.


[Maggie pulls a flashlight from Floyd’s pack and hands it to him.]

You good?

What do you think? Second time’s a charm, right?

[Floyd pulls Maggie’s flashlight out of her pack and hands it to her. He looks apprehensive.]

All right. Here’s the plan. Stay close, keep walking. Anything moves, kill it.

Let’s do this!

[The group has pulled out glow sticks which they have put around their necks. Sam peels back the corrugated metal covering the tunnel entrance. Dean takes point, shotgun up as the rest of the team follow. Sam enters last, guarding the rear. The group activate the glow sticks and begin to move quietly through the dark and creepy tunnel.]


[Maggie screams and everyone swings around, ready for combat.]

Sorry. Tripped.

[Floyd startles as he starts to get up and finds the shredded backpack and bloody shoe of one of the former members of their group. The team continues through the tunnel until they hear a snarling and chewing sound. Their flashlights illuminate a vampire, eating the remains of one of the former group members. Maggie looks horrified]

Wait, wait, wait. Let me.

[Sam approaches the vampire who turns to hiss at him. He beheads the monster. Dean gestures with his head and the team continues past the gruesome corpse of the woman the vampire was eating. We see the group from behind and in the shadows see a vampire drop down from the ceiling behind Sam, unseen by anyone. As they continue, suddenly a vampire jumps out and grabs at Maggie who screams again.

Maggie! Maggie!

[In the bouncing beams of the flashlights we see a brief struggle as Dean pulls the vamp away from Maggie. It runs off down a side tunnel.]

DEAN (to Maggie)
You all right?

MAGGIE (nods wide eyed)
Mm hmm.

Let’s keep moving.

[The group moves out, even more alert than before. They continue to hear rustling and low snarling echoing throughout the tunnels. They come to an open room-like area with water dripping from a hole in the ceiling. The hole lets in some outside light and the group spreads out a bit. There are a number of side tunnels, but Dean finds that the main path is blocked by rocks.]

Hey. We got a blocked passage over here. Need to move some rocks.

[Cas and Gabriel tuck their angel blades away and go to shift the stones. Sam hears some rustling from a side tunnel behind him and goes down it a short way to investigate. Maggie also hears rustling and sees a flash of movement.]


[Floyd and Sam continue to check the side tunnels.]

SAM (calling for his brother’s attention)

[Dean is on the other side of the large room, watching the angels while they move the rocks. He turns to look towards Sam’s voice. Just then a vampire jumps out and grabs Floyd from behind.]


[Maggie rushes to help Floyd. Vampires begin to attack Sam, he pushes one off of him and then kicks another one away.]

I’ve got it. I’ve got it.

[Floyd is screaming. A vampire jumps on Maggie and pulls her away from Floyd who is being dragged off his feet and into a side tunnel. Dean moves to join the fight. A vampire grabs Sam’s arm, but he is able to push that one away too. Maggie is struggling. Dean puts his shotgun around the vamp’s neck and pulls it off of Maggie. The vampire slides away but then turns and charges Dean. Dean puts up his shotgun but the vampire drives him back against the tunnel wall. They begin to grapple for control as the vamp tries to get to Dean’s throat. Sam is across the room and is attacked again. He pushes the vampire off, and moves to swing his machete when a second vampire grabs his arm and twists the blade out of his hand. A second vampire grabs his other side, knocking Sam to his knees. Dean sees Sam in trouble and redoubles his efforts to break free from his vampire attacker.]


[As Dean watches, Sam tries to fight off the vampires, but they are too strong. One vamp uses Sam’s hair to yank back his head, exposing his throat. The other one leans over and bites Sam’s neck, pulling out a huge chunk of flesh.]

SAM (shouting for help)

DEAN (desperate, but still pinned)

[We see blood spurting from Sam’s throats in a huge fountain of blood. The vampire obviously severed Sam’s carotid artery. Sam instantly becomes glassy-eyed and weak.]

SAM (gasping with his last breath)

[The vampire keeps Sam’s head back. A massive amount of blood pours out of Sam’s neck. Dean is horrified at seeing Sam’s fatal wound and is finally able to push his attacker away. He goes towards his brother but the vampire jumps on Dean’s back. He fights to throws it off while he sees the two vamps quickly drag the now limp Sam down a dark side tunnel. Maggie is just standing there stunned when Cas rushes to her side. Obviously, this all took place very quickly. Cas rushes down the tunnel that Sam was dragged down.]

CAS (shouting desperately)

[Dean manages to flip the vampire off of his back and beheads it with a vicious swing. Another vamp appears and Maggie screams. Dean literally blows its head off with his shotgun. He hears Castiel calling down the tunnel and rushes towards the angel.]



[Maggie stands horrified as Dean rushes past. They can still hear growling and snarling down the tunnel. Gabriel comes to stand beside her, shocked, as they watch the mouth of the side tunnel, looking for Cas and Dean. Cas walks out of the darkness and intercepts Dean at the mouth of the tunnel with a hand to his chest.]

CAS (to get Dean’s attention)
Dean. Dean.

DEAN (peering over Cas’ shoulder)

He’s gone.

[Dean is in shock, his eyes huge, unable to accept what Cas is telling him.]


[Dean tries to push past the angel, but Cas grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him back. Dean fights him, desperate to get to his brother, but Cas grips his jacket and stops him.]

CAS (forcefully)
We don’t have time!

[Dean just stares at Cas, breathing shakily with tears in his eyes. Gabriel and Maggie react with sorrow. A lot of growling and snarling is coming from the pitch black tunnel.]

We can’t save him.

[Dean is horrified as what Cas is telling him starts to sink in. He stares into the darkness where Sam was taken then stares back at Cas. The angel is unable to meet Dean’s eyes and looks down, grief-stricken. Dean is practically hyperventilating, frozen in sudden grief and horror.]


[The four survivors of the group are walking. Dean is walking ahead of the others. His face is a mask of numb grief and anger. As he walks, Dean keeps flashing back to Sam’s last moments in his head; Sam getting overpowered; Sam calling his name; the blood jetting out of Sam’s neck. Maggie approaches Dean.]

Dean? Um, about your friend...I’m so sorr --

[Dean turns and looks at her. He says nothing, but thinly veiled violence shows on his face, frightening Maggie who stutters to a stop. Dean turns away and continues walking. Cas and Gabriel catch up to Maggie. Cas puts a comforting hand on her back and they all continue walking.]


[We see the shadows cast from an industrial fan that acts as a window to the daylight outside. Then we see Sam’s lifeless, blood-covered hands. The camera pans out and we see Sam’s body in the filtered light. He is lying on his back, slightly propped up by his backpack, arms out at his sides in a crucifixion pose. His eyes are open and unseeing and we can see the gaping, bloody wound on his neck. There is no doubt that Sam is dead.]


[Dean, Cas, Gabriel and Maggie approach an area with a number of boards coated in sigils which have been nailed to trees.]

We must be getting close to Dayton. On the outskirts at least.

[Cas groans in pain, staggering. Maggie looks at him in concern.]

I-I-I can’t. This...warding is too strong.

[Dean stops a little ways apart to look at one of the wards. The Gabriel goes over to one and draws his angel blade down the middle of the sigil. Then he places his other hand on the sigil and it begins to glow red. All of the sigils in the clearing are glowing red and being burnt away, including the one that Dean had been staring at. As they burn out, Cas gasps, able to move freely again. Gabriel returns to his side and suddenly a human fighter rushes from behind a tree, rifle pointed at the group. Cas holds up a hand.]


[Dean cocks his gun, but only brings it up to his waist.]

Whoa, whoa, whoa. We’re--we’re not here to fight.

[Another armed human comes over a small rise and Dean turns to address this new threat.]

We’re just looking for…

[Mary Winchester appears beside the first human fighter. She had her gun out, but lowers it slightly when she sees and recognizes Cas.]

CAS (seeing her)

[Dean turns to see his mother approach the angels and Maggie. She doesn’t see him yet.]


[Mary stops and looks around for her sons. She sees Dean. He sees her with a somber look on his face. Mother and son walk towards each other. Mary is in awe.]

MARY (staring into Dean’s face)
How did you even find us?

[Mary pulls Dean into her arms and he bends into her hug willingly. Her face is one of relief and joy. Dean looks like he is fighting not to cry. Mary pulls out of the hug and looks into Dean’s face. Her smile slides away as she realizes something is wrong. Dean just stares at his mother, tears in his eyes.]

Dean...where’s Sam?

[A single tear falls from Dean’s eye and he has to look away for a second. His lips tremble, but he is unable to say anything. Mary’s face falls as she realizes what Dean’s silence and tears mean.]



[The camera shows us a side close up of Sam’s dead face for a long moment, then Sam takes a huge gasping breath, eyes widening then closing as he breathes again. He sits up, panting for air. Sam slaps his hand to his neck looking for the fatal would, but although he pats his neck, there is no fresh blood or ragged skin. He stares at his hand in disbelief then looks around the small room, obviously confused. Sam climbs to his feet. He continues to pat at his throat, but other than a lot of dried blood on his face, neck and clothing, he is fine. He turns to look around. Lucifer leans out of the shadows, a flashlight shining up into his face like he’s telling a ghost story.]


[Sam gasps in fear and jerks back away from Lucifer, who just laughs. Lucifer is relaxed, sitting on a box. He turns off the flashlight.]

Hey, Sammy.

SAM (in horror)

LUCIFER (as he lazily plays with a spider web)
Yeah, I mean, you could do the whole pinch yourself, rub your eyes thing, or you could put on your big boy pants and just, you know, cut right to the realization that yep, it’s me.

SAM (in disbelief)
Y-you -- you...You brought me back.

[Lucifer stands casually, running his fingers over a nearby pillar.]

I did. You’re welcome.

SAM (eyes glistening)

Oh, well, I’m getting to that.

[Sam gasps, remembering that Lucifer was supposed to be tied up back in their world.]

SAM (concerned)
The rift. The rift. Rowena.

Oh, she’s okay. I mean I -- I was going to kill her, but she blasted me here before I had a chance to, so... It’s great, self-defence. But, uh, I was coming here anyway.

[Lucifer shrugs. Sam is confused.]

SAM (puzzled)
But we drained you.

So how did I have the juice to pull off my little Lazarus trick? Uh, that's a long story, but I was basically tracking you here, and then I came across a handful of Michael's angels and I... ate 'em. I guess it's not really a long story, is it?

What do you want?

What do I want? I want what everyone wants. I want a personal apology from Pop. I want rerun-free, year-round episodes of Drag Race.

SAM (annoyed at the flippant response)
Yeah, got it. Okay, right. We’re done here.

[Sam grabs his bag and goes to leave.]

Are you going?

[Lucifer offers Sam the flashlight he had been playing with.]

Here. It’s dark out there.

[Sam gives Lucifer a suspicious look, pulls out his own flashlight and turns it on with a click. Sam turns to leave and the beam of his flashlight shows a hoard of vampires struggling to get into the room. They are held back by an invisible barrier, but the light stimulates them and they surge against the barrier, snarling and growling. Sam assesses the number of them and swallows uncomfortably.]

Yeah, they’re sorta...sorta all over there, and I’m holding them back.

[The camera pans the slavering vampires as Lucifer speaks.]

They’re just waiting for a little snap of my fingers, but I didn’t want ‘em flooding in her and eatin’ ya again, not until we finished our convo.

[Lucifer holds his fingers ready to snap them while Sam stares in horror at the sea of vampires. Finally Sam turns, furious at Lucifer’s games.]

SAM (forcefully in anger)
What do you want?!

I want what you already have -- a relationship with my son. Okay, there was a time that I would, you know, just grab him, but... I've grown.

SAM (sarcastically)
I'm sure you have.

I have, Samuel. I want my son, and you're gonna help me.

SAM (puzzled)

Well, I don’t feel like he’ll give me a chance unless I come bearing gifts.

[Sam still looks confused and suspicious.]

Yup. Boop! (tapping Sam on the chest)

That’s you.

[Sam looks away, obviously both conflicted and disgusted.]

Look, Sammy, I'm -- I'm not asking you to -- to like it or to like me. All I'm asking is that you acknowledge the truth, that I was the one who brought you back to life, that I was the one who lifted you from the darkness and into the light. Okay?

[Sam closes his eyes at that. Emotional pain and guilt evident in his expression, wanting to reject what Lucifer is saying.]

Apocalypse World, Michael's armies -- you really think you and your family can handle that stuff alone? You need me.

And what if I say no?

[Lucifer clears his throat, getting frustrated.]

All right, let me just make this really, really, really easy -- easy enough for even you to understand, Sammy. I’m gettin’ to Jack, one way or the other. The only question is are you coming with?

[Lucifer turns on his flashlight and points it at the vampire hoard who snarl and growl.]

Or that?

[Lucifer raises his fingers as if to snap them and let in the vamps.]

Your move, champ.

[Sam turns and looks at the snarling vampires and considers his choice.]


[We see people going about their activities in the camp. Armed guards are alert for outside attack as they escort Cas, Gabriel and Maggie into the colony. Mary and Dean follow closely behind as they all walk through an open-sided shed that is the entrance into the centre of camp. The camera cuts to a closer view of Maggie who has her pack in front of her on the ground. She is unzipping it. Gabriel is stilling on a fallen log, tearing a leaf apart with his fingers, looking dejected. The camera cuts to Jack who is agitatedly pacing behind the log while he talks to Castiel.]

JACK (under his breath)
No, he can’t be dead. He can’t be dead.

[Castiel puts his hand on Jack’s shoulder but Jack shoves it away.]

Jack, I --

JACK (in anger)
Couldn’t you bring him back?

[Cas flaps his arms in frustration.]

JACK (to Gabriel)
Why didn’t you bring him back?

I’m not strong enough.

CAS (looking heartbroken)
Jack... If we could’ve, we would’ve. I’m so sorry.

[The camera cuts to Dean and Mary. Dean is filling a bottle from a large tub of water. He is preparing his pack to travel.]

We have to go back, get his body.

[Dean picks up his gun determinedly and start walking. Mary says nothing, but follows behind looking sad and lost. A bell starts to clang, signalling an alarm of some kind. Dean, Mary, Jack, Cas and Gabriel all look around in concern. We see Dean’s eyes open wider as everyone looks at the shed that marks the entrance to the colony. We see boots, then blood crusted jeans, then the camera pans up to show a bloody, but alive Sam Winchester walking into camp. Sam looks around. We see Jack’s face light up, while Cas, who is standing just behind Jack, looks stunned.]

Jack (with joy)

[Mary’s eyes glisten with tears as she sees her youngest son alive. Sam walks towards his mother. Dean who is standing beside Mary has a look of shocked disbelief. Sam stops with a hopeful look on his face. Then Lucifer comes strolling out of the shed behind Sam. Dean spots Lucifer and tilts his head, a confused look on his face. Sam sees Dean’s reaction, and closes his eyes, handing his head in shame. The camera shoots to Jack and Cas who look angry at seeing Lucifer. Lucifer spots Jack and a soft smile creeps across his face.]

LUCIFER (to Jack)
Hello, son.

[Sam glances cautiously at his brother, but Dean is still focused on Lucifer.]